New article in Satanic magic section about curses! – 11.05.2012

While I am working on huge articles about satanic practice/life, I wanted to write another piece about Satanic magic. This time infamous, mysterious and so wanted curses! It’s a topic for more experienced satanists, but keeping newbies away is never successful so few informations about how curses works, their limitation and above all, how to curse safely! But don’t expect ready recipes or examples, this would come with a book.



    1. You don’t understand how it works. There are rituals, but they are not strict recipes per se. They don’t work 100% and always for everyone, because this is a mental process. Usually it takes years to learn it. I do have some simple ritual guidelines in my Satan’s Den page about summoning demons. Some people do find it helpful, some doesn’t. Best thing is to learn magick in its various forms (reading, exercising, experimenting) to be able to do ritual in a way it would work for you or at least you could increase chances to work, because you can do the same ritual and it will work one time and didn’t at another time.
      So it does take an effort. People who look for easy solutions and instant gratification will find it disappointing.


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