This topic is rarely well discussed  and often cloaked in many unnecessary taboos. Here I wanted to talk over only basics of cursing. More details about it, will be found find in a book I’m gonna write. Information like those shouldn’t be published fully in free sites, because of danger involved. This is stuff for advanced magick users only. I want to explain at the beginning, that in this article I won’t put any recipe for a curse. However, you will learn more about how curses work, why sometimes they doesn’t work and above all, how to do curses safely. If you are already skilled in magick, you can easily figure out how to put a curse without a ready formula (because it is not a technique in it self but the intention behind it so it isn’t really a matter of special cursing technique but overall abilities and experience that allows for flexible usage of preferred techniques) and if you are not, you should stay away from that topic, at least till you don’t get more experienced and skilled!

In satanism, contrary to may different ways, curses are allowed and practiced. They are mostly discouraged by more mature satanists and demonolators, but it isn’t scaring away persons interested in it. Keeping it secret isn’t gonna help, people will be trying to do it anyway, no matter if it’s gonna hurt them or not, so the best option is to know more about it. Making it more clear and open could increase safety of one’s trials.

How does it work? Forget about Hollywood and fantasy stuff on that topic. Also forget Newtonian physics, magick doesn’t function that way, different laws are at work here. Definitely there is no threefold law, karma, sin or whatever cosmic justice force that judges your doing and punish you accordingly. The universe doesn’t recognize good and evil. Only an individual could estimate subjectively an event, person, an act or situation positively or negatively. Aside of your mind, all that happens is neutral and has no inborn meaning. In the nature there is also lot of cruelty, violence and nobody is punishing those creatures for being who they are. We also have freedom to do whatever we want to do, however we worked out the laws, taboos and religious or social commandments to ensure some order and safety in society. Curses are basically the same as physical violence only on mental plane. Similar laws of the universe apply here, but no human social rules. Curses when done right could be safe and very helpful instrument of self development (because you can smash other faces successfully and easily with your fist it doesn’t mean you’re going around throwing punches, often those who train fight are more responsible and in control when it comes about real violence). But they also could be a tool used for pity bickering and fighting. How you would use it, it’s up to you. Now a bit more about mechanism of curses (and magick as well).

All that happens between two (or more) persons is always synchronized on energetic level. No exception here. Meaning, when an occurrence happens, both (or more) persons attracted the outcome (it could mean something different for each of them!). So when you really want to hit someone (not just wanting, but really attempting it), if there is no synchronization, situation will so unfold that you won’t manage to do it, there will be always something standing in your way. But if you was able to hit someone, it means that your creation (want to hit him/her) and his/her one paired and you reflected one in another. Not clear enough? If you don’t understand it now, just know this: a victim either was somehow receptive to your intent and “allowed” this to happen (not consciously but by not controlling his/her own creation in life, which often produce negative happenings and you can exploit it), or he/she created this scenario before and you were just responding to the energy and serving the outcome, in this case a violent one. To put it simpler, there is no one at fault. An oppressor and a victim co-create the event  at equal responsibility. If you want to know more about dynamics of magick and all creation in life, study law of attraction more insightfully.

But how does that involves me, how do I produce any effect when others co-create the situation? – you may ask. The only thing you can control really is your life. However your life is everything you perceive so you do have influence over it (and others) through you. In the same way as you can influence others in physical life, you can influence others mentally/magically. Those two worlds are not separate, they work together. That is why, you are able to create mental, magickal violence. And it happens more frequently then one might think. Conclusion from this is, that you shouldn’t feel solely responsible (kill your conscience!) for others fate, because on energetic level it all happens with mutual agreement (not mistake with conscious agreement). The difference with advanced magick users is, they have control (more then less) on their side, while others create by default and can attract results not to their liking, in this case acquire the energy of a sent curse. So when putting a curse you don’t need to get involved in what other person is creating for themselves, you must focus on your part.

Why curse sometimes doesn’t work? Because the other person is not receptive for it and that happens if that person is strongly positively attuned at least in that certain aspect of their life, hence limitation for the energy of the curse (lack of synchronization between your wish and other person’s creation). If it wasn’t working like that, politics would drop like flies. Yet to your dismay they’re alive and well! When you are feeling results of a curse, it doesn’t matter who send it, it is you who opened for that particular energy and because of that, you can fix it anytime, if you knew how to do it. But most people work in default mode, just reacting on things around them, instead creating their life deliberately, so they are often vulnerable for curses of all kinds.

The big irony by cursing is, the persons who can put curses safely, also have no need to do it, because they control their life and simply don’t create situations that call for curse. Also, every situation without an exception, could be resolved in positive way (in advantage to both sides), which is more satisfying.

If you desperately need lot of curses however, it means you have no control over your life. Someone hurt you, but it was possible only because you were vulnerable somehow. It is your problem. Revenge is taken out of fear, place of lack of control, to gain power, control. It is not the other person that is at fault here, it’s your shortcoming and that person is only mirroring it to you. So being angry at them is in reality a misplaced focus. Despite that, we still are furious with the hammer that hit us in the finger, instead recognizing it was us who put the tool in motion. You were hurt and you want to take revenge? Admit your fear or lack of power. Only then you will be able to gain what you lack. And that is the reason you want to curse, you want ti regain power and a successful curse does just that. Nevertheless, there is many levels of violence and they have their place in life and we all have some vulnerabilities. Topic is more complex then this but it is not the place to discuss it further. Besides, we sends out negative energy in one way or another, so let’s do it safely then – more about it later.

Why a curse may be dangerous? The universe doesn’t recognize whether that what you feel is good or bad, it only recognizes the strength of your emotion and gives you more of what you are focused upon. The energy attracts more of its kind. So when you focus on anger, emotion of being hurt, you are not making things better to yourself. You may send out a hurtful energy toward others (and you do it anyway automatically) but you attract moreso of those negative things to your life. You’re also fully open to other curses then.

How to make curse safe in that situation? It can be done, when the cursing ritual is created to regain place of power within you. In other words, you create change in yourself , an instant effect. You don’t have to wait for the result in the outside world, you are emotionally already there. However if result of such curse creates effect that you hoped for, well… They had it coming…

So basically there are two ways of cursing:

a) one that is focused at target outside solely, meaning to hurt it – the way people commonly think curses are used;

b) second is when the main reason of a curse is to regain power, control, while the effect outside is only secondary (and not necessary). This method is much more efficient, powerful and may well produce outside results you want anyway but you have gained already (when magick well done) the feeling of power and control that you previously lacked. That is important because emotions tells you what you attract at the moment and if you feel well, you attract positive outcome (that’s simplistic generalization that most people swallow easily when studying law of attraction but with more knowledge, you will find that some amount of negative effects – a contrast – is always part of any creation, also the positive one), so it’s more imperative to invoke the place of power while during the curse, then to punish person that may be the target (it is possible to do a curse impersonal so you destroy negative feelings, but if you want to have representation form of a person to direct energy to it, you still can ). This is how curses can be done safely. Besides, when you create any change within you, world around you reflects that change! So you change the very basics of a situation that hurt you so it won’t happen again, while the first way of cursing usually is only a temporary fix and creates repeat cycle. That is why proper cursing is very important. It may destroy you if done recklessly or it may create better life for you.

Place of power excludes guilt. You can’t feel guilt (that is why many sites warn to consider placing a curse carefully, wait few days and then proceed or not), have any doubts or second thoughts, because it destabilizes your energy and strips you out of the confidence making yourself vulnerable. Conscience is overrated, however sense of responsibility is not.

To make that positive transformation within self from feeling powerless, vulnerable to feeling of strength and power, you requires control over your emotions. But once you have it, usually curses are pointless. I know, I know, blah, blah, blah, I want to learn how to curse anyway, you won’t talk me over! I am not stopping you, your life, your responsibility. You can do what you want, remember? I just point out what’s so hard about curses. But let’s be on safe side and create a curse in a way, that it transforms your emotions, regardless what effect you want to achieve. However to have such ability to control emotion require experience and skills, that newbies usually lack. But we learn on trials and errors so go ahead. You won’t learn it if you don’t try it, but try it when you really feel ready for it!

Like with all magick, you should expect the result, however you cannot be tided to it! If you stress the result only, you create too much tension, blocking the outcome (but not possible negative effects if you are frustrated and don’t reach place of power). The best state after curse is to feel empowered, exhilarated, satisfied, energetically charged with no doubts, only sense of own power, without attachment to result. Placing a curse could be intoxicating, like after a drug and it can be addictive! That’s another danger on the road. Most likely after successful curse you came to a strong decision about your new reaction, should the next encounter appear. .. That is your goal when cursing. Just feel great!

When doing curses for others, you must remember, that despite common belief, everyone without exception is responsible for their own life and experiences (never others) because everyone has his/her own vortex of energy, own center of attraction. There are two ways to tap into that vortex and influence other’s experience (with their consent, conscious or not). Either you feel emotionally their situation (you care – empathy) or simpler, you take a money for it. The latter serves few purposes. It ensures the exchange of energy, linking two persons on subtle level. Money is physical equivalent of energy and paying for a service means also to transfer energy to someone in order to do a certain job by using another person’s vortex, so the amount of money should be sufficient for the work. It creates also both side psycho-energetic (change within psyche is always reflected in energetic level so don’t  underestimate it!) contract – a black mage feels obligation, treat it seriously and do all in his/her power to perform successfully, a client “sacrifices” something valuable and convince subconscious that he/she really want it and does something serious about it. In other words, it’s like a hire a goon to do a dirty job for you. However doing magick for yourself could be more potent, because your matters matter for you most, unless you care too much or have troubles to keep positive focus. In that case an outside person can be more efficient – lack of negative conviction, emotion toward the subject of the curse, lack of desperation, already in position of power.  Doing curses for others is more safe then for yourself because you have no negative emotional attachment for the situation, unless you are emphatic and care that your victim was raped, molested as a child and so on. In such case you become as vulnerable as your client. Typical satanic mindset, meaning, amoral state – you don’t care if it doesn’t concerns you personally, is the most proper in such situation. Don’t judge other’s wrongdoings, no matter how big and scary they may sound for society, it’s not your job, don’t get emotional over it, your client wish is your wish, enjoy fulfilling it, no matter of morals or ethics, that stands in the way of such work. More desirable is situation of personal contact then over the net. In later case there are additional techniques that one must apply to increase potency of such work (no details here, again, they will be placed in a book). Like physicians can influence our health by a number of ways, also a black mage can influence situation of another person. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that magick would work (for example: non receptive target), but hey, physicians also aren’t always efficient, sometimes too often, yet you pay! I would even say that a skilled black mage could be more efficient then common physicians, who has a lot more limitations.

Additional stuff

Many newbies try to do curses and don’t see any results so the excitement of novelty wears off. But to be successful, energy (the higher the emotion the higher energy) and focus must be applied. The same rules that apply to magick in general, also apply to curses. So the more you are skilled in magick, the more chances you will be good at curses. However some persons may have better skills in one area over the another.

Next important thing is, energy that is used for magick works all the time. In magick it is only applied deliberately. So cursing others happens very frequently. If you criticize others or wish them harm, you are sending out negative waves, that may or may not fall on fertile ground, but you are hurting yourself already. Even loved ones are doing it by worrying too much! On the long run it could be detrimental to self esteem targeted person. That is why persons who seemingly are loved, may react negatively when someone is overprotective and worry constantly. It shows lack of trust in other person ability to handle things/life and attracts more of “evidences” that worrying was not baseless, fueling this negative spiral further. Any person that states something negative, sends out energy, that could create an effect. Every such interactions could be counteracted, neutralized by self esteem, positive outlook of one’s life. It sounds easy but there is no person on the whole world who would have equally positive attitude to all areas of their life. Everyone has some weak spots. But by cursing someone, you may well miss it.

Ok, that’s about all about basic theory. What about practice? Like I said on the beginning, you must figure it out yourself, because there are countless ways how you can do magick and also a curse. This is your way to know the magick and I am not making it easy, not on this topic, not on open site. There is no universal method that always works for all. However few practical but very general tips (they are not necessary, just suggestions) below won’t hurt, or would they? But who said that life is safe?

1. Satanist may use help of many demons like Svengali, Sonnelion, Belial, Amducious, Eurynomous, Balberith, Tezrian and many, many others. They are eager to assist! You can even turn to Satan directly, but in my opinion it’s better to choose the proper demon for your situation  because of specialization, while calling on Satan additionally anyway (ask for strengthening of your magick and success of your work).

2. Have something that recalls or represent the target (piece of his cloth, hair or photo – be creative).

3. State specifically what an effect you want to have.

4. Blood sacrifice is in place when doing curses! Part of your body, your essence, pain involved, it all makes a strong case for you.

5. Strong visualization is always good, enjoy it! If you’re not, you’re doing something wrong, correct it. Cursing is uplifting.

6. Don’t be afraid of errors, the place of power is always now  so you can change what you did badly, before physical manifestation happens. Delay in time is a wonderful invention so don’t curse it because you have to wait, be glad that you have time to rethink and change it for more wished result. Nothing is finite so don’t worry when trying even dangerous stuff like curses, you can fix it at any time if result wasn’t manifested yet.

7. If you are sure of what you are doing, be consequent in your thinking and emotional attitude, otherwise results may be washed (common error), because it’s not only the point of doing magick that works but everything later as well.


    1. You are clearly hurt. The best way would be fix your inner vulnerability, we all have those. The point is to become stronger, then a people like those who hurt you won’t hurt you again, because 1) you won’t feel a thing 2) you will know how to handle situation so it would never come to that (you will be in control).

      I get the desire for revenge. It’s natural and it’s even healthy at some point – it’s just a violent way of trying to regain the power that you think you lost because of people who wronged you. However some people realize what was wrong in the situation and also realize they allowed it in a way and then say NO MORE! This will empower them. On the other side there are people who only insist on hurting those who wrong them. If they can, they lash the spiral of violence that will only escalate and end badly. If they can’t hit back, they just stay hurt, bitter and powerless and angry underneath which mirrors in their health and relationships. Luckily most people is somewhere in the middle and takes either steps to empower themselves (HIT and certainty you won’t allow it anymore), or try to find ways to empower themselves by outside means (trials) or retaliate but later come to their senses and see that it was pointless and then learn how to empower themselves.


  1. If you want revenge, ask God (Yahweh), not Satan. So far he’s the best when it comes to revenge for he is the God of Wrath and Justice.

    Of course a Satanist will stop you against doing curses. Dark and light is upside down here and now, if it hasn’t been for forever. If you want to do magick that is traditionally dark such as curse or hex, use (or pray to) God. Else if you want to bless someone with fertility use Satan. The best curse is one you come up with yourself and pertains to your particular case. Creativity really works well with any kind of magick. Even curses.

    I disagree with the uselessness of curses. Magick is as much sword as it is wand. Revenge or not, some things you just have to destroy. Satanists and other left handers who only care about themselves and earthly fertility and profit will feel no need to destroy. They’ll only need to protect themselves. If you want to completely stop someone or groups in their path of destruction or other inanities, you’ll need to curse them to truly strike at the root of the problem.

    If you largely ignore the so-called positive/negative magnetism that metaphysics spout these days, you’re good to go concerning “karma.” Swords cut, whether with good or bad emotions. Or none. Magick is the same. Everything is the same, with Will.


  2. What would be the best way to get my revenge on someone who wronged me? I want them to slowly suffer for the physical and emotional pain they caused me!!!


    1. This is not for me to answer, it’s too personal.
      It’s a perfectly natural reaction to want to revenge and that is up to you, but what you may want to consider is: why he/she was able to hurt you? How can you regain your power so you couldn’t land in that position again? Why you felt like out of control and power (only in such circumstances hurt can happen) and what you can do to change it?

      Having power and control is the best thing in the world and that we all strive from. Only then we feel secure and self sure and are not easy to be hurt or put in an uncomfortable position.

      Although someone may seem like the reason for feeling that way, there are a lot of decisions, views that put us there in the first place, like: we agreed to something we didn’t want, we didn’t end/stop things that should be stopped/ended, we didn’t say no, we weren’t assertive and consequential, etc. Those are our faults, but on another hand, those were our CHOICES and we have influence over them. We can change them. It’s not easy, because most of those are subconscious emotional reactions, but it’s worth to work on it.

      We have more power in our personal realm and that is what we should focus upon. When we do that, the external situations change as well, simply because we make different choices and see the situation differently.


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