Many people ask about Satan. Is He real, what He is, how do I see Him. It is about time to finally place it on the site. Note that all things in section ‘My beliefs’ reflect my views only, not satanism in general (there is no unanimous set of beliefs in satanism, especially in theistic satanism). Make of it what you want. If you agree, good. If you don’t, great, it’s always good to have your own mind on a topic.

As you might noticed from other articles, I am a pantheist/panetheist, hermeticism (hermetic) based. I don’t believe in christian mythology, cosmology or anything alike. How could I believe in Satan then? That’s a bit complicated, let me elaborate then.

Satan as a mythical figure is an invention of Christianity (or abrahamic faiths). The idea of Satan and evil evolved and till now it is present and linked in western culture no matter whether you are christian or not. It became an archetype. Satan represents certain qualities, ideas and values (explained in article Satanism – What is it?). When I think of them I attract spiritual energy that corresponds to them so in fact, this energy, this being, this entity have all qualities of Satan as christians see Him so practically IT IS SATAN! Only that there is no grand fight between good and evil, no dualism, because good and evil don’t exists objectively. I don’t equal Satan with the All as some pantheists do. That’s bullshit for me. Satan is a very distinctive, spiritual higher entity (a deity) that can link with our mind, influence us, inspire us. Satan encourages me to express my divine nature, He’s part of me but He exists also apart of me. He is a personal entity so yes, Satan does exist. I met Him (not in a body but as a spiritual consciousness) and have personal contact with Him. And so do demons exist.

When one taps with a mind into Satan’s energy, it is Satan as christian portrays him. But He is also much more! So Satan as I see Him is a part of the whole in the hermetic system, but not a figure of christian myths, which are just that – myths. Myths aren’t real, they can hold some truths, but they usually are allegories of complex topics, they aren’t literal truth, no historical facts (although some historic elements might be there).

Satan for me is my love, my inspiration, through him I achieve my divine state!

Ave Satanas!


        1. Not really, because goetia is a christian ceremonial magick, so it stands against satanic views. We use goetia only a a book of reference and inspiration but never as a real spellbook. We need to take what we need and transform it to satanic form and for that you need some knowledge and skills in magick to begin with.


          1. Thank for answer.As a theistic satanist how you explain that traditional goetia as you know,works and works well.If the abrahamic god entity or thought-form is the the false or non existance god how this system works.How the magician use thy names and angels for gain authority and protection over goetia spirits who some of them are gods and some high ranking demons.


            1. It’s not about gods, but always about you and what you believe in. If you think you are backed up by some deity, you create unshattered conviction that produces a desired effect. However threatening a demon, because you think he/she/it may be dangerous creates internal conflict in the summoner and that drains energy, lessens control and with possible loss of emotional stability (you may get scared or unsure) in near future it may be dangerous in the end. On the other hand, approaching demons respectfully on a friendly manner is positive not only to a demon but also your own inside focus, so there is a harmony and synergy in that method.


        2. If you want to work with the spirits of the Goetia, read Modern Demonolatry by OFS Conolly, A Modern Goetic Grimoire by Rufus Opus, or Basic Demonolatry by Ellen Purswell. Zabrath’s blog and my blog cover it damn well too.


            1. Murder is bad for the murdered and in general for human society but in a grand scheme it is not bad, it doesn’t matter, life and death are natural things, no matter how they occur.
              Good and Evil are subjective concepts limited to a person and society values – they exist only in our minds as a self-preservation and evaluation mechanism.


      1. Hi brother , I m from India , I have many things to discuss about Satanism . I hope you would oblige.
        Can you just ping me [MODERATION: edit cut]


        1. Sorry, I don’t focus much on online presence nowadays and I don’t answer on personal calls, discussions. Also, I always get rid of personal emails from comments for security reasons (boots are scanning sites for them to SPAM you, possibly with harmful messages).


      1. Satan may do so (preside), still we remain mortals who have to handle their own lifetime on planet earth…


  1. Hey Zalbarath. I like your website. I started to be interested in satanism recently just because it is so stronly oriented to Ego..I realised that everything I have ever achieved in my life can be related to subconscious satanic approach. I grew up as catholic but now in my adult state I tend to atheism. I perceive satanism as a “how to” guidance for life. I do not actually believe in dark lord, but I do believe in magick. Your web is very inspiring for me. I actually already experienced some kind of “ego boost” recently that REALLY adjusted my life in positive way. All that applies to interactions and relationships with others. I kind of see the relation between thoughts and quantum physics. I went through so many extrordinary events in my life that I believe that one is able to modify the reality by his own will. Since the satanic wake up is brand new for me, I am glad for experienced buddy who shares his knowledge for free. Thank you.


    1. There is no easy answer to that. For me they are two different beings, for others they are the some and yet for others they are various faces of the same.

      If you look on “heritage” Satan and Lucifer comes from different places. Satan was simply “an accuser” in hebrew and only later became a singular entity. Lucifer is mentioned pretty late in bible in history of fall of Lucifer, Many bible scholars claims it is an allegory to historic event of fall of ancient roman or greek city (Lucifer was roman or greek deity of dawn, enlightenment and knowledge) and the overinterpretation to fall of lucifer to the myth of Satan is complete misunderstanding.

      Anyway, I treat Lufifer as one of demons (air element) while Satan is for me more complex, higher deity, linked with all demons.

      Another thing is that Luciferianism that is based around Lucifer is a light version of Satanism so to speak (it’s a generalization) so even here you can find certain differences.

      In the end it’s up to you to decide what you feel is right. If someone claims that Satan and Lucifer for them is one and the same, I don’t object, they are entitled to their opinion. I have mine own.


  2. I experienced something wonderful one night it was so powerful it kept me feeling great the next day it made me feel I was on drugs. Was this Lucifer reaching out to me? Because I had prayed to him couple of weeks back.


  3. I am asking if you think Lucifer reached out to me one night. I felt so great I felt like I was on drugs is was so real. The next day I had so much power, Can you let me know what this was.


  4. Look at yourselves, weaklings, you lack the Will to stand upon the sands and challenge the one thing you worship. Each and every religion, Abrahamic or Hinduism or Buddhism whatever, each one has taught us that we Humans are more powerful than demons, even satan himself is of no match for a single human being.

    What can a Satan do to a human? It has no power to control us, you said it yourself curse can only affect those who have weak constitution, who have no ‘Control’ But If you have control over your mind, your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions, THEN Satan or Belial or any other demon/devil can do nothing but wipe the shit we do. They are but beggars who want our souls, who want to empower us with unimaginable power but is that what a human is? One who hides behind curtains and embraces whatever is given to him for pleasures or empowerment?

    We humans were born to suffer and emerge powerful through the suffering and pain perceived by both physical and mental experiences.

    You people are those “who have had nothing in life, no creativity, no friends, no life” or you simply thought Satan is cool or very dark(which is why most teenagers are attracted, sameway how ISIS attracts teenagers BECAUSE they have weak constitution, they lack education to help them resist the *temptations & excitement*) And you wanted power and here you are, you seek to enlighten your life only because you are too scared to stand up in the flames and absorb the fire till you become fire itself.

    And as for you Zalbarath, when your next chit chat happens with Satan, ask him, who should you abuse the most among three names, who is worthy of All abuses in his own view, the names are of the three Gods that Christian, Islam and Judaism have: Adonai, Allah, Yahweh.
    And if he does not makes an interlink with your brain transferring replies or if he sends that there are none, then.. well I wouldn’t be surprised, Belial ‘is’ his boyfriend.. “The lord of lies” ..


      1. Exactly; who is this person” is he some kind of Christian or something: or someone who thinks he is God… We’ve had Satan with us always if you wanted too know. We are his and always will be. Too be a theistic satanist; one need to be respectful of all opinions and beliefs of others… some believe in magick’ and others do not we all all accept homosexuality but have one thing in common we know the Dark Lord Satan exist*… I’ believe in the demons and in magick.

        *Asmodeus’ is my guardian demon: (I am dedicated to him however I make pacts with other demon\s of the Goetia and it’s been a wonderful experience for me!.

        *Great website to you sister.

        Hail Satan.

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    1. Just find some time to relax, focus on Satan and pray in your mind or aloud, whatever you prefer. You can just talk to Him or thank Him. You need to find your style. I personally don’t do traditional prayers. I was never raised as a religious persons so typical prayers are just weird to me. What I do, is: I focus on Satan and enjoy His presence. If I need something, I focus on Him and tell exactly what I want. So as you see, it’s a very simple method.

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  5. I never thought in my entire life that i would admit this to the world but i have my reasons for loving Satan. I would love to be his puppet. If there are anybody that would the some i wold like to say thank you.


  6. So you just work with Satan’s egregore? You dont believe in the christian myth, but you enjoy the image that they portray Satan? I mean, Satan, ou “The Shaitan” (where the word come from, but you may already know it) is just the opposite of Jehova. In the same way darkness is to light. There is no light separated from darkness. Satan and God are the same structure. But ofc that the tribal god that the jews adore is not the best archetype to work with (i find it a bit lame). Btw, you are still online here? i have a proposal for you, i guess you can find me if you are interested (iam logged with my gmail account)



  7. hi, great site,, i am new here and just want to learn if this is the true path in life for me to be on,,, raised a Baptist and still even act as a youth pastor at times,,, but deep down seem to be pulled in another direction it seems. i noticed after searching about Satan my sexual desires started changing from straight to homosexual desires and even started desiring blasphemy,,, two things i hated just a year ago. i REALLY need a mentor here, thanks


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