Selling Soul to Satan

To disappointment of many, this is not an article to show you exactly how to sell your soul but an article helping you to understand what it is and what is required to do so. It’s not an easy topic so don’t expect a short reading. If a real knowledge is for you not worth spending a little time over reading it, reevaluate your wishes. If you don’t want to do what it takes… well… don’t blame others for getting what you want.

There are many, many misconceptions about this topic.

1. Most people thinks that they can EASILY sell their soul, that anyone can do it.

Again, sorry to disappoint you, but there is nothing easy in selling your soul. There are certain requirements and ONLY FEW can meet them. Which ones? About it later in this article. Performing a ritual is not enough! In most cased it does involves ritual, but if it was a simple matter of proper recipe… You should know better that reality is much more complicated then books, myths, fairy tales, movies and stories.

2. Soul is so valuable and you can trade it for anything you want! Pile of money! Love! Power! Fame! So if you have nothing, you have at least your soul so you can trade it for those grand things.

Yes, soul is valuable but not in a way people usually understand. In a manner of speaking soul can give you all those wishes but it’s not a simple bargain. Soul fuels you to get those things. To understand that we need to discuss what soul is and what does it do. Read further.

3. You can trade a soul, meaning: you can hand it over like a possession.

Nope, disappointment again. The word “sell” is just an allegory, simplification. You can sell fruits, sell your land, even sell your body. But soul is not a thing to give, at least not in literal meaning.

Soul is the core of your personality. It is what makes you you. It is what makes you conscious. Without soul, there is no You! You can’t lock it up and hand it over. However, in a manner of speaking, you can “sell yourself”. How? LOVE! And it’s not just an ordinary love as people have to each other. An UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. You can sell your soul to Satan only if you LOVE SATAN. If you do, you do everything for Him, not because you will achieve anything substantial, no. You do it because it makes you feel so incredible, because you love to love Satan, NO STRINGS ATTACHED. And this love is so strong, that it’s literally blind. You don’t care how Satan is or does He loves you back. You love Him anyway, no matter what! Your life revolves around Him, He is your inspiration, your motivation, your whole life!

In such state, your soul is truly HIS.

4. Selling soul will bring you a lot.

If you understood what I wrote above, you will notice that selling soul is A SACRIFICIAL ACT. You sell your soul just because you want it, not because you will get anything.

However loving Satan gives you an awesome feeling, it boosts your energy, it motivates you, it strengthens you. It’s FUCKING AWESOME FEELING! It’s beyond description. If you love Satan, it just ROCKS!

You can use that feeling and everything it gives you to change your life the way you want, but it doesn’t happens automatically. And that brings us to fifth misconception.

5. Selling soul gives you immediate results.

Nope, reality doesn’t work that way. Only in fairy tales you move a wand and “puff” – miracle happens at one. In life, everything is A PROCESS! There is no way to tell how long it will last. It can be days, weeks, months, years, decades… What you give is what you get… Nothing is for free.


And sadly to many – it is not a measurable thing, because it’s personal, subjective and that means, it’s different for everyone. What comes hard for one, may be easy for other and vice versa. So there is no simple recipe for getting something. People try hard to quantify and measure actions, so you can find a various kinds of self helper books and articles (10 steps to loose weight, 3 easy ways to find love, 6 simple things to earn lot of money, or more serious tutorials explaining in lengths the art of achieving something). You probably red some of them and… nothing… Those things they promised are not coming and those “easy” steps aren’t so easy in your situation? Yeah, life is more complex then that. You must figure it out for yourself. There are sources that can help you but IT’S ONLY UP TO YOU to find solution THAT WORKS FOR YOU. In that you are alone… In that you are also FREE! No one can do what you do just by retracing your steps. What you achieved is only BECAUSE OF YOU. This gives you sense of power, a self confidence. There is no satisfaction without effort. No value without work. But work should not be something you are forced to do, work, real work to get your wishes is to aim your dreams and it’s exciting, pleasurable and FUN! You will be exhausted and yet SATISFIED SO IMMENSELY! And that satisfaction gives you more energy to go to the higher level… That is how you can gain more and more of power, more and more of freedom, more and more of love, money, fame or whatever you wish.


To sum it up: To sell your soul you need to fall in love with Satan and the love must be pure, unconditional. And since heart is not a servant, you cannot wish to love and just feel that way… That is why only few people meets this requirement.

Ritual to sell your soul is like a marriage ceremony. It’s a symbolical, yet powerful act of transferring what you feel into an official relationship. However it is only a beginning… Love is not static. You need to fuel it, work on it. So if you want a constant gain, your love must last and evolve.

So what actually Satan does to help you with?

Selling soul creates a bond, a relationship with Satan that strengthens you and allows you to get things you want easier then without it. So it’s true it can come with a gain. But you still must work out for what you want. If your love is true, strong and lasting – it gives you constantly power to pull things through.

It doesn’t matter if you use your hands, your brain or magick. You still need effort to achieve something. But since love to Satan alone strengthens your personality, it’s easier to get proper focus, easier to get necessary things done. Love gives you wings, not literally, but love to Satan is not different. Love allows you to go extra miles, to do necessary things, to get things that you normally would not get.

The relationship with Satan is your personal thing. For some it’s just a presence that strengthens, for others it’s a person to talk to, for others it’s a father figure or a mentor, sometimes even a lover. And of course Satan is also a power of magick, but even magick requires effort. Everyone utilizes bond with Satan differently.

I, for example, like to understand things, so Satan gives me knowledge, wisdom and opportunities along with power to follow things through. I get idea and if I lack of meanings, I turn to Satan and He helps me to find them.

I LIVE MY DREAM! Is my life easy and effortless? No! It still can be hard and painful and yet it’s also beautiful and exciting! I didn’t get everything I wanted yet (although many other wishes already came true), but I got a lot and I am already on a path of getting it. And this path is even more exciting then just having those things! Because when I finally have them, I know I MADE MY WISHES REAL! I enjoy every step I take.

There is nothing more empowering then achieving something. And with one wish fulfilled, dozens of new ones come. It has no end. It drives us to evolve even more.

This is reality, this is how selling soul is done and how it impacts your life. A recipe, ritual and quick and easy gain? Hmm…. Where do I know it from? Ah, yes, a fairy tales! Allegorical, simplified stories to show children that everything is possible and that there are forces in the universe that can help them get anything they want! It’s all true. But if you read fairy tales carefully, you will see also that there is always a price to pay. It’s often in a form of warning but in reality it’s just a simple fact how life works. Fulfilling dreams shouldn’t be hard if it’s done right, but it also shouldn’t be effortless. Where would be fun if it was all so easy?

So as you see, selling soul is so personal process, that others cannot simply give you any recipe that would work for you. There is no simple solution to anything… There is only a hope, a feeling that this can be done so you do it, improve it, try it again till you get it. Don’t give up, have faith in Satan and IN YOURSELF. Proving yourself to yourself is the most satisfactory game people can play. Every healthy psyche needs in one form or another. If you fail to gain things, your personality degenerates. If you achieve things, you grow.

To all of you that ask me to help sell your soul:

It is not my intention to guide you personally every step along the way. I expect independence and resourcefulness from a satanist. I get dozens of emails with requests like “help to sell my soul for…”, but I have no time to guide everyone personally. Besides, if something comes too easy, it has no value. I explained above what is needed and how it looks like, the rest is up to you. It’s doable if you believe in it.


  1. Hmmm!

    Very interesting! My thoughts are that “why would Satan want anyone to give his/her Soul to Him?” I always thought the Christians and other similar religious folks were quite childish in believing this nonsense. Why WOULD Satan NEED anyone’s Soul, when He pretty much has about everything He could possibly need?

    There again,

    I catch a lot of flak over my belief system: I work with the Dragons and their Spirit-allies. – They call me a really misguided, befuddled, “blinded” fool. Let’em have at it, for all I care! My connections with my “Dragon-Allies” has been most fruitful and most rewarding, WITHOUT having to “sell my Soul”. They do not need my Soul any more than they need another physical world in order to exist. – Sure, they would love me to rejoin them when that time comes, but they do not NEED it to be so.

    Good article.

    – Rev. Dragon’s Eye


    1. Well, selling soul concept is strongly tied to satanism, but in reality, if you love your deity (any deity) you are linked with it, so it’s the same as selling soul. However christians wanted to scare people away and portrayed it as something devious, dangerous, while loving only their god is the “right thing” to do. But you “give your heart” to anyone you love, isn’t it?

      As to how anyone could love Satan, it’s hard to answer. We just don. Does love has to be reasonable? Love is blind, literally. This is a typical for unconditional love: you may know everything bad about object of your love and yet you still chose to love it. I guess me and people like me have just certain inborn characteristics that makes us being pulled to dark things, to love them. Just normal variety 😉 of a species.


        1. Uh, are you talking to me or Satan? Do what YOU WANT, not what others tell you to. Satan helps people with initiative, people who know what they want and people who follow their goals. If you don’t know what you want or what to do with your life, Satan will not help you. You need to realize first who you are, what you are good with and go for it. For some people it’s easy and they just know what they want, others are still searching.


    2. hi rev. dragon’s eye can i join your dragon allies? my email is: [moderation cut]

      [Moderator commentary: Please, do not give emails in commentaries. If you want to contact with certain person, write to him/her directly and avoid leaving personal emails on sites for all boots and scanners to see (SPAM, viruses, making personal information visible to the public). I care for privacy (mine and my site users) so every email in commentary will be deleted.]


      1. Just the same, pretty much, as working with any Spirit allies.

        Some points to consider:

        1 ) The study of many different Mythologies, from many different cultures is great place to start, and that even includes some aspects of Satanism or similar belief system.

        2 ) Be willing to dedicate yourself to seeking and learning more about yourself, and your relationship with all things and the Universe. The more you see within yourself, as a Spiritual Being, the more you will be able to see in the “world” around you.

        3 ) Do NOT be afraid to examine and RE-examine yourself on your own Path. It is YOUR path, no one else’s.

        4 ) Accept responsibility for that which you do, and that which you caused (for good, or for “ill”), and be mindfully-aware of such.

        – – –

        As for joining my Dragon-Allies,

        The greatest results are better attained by You finding YOUR Dragon-Allies through your own travels. Honesty and Integrity (about yourself) should be where you can start from. Please do not expect “instant miracles”, you will be disappointed when they do not happen as expected. My time with the Dragons has taken years to develop and refine. None of it happened in just a few days, and especially not just because I “wished” it either.

        I hope this helps get you on your way.

        – Rev. Dragon’s Eye


    3. Hello, Zalbarath! I need your answer really fast. So… I wanna sell my soul to the devil because I wanna get something and that is love but I think that’s too personal thing to talk about. So, after I started thinking about this too srsly I was feeling some energy from him. You don’t know how many things I’ve tried but nothing worked and if I won’t get what I love I think that I’ll kill myself because the person who I love is married and inlove with somebody else and this makes me sick. So… Can you help me? I’ll be happy if you’ll reply fast because I can’t take this anymore.
      Hope you’re having a great day:)


      1. To get out of the way: I don’t do fast answers. Secondly, Satan is not doing quick fixes, at least not the real ones. Love is a great emotion but it seems you are getting addicted to it and in that way it becomes destructive to you and others around you.
        Here is the thing: you are in control of your emotions. If you like something, you can focus on it and it can transform into passion or love. If you think intensely about something that bothers you, it can spiral to hate and self destruct or violent mode. At some point emotions are so strong that it’s very hard to turn around and make a change, but that’s always possible. The same is with obsessive love that do more harm then good. You have to forcefully let it go and focus on something else, while coping from withdrawal, but slowly regaining more control.


      2. Hello maritoloraia, I can help you. Please contact me.e-mail : [MODERATION CUT]

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    4. This is my first time admitting I have “sold my soul” and this article truly is perfect in the sense of responding the question of, what exactly is, “selling your sou!l” Sometimes it is the people you least expect to be the Satan’s followers but I know what I bargained… I work hard but Im also blessed in every way… No need to elaborate.


  2. Well,

    I guess I am right in the same “pit”? I have dedicated many aspects of my day-to-day life to Tiamat and other particular deities; most of them considered to be very dark and/or chaotic entities. I care not for the labels, for they matter little to me. It is the mythos and the legends that have drawn my interest towards them.

    I guess one by this logic would say that I “sold my Soul to the Dragon(s)”???

    Funny thing is,

    I feel far more liberated in my thinking and practices, because I am not constrained to think, believe, or even on what I may imagine. The “churches” make it all sound like you would be “in bondage” to said demon or devil. Gee! Seems to me that the “church” is more of a relationship of bondage between one or more masters, with you as the follow-slave.


    Good writings.

    – Rev. Dragon’s Eye


  3. always thought “selling your soul” was a myth. and if its true its a very lazy thing to do. for the weak. I agree with the sentiments expressed in the above article. soon, I will the build the place of summoning. I call it the forge. a place for my personally selected infernal council to uh, congregate and such. I require a large piece of private land. everything must be handmade. when all the preparations have been made, a new being will enter the world, and inherit it, by default.


  4. those who sell there souls are idiots your basically signing yourself up for a place in and once your soul is gone there’s no getting it back and your doomed to be in hell forever don’t this to this person who just gonna drag you down to help besides this whole is probably a bunch of bullshit


    1. And you believe in this because…?

      Think. Did you ever had any prove of what you believe in? If this is only what somebody told you – you’re socially gullible. Social prove is just psychological mechanism but is not a real prove. I prefer to believe in what I experienced and what proves itself in life in practice. Spirituality is real, however myths and word view presented in religions are nothing more then fairy tales for naive. So practically what you are telling has no merit, it’s juts your personal view that has nothing to do with reality.

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  5. And as we do these thing to full fill our desires, Satan is there watching over to see if we are giving it our all, nudging us towards God Head. at which point he was not after our soul , but because we love Him so we become all power full and self sustainable lacking nothing.


  6. Let me begin by complimenting your writing. It is refreshing to read a point of view & associated responses not laced with hostility and pretentiousness. I completed my dedication yesterday; although, I didn’t initially start the ritual with that intent. I felt called to complete a ritual for success, drive, and focus. I did this in Arabic, my native language. Everything flowed organically. It then seemed to spiral, loss of inhibition, the pure, raw part of me emerged and instinct took over. The rise of energy was dramatic, tangible, radiating, pulsating through every part of my being. At the end, I drew a tarot card, the 8 of cups, in my deck, it indicates an agreement of sorts, usually of spiritual quest. curious as to how you would interpret or if you have any insight. I took it as an affirmation, despite the orthodox interpretation of the card. ~ Infernal Blessings.


    1. Congrats on the ritual. The most important thing is to adjust it to yourself so I may advise something but only you can know if it works for you. As to tarot card, it looks like you took the step away from old habits, views and choose a new path. This is a sign of transformation (a storm that will lighten up and show a different, refreshed scene), although it also means that it’s not a quick and easy event and there are lot of possible traps along the way but nevertheless you are decided to change it, so the next step/card may show a different story. It’s all up to you. Cards show incoming or existing trends but we can change them any time, nothing is written in stone.

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  7. I am tired of waiting a whole life praying to God which maybe fall asleep and ignored me
    how to sell soul to get our happiness / dream? i founded so many rituals but many are too public so i dont believe it’s authentic


    1. Well, to be completely blunt: selling soul is just a fancy description for unconditional love. If you love someone unconditionally, you connect with that person, you admire him/her and you help them any way you can, no matter negative features. You just choose to ignore them and embrace the ones you love. It’s simply aware, blind love ;). You gave yourself (your soul) to the person you love. Because you love unconditionally, you don’t expect nothing in return, you just enjoy the feeling and that makes you happy. You are making yourself happy, not the other person, because you chose to focus on things that you love.

      In that way you can sell your soul to anyone, not just Satan. However satanists, real satanists, love Satan because He embodies ideas we love. It’s so plain and simple. You cannot force out this feeling and that is why selling soul to Satan isn’t for everybody.

      So as you see, it’s not a ritual per se that makes you fall in love, as an act of marriage doesn’t make the good relationship. Ritual is only official expression of your emotions that must come first.

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  8. Hello! , So Ive been researching all about ‘selling souls to satan’ for a couple of months and today I happened to have stumbled upon your website and you practically answered the majority of the questions i had in the back of my mind about ‘selling one’s soul’ and I thank you for that! 🙂 , your post are so detailed and very well written , wow! , but I do have some questions for you from this particular topic which I hope you will answer….

    My first question that I’d like to ask you is if Satanist do not believe in the ‘selling of ones soul” then why do witches believe in it? , Ive found a particular site which is witch oriented and it had a manual on how to sell ones soul ,so whats that all about?

    My second and last question for you Zalbarath is I guess a pretty childish one , While Ive been researching all about souls and selling of them I found out that you could make a verbal pact with satan , when doing so satan leaves a mark on the beholders body which is not touched by pain , what exactly would this mark look like and would it last for all eternity?

    I sincerely hope that you read and reply back to my comment as i am eagerly waiting for your reply back !

    PS : I am sorry the long read 😦


    1. I don’t speak for all satanists only for myself, so beliefs about soul, afterlife and others vary among satanist, so it’s no wonder why you found different belief among witches. It’s not a matter of group but individual view.

      As to this mark, this is also a belief and I never heard about happening for real. Since many years no satanist I spoke with even mentioned this mark, so my suspicion is, this is not a widely spread belief, otherwise lot of people would try it by now ;).


  9. to be honest a formal dedication ritual is far more useful than “selling” your soul would ever be. i dont even think satan wants to buy your soul to be honest. thats why its your soul. i have totally dedicated my soul to satan which is basically a pact renounching the false judeo/christian gods and monotheism in exchange for the successful completion of my endeavors. thats really it. even if you think you sell your soul to satan its still your soul. you are just dedicated to him. its a real nice guy.

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    1. Why do you think you should kill someone? It’s a christian propaganda to make us inhuman, unacceptable and not approachable. In reality satanists often care for others, especially animals :). It’s not always true, because you can be whoever you like – satanism doesn’t discriminate and doesn’t tell you how you should live your life, it’s always up to you, but majority is not psychopaths so we don’t kill people for sacrifices, although some may choose that.

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      1. I agree with Zalbarath, christians don’t realize it but satanists have been there best friend, because without us they would not be in existence.
        They want you to believe in a dream that they made up!!


  10. thats the same thing if you sell your soul to god… or heck the world a tree or a stone near you.

    :V im sorry i thought what makes satan and god different is the speed of manifestation of our wishes. if its the same thing then why bother. im keeping my soul for now.


    1. Some people my feel Satan better and then get better and quicker results then elsewhere. But those seeking only quick gratification and don’t care much about Satan will be disappointed.

      Quick results after deal with Satan are just part of legend and cultural beliefs where devils deal is a bad shortcut. Real deal always takes more time and depends on how dedicated you will be and again, some people can be more driven for Satan then other deity.


    1. I never cease to wonder what happens in minds of people who ask such questions like above. I guess that satanism do attract lot of naive and immature people who mistake reality for fantasy movies and fairy tales.


  11. Nonsense.
    I am coming from a horrible background of devil worship and satanic bondage. I am not even though with deliverance because I had gone in quite deep to a point of doing literal manifested magical acts.
    And a family of sorcerers background did not contribute well.
    Soul selling is not loving Satan.
    It is the old bible words of Satan to Jesus… Bow down to me and I will give you every glitter on earth.
    A lot of people driven by need, genuine and not genudeclaredd, need for power , revenge and tiredness of being ordinary… Are willing to serve satan, be loyal to satan just to achieve these things.
    This is the soul selling.
    And yes it is easy to do.
    so here enter all kinds of demonic groupings I interacted with in my occult years… Witchcraft cults, free masons, saved cults, witchdoctors, new age gurus and others I did not engage.
    I am not sure how other religions deal with remedy for soul selling.
    From a biblical perspective the words are…. Man shall not live by bread alone. But by every word that God has declared.

    Saying soul selling is loving Satan is pure nonsense.
    It is not.


    1. Everyone has his own perspective and I won’t argue with you on that one. For many Satan will require obedience but Satan is more complicated then that. The same is with us, you are kind to some, mean to others and yet others are not important enough to care. The same person and yet different relationships.


    2. well if its so easy to do y am I having such a hard time. I served god all my life and in the end all the promises he swore to keep were nothing at all. now I want the money the power to remain handsome and the lifestyle people only dream about


    1. Unfortunately there is no one single way to do that. To obtain best results one has to create such ritual of themselves, so for that one needs knowledge of magick, possess already certain skills (like mental discipline) and sensibility/awareness of yourself, energies and demons. If someone doesn’t have money, inner change has to be massive and most people is not able to make it from one day into another, so it all comes down to continuous, focused and steady process.


      1. I don’t know if the people leaving comments such as the one above don’t read your articles or just don’t understand English. Your article was pretty clear in my opinion as to the fact that you cannot sell your soul for wealth, fame, love etc etc. I always find your replies so patient and diplomatic and I find that commendable. Thanks for a great site. Ave Satanas


    1. We’re not living a fantasy movie so there has to be waiting time, however how long it will take depends on you. From what I can see now, it will take quite while in your case – frustration only delays and blocks your energy and demons won’t make miracles for you just like that. You have to be in tune with them, it’s not enough just to wish.
      Just imagine, what excites you the most and what you would do even for free and in your free time because it’s such fun? This is what you should concentrate on – that is where the money lies. Passion is a fuel that gives you energy to act, invent, dig, try, learn and do more and more. With it comes high energy and synchronization, then demons can accelerate you. Thy are there, but they wait for you to be in proper place and finding that place is where most people fail. Only in movies you can just wish, do obscure ritual and receive gifts with no effort and immediately. In reality you must put yourself to it. Not by just hard working – that often brings nothing, but smart working and with passion.


  12. why would someone sell him soul to satan if satan don-t give him what he ask or whis and probably not in the same day, but in next one? Why someone will do that if there is no reward in real life? Who wrote these din not know what he say or who is selling his soul just for some feelings is to stupid to understand what will be next.
    The deal is the deal, right? ok, then why they have to work hardly or do thing for what they want after they selled them souls? Soul is something important, and if satan not understanding that these mean he is not respecting his part of the deal. (not that someone should expect that) whit all the respect, i don.t believe a ward of what you wrote.


    1. Sorry to say but you are based on fairy tale beliefs and fantasy films. Nor Satan is the normal guy you can talk to, nor soul is a thing to give (soul is YOU), nor deal is piece of paper with unbreakable rules. It’s all a RELATIONSHIP with yourself and Satan. Selling soul is a simplified concept of true and deep commitment to Satan and usually that means love and love is unconditional and doesn’t need to be returned to exits.


      1. To me that is the real deal. To know SATAN is the deal everything else comes later. Work on the relationship he won’t let you down.


  13. So you say that he have his own rules, and could be difrent for each one of us? then does make sens. Each one is unic and he treat us like unics.


  14. Dear Zalbarath,
    I completely feel close to Him, I feel his or one of his demons around me everyday and I embrace it, almost adore his attention. I believe in Him. It’s been a couple weeks like that, but I feel ready to talk to Him, deal with Him. I do not fear Him.
    From your knowledge, should I wait until He comes forth or should I speak Him out of his world into ours?


  15. I thought about it more, I think I know what you’re going to say; to just keep believing and believe harder? Because when I feel “His” presence I get what you meant when you said it strengthens you, I do feel incredible when I am completely embracing it. One ore question though, how do I know this is Satan’s presence and not just someone/thing else just because I want it to be? (Idk if it’s my inner instinct or me wanting it to be him)


    1. You can’t but your heart is the best guide. Trust it over your mind, because heart knows and understands more then mind can grasp, so decisions that are one with heart will always be good for you, even if the reason would be lost at the moment – in the long run those decisions make most sense, because heart sees bigger picture.

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    1. Sure. Nothing can trump the free will. Many satanists were born in more or less christian environment so we’re more likely baptized (people baptize children even if they are atheists, just for the tradition sake). Still, you can choose Satan and demon and your conscious choice is superior to anything.


  16. So because I couldn’t find a topic about the Standard Ritual regarding the necessity of the bell, the silver bowl, the incense and let’s not forget the chalice. I don’t have any of those, and I am planning to do a standard ritual tonight. What do I do, since I don’t have even the bell?


      1. This is actually something that has worried me for a long time and prevented me from performing any rituals for fear of offending Satan and/or the Demons. Written rituals always make it very clear that you have to have everything exactly as listed, but the majority of the materials and props are not accessible to me. Is it safe to perform rituals and have success in magickal workings without the correct props and materials?


        1. Yes. It’s not about the exact material but: intention, your commitment, psychological effect that those materials have on you. You can replace the ritual materials with ones available to you. Rituals can be done purely mentally but real, physical things gives us better focus. Our minds are wired to perceive physical objects and give them meaning. We can do magick without them but it requires a bit more discipline. Magick actions are made in a way to invoke certain state of mind because it is the mind (psyche, feelings, emotions) that is the source of the magick.

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  17. Dear Zalbarath, i read what you said above and i think you are a brilliant person. I would like to ask you something, considering that you have interacted more with the spiritual world than i have. As a satanist, do you believe in life after death? I always thought heaven and hell were some cheap lies invented by religion but recently i couldnt not notice all the crap that i see on the web about souls burning eternally in hell. I dont understand how can a satanist believe in such a concept whicht was in the first place probably invented by so called good cristians. Also, if Satan exists then so does God and therefore, which parts of the bible can be considered true? I am not asking this from a non religious position, even if i have been raised by cristian fanatics. I am looking forward to your answer. I understood that selling my soul is nothing that has to do with easy deals and fairytales. I know what i want to do and what i like and i know how to do it. I would like to experience the feeling that some people mentioned above… i would like to feel emboldened but my problem was always the lack of faith. You see, as a very skeptical person, i always questioned every coincidence and peculiar feeling. It is kind of hard to determine whether a certain power or feeling comes just from myself and i am imagining it. Making myself believe that there is someone there watching me and giving me strengh would be just as christians do. Talking with imaginary friends who always listens… As i said, i am looking forward for your answer.


    1. I come from a pantheistic (hermetic) background so I believe we are part of the divine energy around us. Consciousness and reality is built upon hierarchies, so we are multilevel and multidimensional creatures. We have a divine part that which is a group consciousness and a singular part that lives in this life. When we die, our ego and thus early part of us dissolves and the singular consciousness becomes a part (or actually it always is) or the higher consciousness. It’s sort of like awaking to an extended consciousness. You may have experienced something similar when living a life in a dream and then waking up, although the death experience is even more transcending.


  18. Can you teach me the step by step to be more commited to him, What are the basic doings to give me more faith in him, I do really need help zalbarath please reply because I do deserve to improve my self and I feel like his communicating with me since that day but I just dont know how to use it properly the way I feel his presence when something I want to achive I feel I deserve it to achive I feel like Im connected to it but I dont know why often theres somethings blocking me and that something I want and I do will just colapse and be gone to me and I think theres a lot more I need to know and do before I will purely have a bond a relastionship a connection a commitment with him so please I do really need your help I am willing to understand and will do anything with all my best efforts. I born to be alive not to live, I dont deseve to be an ordinary.


    1. In order to not be ordinary, use your talents and do more with them then average person. That will give you joy and satisfaction and if you plan it right, also money and recognition.

      However as to “step by step” help, I repeat it over and over, it’s even on my page, I DON’T do personal guidance. Simply I don’t have time for it. However there are still many satanists who are active on forums, chats and groups with whom you can talk with.


    1. I believe I saw many prayers to Lucifer on the Internet. There is also a whole book about demonolatry prayers (ones to Lucifer are among them). I personally don’t bother with some ready formulas. I never liked them.


  19. Hi Zalbarath,

    I’ve just done the ritual which i’ve been eager to perform a long time ago (i think this time is the time, thats why i do it now). I think there’s something wrong in the procedure, i follow one of the instructions out there that doesnt involve blood sign on the paper.

    the paper also didnt burn completely, what should i do?


    1. Rituals are not exact and 100% working formulas, because what you are trying to achieve is personal and individual. Methods that work for some, won’t work for another person. In the past human communities where coherent and small. Nowadays culture is more complex and differentiated.

      That is why instead giving detailed rituals, it’s just advice to learn meditation, mind techniques and magick – how it works, what are the different kinds of it, experiment with it, learn what works for you. Myself I prefer mind techniques instead rituals. It’s quicker and more natural for me. Some will prefer rituals because they started with ritual magick, studied it and learned some things that work for them, so they can DESIGN a working ritual for them.

      So any ritual you find is just AN EXAMPLE. If it’s not working, no biggie, grab a book about ritualistic magick, read it, experiment with it.

      It all can take YEARS! People naively think they can get some formula, copy it and then achieve result. Nope, it doesn’t work that way. Magick is not an exact science. It has more to do with psychology, because your emotions and feelings do influence the flow and quality of energies, so how you feel, what you think, believe, expect and focus upon matters. You must understand self in order to know what is going on and how to adjust it to the point you can get results. There is no simple workaround for this. This is individual thing so there is no universal ways. You will see it by studying many books about magick and they all may tell you different things. They are not exclusive. They are all piece of the complex, world that you must discover and find your place in it. No cheap shortcuts here!


    1. What is “sold my soul online”? This is absurd. The rest sounds equally absurd. Satanism is just an individual path to own divinity and fulfillment and no one can do things for us. Only you can sell your soul or actually, you can’t sell anything, because you are your soul, you can only offer yourself to Satan thus “selling your soul” – it’s just a social myth, a mental construct of what you do with yourself, whom you pledge yourself, who you love.


  20. My passion and my dream is becoming a soundcloud rapper idk kind of like Lil Uzi Vert cause he claimed that he sold his soul . And beyond and my dream is for people to look up to me. And my dream is for people want to live life like me. And also I want to impress my crush or just touch her heart cause we got in a fight. but she wont talk to me. but I always catch her staring at me so I know she still has love for me… Will loving satan and dedicating your life for him. Help my passion fuel to where it gets big and help get me and my crush back togather, cause we used to be best friends and I already apoligized but she still wont talk to me but I know deep down she still has some love for me. I have many goals to acheive and wil dedicating my life to satan and loving him help me acheive my wishes and dreams. And live overall a better life then I am now. ps im suicidal and depressed and im looking for change.


    1. Discovering love for Satan may help you, but it depends on you. You can’t force love. And it won’t make you less depressed like by a switch. If your love is genuine and you focus on it, then you are focusing on a positive thing and that can be powerful change of your mental habits, giving you a way out of depression. But if you’re not that into Satan, then it may not be enough. You still need to work your way up, because depression is a powerful emotional pattern that holds strongly and you need work hard to claw out of it. The catch is, depression sucks you out of strength and willpower so you need to find something positive that you will hold on it and it can be used to get out. Find that something. It may be Satan, it may be love to your girlfriend, it may be your dream, anything that gives you strength and pulls you out of depression. Find that and work like a crazy towards it.The more you focus on what you love and less on depression, the stronger you will be.


    1. Another thing, i dont have a religion. So if you can ” unconditionaly love satan” does this also mean you cAn sell your sell to god too?


    2. The thing is, “selling soul” concept is just made up by people. It’s in myths, movies, fairy tales. That’s all there is. You can’t sell what you are. However, the name of the concept is so prevalent that it’s often used as a synonym of devotion to Satan. Kinda like you do something for money, people may say “you sold yourself”. In the same way you sell yourself for Satan. But it’s a choice that you do out of love which is the most powerful bond.


      1. for ex:when can i sell my soul(on what date or on full moon?)
        and if i make these wishes….you say correct deal will involve some way of work anyway…..but how if i sold my soul to be famous and successful….and how it will become true in my life?
        if i details him from today to 03 jan 2019 not last than this date to give me these wishes i want..and on that day 03 jan 2019 i will get these wishes ?because i want to sell my soul for starting my music career in some years


        1. It’s hard to understand what you are writing. Communication skills are crucial to achieve anything in life so I would suggest starting with grammar. There is a nice browser extension called “grammarly” that can help you with that.

          If date is relevant, this depends on person… For some it is for some it isn’t. You must understand how your psyche works. As to becoming famous and successful, it usually takes people many, many years and lot and lot of work. As said in some other comment, there is no recipe for that. Every person must find it for themselves. I cannot help with that because I’m famous and I would never want it to be famous. I don’t get why would you even want it.


        1. Not sure what exact part of the text of conversation you are referring to (wordpress’ comment system doesn’t let me see it, so I only see last thing someone wrote, so I have no context).
          Everyone has own path and there is no simple, straight ones to achieve something. We may be inspired by someone who already did what we want but we can’t copy it, it won’t work because we are not those persons and we have not the same resources.


        2. Look, in plain and simple English, you cannot sell your soul for fame, success, money or any of that! What part of this conversation do you not understand??


  21. if like and sell on my soul today for example,i will decide to make a written pact and when i will finish to write my wishes,how to invoke satan?I will say like(Satan the god of darkness,I am here to sell my soul to you if the price is right) when i will say this loudly,will he coming?


    1. Maybe He will or He won’t. There is no straight, sure answer here. Some methods work for some people, for other they don’t. Even the same method doesn’t work all the time for the same person. Magick is sort of a mind game with billions of conditions and because everyone is different (not only from other people but different from him or herself at any other moment) it’s hard to lay out simple road to achieve that.

      My advice is, read on the topic as much as you can, prepare, experiment, even when it doesn’t work or will look like it didn’t work, don’t worry. it might have worked (and things are in motion) or you may get them later. This isn’t a simple thing and it requires some luck but, certain predispositions, skills (that you can gain and improve) and experience.

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