Astral reality and traveling


I have been asked about OBE and lucid dreaming. Is it real or is it happening in our heads?


The answer is both. It is real and it is in your head… meaning: in your mind. But your mind is not in you physical head. You are not restricted by space, time or dimension.

Astral projection usually happens on a plane of own creation so within your own mind. However this plane is not less real then others and is connected to others, that is why you can meet various spiritual entities there that are not part of your mind, although rest of your astral projection usually is.

In a way, astral projections are forms of lucid dreams but on occasions they may turn to something more.

As said earlier, your mind is hooked with your body but not limited to it so you are everywhere and merely your focus is focused on your physical senses. It is possible to move this focus to another part of the body (during meditation).

When you think of a place or somebody, your energy reaches out and is in this place or by this person in instant. Phrase “I’m somewhere else in my mind right now” is quite accurate. You are really somewhere else. You are where you think you are. Only your physical body stays in a place but your mind is not the body. The body is only physical manifestation of specific focus of your mind.

In the same way we can communicate with everything, even deceased persons. You think of them and your energy is traveling to them and calling them at the same time. The only problem is a scope of perception. It’s usually so limited that we can’t see anything else that is aside our physical senses (that dominate your consciousness).

When you experience OBE, you simply loose focus of your body so your mind is freed. In a way you are astral traveling all the time, but experiencing OBE just occasionally.

People who are not familiar with the subject of OBE think of ourselves as in categories of physical bodies so when we loose our physical focus and experience out of body experience, they think they leave the body. It would be only accurate our your mind had any limits and was really limited to physical space but it’s not.

The closest thing to this popular misconception would be density of energy (focus). When you have OBE, your consciousness bundle is focused on different place but linked energetically with the body. We loose that connection during death and our mind is free to ascent to higher states of consciousnesses. You just change your mind state and you are free create your body anew to focus into another life ;), because all creation starts on spiritual plane.

OBE is way to experience partially and in limited way unphysical reality when still having a body. However there is much more to astral planes then what we experience usually.

Astral dimensions are simply mental planes and you are in one right now – the plane of your mind (that contains your views on the reality). When you loose your body focus, this plane starts to become more and more subjective, it becomes more of a dream landscape. That is why OBE and lucid dreaming are one and the same. However you have a bit different states of minds. During lucid dream you are less focused then during full OBE so you tend to go back to usual dream, while in OBE you can quickly jump into awake state. Quick change in mind frequency results in an impression of noises or strong sound of an impact (hard to describe it, it can vary).  Of course there are many states in between so this is only generalizing distinction.

Instead identifying our mind with the body, imagine body as a radio transformer that is set on certain limited wavelengths. Our mind is wavelengths, not the radio transistor. Waves are all around. Full OBE is just like turning off the radio (or tuning it down) while adjusting our wavelengths to different frequencies. As long as we have body, we have limits as to that adjustment, although we are never disconnected from other dimensions/worlds and communication goes both ways, however to understand it, we must translate it on language that we understand. Translation always have elements of subjectivity. Even astral planes closest to physical word (mirroring it) are not objective but the result of our own projection. There is no ultimate reality other the one we create.


  1. I have worked hard to soul travel but nothing seems to work I want some direction as to what I can do to soul travel and will work towards it but basicly I’m super confused and want some direction.

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  2. Out of body experiences can be when your in a state of relaxing like meditation an you need to go some where , its caution , then calm the state you want; a dream is more of state like a place of work because you worked so hard so hard! that when you relax the mind with no interuptions then you can come an go an return safe…its like bieng on that great high!


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