Power Play – how to find the real power

Introduction – a foundation

There is a rule that binds this world together: if certain elements are bound together and create a system, the result is more then a total of the parts of the system. Additionally, to create any system, hierarchies are needed. This fundamental rule is visible on the very basic level of reality: atoms are made of protons, neutrons and electrons, however those few elements in different configurations and number create atoms of many elements, which have different properties. Those atoms can create infinite number of particles, who are also dependent on types, numbers and configuration of atoms. Particles create systems of higher levels, from which organic particles create systems of life. Many one cell organisms evolved to multicellular ones, cells specialized, creating even more efficient organism and so on. Organisms on certain level create specific societies interacting with other organisms in their environment or/and with organisms of the same species.

In different words, matter is organized in hierarchical way, creating complex levels of organizations. Reductionism assumed that knowing properties and laws of the most basic level we can infer qualities of higher organization level. However in 80s of the XX century after long discussions, philosophers and scientists of different specializations realized, that we cannot reduce matter that way. Reason was simple fact, that the whole of the elements is more then a sum and that relationships between elements are many to many on infinite level so at higher level new properties show up that weren’t present in lower levels. Complexity of the realty system is so enormous that it encompasses calculation possibilities of our brains or any computers ever built. Even imaging it is not possible, because the strongest computer and biggest drive has a limit, while reality with billions years of evolution has not. Process is ongoing and even microscopical phenomenons are too complex to analyze it in full details. Unfortunately reductionism as an idea lives on, in the same way as long dismissed false theories, informations, frauds – although facts are different, ideas can’t be killed so easily. But that is not a focus of this article so let’s move on.

Social animals create societies, groups of the same species, interacting with each other and environment in a specific way. Now the important part. Society rules of certain species are important only for that one species however there are also additional interspecies society rules. To show you example of the first rule: for animals our fences, properties or our well being is meaningless. Just as for us, territory borders of cats or other animals are meaningless (we can’t smell informations out like they can, which was never a problem for us, because it was of no consequence to our species, those are not our rules). We can have an idea of the social rules of the other species, but instinctively we are not equipped to act on it, the same goes for other animals. However we have senses and natural cautious to include in our behavior presence of other species as well. Why am I talking about it? To make you understand that society rules, how they are built, how they function, in other words everything we consider our life exists in only our heads… However this abstract thing in our mind has potential to change physical things around you.

If someone has interest in biology and want to know how one cellular organisms as bacteria can communicate with each other to launch social behavior and make huge impact despite their sizes, I recommend to watch this video on how bacteria talk with each other. Their communication allows them to be powerful on higher level. Social behavior as coordination, information flow and exchange, launching certain types of actions and more – it’s affecting the world. Power wouldn’t be power if it had no influence on the world around. This is what we really want, to have meaningful life, to make impact, to have control, to leave a mark, create a difference so our life had sense and purpose – that all gives us incredible amount of pleasure. This is an important compound of happiness. So now you know more or less how important social behavior is, let’s focus on humans.


The Power Play


What is the power play? Like I mentioned above, any system needs hierarchies including social systems. There is no equality in nature. Hierarchies are needed to bring order and efficiency in system. Without them, it all would fall apart. Hierarchical way of seeing things is built also in our mind structure.

Humans create ultra complex societies and now when world became global village due the fast information exchange, we created super society. Every individual that lives in any society plays a role within it. Relationships between humans are never equal and our state of mind and inner energy decides how we are treated. You may be superior to one person but inferior to another. Every situation in life tests your position, even if you are not aware of it. You build your position in society all the way up. Believe or not, it’s not dependent on what you have or where you live or what you are, but on your mental strength. If you have it, you will claim things for yourself and have achievements that will raise your social status. Most people is caged within walls of their mind and see their own limitations as something external, something that they cannot cross over. They complain about it instead of recognizing their own power to change it. All those boundaries are in our minds. However even knowing it, doesn’t make it easy to reach for social status because it’s not the rational mind that gives us power, but emotional motivation, thing that drive us and cause us not to stop. This emotional motivation is tested always against other person’s strength and if your energy is stronger, you gain upper hand. People play power play on various levels (family and closest surrounding is a mini-society-cell, you learn there the basics of social behavior) in various ways, even victims could be power players in disguise (so they’re not real victims but pretend to be one to push certain things through).

Why power play again? Because human society have more power then individuals alone. It’s a society and its rules create our civilization and all things that cannot be created by one person alone. It is in our nature to perceive our power by prism of our social status. The higher social status, the more you can do and more influence you posses. Influence and possibilities equals power, because most things we want is within society borders. Power play is about achieving a higher social status. Money? Fame? Influence over others? Recognition? Realization of wildest dreams? Those are possible only within society, unless your wildest dream is to live on a desert and be alone. Good luck with that! It is possible to live on your own in the wild but you are incredibly limited there in comparison to what society can offer you. There is only as much you can do with your muscles within given time. Having other people around, having system that can work for you, you can achieve more things and in different way. Remember: the whole is always more then just a total of its parts!

How it involves us, satanists? We usually belong to the group of people who have heightened sense of individualism but on the cost of social efficiency. Generally speaking, most satanists have some kind of social deficiency. Luckily, lack in one area is compensated in other. However lacks in social area influence negatively our skills to be involved in social power play. From one side satanists like to have power, even more then others, from other side, it’s harder for us to gain it. The usual reaction to such problem is to be negatively attuned to society or its forms. Another reason of our social awkwardness is unwillingness to conform to present society. Most people sell their integrity for the sake of social agreement. Satanists are disgusted by it and if we do give up our integrity we suffer strongly, because our individualism was diminished. Those qualities form our adversarial attitude toward society. However instead of bitching about society, we still can be adversarial force that matters. How?

Realize that society is not coherent, unified system. It consists from different, often opposing factions that are involved in power play on higher level. Withdrawing from society in general results in general lack of power (many invent illusion of having enormous magickal power when in fact being actually helpless in life). You can’t be power player if you don’t play or don’t play well (at some level you have to play, whether you like it or not). Learn about your social deficiencies, learn how to counteract them by learning certain social skills that you need to achieve your plans. You don’t have to be good at everything. If you lack of some key abilities, you certainly have others that can counter your lacks.

Differently speaking, instead refusing to play and whine, choose side to play and play well! It’s a risky and deadly game but you have really no choice, you are playing it already.

How to enter power play?

Like I said above, we are already in play and we can’t resign from it (beside ending life however that shouldn’t be the valid option…) but how to become power player? We all are born with different skills so you only must identify your talents, your life path. There are few major areas where power player can raise:

– politic (for great speakers and outgoing persons)

– business (for ordered but still creative, driven, assertive, confident and strong willed persons)

– sport (for masters of physicality in their area so they can earn and gain status of star)

– art (for all kind of creative personalities, here withdrawn persons are feeling well in rock music and gain lot of popularity)

– great specialists in chosen area (doctors, lawyers, dancers, teachers, etc.)

– charismatic leaders of communities or religious groups (mostly talkative, outgoing persons but not always, different personalities always have some response in others)

Looking on it from different angle, you can achieve social position by:

– placing yourself in position of power (government, administration, high decisive positions)

– being professional in chosen area so other people can admire your skills, abilities or what you do – especially if what you do gives something to people (even if it’s just an entertainment or positive focus), here you need to know how to promote yourself, having skills, knowledge isn’t enough, you have to be able to sell it (social skill)

– earning lot of money (e.g. create business system that works for you)

– having charismatic personality and your appearances, texts, speeches meet with lot of interest

– finding powerful, influential friends who are willing to help you (especially if you helped them in the past – gratitude and obligation can be powerful tool)

In all cases above, creating proper relationships with others is the key to success and all of those solutions intertwine with each other at some level. This all depends on social abilities. You can either be blind to that fact and be angry about it, or admit it and do something about it!

You probably noticed that I haven’t mention any magickal skills. And rightfully so, because no magick can replace your own personal influence on social level. In fact, the more you have social power, the better is your magick. With social power comes very strong confidence that strengthens your magickal workings. However if you are socially withdrawn, your magick can still works wonders but on social level it does nothing or very little… Magick simply strengthens your personal abilities and if you choose (even if not completely aware) to have weak social skills, magick will reflect it too. It can patch some of your issues but it will be most probably a temporary solution, nothing lasting or really helping on the long run. So once again, ability to influence others is a key value here and, here is very important part (!!!), you can’t influence people much if think lowly of them! You need to have high positive potential first so others would be drawn to you. Everything starts in your mind, others just react on what you present outside. Change your inner mental state and you will observe change in outside world too. If people bugs you, you return that feeling to them. Only way to resolve this is not to expect others to change, but to change yourself innerly. Your mind is the catalyst. At some level we are equal but we use different levels of energy so at social level we are never equal.

There are many levels of the social play and you are not obligated to be one of the best. It’s enough to achieve what you want and how much you want depends on you. If you are teacher in high school, nurse in small hospital, housewife with bunch of kids and feel fulfilled? That’s perfectly ok. However if you aren’t pleased of your place and power in society, don’t complain on it, learn how to use the system toward your advantage. Consider such things:

– what are your strong suits? develop them!

– what are your weak suits but you don’t need them in areas where you are good? forget about them, unless certain situations require them

– do you prefer to work mentally or physically? develop what you prefer, keep other in check so it don’t rust

– what are your weak suits which you need for your plans? either learn how to develop them and learn how to like that process or find a new way that will bring you what you want without things you are not good at or with less presence of them; however usually life demands to raise at least some of you weakness to the status of abilities and once you start doing it, it will give you joy and release

– are you persistent? are you consequent about what you want to do to achieve your dreams? do you have enough fire to pull things through even in face of failure? do you have guts to not to give up and stay positively focused for most of time despite challenges that life throws at you? if so, then you can dream big! if not, you must temper your ambitions, go slower and learn to find happiness in smaller things in your life

– what are your passions, what you would do even when lacking of time and for free?

– are there persons who got what you want? how did they get there? study them, learn from them, admire them (not necessary as persons but their skills)

Life hates the void so if you don’t make any clear decision, others will decide for you. This is also true with… pets… Living with you, they also struggle with you on some level over influence over your household. If you let them take over, then you have a big problem… Ironically there is lot of people who have issue with that. If they cannot out-will their pets, how good are they in life really?

Power comes from clarity of your path (it’s not just clarity of your spiritual life but also of your relationships, your job, of everything in your life), from your decisiveness and self esteem. If you don’t have any of it, learn how to get it! There are many people and many books that can help you with it. You are the one that has to force the change, don’t wait for others to help you. You are the prime mover in your life. Get responsibility for your life, for your choices (or lack of them!) and feel the power you have.

Let the spirituality be your guide here, not an excuse to withdrawn from your problems. Satan and demon may help you a lot in your personal development if you are ready to listen to them, if you are ready to take responsibility for your life.

For many people finding a great job in which they can develop themselves is a dream come true. It is far from being a real power player in society but within your life it may be enough to fulfill your dreams. But if you want more, well… you are screwed because it will get much harder but also much better. The more power you have the bigger problems become. Higher levels are not better, they are just more intense, more risky but more rewarding as well. All things are balanced. Power players have no easy life, but they influence society in a stronger way. You want to make impact? Is it your life path? Don’t stay in the corner, learn how to join the game as a power player! Be influential satanist! There are already some powerful satanists but still too little I’m afraid. Of course you can’t change everything but that’s not the goal. Every person, every life you influenced have wide repercussion on the future. You can create movements that in time will be able to shift social consciousness in certain directions. But you can’t do it from position of negativity toward the whole society. Find its elements you like and join the game! Remember, you may choose field or group of society that suits you. There is always such. Even death metal players singing about Satan can make careers nowadays. Sure they won’t beat Madonna, but they still can make some change within people who listen to their music. Death metal or similar musicians are socially visible, people are listening to them, buying their albums, paying for concert tickets – they fulfill a need of certain society group, creating stronger subculture, strengthening certain ideas that exist in bigger scale in society, influencing it at some level. So as you see, even withdrawn, quiet or socially awkward persons can somehow make impact. It’s up to you to figure it out how to find that power within your strengths and weaknesses. There is no universal recipe here, this is your journey alone!
If you dare it, the journey will be so rewarding and fun!


  1. Condemned by being a social creature aka by being born human… true in a way, and to a degree. Well written article! Thanks for sharing.


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