Spiritual enlightement

enlightenment-d352lyfEnlightenment is a state if higher consciousness, a temporary state that one may achieve – often not on purpose (it’s hard to force it out although some exercises increase chances of experiencing it). It’s complicated to put in words but it’s an incredible state, an ecstasy (sometimes a quite one).  A person can have many enlightenment moments and every one is different. Although this state passes away, it leaves lasting impression on you so you are not the same after that. Part of that higher knowledge stays with you. There are many misconceptions about enlightenment and many believes it’s hard to accomplish or that it’s a pinnacle of your spiritual achievements. Successful work with demons will open you to your higher consciousness states so you will be able to experience them once in a while. Enlightenment moments are like quantum leaps for your mind. They change you and your life although often in a very subtle ways.

Enlightenment can happen when watching sunset, a breath taking view, during meditation, during yoga, when taking a walk or doing what you enjoy, etc. Many astronauts experienced it when they saw earth from space. It comes suddenly and it’s short but impression lasts. In those moments you gain incredible insight into reality – it’s beyond simple words or this article, one must experience it alone.

Let your spiritual awakenings be many 🙂

Hail Satan, Hail Thyself!


      1. I recommend this highly. Everyone in my coven’s inner circle has opened their transpersonal and subpersonal chakras. Use “Baphomet” as your mantra for the first TP chakra, “Thaumiel” for the second, and “Or She-in Bo Mashavah” for the third. “Thaumiel” is the highest realm of the Qlippoth, and Or She-in Bo Mashavah is the Black Light of Hell and the Devil.

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