Theistic Satanist – Born Or By Choise?

Many Theistic Satanists claim that you don’t chose to be satanist, you are born one or once you become satanist, you stay that way forever.
After years of my experience in satanism, I can say that this is not just a bold statement. However it’s more complicated then that.

In this matter one can distinguish at least two major groups within theistic satanists. Those who chose to be satanists and those who are satanists.
Let me clear that issue. Satanism is for some only a choice and choice could be altered. While for other like me it’s part who I am. I can’t get rid of it, nor I would want it. Satan makes me complete. Satan is part of me. It’s more then just a belief, it’s experience of Satan in my soul, he becomes solid part of my reality.
Once you know Satan, you don’t just believe in him. Phrase “I believe” is just mental shortcut, because it falls commonly under “belief” label. Yet for me it’s just permanent part of my soul. It can’t be different when you truly experience Satan in you.

Considering above, we see that not all satanists are born, some just chose to be a one. But the ultimate goal is to experience Satan, not just to believe in him. And once you do, it’s just changes whole of you. You feel so complete like you never have. There is no turning back. And when you finally feel it, it is like it was always meant to be, like you were born into it.

Now, I don’t want you to get impression that belonging to the first category means that you are less satanist. No, it only means that it is your choice at the time of your life and maybe some day you may decide for a different path. Maybe it is just not so strong part of you or maybe you still wait for the mystical moment. The most important is that you are happy with yourself now. And if that is true, then path of theistic satanism is right for you.
However if you experience Satan, you will know with the sharpened clarity your place in the word, your calling, life mission, destination – or whatever you may name it.
It is awareness of Satan in you, which inspires you to be your higher self.