Sensing And Directing Energy


Directing energy is often thought as alternative way of practicing magick (also known as direct magic) in comparison to ritual or ceremonial magick. Some even may say that direct energy shaping is more advanced, however I wouldn’t agree with it. It’s more complex then that. Directing energy could be counted as thaumaturgy technique.

Firstly I wanted to deal with a conviction that in order to direct energy one must feel/sense it somehow. This belief comes from limited view that all what is in a mind stays in a mind. But mind is like a receiving and transmitting station. All thoughts, all emotions, pictures in your mind are projected outwards automatically. All in your perception range is also within your energy range. When you think about certain place or person, part of your energy is automatically and instantly there. It’s all a matter of focus. You can be at few places at once mentally. Since we have a body, most of time our consciousness is anchored in a body but our mind knows no such limitations and often when our attention is on plane of ideas or in other places, it is there literally. World is mental in nature and our mind can shift to receive various dimensions or wave lengths.

Everything is a form of energy. Your mind, being a dense, focused bundle of energy, can decide what type of energy it can be at the moment, thus attracting more of it from the universe, giving it shape according to your expectations. Physical world is an expression of spiritual/energetic one, although it’s more dense and results of creation follow with a delay. On plane that mind exists, everything happens instantaneously. When you imagine something, it already exists in energetic form.

Physical action and physical laws are also expressions of that universal spiritual energy, so most of manifestations are created in concordance to that laws. However there is still a plenty of room within “accidental” movement and interaction, that can be shaped by vibrations of subtle energy. Aside Newtonian laws, we can still influence physical results. If there is a physical object, it had form in energetic plane, before it came to be on physical plane. Interaction in physical dimension also influences energy forms. We all direct those subtle energies through our lives without even knowing or sensing it! Of course, for the most part it’s not deliberate creation and that is where magick techniques jumps in.

No one on can control their surroundings using only physical action. There is too many factors, too many events that one cannot foresee. However when you take into account that energy comes first and physical world adjusts to it more then energy to physical (although both processes takes place), you can direct world around you. Learning how to do magick, familiarize you with certain laws of the mind that allows you for more deliberate focus and thus, more deliberate creation of physical life. You can have more control then you know. However control doesn’t mean to plan and follow all events to the desired result. Control is based on proper focus on the result within now. Only then all factors, all events can fall into place, creating effect you want (providing you listen to your intuition and take needed action, although sometimes action isn’t necessary, but for most situation it still is, even when you may not always see the logical link between action and the result). Of course, it’s not so simple as it sounds, but the details of that process are not the topic of this article but sensing and directing energies during magickal acts is.

To simplify it, you must remember those two things:

a) you don’t need to sense energy in order to make it work

b) everything in your mind takes an energetic form instantly so every thought, visualizations, emotions work now, without additional effort

When you think or say words, those words invoke certain ideas in your mind and in that moment you already are projecting their energies. When you do something that you believe will closer you to your desire, you attract your goal toward yourself. When you imagine something, you create energetic form that could take physical form.

Ritual magick is also based on directing energy. The difference we have on mind when using term direct energy shaping/directing energy is, that instead working physically to do that, we do it solely in our mind. However skilled and experienced magick users know, that within ritual there are many situation where certain visualization or mind setting is required. Also when shaping energy directly, you can enhance the effect by putting it within some frames (preparation for ritual is also crucial and part of a ritual, the same way proper preparation for direct energy shaping can strengthen the effect in our mind, thus strengthening effect in reality) or making certain moves, repeating some words, etc.

Direct shaping energy has its perks like: easiness (no tools required but your mind), quickness (you can set your mind quicker without physical components preparation), convenience (you can do it anywhere, anytime without being spotted). However proper designed ritual can enhance proper mind setting in much greater way then by simple focusing on it, which may be difficult to achieve just right now. With time and experience it can be done. Learning ritual magick first and then slowly gaining better control on direct shaping is a good idea. Like I said above, this or that way of magick isn’t more superior, more potent from the other one by itself. The only difference comes from your mind, because this is the source of your magick. It all depends on personal preferences, do what works for you the best. I prefer to work mentally but add some simple ritual elements when situation allows. However from time to time I also practice standard rituals, although definitely majority of my work is done intuitively and directly.

Assuming that you still can’t sense energy, don’t worry, do as if it all worked out perfectly. Again, with time, you will learn to sense it automatically. There is no need to learn it first. Often people think that only when sensing energy their magick can work. No, it can work without it as well. Sensing is just another step that you will do when shaping energy first. Confirmation that you may seek from sensing it is not needed, you must believe in it first, then you will see results over time. It may take days, weeks, months and even years, depending on your motivation, discipline and convictions.

You may suddenly discover that those energetic forms you create already exist, that you don’t need to visualize them again or that some places lack of protection or your influence. You may notice that in certain situation you have physical (cold, hot, density, chills, pressure, waves, vibrations, pain, relaxation, etc.) or mind sensations (sharpened senses, energized mind, feeling of presence, flow of informations, emotions, etc.). There is no one correct set of impression. Everyone feels it in a bit different way so you must experiment to recognize what given sensation means to you. Usually it is a realization that you already felt it, but didn’t pay enough attention. With time you learn how to notice and recognize subtle energies more and more.

What about practice? It is very simple, yet it requires discipline of a mind and that, you can acquire by practicing meditation. Once you can hold your focus, induce certain mental and emotional states, produce strong and stable visualizations, you are ready to get started.


Find a quite and comfortable place. Arrange situation of no disturbance for awhile (later you will be able to do more or less the same in a noisy, distracting environment). Relax physically and mentally (quick meditation or relaxation as with meditation begin). Ease your mind, don’t think about anything specific, only focus on your regular, stomach breaths, on your relaxed body, leave all worries, matters of urgency behind. Once you are in this calm place, shift your attention to your goal. This can be done in various ways, I present two most basic ones:

1) Imagine how would it be wonderful if it was already there. Imagine it, details of it, how you FEEL it (not would feel it, create that feeling right now), what you think about it when already having it. Notice your emotions. If a negative thought or conviction shows up, you will notice sinking energy and unpleasant feeling – this is a great opportunity to learn what though or conviction created that. Don’t fight with it, acknowledge it and let it go by thanking this thought to enlighten you. Find opposite thought that you enjoy more on that topic, one that feels better. Create vision of your goal, create yourself within doing usual stuff, while you already have what you wished for. After that visualization, hold this vision and invoke it in your mind every time, you start to have doubts or wonder astray in your thoughts and emotions from your goal.

2) Another way of shaping energy is creating a symbolic energetic forms. If someone or something you love (like your car) needs protection, imagine a shining force field around it. Let your mind create strong feeling and picture about its size, density, strength. Imagine that it can protect object or person inside the way you specify. Feel the certainty and calmness because of it. You can create also other shapes or symbols, your imagination is your tool. Energy forms can live on their own (servitors – see chaos magick) adjusting to situation, can change shape, work in a different ways, it’s all up to you how you would design them.

For example, in order to protect our house from lightning, I created a lengthly energy field over the house, reaching higher levels of atmosphere, influencing it, repelling statical charges away. I visualized details of it as long till I felt it very real. I put a lot of focus and energy in it. From the moment I did all that, constant lightning strokes that haunted our or neighbor houses stopped completely and the effect lasts years. All storm centers evade our area.

There is no reason why you couldn’t mix two approaches at the same time. Just visualize what seems most satisfying to you and expect results. You may repeat the visualization if you want, however it is only your disbelief in efficiency of such methods. In time you may gain certainty that one good visualization is enough to cure for example a cancer (yep, we did it in our family so I know it from experience). I know, it seems unlikely, yet it is possible, only your mind makes it harder to get then it is. You define how much of energy is needed so if you feel you need to work more on your goal – do it. You need practice, experience and see results to learn that it does work and that you are efficient with less work then before. Practice, practice, practice. There is a lot to learn in that topic, much more then written here.


  1. Theoretically, could energy be directed into the past to change the past? I’m just wondering this from a theoretical perspective.


    1. Yes, there is such possibility. However it’s more complicated. You need to drop simplistic linear thinking about time.

      Imagine there is always only NOW. Past and future exist only as things that may influence NOW. Changing what you think, feel in the past affects NOW, even if past events may remain unchanged. From magical point of view, although certain things happened, when you restructure your past in your mind, you change your current energetics and you may loosen its ties to the past. It opens you for new possibilities and make changes as if the passed was changed.

      Remember that you are in relationship to your past so when you change it, YOU CHANGES but for others it may stay the same, unless you are changing your relationship with others. So for some past may remain unchanged although for you it did change ;).

      The same applies for the future. What you think about future now affects your NOW and affects your future.

      I hope this makes sense.


  2. Was wondering your opinion on bio-electricity. I have had strong chills when I talk to Satan ever since I dedicated my mind, body, and spirit to him. Also I have been talking a lot lately and directing focus to Belial and have the same sensations. Its quite pleasurable and I feel validates our connection(s), not that validation is required as I have a strong faith in our father, but hopefully you know what I mean. Any insight you can provide towards bio-electricity would be much appreciated as I have grown quite fond of reading your posts. Thank you in advance for whatever time and effort you put towards a response.


    1. I’m a biologist so bio-electricity is for me all process that have something to do with ion potential difference on cell membranes and quite frankly, every cell needs to create those potentials for normal function, so it’s a usual thing. Some organisms (certain species of animals) can however produce a large amount of stored energy that can be quickly changed into electric charges and used as a weapon. Maybe that’s what’s on your mind? Human body is so far incapable of doing that, however in a smaller scope it can produce increased amount of static charges. That’s at least official knowledge. However we are not statistics so individuals can show various, atypical phenomenons that are outside usual organism functions, but I doubt we could set electric changers at will to knock out others as some animals do, although that would be cool ;).


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