Reality of doing magick and summoning demons

Lot of people asks me for rituals or for help in summoning demons. Lot of young people…

Most of them are under false assumption that it is enough to do a ritual and get 100% results (easy and quick) so all one needs is to know a proper ritual: for selling soul, for money, fame, love and whatnot. This is probably result of simplification of ritualistic magick over the years in contrast to old ceremonial magick when preparation and requirements were so hard that only few men were ready to meet them. Also movies are at fault here – believe or not, many young people mistake them with reality…
Anyway, people just got spoiled. Maybe we should include more rigorous requirements? After one passes them, things will become laughably easy, but till then lot of preparation is needed.

Reality is more complex then simple ritual and effect. People who are achieving results (in summoning demons or in magick) studied and were experimenting for years! Yet many people want it within days…

Of course there is always a possibility it would work immediately, easily and strongly – there is no strict rule here. However usually it takes time, a lot of time and effort.

Doing magick or summoning demons is like every ability. Could you play a soccer like a pro without training for years? Could you be a writer without writing anything before? Could you be a boxer without any experience in the ring? Could you drive a car just because someone said to you how it should be done?

Yet people easily assume that they can do magick and summon demons just like that. IT TAKES TIME AND NEEDS WORK!!!

Rituals are very helpful and you don’t need to know how magick works to make it work. Rituals can be done by everyone. Those are the most important perks of ritual magick. However rituals are designed to invoke certain states of minds, that are the source of magickal power. If your mind isn’t prepared and you have never acquired proper skills, rituals can do only as much.

So a skeptic or a person who haven’t experienced many unusual things in life can do the exact ritual as a believer (an experienced person whose life confirmed repeatedly that such things are possible so there is no or little doubt) and despite doing everything in the same manner, he will end up with different results. And even if you have all that is needed, some rituals just won’t work… There is no 100% reliability in those matters. Also time frame and the way your results shows, makes for us hard to recognize them. For example, what if you got what you wanted after years? Will you recall ritual and call it success? For all this time you could think it failed you. Often results come in an unexpected form so we overlook them. You can for example ask for fresh, new, better relationships in life and… you loose your job. You got what you wanted in the end, although you noticed seemingly negative result at first (but positive in the end). So be careful what you wish for.

Usually things come in easiest way possible (to happen) and you may not foresee clearly all available settings in your life so the result may be surprising (you ask for money and expect lottery winning, better deal at work, etc. but you get it from crash insurance…) or not easy to recognizable at first glimpse.

The magnitude and kind of your request also matter. People often make huge wishes and think it’s so easily to get them. But the fact is, it easy to get things that are easy to get for you. The more something bugs you, the more it’s important to you, the more it is a problem for you, the more you must work to overcome it. Magick and summoning demons may help you but the rule stays – nothing comes for free and without effort, at least nothing worthy. If you want something badly, you have to give more from yourself. Can’t skip that.

Also doing a ritual isn’t freeing you from doing all to achieve your goal in usual ways. In fact, magick often works that way that it shifts small coincidences into your favor, but you must set things in motion first then try and try to catch chances that magick gave you. Sitting on your ass and doing nothing won’t give you anything. It doesn’t matter if you do a magickal ritual or ask a demon for it. You must show by your actions or decisions that you really meant it. You have to give demon or magick a chance to work. Laziness or looking for shortcuts won’t work, even in magick.

Magick and summoning demons can be both: easy and hard at the same time. It sounds easy when one describes it, it is easy for those who already are able to do it, but newbies must go through the same (often long) process of learning to get it right.

On the bright side, you don’t need to experience anything unusual (as presence of Satan, mystical States, visions, telepathic or other mental communication) to place requests or do magick. Just assume that Satan or a chosen demon listens to you anyway. Clearly state what you want, thank for it and consider it done (hardest and extremely important thing to achieve and most people fail at it). Many satanists works that way. Not everyone experience occult things on daily basis.

So once again, for practicing satanism or satanic magick, all you need to do is to have faith, love for Satan, clear consciousness of what you want and few simple rituals or methods (like prayers). Some extra things may come but you can’t force them out and they will show when time is right.

Please, make acquaintance with article about theurgy magick if your summoning attempts fail. Demons are often by our side but we have troubles to sense or recognize them. So assume they are there, express your goal and wait patiently for the result, working on it in more traditional, physical way as well.


  1. In the rare event that this comment is read I would humbly ask for some guidance. I myself am a planetary magician and associate myself with others who practice ritualistic magic. Recently I have came to the discovery that one of my friends has involved himself deeply into demonic rituals and even his ceremonial room feels dark and cold. Now I am not one to interfere in one’s life choices but this is a good friend of mine…what is the best method for protecting myself against these energies



    1. Every energy is part of the world we are living in. View that some energies or beings are about to get us comes from dualistic and simplistic view on life. That’s not the case. We don’t have to protect ourself from such energies because they are not actively seeking to harm us. However you must beware of your own emotional and thoughts focus, which can attract those energies (if you are negative) or not. Basically if you are healthy, mature individual, such energies will have no affect on you. If you will be depressed, resentful, angry, disappointing, scared and so on for most of time, such energies will fine you… because you are calling theme towards you. So the best protection is to have positive, constructive and unshaken, self confident attitude.

      As to your friend, if he is enjoying theme, then those energies may be positive to him, as everything can be beneficial or destructive depending on use and what relationship we have. There is no good or bad, it’s just our attitude and our judgments how things affect us.


  2. Where can i get more information on Demons i could work with ? Also what are some tips when meditating. sometimes when i try to meditate i get super sleepy and just fall asleep lol
    Thank You 🙂
    Hope to hear from you


    1. There are tons of sites or books about meditation. Just look around.
      As to demons, check out recommended literature area. Most commonly people get inspiration from old christian grimoires (but you don’t use magick from there as it’s christian ceremonial magick, which is obsolete and disrespectful to spirits) like lesser key of solomon or grimoirium verum. There are also modern demonolatry books to purchase.


  3. Dear Zalbarath,
    First of all, thank you for your work as it offers an interesting in-depth view of Theistic Satanism (TS).
    As I am not a Satanist myself (yet!) there are a few questions that I would like to ask you.
    If I understood correctly, TS is not just a reverse christianity but it is about personal enlightenment and believing in ancient pre-christian Gods (I know the topic is far more complex, and I don’t want to sound disrespectful at all, it’s just to summarise a bit).
    Now, here some questions:
    – Why Satan? As this is a name from the bible that means “adversary”, is it not too reductive to refer to a God in such terms rather than using His proper name? (and Who is this God?)
    – About Demonolatry, being the demons other deities (subordinated to Satan? Why? It is not a christian concept again?), why do we refer to them using details and attributes from grimoires which are christian-influenced books?
    – About symbolism, why do refer to symbols and rituals that often recall from christian traditions?
    Sorry, maybe too many questions in one shot but looking around (different sites and books) these discrepancies are not well explained.
    I am fascinated by the figure of Satan and to be honest, even if He was just a fallen angel Who decided to not follow anymore the Adamic god, He still has all my sympathy.


    1. To answer your questions:
      – Each one of us is different and there are different values we aim for. Satan being the adversary is a choice which suits our energy, we feel at home with it, it’s who we are – we like to be different, to oppose current society in many ways, to break out of the “flock” so to speak. Because of that Satanism is a religion of individualism and self-realization not based on current social trends. People are social animals and we need to gain independence and higher self-awareness to be able to rise above crowd mentality and be ourselves despite what current culture treads might be.

      – There are many ways of approaching the topic of demons. Some see it in a christian based way, some see demons in general as divine energies and it doesn’t matter if they are seen in christianity as demons or angels. However since we have a black flame of adversity burning in us, we tend to like more energies that are more likely to be depictured as demonic (malicious in common understanding) but we don’t see them in a negative way. In the same manner, as Satan is not all evil for us, those demons are just a wide spectrum that may be negative depending on context but also positive.

      – We are born and raised in christian based culture and society. Adversarial symbols to them have more power. It’s how psyche works. Also, it helps us to clarify our focus – we oppose dominating trends and since they all are based on christian values in one way or another (even atheists use christian values no matter if they know it or not).

      So even if we don’t care about christianity or its influence, we use convenient names to make a clear stand – we don’t adhere to your core upbringing and values, we create our own rules.


  4. Thank you for your article. I do have a querie you may be able to help me with.
    You wrote ” Clearly state what you want, thank for it and consider it done “. Does this mean that you should not repeat ritual and repeat request? It is good to have ‘faith’ but what if timing/emotions/state of mind etc were not where they should be at the time. Would it be considered offensive if requests were repeated.


    1. Yes, there are situations when repetitions should be helpful, but the point is to invoke the feeling of achievement. It also depend on what you are asking. For some things one deal is more suitable, for others this maid be a process so repeats may be welcomed.
      Demons are not easily offended so as long as you come with positive attitude toward them all is fine.


  5. Hey Zalbarath,
    I recently discovered demonology and already researched a bit but i don’t really know where to start.
    Also i read so many things about demonology for example you shouldn’t summon a demon or you have to believe in satan or you need years of experience while others say it’s easier than you think. And now i’m confused.
    Could you help to clear up some things. Btw don’t pay to much attention to my username it’s from an old email address 😅. Also really interesting blog.


    1. It all depends… It often may require years of gathering knowledge and experimenting but on another hand can be also very simple and can be done quickly if you have predispositions.
      You just want to know too much at once. Just browse through materials and start reading what catches your eye. If possible, start experimenting on your own. Personal experience is invaluable and hard to compensate. Also, learn meditation. Focus, visualization and mental discipline that you gain from meditation is an important part of the practice.


    1. No. The process is much more effective and valuable if you do it just because you want it, because you feel it’s a right thing to do, because you have affinity for that demon and want to make ties to it. The transactional approach may work for some, but it won’t have the same power, and it’s doubtful if you would gain as much. However, you may not be ready for more and OK to gain one specific thing. In that case, creating transactional rituals may be helpful, if you can fulfill your end of the bargain.


      1. Great information. Can I ask if you have stopped posting new articles? I just found your site and there is very good articles but not many recent ones. Do you not post anymore? Thank you.


        1. I’m too busy nowadays with work, family and life in general ;). I’m doing fine, but I have not enough time as I had in the past. My articles are valid, and I’m still standing for them, but creating a new content is challenging, because I already have to use my creativity at work, so in free time, I just enjoy relaxing, spending time with my family, traveling, and so on. That is what is life for, to enjoy it 🙂 and the point of our beliefs is to make the life good. Satan is and will stay important part of my life and important part of me.
          I can’t rule out I will add something new someday, but at this point in my life it’s unlikely.

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