About Me

I’m theistic satanist and demonolator since 6 years after deep experience with Satan (although I was never a christian and never believed in Satan before and now I sill find Christianity and all abrahamic beliefs unreliable to say the least…). But my esoteric fascination runs much deeper and can be traced back to early childhood or… earlier.

When I was few years old, I got interested in occult/esoteric or new age thanks to my parents who supported and developed similar interests, so my familiarity in esoteric knowledge lasts nearly 30 years. I developed my own, pantheistic system from all I got to know and experienced. It checks out in practice!

Among others, since many years I have been studying: channeling, divination, extrasensory perception and communication, alternative medicine, healthy and healing food, herbs, magick (especially energetic magick), OBE, life after death, spiritual laws of the universe (law of attraction) and of course satanism, demonolatry and LHP in general.

My favorite method of divination is tarot, especially using Frieda Harris-Crowley Toth deck.

I come from and live in Central Europe. I finished biology with master degree and now I got interested in economics, business administration, marketing and social media. I love cats and at home we always have one. What else? Hmmm… I love books, movies and rock, jazz music (of various kinds) – the usual ;).

In one of my previous lifes I was a shaman in Africa (it sounds maybe cool but it was lot of hard work) and that reflected strongly on my previous life in many ways, like for example raising my interest in nature, especially in herbs – healing and also poisonous ones. Because of that I also discovered magick quickly by myself, then started to study huna and other shamanic techniques, but none of books available on the marked reflected fully the practice and knowledge I had in my previous life. However I learned also few new things since then. I never liked limitations and pointing that all should be done for common good, no harm, etc. As a shaman I did positive workings but also of negative ones and a talent in that direction remained. More about it in my Grimoire (restricted access).

I felt I need to expand my site beside just being a theistic satanist and demonolator. I got a life and it’s a good life. Satanism and demonolatry are great ways to expand the knowledge, find fulfillment and joy in that process :). So I’m not bitchy, whining, angry, teenager with complexes as christians like to see satanists, especially those of esoteric kind (devil worshipers). Despite common bias, there are many mature satanists who enjoy life and have no intent to change their path.

Hail Satan! 🙂


  1. Hello,am Vika i would like to sell my soul too Lucifer for Riches,Love from high class women,good health & longlive.Pls do you know whom am going to contract for the signing of this contract with the Devil?does it really works?pls tell me the great one.Here is my email address vikagyula@gmail.com


    1. You’ve been watching too many movies and mistaken them with reality. It doesn’t work that way, sorry to disappoint you.

      However magick do works (just not like in movies) and you can benefit from making a pact with Satan but it isn’t a quick fix, you have to earn it. This is similar to any relationship, meaning: no one will give you things for free just because you want to. However if you have positive relationship with someone, he/she can feel for you and may want to help you. The same is with Satan and demons. They can help you but first you have to built relationship with them and they also need to know you are doing everything possible to help yourself and only then they will grant you your wishes. You won’t fool them here. Satan help those who can help themselves in the first place (actually all deities follow that rule, no way around it).

      Also, what you are asking is not a reality. Life isn’t perfect. Life suppose to be challenging, otherwise there would be no fun, no reason to live. That is how our mind is constructed – you may hate problems, but without them, you would be even more miserable because of boredom. So any pact with Satan or demon can help you, but they won’t eradicate problems or health issues. You are the master and the only god of your life so it is your responsibility to create it.

      This probably isn’t the answer you hoped for, but this is the best and honest one you can get. People who want to sell their souls to get stuff aren’t gonna achieve anything spectacular with that attitude. Making a pact isn’t changing it either. Satanists should be resourceful, independent and clever. If someone looks for quick fix, this is everything but clever, resourceful or independent. Remember this: quick fix doesn’t exist and if someone say it does: he/she is either naive or fraud. Everything worthy in life has a price and you must pay that praise to get it!


      1. Just wanted to note zalbarath that u said in a different article that u block people’s emails and this person put theirs so I’m not sure if u didn’t notice it but I figured I should mention it


        1. Not sure what are you referring to. I get only small exception of the article and your comment on my mailbox. Does someone posted an email in their comment and I approved it? Not sure how I could miss something like that, but nobody’s perfect ;).


  2. I noticed u mentioned OBE aka astral projection and I wanted to know if u could like put up an article on it because I’ve studied it and attempted it every now and then (mainly because from what I’ve read it requires a large amount of time and focus so its rare that I have enough time and feel as though I can keep focus without distractions) and so far I haven’t accomplished it so I’m not sure if I’m doing it wrong or if I’m just terrible at it so I’m deciding to ask u because u seem to be a pretty knowledgable person or at least on the topic that is being discussed


    1. Well, I don’t have as much experience on that topic as I would want to. There are at least two basic types of astral projections:
      1) one in which you are in meditative state and visualize something (creating one’s altar in astral requires it), but it’s not full OBE, you are still mostly awake, feel your body, you know where you are; it’s just focus of your mind is shifted from physical world into your mental one – everyone can do it
      2) deep OBE where you don’t feel body, often lacks of feeling of time – your mind is awake but body in a deep sleep; such states are spontaneous to most and only few learn how to trigger them on will; I experienced them but spontaneously and I can’t do it at will so far

      I think I posted some good books recommendations on that topic in my literature section. It’s much more fun to read those who have greater experience in that matter then I have :).


      1. Not exactly the response I was looking for but thank you for answering anyway it may be useful in my search for how to do it properly btw from what I’ve read I believe it allows ur conscience to leave ur body while ur be acts as though ur sleeping also that its easier to accomplish if u are asleep realize ur dreaming and then attempt to exit ur body


  3. Can you sell your soul and agree to work it off to gain what you seek?
    Something that is out of your reach.
    Something regardless how hard you work you would never achieve.

    Like for say altering something about your body that the current medical field can not help with.
    Or your current situation prevent it that it is completely out of your control.


    1. There are no things that are out of our reach. Only you make it so. But even knowing this often doesn’t help because those beliefs are so strongly rooted that one needs lot of work to get rid of them.

      So yes, you can achieve anything, selling your soul or… not. Selling soul is merely a fun part, because you love Satan, you want to do it even without gain, love is selfless. Read my article about Soul Selling.

      As to the things you think are impossible and the way you want to achieve them. Let me tell you short, you won’t get them with such attitude. First, because you KNOW they are impossible, second: because you create limits of how you want things done. If you let things to come in easiest way possible, impossible become possible. But if you insist on happening IN THIS ONE WAY… good luck, but life or magick doesn’t work that way. Accepting even half measures may closer you to real solution but you never get there if you never try things that are within your reach.


  4. If that was true then why am i here?
    I was force to this world against my will.
    I have memories before this world.Yet all i hear is that the victim are the one in the wrong.
    That they must suffer and pay.
    That it the one that dong horrible thing to other that are in the right that it only the bad people that suffer that it good to cause harm to other.
    It always that sick logic.

    I tried that whole positive thinking and mind over matter for years guess what it doesn’t work.
    So i guess i am the root of all evil.
    The proof of that is that i have always been treated horrible.
    Before this world ii stood up against the poor treatment of other.
    Proof that i must suffer with your damn logic.
    Then i was born into a abusive family got beaten which is more proof that it all my fault with your fucking logic.
    You kind always blame the victim so you never have to take responsibility for any of your action.

    I was born in the wrong body.
    My soul female this body male.

    I been arrested a few time asking for help.
    The office claim even thought i done nothing wrong i have no right and no right will be granted to me.
    That my kind deserve to rot in a cell.
    A few times i been place behind bars simple for asking for help.
    Yet again all my fault simply because bad things happen to me i must be punish.
    I get it if one want anything good to come there way they need to make other suffer.
    I get it very well those that make other suffer and cause harm to other are righteous and the purest most chariest soul while i can’t cause harm it proof am the most vile and must suffer.

    Am not doing to blame myself because you say so

    All i was asking for at least something i could agree to.
    To have a chance to be able to agree to something in order to be able to be me for a change.


    1. Positive thinking is not when you think “it will be good” yet feel terrified inside. Positive thinking is when your mind and heard are aligned in one purpose – the thing you want. It creates excitation, eagerness, it fuels you with energy to follow your dream because subconsciously you believe it is possible to achieve. This state of mind must be prevalent. If you haven’t felt like that, you haven’t tried positive thinking at all. Besides, every way of thinking creates patterns in mind so you keep thinking that way naturally. If you had to try iy, it means you never made enough change in your mental landscape, because once you’ve done it, checked how good it makes you feel, seen how many problems become irrelevant, how easily is to manage many things, you can’t come back from this – it becomes your new way of thinkings, you are not trying anymore, you are living it.

      Blaming anyone is pointless. Just focus on your goal, don’t care about obstacles too much, just think about the solutions. You take your like into your hands and then instead thinking that did something to you, you focus rather on things YOU CAN DO TO GET WHAT YOU WANT. If others create obstacles, you just focus on WHAT YOU CAN DO to manage them. There is always a way. Obstacles, problems – they always be there, you can’t change that. But you can learn how to deal with them so they don’t wear you down. Victim makes oneself helpless, a healthy persons KNOWS ITS POWER and is not obsessed over the big bad world, because one knows how to manage life so it would become exciting and good.


  5. I get what your saying

    Your saying if you stab someone you doing a good deed that your kind and loving when your cause harm to another.
    The one that is hurting is the bad wicked one.
    The one that get hurt is the one responsible.
    That those that are in pain should be punish as there the root of all evil.

    I get it very well.
    Because i was against the miss treating of other it make me very evil and vile.
    Because i feel pain it proof am the root of all evil.
    That am responsible for every evil deed everyone does.
    That every evil deed that every soul have ever done is all because of me.

    That i should do the right thing and blame myself.
    That i should punish other.
    That i should make other suffer.
    And that every one should do the right thing and make sure i only suffer that no help should ever be granted to me simply because i feel pain.
    That i have no worth or value that am meant to be what other want.

    I agree because i refuse to harm other that i should be punish like you claim.
    (As am sick of fighting against your faggot logic)
    However i will make an exception with you.
    I hope only misery and agony fall onto you.
    As your my enemy.


    1. If you want to discuss with others, learn to listen to them instead just floating within your own made up reality. You write “I get what your saying” yet you show that you didn’t get it at all. In fact, you got it all backwards. You just repeat your own subconscious beliefs as you want reality to be for you. Change your story, change your life. Others doesn’t matter, only you matter.

      Taking responsibility means that you acknowledge you do have a power and you can change your life. There is nothing more to that. Guilt or blame are redundant feelings (that are only used to self prove own feeling) and have nothing to do with reality.

      And get this: happy people are nice to others, unhappy people hurt others as they self feel hurt. Those who harmed you don’t have better then you. It’s just simple but universal psychology.


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