Recommened Sites

VenusSatana’s site, a wonderful place for all interested in theistic satanism, magick and occult in general. The site is designated for beginners so it’s a great place to start your occult adventure and look for basic literature. But also more advanced users will appreciate it as a source of great articles, links, various occult literature and more! This is “must read” for all theistic satanists!

Previous layout is a bit hard to navigate but clicking on “Site Map” gives the best access to other subsites.

Spiritual Satanist

A blogger site accompanying main ‘Theistic Satanism and Magick’ one.

VenusSatanas YouTube channel

Like previous site, this one is extension of the main ‘Theistic Satanism and Magick’. A lot of great vids introducing to theistic satanism, occult in general and satanic witchcraft. “Must watch” on your list.

Theistic Satanism

The biggest site for theistic satanists created by Diane Vera. It is mainly a source of hundreds of great articles and links. Another obligatory stop for everyone who is interested in the topic.

The site is deliberately graphical scanty but reach in text to sift readers. Those with small attention span for longer articles will quickly gave up cos the whole site is literally a maze of articles. Very often it is impossible to find chosen text at later term so remember to put the most interesting ones on favorites. Theistic Satanism site provides reading for many months (not kidding) if you want to follow all links.

This is also great introduction to theistic satanism scene, its advantages, issues, interests. You can also check out various, a bit forgotten Diane’s blogs: Diane Vera on Blogspot (not updated since 2011), Diane Vera on Live Journal (similarly as before, not updated since 2011), Diane Vera on Wordpres (not updated since June 2012).

The main source for everyone interested in demon worship. Sites is fairly simple and gives you basics to start your own study and journey into practice of demonolatry. The site is tied to Forum, where theistic satanists, demonolators and alike can extend their knowledge and seek support on their task of respectful work with and worship demons.

Note that presents Traditional Generational (TG) view on demonolatry, which is based on hermeticism.

This is so far the best and most comprehensive site on this field. It seemingly gives only introductory informations but that is enough. Occult students should know that directions are more then enough and no one can provide you with fully accurate and complete knowledge. The only way is to research and practice on your own.

Adrianna’s YouTube channel

Along with site, TCBoD (The Complete Book of Demonolatry) and demonolatry forum, channel provides you with complete basics of demonolatry magic, work with demons and much more. Must-see for all interested in this topic!

In Satan’s Honour

Marie RevenSoul’s site is very original and rich. It’s phrase is “To Inspire and Encourage” and it really does that. It’s focus is not a cool headed articles but emotional ones. You can find in those writings a passion and deep love toward Satan. It’s basically devotion site (prayers, poems, devotionals, hymns, etc.) and those are rare to find in satanism. Marie RavenSoul in her work brakes the stereotype of dark satanist, by being gentle, polite, joyous and very sensitive toward others. It doesn’t suit everyone but still, satanists are individualists so we are free to do whatever we like and we are not obliged to be gloomy and angry as many think we are. Marie RevenSoul is a mother figure in satanists scene, nurturing newbies, encouraging and inspiring. You can find on her site also satanic online magazine The Serpent’s Tongue and lots of other resources. It’s definitely an important site to visit, although like said earlier, it won’t suit everyone.

The site was down for longer time but now it’s up again but in very different form and is still in building – the old content is gone. We’ll see with time what comes out of it :).


It’s a quite fresh but very interesting and informative blog, recently intensely updated. Author discusses wide variety of topics about satanic scene and satanism itself, presenting strong but thoughtful opinions. Good reading.

Aleister Nacht’s Satanic Magic Blog and Satanism and Satanic Rituals – Magus Aleister Nach

Impressive, intelligent sites of a fellow satanist, highly recommendable. Aleister Nacht is also an author of several books about satanism.

What I find remarkable is that his writing is not so fluffy like most of USA based satanic sites but has edge, boldness and certain vibe that is highly distinctive. Aleister’s Nacht texts are thought provoking, strict and well written. In my opinion he’s nowadays one of the top writers on satanic scene. Independent, intelligent, experienced and wholeheartedly devoted to satanism.