Seeking for mentor

I get tons of emails with various requests. Majority of them are people who are complete beginners and ask for a mentorship.  There was a time where I was very often online and easy to get in contact with, but from some time “I don’t offer personal guidance” anymore – as stated on my contact page. However I still get lots of those requests…

I found an amazing article that can help you understand the problem of finding. But first I wanted to explain something.

On a daily basis I’m a business owner and that demands lot of time and energy so I rarely update my site lately. In the past I was very focused on spiritual learning but finally the time had come to put it all in practice. Since then I’m very focused on my real life goals and my online presence is a small fraction of what it used to be. My site should help others to get to the similar point – where you are independent, strong, driven, focused and conscious creator of your life. In order to do that, one need to stop just learning but to take ACTION AND LEARN IN DOING.

I want to be successful, happy and powerful as any other satanists I met, so I work hard to get that. I’m very happy and satisfied of my life and I already achieved a lot, but there are still tons of things I want to get. Between my work that I love, trainings (jogging, gym), helping out a bit at home, free time (spending time with friends, family, going hiking, watching shows I love, reading good articles, books and… working – yes in my free time I am driven to do things I couldn’t find time during usual work hours, but I keep it balanced with other areas of my life to avoid workaholic trap), I have now little time to spend online, reading and answering emails, writing new articles. Being a mentor for someone means to sacrifice my energy, time and experience. With all that requests I get, I had to have 100x more time to be able to answer.

There are people who focus solely on learning others and everything else doesn’t matter but I’m not one of them. I love helping out and teaching others but I love more to achieve goals and mold my life. I want to earn more money, I want knowledge and experience in business that will allow me to do lot of amazing things. I want to enjoy life to the fullest!

Now back to the article I red. It is a business article but just as in spiritual development, people in business seek connections, mentors that will bring them to the next level quicker then they would do on their own. It’s a great thing but you must remember, those worthy of your attention, those who already archived a lot are doers and their time is extremely valuable.

Or I could quote the article I’ve been mentioning:

“Because if your potential mentor as good as you’re hoping, their time is going to be in high demand. Every minute of theirs is incredibly valuable.

Simply put, they have more to lose than you do. So why should they assume all the risk and commit their time to helping you, when they’ve seen no benefit?

To get help, you need be helpful.

Make it a habit to reach out to successful people and offer them your help, with no expectation of anything in return.

The whole article is available to read HERE.

Business and spiritual guidance are a bit different things so not all observations from the article are easy adapted. Satanists are mostly online community and we live in different places across the globe so brining value to someone is not as easy.

While answering questions of people who already set foot on the path is easy and satisfying, there are lot of people who didn’t get the very basics and yet ask for mentorship. But how could I even consider spending my time on someone who was too lazy to learn those basics? Some are just confused as to where to start and where to look for those basics but nevertheless basics are easy accessible. Just follow your interest and learn what you find most exciting at the moment. There is no universal walkathrough – every spiritual path is different. However lazy asses are as common as mushrooms after the rain – they usually write one liners (why to spend too much energy writing and trying to connect or get to know each other?) and bluntly say : I want, I need, give me. No effort but grandiose wishes. It’s not going to work. I won’t spent my time on answering on that.

So how could one expect a mentorship from me? To be honest, I don’t know. My time is valuable and becomes more worth with time and other person must bring equal value or something that I really want. It’s not easy to do online and that is why I say “I don’t offer personal guidance”.

In business people rarely keep up counseling others for longer periods – businessmen expect others to be independent and smart to learn quickly, so just few talks could bring enormous help to other business and help to set the right direction. The same should be in spiritual guidance. Long term mentorship online is hardly possible. Unfortunately spiritual problems are the same as personal problems and people have troubles to get pass them so quickly hence longer support is needed.

I do answer posts of people who already are past basics, of people who already prove that they achieved something and they need a little help on specific matter, so they don’t take lot of my time and I can be sure my time won’t be wasted on them.

Unfortunately because I don’t have much time for my online activity, It has come to this that people are waiting months for my replays and now I decided to not answer people who I feel are not worth of my time – it’s a subjective judgment call but I have to filter those emails somehow. I can’t afford to answer them all. I would like to be fair and answer all emails but my life and time is more important to me so I have to ignore some mails. That egoistic stand is something that I advise to you too. It’s not just emails that are not worth of my time but also those where I can’t help too much or require too of my time to answer. Besides postponing my answer too long makes my advise already outdated.

This is valid also to my facebook profile, where I also get many messages. I just can’t cope with them all and I can’t answer them all. Usually if I can replay quickly, I do it, if I need to take my time, I leave it for later.

Now, that I read ALL EMAILS but I just can’t answer them all (in time). Even devil is busy 😉 so you need to able help yourself first to get his attention.



    1. Exactly. You get what you paid for… Mentoring for real is timely consuming so it shouldn’t be a free service. There should be also a challenge before one would be admitted as suitable, just like for college.

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    1. I can’t help you with that. I’m not seeking mentor myself obviously so I’m not oriented who would be suitable. Sorry.
      By the way, you don’t need anyone, you can do it all by yourself if you’re tenacious, resourceful and independent.


    2. Others might be willing to help steer you in the right direction, but your question was obtuse and very vague. What type of person are you wanting to connect with? A practicing witch? A Satanic Priest/priestess? You have to know what kind of satanist you want to be. What type of witch you want to be? All these things are the basics you need to know. And when you ask someone beginners advice, state all those facts in the beginning so when and they have time to respond they can do it in a quick paragraphed reply. I wish you well on your journey. If you still need direction contact me and I will steer you in the right direction but have all these questions answered when/if you write. #BlessedBe \m/


  1. is Joy of Satan a good base?
    from there i made the firt ritual and the next step is to get into trance, i just couldn’t make it, i also tryed trance music and stuff like that… can someone please help?


    1. I wouldn’t say “good” but you can use it. Please, understand that it’s a skill and many of use needed YEARS (up to 20) to gain results. Those who have talent will learn it faster but for most it will be a long road.


  2. I need help with specifically mind control through demonic possession. I work with azazel and I have communicated with him my first try. I want to know if I should continue speaking with him, he is extremely smart and expects me to pick up on coincidences in meditation……is the only way to actually hear him speak through the devils permission? I can actually see images on occasion and I don’t know what to make of it insight would definitely be appreciated. Power to the father.


  3. I was very underwhelmed when i checked out the “official” satanic sites. The Satanic Church is nothing of the such, not a religion but a philosophy. I know your time is precious so i shant bother you with requests for mentorship, but i would be most grateful if you could suggest proper reading material for serious worship of the satanic.


    1. Well, there is so much material on the Internet that I couldn’t cover it all. There are wonderful sites (Recommended Sites section) that lead to another sites and so on. Satanic studies are often also combined with study of magick and there is lot of classical texts on the net to find (see recommended literature). Diane’s Vera site alone is a reading for months. Just focus on one site as mine and then check out other mentioned and so on. There is much more out there, more then one person can digest and frankly I’m overwhelmed with the flow of material every day so I filter and check only few of them, because I don’t have enough time. There are not just sites, but forums, groups (on facebook or other social medias), etc. Of course quality of the info and discussion of such places is a different topic, but there are valuable places to find.


      1. I feel I have to comment on this entire topic, but first I want to emphasize that I’m not trying to rebuttal in any way – I fully respect and understand the views described – the goal is only to share my own, personal two cents, and I do not expect wall to wall agreement, I only hope to be able to give some insight since, as mentioned, every person’s path is individual.

        I suffer from this curse called “perfectionism” (which is a nice word for “severe ocd”, but that’s another topic). Sure, it’s great at the end when you not only reach your goal but everything is made meticulously and on point, that you can’t help being proud of yourself with the outcome (and then become a mentor. at least that’s how it goes for me). The major downside is that, well, everything has to be made meticulously and on point. This is incredibly time consuming even if you have every bit of information in one very well organized place for your reference; but as we all know, with Satanism this is very, very far from being the case.
        I often compare it to learning a language, which has a very clear structure – first, learn the letters. When I started learning Thai that was a real difficulty. Even after going over it dozens of times, it didn’t take more than a couple minutes to forget what this squiggle means and you’re lost. In my first steps in Satanism, I was beyond overwhelmed. Indeed there are vast amounts of info – but, and that’s something that as a mentor at my work and my free time interests I kept reminding myself, the fact that it looks obvious to me, being at the level I am, won’t be to the one I am mentoring. I cannot possibly stress enough how much I am thankful to Zal for this site and to all others for their huge efforts and assistance and support that we all benefit from – and at the same time I have to point out that without a very clear “letters of the language”, it’s more often than not virtually impossible to complete one sentence and fully understand it. I mean, sure I understand what I just read, but the meaning of it? Thai.

        When I approach something I am very passionate about, I am extremely determined. It’s simply a matter of “I will master this or die trying”. And yet, I was getting so frustrated, at some point I asked myself “why am I doing this?”. But the answer was clear and I kept going.
        The vast amount of information – and we already mentioned how fluctuant is the quality – makes it very hard to be able to feel secure of the knowledge you’re working so hard to acquire. It’s often lacking, you have zero idea what to focus on and edit in your brain what you’re gonna keep and what will go out the window, and when you’re trying to do it perfectly you also questioning yourself over and over if what you just read correct at all, so you read more and more and more – and then discover there’s also contradicting info – and now go figure. good luck. Just to make it all even more fun: I’ve been an atheist all my life. I admit, in retrospect it’s the best starting point, however challenging the switch to atheism is; on the other hand, you have absolutely nothing to fall back on. What do I know about religions? So it’s not only that I need a “Satanism 101” + a full index of contents + dictionary, I also need an intro and prologue to it all.

        Had there been an encyclopedia, I’d be the first to buy it. Sadly there is nowhere any type of global consensus about those very basics. You don’t know whose info you can trust – and while I fully agree in paid mentoring, go prove to me you are capable of being a mentor, which will justify me paying you for it. The mentor has no diploma, I have no foolproof way to confirm what he’s selling me, and there we are at square one again. That’s before we are even bringing up non-theistic Satanism and everything in between from streams to personal interpretation.
        It took me a long long time to get the courage to perform a ritual. I was sure that any second I’m gonna do something wrong, a window into another dimension will open and suck me in like a Hoover. It’s not a pottery workshop after all, we are dealing with very powerful spirits and entities and realms that are way bigger than even our comprehension. While I do acknowledge the sense behind the “do as you go along” M.O, for me personally it’s like joining the fire department without any training, and start reading the books in the middle of a burning building.
        Sorry, did I say “books”? what books. open google and see if you manage to understand how to put out fire in a scale that requires you to know physics.

        It’s a lot. and it’s hard. I know we all have been at that point at some point, and what do you know: it IS possible. I am not complaining or whining or want to be felt sorry for – or however you wanna call it – it is indeed possible, and eventually we’ll get there (though I truly hope it won’t be double digit number of years until I at least master the basics). I just wish everyone will not forget that they also had a beginning, and while all beginnings are rough for some it will be rougher for whatever reason (society, language barrier, time constraints etc.). And just the same please also know and remember that newbies – while not entitled to rely on someone specific to pull them by a leash – are very grateful for every word and every piece of info you throw their way, and do appreciate and even admire you for being there.

        p.s, in the spirit of “offer from yourself first” (which is anyway a sentence that should be printed on t-shirts), please feel free to shoot my way any Hebrew queries (demons names, pronunciation, meanings, how to order breakfast etc) you might have and I don’t expect anything in return (questions? got millions of them. but I will crack them).

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  4. I have been searching everywhere for some sort of creation story or anything close
    I would like two know your person belief
    Of how things played out (if you have one at least)


    1. I don’t have a story per se. I don’t believe in religious myths.
      About creation I could say that there was a thought “I am” and then “I’m not”, this created first split, a dichotomy of an energy, from that point system, was divided more and more till it got incredibly complex and created things that didn’t exist on the lower level of organization. Everything is part of everything and at the same time, everything is different from everything else. So at the same time is and isn’t.
      So my belief is kinda like marrying some basic religious philosophy with elementary physics where everything is created by those small parts who create more complex systems.
      We cannot go back and comprehend the more basic state of consciousness, just as you can’t imagine being a leaf, a stone, a particle. Complex consciousness can only imagine more complex states (of divine beings like demons) but cannot limit itself and imagine more simple states. Consciousness=energy and since everything is made of energy, everything around is various kinds of consciousnesses.


  5. If you are truely ” part of it ” that is, it , its instilled in your nature naturally, then those with intelligence, seeking “higher knowledgeable “, would be obliged and willing , , sides , money isnt real


  6. Lol pay for it , i thought someone would just know … no one is forcing or so desperate as to beg or pat if they already are endowed with it .. right ????••

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  7. Satanism is a very individual path. A mentor can help you so far but one must set up a relationship with HIM. Satan will then guide you. It is your individual path and they are unique for each person. The problem for most is to get away from the herd. We have been indoctrinated by society that someone else, a Priest will guide and tell you the whole process. Satanism is not like that. It is freedom. It is YOUR choice. To think for YOURSELF


  8. The Cult of the RAM is a Satanic Group that has chats, discussion groups, rituals and mentors and advises people on the Satanic path


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