Satanic Astral Temple

Satanic astral temple is one of the very characteristic features of satanic magick (because satanists tend to be careful and private and not always live in satanists friendly environment, many choses to practice forms of magic in a non conspicuous way), although the overall concept of astral space is not new but adapted from modern shamanic techniques, also Silva method teaches something similar during courses. This method allow for full spectrum of magickal and spiritual work and is often underestimated, because people don’t know what they could accomplish with it. And guess what, astral temple could be also used as a way of summoning demons and much more! It is a very powerful tool if used skillfully!

Now a bit of simplified theory so bear with me, I tried to be as short as possible and after that we focus on practice.

One of the important things to realize is that what is happening in your mind is not just happening inside your physical head. Contrary to modern, scientific belief of Newtonian physics (it looks differently for quantum physics) that only physical world is real and physical bodies are separated one from another, mind operates in a different layer of reality (our world is built from many  layers like: physical, mind, emotions, in fact those layers have another layers and so on) and is linked with the whole universe. You can imagine it as a mind field that exists all around us. Our brain is gathering informations from physical senses and focusing our mind into a single body and works like an antenna for other energetic waves. Every mental constructs under right conditions influences not only your psyche but your body and even the world around you.

Non physical dimensions are popularly called astral dimensions. Many people thinks that the access to astral is only through mediumistic abilities or out of body experiences, but we are there all the time. When we imagine something, we are forming astral energy into thought forms. When we dream, we create our scenery in astral dimension. So basically various mind states are like attuning our mind transistors into different astral frequencies. Everything we create in life initially has its form in astral and manifests physically later. But how can it be true when so many things from your mind is obviously not there? Well, you need to have a certain mind set, it is true for all magickal workings. Without your mind won’t produced wished result but.. often something opposite. What are those mental conditions then? It’s a topic for another article or actually a topic for many books so I’ll be brief here:

– you must believe that what you do will yield in wished result (in best situation you KNOW it will work)

– you must expect results

– you must be positively focused on your goal (so it’s not enough to think about money but you must feel excited to get more money – be certain of it)

– no doubts (be focused and consequent) or state of suspended disbelief

– be honest with yourself (true to yourself)=know thyself (so you can recognize when you are really sure of something and not laying to yourself)

– use symbols and magickal action that speak to you

– persistent and patient

– you are emotionally strongly motivated toward your goal

– you are having fun

– you are clear with your intentions, but you don’t give requirements how and when manifestation should come

– although you expect results, don’t relay your emotions on it – in different words, don’t condition your magick on result (hence forgetting, letting go is often part of certain magickal methods)

– you are creative

– be ready to act when the right time come (just trust in your gut, you will feel that you can’t sit but have to act – inspired action closers you to your goal, no mater if it has logical, direct connection with it)

Did I mention it all? Probably not and besides, it’s all linked with each other.  Basically you can’t treat your mental constructs as pure fantasy, treat it as something real, as something you aim for. Many people find out after the years that they got everything they dreamed off and more. They regret then their dreams were so modest. Dreams can come true if you believe in them and act upon them and make it happen. When you practice various magickal techniques you will see tangible (sometimes immediate or quick)  results of your mental work. Shamans don’t do visions since centuries just because it’s a nice fantasy. And so this isn’t. Astral temple can be a playground of your mind, source of your powerful magick and spiritual development.

Enough with the theory, let’s focus on your satanic temple and how is it made.

Process of creation of your astral temple is very simple and it can be counted to direct magick techniques. You can visualize it during meditation or even when doing some light physical work that allows your mind to wonder. It takes time so you probably won’t do it at one time but will be creating it gradually. It can be your own personal temple but also an astral place for your group or coven to experiment with. When creating astral space together you may find that you feel linked with some persons. For example, I was creating once an astral home with my friends and to my surprise what I envisioned, it was seen in the same way by one of friends and vice versa, like we were both really there and.. WE WERE! In most situation you will be creating a personal space by your own so maybe you will want to control who or what can enter your domain. You have there unrestricted power but not unrestricted wisdom and knowledge, that is gained through life and what you experience, no other way around it. Artistically inclined persons may create sketches or pictures of their place to empower their visualization or just for fun.

A satanic astral temple is a place where you can follow magick rituals in any form you want, even when physical conditions are not ritual friendly. Imagine that you have a huge building of your own design with lot of rooms, covered with satanic design, satanic symbols. For me the building has an irregular structure and is made from a black stone and marble with a towers, gargoyles, irregular curves, edgy, sharp, threatening shapes. There is a main hall with with a huge Baphomet figure on the altar and  glowing pentagram on the floor, black and red candles around and pillars. It’s a place where I summon demons, do celebration rituals for Satan and shape energy as I want. Pentagram is some sort of universal portal to demonic dimensions. If I need a tool I can materialize it in my hands or before me. In a different room I can make potions and more witchy stuff so it’s a place full of odd things that I use as ingredients. In another area I can do healing techniques both on me or on astral body of others. The temple itself is placed in one of demonic dimensions so it’s ever dark outside, full of lava, dumps and gases getting out of the ground,  rocks, cliffs, fire but also dangerous plants. Imps are populating this region and are used as my servants to keep the place clean and also for caring out magickal tasks. There is also a basement that can lead deeper and deeper into my subconsciousness. OK, let’s stop here. There is much more in that picture but I wanted to show you a sample but you can build something quite different. There is no limits to what you can do. Here are some other ideas you may want to use: you can have a magickal mirror to places you want to gather information from, a place where you travel in time, meet with dead spirits of people, room for construction of servitors or magickal devices, places where you hid your knowledge, past, emotions, ideas, hopes or fears (preferably in basement or deep down). You are the master of this domain so you can rebuild it with time as you see fit, you may keep it fluent, not so strictly defined. Your temple is mirroring your mind so what you do there (even symbolically – symbols are representations of real energy constructs so working with symbols means also working on real energies!) is also affecting you on a very deep level.

You can place your temple in whatever dimension you will. You can also move your temple between dimensions from demonic places to more earthy ones if you need to. Don’t restrain yourself, have fun! You can populate it with spectres, genies, vampires, hell hounds or whatever you want. Your demonic servants like for example imps are under your command but sometimes you may need to feed them, make some sacrifices in order they follow a choir. Give them a task, explain it fully and release them into physical plane. Basically such demonic servants are equivalent of servitors in chaos magick, although you don’t create them in the same way. Lower demonic entities just are there if you want and you can use them (probably you are accessing into certain preexisting energies). The demons you summon in invocation/altar chamber on the other hand represent your teachers, guides, friends, mentors. You call them for support when you want to know something new, when you can’t do it on your own, because their power exceeds yours tremendously. You don’t command them, you ask them, converse like with equal but… wiser and more capable entities.

An astral temple can be used as an alternative method of summoning demons. If you are not doing well with standard rituals and you have no results, research demon, imagine him/her in your astral temple. Basically make a demon to be there. ‘But I don’t want to have fake demons!’ you say. Understand that you are accessing spiritual energies mostly through your right brain that can process much more informations disregarding limits of logic and physical senses but presenting them in a symbolic way. Imagination, fantasy is the way how we access those informations. It is how you activate your right brain. When you invent something you open yourself for spiritual information. Forget about thinking in a way that everything has to be logical, structured, real and proved. In order to contact successfully with demons you must have developed certain mind constructs that allow you to be creative and receive their messages. The quality of constructs influence quality of communication. Demons are much more then we think. We can’t just tap into them fully so we need to have certain familiar framework that our brain can interpret. Most people create such constructs unawarely through cultural conditioning but not all have them in that area so one might need to create them by… inventing them. Those constructs are used by demons to communicate with you. If your mind creation is not doing a great job, create a better one. It’s not demon’s fault that you can’t read their energies so well, your construct might be faulty. The process is improving with your experience. You can use your invocation room, visualize demon and his character features and just make a demon appear and… let it roll. You may see that those ‘invented’ entities are not following your script and they can be very independent, wise and… efficient. With time and practice you will see that they are much more then just a figment of imagination. You are really communicating with demons that can interact with a physical world and create results so you far beyond just making it up. But don’t rely 100% on informations obtained through spiritual means, some of them might be wrong so check them always out if you can. If you have no results or keep getting made up stuff don’t worry, efficiency can be improved with time, patience, trust in yourself and exercises. Just play with it. That is the best approach for it. If you relay on results, you are creating strong barriers but if you let it go and just have fun no matter what happens or not, slowly but surely you will start to notice results. Magick is not exact science so you can’t expect it to be certain and reliable every time, although innerly you must be always ready for results. And because you think it didn’t work it doesn’t mean it hasn’t but result may yet come or already came in different form. This takes time and can’t be rushed. Build up patiently your confidence, skills and experience and wonders will happen along the way!

If you spend lot of time creating your satanic astral temple you may find it very tangible and changes resistant. You will have to put a lot of energy to rebuild something in it and sometimes new parts just show up there when needed spontaneously. Through your temple you also have access to various layers of your mind in a symbolic way. You can play with those symbol to obtain certain effect that is very real and not so symbolic anymore.

Remember that your right brain and subconsciousness responds to symbols so vision, you might have picked in your astral satanic place, is rarely literal, however you can work with it by changing it and thus changing energetic matrix that creates reality. For example if you want to heal someone, you don’t need to know what is wrong, just travel in time, obtain symbolical vision, fix it also symbolically and see healing proceeding as a tangible result.

On a daily basis you don’t need to meditate to access your temple. You can do anything and be anywhere and just visualize a device, a sigil, symbol, portal, demon, imp, whatever you created in your astral temple during doing something and that’s it. However to create more demanding effects you need time and focus and that can be found in meditation state. So your work there will be both in altered state of mind or with a daily awareness (just relaxed and more focused). The better you are in controlling your mental focus (read and practice meditation!) the better results you may have with your astral kingdom.

The more you will become familiarized with different magickal techniques, the more you will see how you can use your astral temple, below few examples:

– astral temple and surroundings as a base of a shamanic journey/vision,

– summoning and communication with demons,

– creating ready spells (or use earlier debriefed imps) that you easily activate (by placing energetic symbol, sigil, saying certain power words, turning on earlier constructed devices and so on) unleashing them at any time without others suspecting it or seeing you do anything,

– obtaining remote, future or spiritual information,

– healing,

– reprogramming yourself,

– getting to know thyself better,

– getting rid of fears or other things that cause us (or others! because you can influence from your satanic temple on others as well!) trouble in life,

– programing/imbuing with magickal effects of physical crystals, amulets, spiritual devices/machines (what you do over there is easily transcribed or projected into physical layer),

– creating mental constructs that work and are manifesting themselves in a physical world,

– journeying into the past, future and even other alternative or parallel dimensions of your life to influence energy matrix of an object/person/situation/pattern,

– and much more…

Satanic astral temple could be made a place of you power where you forge your mind and magick into life that you want. If you are not visual person however, you don’t need to use it, there are many other techniques that can lead to the same result. However astral space, your pocked dimension, your mental plane, your place in hell or whatever you prefer to name it, is a very powerful and versatile tool that satanist can use aside other techniques. But remember that you need certain amount of mental discipline first for better results so don’t forget to train various forms of meditation. The idea of an astral temple and its creation may sound simple at the first glance but in reality unleashing its full potential requires experience that is acquired through years of learning and practice.


    1. It is possible but not desirable. People who achieved that state are seen by society as crazy and some are in lockdown. You can’t function on physical plane being one step on another. Focus is your strength so being physically focused can be very helpful. In fact, you will see many successful people who doesn’t give a shit about spirituality but they do get what they want not because they know how it all works, but because they are 100% positively focused on their goals and they believe they could do it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes people do go crazy.Your very correct.Could there be another astral plane,one that is fill with darkness and death ,and shadows?Do you think it is possible for a person to be connected with these planes,but not by their choice.?By a Demon ,being one with him,always connected? I know I sound nuts,thank you for your comments.Satanic Blessing..


        1. In astral exists everything you can think of so that’s possible, but on other side it won’t be exactly what you think, because this can be only a creation that you are attached to, but you are free to change it at any time, by changing yourself (which isn’t that easy ;p).


  1. thanks for posting this it really helped me under stand on how to image my astral temple. This morning i started too image my temple more clear too my self. Once again thanks for posting this.


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