Theistic Satanism And Laws

There is no right or wrong unless it is striking against the core of satanism (individual freedom). But if we speak about behavior solely, then you are entitled to do whatever you want to. No restrictions.

Since everyone is responsible for own reality, own life, every right in someone’s favor (society, majority, any group) violates rights of others. Because majority likes something, it doesn’t make it more right.

Society is like an organism that protects its status quo (similar to homeostasis) by having governments, institutions, believes or generally – culture. What doesn’t fit the pattern, is labeled as wrong, unacceptable, sometimes a crime. But even among society there are many major trends that fight for the upper hand, yet they’re still part of the majority. The more we distance from it, the more different we are, the more our actions, beliefs are judged to be wrong from society point of view.

Satanism goes beyond this, beyond laws and stress simplified approach in favor of individual (not society) – be yourself, your personal freedom and will is most important thing in the world. Society should not bind your freedom. This freedom is valued to such degree that we cannot forbid anything, even rapes, murders or similar, because every individual has right to follow own will, without exception and there is no authority that describes limitation to owns will.  Maybe this lack of authority is one of most striking core properties of satanism. Almost every other religion is bound to society in some or other way and put limitations, authorities that direct us. In theistic satanism, we are our own compasses.