How To Become A Theistic Satanist

There is a lot of information about satanism but many people want to know the basics, how to become one? So here it is.

First let’s handle definitions… Diane Vera suggests that everyone with favorite view of Satan is a satanist.  Oh, that easy? Not quite. Diane presents most general definition that suppose to embrace all kinds of satanisms. And as you know, Laveyans are mostly atheists and don’t believe in Satan. For them it is enough to read Satanic Bible by Anton Lavey, agree with it and voila – you are satanist. Very different situation looks like for theistic/spiritual/traditional/esoteric satanists – here we have various beliefs, see article “Satanism – what is it?”. How to become a theistic satanist then?

It should be clear that you have to believe in some way in Satan first and you have to have a favorite view of Satan – without it there cannot be theistic satanism. For some this two conditions may be enough, however you don’t become theistic satanist just to sit on your ass and be happy of being a theistic satanist. No, everyone has some goals and reasons (those are as various as satanists themselves) why they want to become a theistic satanist. And rightfully so, theistic satanism can help you with your desires. However Satan is not a magical genie with three wishes, so you won’t become successful, rich and devilishly lucky just because you became satanist. That can happen but not because you became satanist.  Sadly, quite big number of people have such naive views. Those won’t stay long enough to know more, because either we don’t treat them seriously, or if we do, they leave in hurry with disappointment when they don’t get quick fix for their problems (too much talk for them, they are impatience and expect some big secrets and when we start to tell them: learn this, read that, do this – they explode with anger and leave). Yeap, there is a lot to learn and nothing comes without work. But if you want something, REALLY WANT SOMETHING, you will find motivation to achieve it. However, if you don’t have that drive, it means, either you don’t want it enough, or you subconsciously don’t believe you can achieve it. So or so, the reason is always within you.

Quick fix is always a fraud. There is no quick fix in magick, nor in satanism (of any kind). Sure, quick resolution of problems is possible, but those who have a problem, have problem to get rid of it – meaning, this is a problem FOR THEM, while other person could resolve that matter quickly and easily, so it won’t deserve the title of a problem in the first place. In result, problems have no universal fix, they depend on person. So if you have any bigger issue, you have to use more of your inner strength to fix it. Becoming a theistic satanist won’t resolve any problem by itself. Theistic Satanism could give you tools to do it, but you still need to work it out. Those tools aren’t also automatic, you need to gain them, learn them, so they require work, time… All things worth to gain require effort so they don’t come just that easy. But what about soul selling? That sounds like a simple way to come around problems.

Soul selling is a christian folklore myth or… Hollywood movie. Soul selling is an idea of a quick fix and as I pointed above, this is always not existent (for a given person, but not within a possibility of others who don’t have problem with it…). Another variant, so to speak,  of soul selling is a pact with Satan – that is possible, this is done and this is exactly how you can become a theistic satanist! A pact is an official agreement between two sides, in this case between you and Satan. How to do it then? Like usual, the answer is not so straight forward. There is no one recipe for that. As people differ from each other, as pacts can be made in various ways.

Usually a pact is a form of a ritual. Those who have lots of religious programming should add some elements of blasphemy that differs depending on what religious background they come from. Some examples of pacts are to find here. However you must know, that you need to create your own ritual, one that is most meaningful to you, so that you can feel the transition and entrance on a new life path. Only you know what is so significant to you. To learn more about pact rituals see article and video of Venus Satanas and Diane Vera’s site.

In my case, the journey of satanism began as a spontaneous, deep, spiritual experience – although I wasn’t Christian (it was all bullshit for me and still is) and Satan was not existent in my mind, he came and changed me. There is no words to described it. Besides, it’s so profound and  so intimate experience that there is no place for details on public site. If you watched movie “The Ninth Gate” you may remember a baroness character. She said she met Satan and fell in love with Him. Although that was a fiction, such things happen not so rarely (I spoke with many Satanists who experienced it either) and it is exactly what happened to me – I met Satan and fell in love with Him! Understand, that for me it was extremely beautiful and yet unusual experience. I was divided at first – my heart was singing with joy, but my mind was skeptical and was asking how was it possible? It took me awhile till I understood that it doesn’t matter how it is possible (I can learn it later and I did), this is what I want. So I decided to let Satan fully in my heart and soul – it changed me immediately and since then I gained a strong bond with Satan. In that way I became a theistic satanist. That was an inner decision. All pacts, no matter how made, are made because of a decision.

However, it’s not an ordinary decision, like what you would eat for breakfast. It must be profound, life changing decision. I achieved it due to my experience with Satan, but for those who hasn’t (a majority – so don’t worry), they must create circumstances (a ritual) that are meaningful enough for them to feel that from now on, they are in league with Satan with body, heart and soul.

Satanic pact is very important. Like every religion has an initiation ritual, for satanism it is a pact with Satan. There’s no way around it! However, you don’t need to do that pact immediately, nor shouldn’t you! Take your first steps by believing in Satan, liking, loving him and work out your means to contact with him or how to make a pact. You need to be very sure. Sometimes this first period can take few weeks, sometimes years! So no hurry, it’s a very serious decision. Take it to your heart!

Now that you know the weight of the matter, how deadly serious it is, a bit softening ;). Satanists value personal freedom very highly so life lasting pact without way out would be too limiting, unacceptable. Sure, we would prefer to have live long committed, mature satanists but let’s face it – not all interested in theistic satanism are cut for it. Some feel from the beginning so right inside as if they were born to satanism. If that’s the case, you will stick with your decision and you will have motivation and strength to follow that unpopular path. However not all have immediately inner certainty. For some satanism will be merely a temporary part of the journey, some need time to grow to be able to utilize tools that satanism gives you and some just think they want it, but they do it from false premises. Again, if you look for quick fix, quick money, fame, quick revenge, quick success, you won’t persist, because the tools within theistic satanism (as in every religion) need full commitment, patience, consistency and positive attraction. All stable, mature satanists I know (including myself) love Satan and enjoy being satanist. We’re not here for the money or social success, etc. Sure, those things are desirable and some aim at them but that’s not the main reason why we became satanists. But let’s back to the matter. Again, some need time to grow or just try satanism out (not a sufficient reason in my opinion but you can surely try, nobody can forbid you).  So for the sake of being on the safe side, don’t pledge live long commitment so quickly, make a pre-initiation pact that lasts few years and then you will see if you are satisfied or not. If so, you can do a new pact or reconfirm old one, as you have changed over time and enter the contract as more mature person with higher sensibility and sense of what you want in life. So remember, although a pact is a very serious matter, you are always free to make it temporal or give up with time, although that is undesirable and badly seen by other satanist, you are still free to do it. If someone says otherwise, then he/she doesn’t understand fully the idea of personal freedom and independence. Although we are committed to Satan, we are foremost free to do as we wish.

Assuming you haven’t experienced spontaneously presence of Satan (in that case you wouldn’t need that article), you are working on your own pact, what could you expect? There is no rule here. If you feel something, great. But if you won’t, don’t worry, you may not have developed strong relationship with Satan yet or enough sensibility – your pact is still valid. The most wise thing is, don’t expect fireworks, just do the pact the best you can and consider it binding. Results may come in time, sometimes spontaneous, sometimes in a very subtle way. However pact should be so constructed, that you feel some release, strong emotions of breaking through your old programming. That is especially important for those with strong religious background. Although my family wasn’t religious, I still discovered back then some Christian left overs within me – you can’t escape influence of culture you grew up. It was easy for me to get rid off them, but from what I’ve seen, for many people it is a long and difficult process. The path of deprogramming  from christianity is an another topic, one that I don’t feel qualified to discuss yet, as I haven’t experienced it myself. I would recommend an article of VenusSatanas, because she has better experience with people from religious background. My only advice at the moment would be – study various religions and you will see that Christianity or any abrahamic faith isn’t more valid then hundreds of other religions or spiritual beliefs.

As a satanist, you must learn to be resourceful and creative (creativity is a gateway of intuition!). This is your journey, your input that counts, so enjoy the process from the beginning and every step on the way :).

Ave Satanas!


  1. i decided on theistic satanism today. when i decided… i walked to work and 3 crows stood at a fence that were never there before. i came home after work and talked over lucifer and satanism with significant other. i then went to smoke a cig and for the first time in mn i seen a shooting
    star. i then enjoyed your page. thanks 4 that.


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    Besides, I see no connection to the topic and it looks more like a SPAM and not a valuable contribution.


  3. It’s kinda ironic because by calling urself a satanist ur restricting urself because it restricts u socially making it harder or even impossible for u to socialize with some people friendly but that’s just my opinion btw I’ve only read this and what is satanism so if u mentioned this already in another article then I apologize for wasting ur time


    1. I’m not showing openly in public my beliefs, I’m very private person. On the other hand, I enjoy the idea that people thing bad about satanism. It creates certain tension that is advantageous in some way. If someone does find out about my beliefs and reacts accordingly: if he/she isn’t strong enough to think for themselves and relays on general opinions, I don’t want anything in common with them – advantage for me, because I know who I am dealing with. If they overcome biased thinking and change their response to satanism – I influenced positively that person, which is satisfying.

      Satanist label is fun and many satanists enjoy it, despite public ostracism. In fact, many of us didn’t want to be perceived as a friendly, safe and… common group. Friction is something valuable and sought.


        1. I kinda wanna see what’d happen if someone walked up to like the main priest of a Christian church or whatever and said looked them in the eye and said they’re a satanist I imagine it’d be pretty funny


  4. Btw do u have to be a satanist to perform the magic shown on this website or is it only the demon related magic or can u perform any magic shown here with enough effort practice and determination


    1. Magick has common roots so you can learn dark magick learning white magick as well. You just disregards the limits and moral orders, go over limits of stagnated view. However many of things show here go beyond what people consider safe or right. You don’t have to be satanist, but practicing dark magick, ignoring social boundaries, strengthening your individualism you close to the satanic ideology. When and if you want to take a label of satanist is up to you. There are no strict boundaries in life, so definitions are always general and simplified. Satanist or not, do what feels right TO YOU!


  5. So it is’nt necessary to be a satanist to practice magic? But how about summoning demons? If someone who is not a satanist summons a demon, what will happen to them?

    About the pacts, what signs will I be given to show me that my pact has been accepted by Satan?

    Your website is really helpful and interesting. I have been interested in Satanism for a little time and I am considering making a pact with Satan. I was raised in a christian home, but I’m deeply frustrated and disappointed with that God of theirs, who seems to be deaf. You spend your whole life praying and praying, but nothing happens. I am tired of that.


    1. Magick is practiced by various group of people so magick is not satanism exclusive. There are christians that also do magick, although it’s frowned upon.

      Most old grimoires like goetia and grimoirum verum present old christian ceremonial magick. However christians summoned demons outside, cast protective circles, threaten demons with christian names and symbolics. Satanists don’t make any protection and often summon demons inside them, having respectful approach using satanic symbolics.

      To my experience, many christians who attempt dabbling in demonology and end up summoning demons have bad experiences. Satanists on the contrary, although there are some who had some issues. Christian programming is so deeply rooted in people minds that even when they want to be satanists it creates unwanted stuff. Satanist should be free of christian fears, dogma, convictions before trying to summon demons.

      Different thing is that summoning demons isn’t such easy as people think and in most cases nothing happens… at least nothing obvious. It may take years to have some tangible results for those who are not mediumistic skilled (like me).

      As to signs of pact being accepted, forget it. I’m tired of hearing this question. Why do you need confirmation? You make it so and so it is. You create your reality, you are your own god so why do you need confirmation? You make it real and it is. So simple. Satan respects this. You don’t wait only take what you want – metaphorically of course. It’s just an expression of attitude, self confidence – a personality that doesn’t need confirmation from others but is active in getting his wishes come true, often despite hardships that life creates. Persistence and self esteem wins.

      I hope you get the difference? Unfortunately many newbies still have that needy, christian attitude. They think that Satan will give them something. Satan can do that, but only if you can get it yourself… In other words, Satan helps you achieve your goals but doesn’t do things for you just like that. Either you are satanist – a god on your own and create your life, or a sheep who relay on others (even gods). Well.. that’s over simplification but you get what I mean, I hope :). You are not alone when facing problems but you should be the spark that ignites the flame of action that pushes things through. Only then you will find that when you did all possible, everything not possible is done for you.


  6. Hi there!

    My name is Monika and I’m a journalist at an online magazine called Sensa Nostra.
    We are based in Berlin but write about interesting stories from around the world.
    I would love to speak with a leader from your church about the happenings, and how they came to be in that position.
    I think our readers would find an article from the perspective of a Satanistic perspective interesting, as the public often doesn’t see all sides to this religion.
    If someone was interested in speaking with me I can add a link to your website.
    I look forward to your response,
    I hope this email finds you well,

    kind regards



    1. Obviously you weren’t reading my site carefully. I am a solitary satanist and this is not a church or any organization. Sure, I’m thinking about creating one, but it will take years and most satanists is too independent to be herded into church structures like you know from other religions. Especially theistic satanists have lose affiliations. You can have more luck with more organized atheistic satanists like Temple of Satan, although they are rather very American type of satanists. Europe has its own specifics.
      As to my position, I just try to make best of my life while having a successful site (few hundred visits/day). I’m not sure if I can offer any interesting story. I already explained how I became satanists in one of my articles, other then that is just a regular private life.


  7. Like they say Once a Satanist always a Satanist, I know for a fact that I am a Theistic Satanist no question about it . I am also a Solitary Satanist, dont like groups. I have to agree with your statement on Christianty too just being brutaly honest. I for one isnt a noob to Satanism. Once you go Satanist you’ll never go back thats my phrase 🙂

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  8. I’m thinking about satanism. But my family is Christian and they make me go to church. I read a bunch of articles that say satan is a negative energy and that demons are really dangerous. I’ve been a bit freaked out about the paranormal. But I want to give it a try. I don’t want our relationship to be tense or anything. I don’t want to just jump right in, I just want to try it. Please help?


    1. Not sure what I can help you with. Your request is too vague and general. Note, that I have no time to guide you personally. I can only answer on specific questions. Those of general nature are easy to find so that’s your job.
      I can only advise you to take it slowly and bare with patience. Study and experiment – that’s how we all started ;). No one guided us through, but our steady interested kept us going.


      1. Start studying sites like this one, go to Satan and Sons and get a ritual for yourself one that appeals to you personally. Pray to Satan and ask him for help and do this every day. I think you will be amazed at the results! Do not tell anyone what you are doing keep your practices to yourself. Stay away from organized Satanism. I wish you the best in your journey.


    2. Start studying sites like this one, go to Satan and Sons and get a ritual for yourself one that appeals to you personally. Pray to Satan and ask him for help and do this every day. I think you will be amazed at the results! Do not tell anyone what you are doing keep your practices to yourself. Stay away from organized Satanism. I wish you the best in your journey.


  9. Greetings ,

    Hi , i am Sunil Shivanand from India . 24 years old
    I have always been fascinated by The character of Satan , being brought up in a Catholic family and gone through all their rituals . I no longer consider myself a part of it even to the slightest bit .
    I have been reading and learning various philosophies and religious books for the past 8 years in search of a divine path , knowledge / understanding , and none has provided me with any insight .
    I have always adhered to the Left hand path for quite some time . And i believe my time has come for becoming a part of something even greater .
    I believe my journey in life to be a part of gaining knowledge and understanding of the secrets of this world and to understand the glory of satan even better .
    I write to you in these desperate times ., a call from my deepest within , to guide me on this journey , or least point the way .

    I live in a country where it is near impossible to find someone to guide me on this path . So kindly help me

    Well wishes
    Sunil Shivanand


    1. Unfortunately I cannot guide personally anyone. I just don’t have enough time. I already got hundreds of such requests and even if I had made it my job and required money for it, I couldn’t fulfill all requests I get. Besides, satanists should be resourceful and independent so guidance should be just very basic, while the rest is our own work and initiative.


  10. I’m new to satanism I first heard about it from the Joy of Satan site, I was just curious what you think about their website or views I’ve heard a lot of negativity about it. But I’d like to hear an opinion from another theistic satanist.


    1. JoS site offers some useful informations but as an organization, it’s juvenile and repulsive since they mix their satanism with nazi theories that are in opposition to satanism. Basically what I recommend is: learn, use what fits you but stay away from their immature drama behavior. Most people get involved with them but quickly leave them once they learn enough and become aware of the problems in this group.


  11. hey i just read this article and its fantastic i want to become a theistic satanist i want to be greater i need to learn more about satanist if you people know some books or page’s that can tell me more about satanism i would be gratefull if u can tell me of them thank you HAIL SATAN!


    1. I’m glad you liked it. However your request is impossible to fulfill. There is too many material that have too many differentiated informations so there is no easy way to walk you through it. I’m afraid you’re on your own like we all are – just browse sites, read, learn and experiment.


  12. I am a 200% proud Christian and my personal Savior is of course Jesus Christ. I love him. I asked him deeply for a vision and he gave me one just yesterday when I was sleeping. It was miraculous. Heaven seemed so great. It was peaceful, had rare gems everywhere, the fountains, oh they were amazing. The people and angels were so nice. He showed me hell and it was super awful. There were unquishable fire, bugs crawling over everywhere, plain darkness and demonic screams. Whenever I pray to him he gives me a good feeling inside of me and he grants most of my wishes. I feel peaceful when I pray. I respect you and your religion, I have nothing wrong about it, its all good but I hate when Satanists just mock about the Heavenly God and Jesus Christ. Most of them seem to do that to annoy us, Christians. I know other Christians (not me) have baffled your religion tho. I recommend you to watch the video: (AprilAndWayneShow) Demon speaks out of girl. You will get your jaw dropped.

    I have 4 questions:
    1: Where do you think you will go in your afterlife and what will happen to you?
    2: Is Satanism (Theistic) associated with Illuminati and Freemasonry?
    3: What has he done for you? (Satan)
    4: Is Theistic Satanism associated with high devil worship and child sacrifices or any crimes to get power.
    5: Do Satanists (Theistic OR Atheistic ) hate Jesus and everything ASSOCIATED with Christianity.


    1. LOL, your haven sounds super awful to me.
      1. I don’t go anywhere, I’m already there, I just shift my state of consciousness into higher vibrations where contrast is smaller, ego goes away (it’s only needed for physical experience). In another words, I – me in this life – synchronize with my higher self, a group consciousness.
      2. Not with freemasonry, they are mostly christians, but there are freemasons who are sympathetic toward Satan. Illuminati? Oh boy, that’s a complicated question, but I’ll be short here. For most time they are just myth and some try to make it real.
      3. Everything :). Satan is my love, my inspiration. He gives me strength, joy, wisdom and divine power.
      4. Crimes are merely crossing social lines, but most of satanists do keep them, at least those serious ones, so no, most satanists are not associates with such things. Actually those things you write about are just paranoid inventions of christians, they don’t exists in reality. However there are some sick and lost individuals who do such crimes and few of them may call themselves satanists, but there are more those who call themselves christians and do those acts and more…
      5. Some do, some don’t, but most dislike them.


  13. I read a prayer i found on the net to pray to satan in a ritual to becoming a Satanist.I read this prayer and burned a red candle.At the end of the prayer i signed my name in blood.I ment every word i said in my heart.I felt nothing different etc but i believe im a Satanist.Does it sound like i did it the right way pls


    1. Yes, it all sounds ok. However ritual you did is pretty simple and not dramatic enough to trigger stronger emotions and that is why you didn’t feel much, but if you meant what you said, it’s all valid, so you’re good to go :). It’s like with wedding. The ceremony, laws and the surroundings are not so important. In the end all it matters is what you decided in your heart, the sacramental “yes”. Becoming satanist is no different. It’s your decision and it’s valid just because you said YES to Satan, the ceremony and everything else is secondary.

      Change doesn’t happen in instant. You are still the same person with the same dreams, hopes, character and… problems. Changing yourself is a process that takes time.

      Just relax, focus on Satan, on His strength and be grateful that this strength is flowing upon you, try to feel it, enjoy it, inspire you. Repeat it every time you feel stressed and lost so you could gain distance and perspective from your problems. If you do this right, you will find good solutions to your issues in moments you feel calm and strong.


  14. Zalbarath or anyone who can answer this, i would really like this information. I was confirmed as a catholic when i was in 8th grade as a kid. I never really attended church and i still don’t, but it was required of me by my family to be confirmed. Getting to this website and the thought idea satanism began with just a small interest in the occult, but now i have read so much about it and it all makes more sense than catholicism, especially what has been said in these articles. I’m still quite young, so i’m still a bit confused on how to begin with magick, but I want to know if my confirmation will have any sort of impact on my potential in becoming a practitioner or theistic satanist. I hope someone will answer me because it has really been bothering me recently as i have began to experiment with certain rituals and meditation with a lack of results (I know this is probably because i simply haven’t practiced enough yet.), but i want to be sure that my confirmation won’t have an influence on them. If it does, i’m not sure if there is anything i can do about it.

    Thanks, Tim


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      1. what is the disadvantages of it..i want fame glory and success..if i start getting the same i will surly follow satanist….is there is any harm thinking like that.. what we have to give in place of this to satan???i m curious


  16. The comments are interesting. I definitely got that feeling of euphoria you were talking about, oddly enough. The day it happened it was really nice out. The sky was the bluest blue and the colors were just a bit too saturated. It was sort of wierd that as I kept driving I was pondering my view on the world, it felt like the world was going to split from the sky and the colors of the earth would unfurl. It sort of felt like I was happy, going mad, and being grounded in complete awareness at the same time.

    It was like, if I kept staring, I could divine all the secrets of the world. I came to understand. It was the truest meaning of the word I think I can register. Two words rang in my head with clarity: Welcome home.

    I remember when my Mom became a Christian. I’ve got no bones in that game, but I remember the tone in her voice and how she spoke. It lent creedence to the feeling I had as legit.

    I toyed with making it formal for a few months after that, still processing and weighing my decision about Satanism. I got a cut on my arm at work, thought nuts to it. I’m hemming and hawing at what is pretty much a done deal. Drew an inverted pentagram with it and stated my intentions. All the drama of a courthouse wedding.

    Oh well.

    My intentions were true at least as my views and understanding have been expanding, putting words to action. Any who, not much point but more of a tl;dr post.

    It’s nice to see a blog/info piece without JOS’s underlying rabidity. Thank you and live well.


  17. So most of my life I have been an Atheist, but I did have an enormous curiosity towards Satanism, since it seems pretty interesting and I personally know a few satanists. However, is it necessary to sacrifice small animals, while I am very fond of them and I own one as well? And what happens if you stutter during a ritual?


    1. Animal sacrifice is not necessary. Many satanists are animal lovers so we wouldn’t enjoy such practices. If however animal sacrifice is done, it’s mostly food animal (like chickens).
      You need to learn more about ritual magick, so you understand what you are doing. Rituals are not carved in stone so they can be created, changed, developed, etc. It’s mostly how ritual influence your mindstate so stuttering won’t cause problems unless you fell it will… So if you stutter a lot and you feel awkward, it may ruin the effect. But with practice when you get used to it and gain confidence, it may stop bother you and the same – it will stop influencing ritual.
      If you are more prone to atheistic views, you may like laveyan satanism more, which is pure atheism with some added tents and philosophy. It’s most popular form of satanism out there. Theisic satanists and laveyan ones are often on wrong foot with each other ;P. Laveyans feel offended by the fact that we exist (if they even know), on the other side we are irritated by the fact that laveyans try to limit satanism to their branch. Of course it’s matter of individual approach and some are open and have no such issues, but majority of laveyans are… identical in views, which is strange and unnatural to us, because satanism in heart is about individualism. Anyway, just pursue the topic.


      1. Thank you so much, you are very helpful. And yes, I did document on the Layeyan Satanism and it’s not really appealing to me. So I am currently trying to understand Satan,document about him a little more, learn to love him, things like that till I can be fully prepared to the initiation ritual . Still, thank you again! 😀


  18. I have so many questions and I’m struggling. I want to become a satanist. This is something I’ve been thinking about for a couple of years now. I’m doing lots of reading but because of the Leveyan satanists I’m hitting brick walls. I’m looking for strictly spiritual Satanism and I need a lot of guidance. I think I would benefit from a person who can at least point me in the right direction.

    The problem I’m having is that, there is no consistency and I’m very serious and need to know what’s what. I’m trying to contact demons but I am struggling to get responses. I know I have some natural ability as I’ve had a few awesome encounters with demons. But I can’t just turn it on and off as I want to. There’s a lot of confusion and misinformation out there. My question is how fluid is Satanism? Does it have strict rules like some other religions I know or can I seriously insult some demons with misinformation. I realize a lot is personal development how ever some people have said to burn sigils and some have said to never burn them. So which one is correct? I don’t want to accidentally insult a demon or cause harm.

    This is why some guidance is needed for me. Is there a very well written, trust worthy and accurate book I can read? Or do I just have to discover what’s, what with trial and error. I’m worried about the error part. As I said I don’t want to do anything harmful.

    Also it probably wouldn’t hurt me to know some like minded people to learn from and just maybe to relate to.

    So my real question is where should I start and who can I trust?


    1. Firstly, you need to relax and stop worrying so much. If it comes, take it, if it doesn’t, it’s fine too. Don’t pressure it, enjoy the moment. Secondly, satanism is flexible. Because it’s a religion of individuality, you are your own god, you set the rules so no one can tell you what you need to do. It’s great thing, but also requires to take responsibility in own hands and that’s not easy for many. Thirdly, demons do feel your intentions, contact is on mental and emotional level so you cannot lie there. In result, you don’t have to worry about offending them, they know what you feel or what you struggle with. Trust them to trust you.
      Where do you start? You decide. Set a goal and follow it. That’s it. Your life, your decision, your power to do what you want. For many that’s the hardest thing to do, because they don’t know what they want, but you can’t make progress unless you don’t focus on your goals.


    1. Sure there is. You can find it easily through google. But mind you, this is merely an old satanic manifesto that helped satanic movement to grow, but mostly its ATHEISTIC part. Theistic satanists don’t treat it as “bible”. but as a historically important, intriguing, sometimes inspiring text. But there is lot more to satanism then satanic bible. We are not limited to one book that says it all. Reality is much bigger then that.


  19. After recently contacting Azazel through a 4 point ritual, I meditated at home today for a solid 30mn. Around the middle of my meditation I got uncontrollable (maybe I could control but I was just surprised) eye blinking I had a vision of a shape. It was like a crescent moon but the two points faced down.

    Basically I’m just wondering if I should be alert for shapes in my life that could be proof of a connection with a demon.

    Thanks for the helpful website! ❤


  20. I have recently thought about becoming a theistic satanist, I find myself looking up Satan all the time without realizing it, and I also want to try contacting him through a handmade Ouija board with satanic symbols on it. I’m very young (i’m in the 8th grade) and my family will disapprove. One of my closest friends is a christian and i love her, but this is a decision I’d like to make. Subconsciously I believe i may be in love with him because I often find myself reading about him, and drawing satanic symbols all over my belongings to feel closer to him. While I know that it won’t necessarily bring him closer to me it makes me feel as if it will, and it brings me comfort.


  21. This article is very helpful. I just started out on the Theistic Satanist path and I am struggling to find resources, this site might be helpful. Hail Satan! 🙂


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