How to increase chance for success in magick

There is no 100% efficiency in magick, nor in life. Failure is always possible, but so is the success…

The solution to this is to relax, accept what comes and trust that it will and if not… no problem, it WILL EVENTUALLY, but obviously it requires more time or work, be still in state of patience, trust and acceptence… It’s not easy state to achieve but it is required to lower resistance and ease the flow of energy in needed direction. Usually people do EVERYTHING OPPOSITE when they need something badly. They look for assurance, they try very hard, they are (IN)tense and check out all the time if the result is there, but if not, they get angered. So in the end they focus more on the lack of what they want. Desperation is bad adviser!

Doing magick, when it comes to very important things to us, is tricky and requires more then just a simple ritual. Proper control of emotions, proper focus and attitude is everything. However old subconscious programming that led to the present result (that you dislike) makes everything that you would fail. So to change it, deep mental transformation is needed. Do repetitions of rituals, affirmations. Many mental and emotional exercises are recommend. Better control achieved by being able to mediate is incredibly helpful. The harder problem you are dealing with, the more work you need to put into it. The same ritual may be fitting and get quickly and easy results for one, but it may not be enough for another person and vice versa.

There is no easy or universal solution to this problem, because each person is different, has different subconscious programs, different character, different life experiences, reacts differently on given situation… But when someone studies magick, must be motivated and not afraid of work. You don’t achieve anything valuable without effort. So people who just want proper rituals and have no will to study magick for creating rituals for themselves, show a shallow approach to the magick and that they are not prepared to do anything that it takes to get real and lasting results. And if they are not motivated enough, why would I waste my time for them?

Many people have misleading idea that magick will get them what they cannot by normal means. And that could be true, but the trick is, if you have a specific problem in your life, magickal solution also requires more work. For example, a rich person would easily achieve success in money ritual but if having relationship problems (feeling alone, not being able to find proper life partner), magick solution would need a lot of work, and other way around: a person with money problems must take more lengths in magick. In short: the bigger problem, the bigger effort you must take… However magick is done on mental plane,the real source of all problems, so if you fix it, everything else will fall in line. Only then you can follow physical actions. If you push your actions without doing mental or magickal work, they yield no results. Energy you create with your mind is far greater then everything you can do. ENERGY IS STRONGER THEN ACTION AND YET, OFTEN IT IS THE ACTION THAT FOLLOWS PROPER ENERGY AND MAKES EVERYTHING DIFFERENT. That is why magick methods can be very helpful – they require of you to change and control your mental (and thus energetic) environment first. Magick deals with the source of the problem, but only if you do it right.

Magick is not quick and easy way. Magick gives you merely additional tools to deal with daily life issues. However it’s up to you to LEARN how to use those tools, because having tools alone (rituals) don’t give you much chances to get it right. Although there is always a chance for success…

There is nothing I can do and say to make you know how to use those tools… In the same way as one cannot learn how to drive a car just by reading a book, one cannot learn magick by words or by knowing rituals. Experience and usual learning curve (try, fail, try, fail, try better, success, try, fail, try different, fail, try different, success, etc.) are everything. That is why I am reluctant to give simple rituals. Obtaining tools by yourself requires much effort, it forces person to be resourceful, patient and motivated and allows to learn at proper pace how to use them.

However if you already come across proper ritual and you want to follow it through, great! Try! If you have no results, try again! Learn how to make it better, what to add, change. Try again! Trust that you will EVENTUALLY get it right and don’t be bothered with failures. Failures are IMPORTANT step of achieving what you want, so instead being scared of them, accept them, think what they teach you, be motivated by them, believe you can do it different, better. Failures are the steps to your success. And oh, another very important thing: ALLOW THAT WHAT YOU WANT CAN BE OBTAINED BY WAYS YOU CANNOT FORESEE. Trust in yourself, trust in energy, trust in demons, let them handle things that you cannot, get problems off your mind. So welcome mistakes, be relaxed, trustful, positively attuned and you will get what you want if you really believe in it and don’t let “reality” to tell you otherwise!

I hope that this article will help you understand magick better and what it takes to have success.


  1. I want to rich , because now my financial position is very bad, my situation is not good, anybody is ignore me.
    So satan is help me at this situation ?
    I want to come out this situation !


    1. Sorry, but posting such request in satanic site won’t make you automatically rich. Satan is not a genie granting wishes and things don’t work as easy in the real life. Finances are a big topic and there are tomes written on this, so this small comment can’t even pretend to be helpful. Since this requires more help then I can give you, I won’t even start. Satan also won’t give you money – reality doesn’t work that way. He can inspire you to get the money but you are the one getting the work done. Money won’t fall off the sky because you asked Satan.


      1. some I find as true but yet some I know better on. Satan does hand you whatever you want right away if he has chosen you to do something for him. when he makes you who he thinks would best fit your spiritual side and if you can accomplish what is needed as that demon or what he chooses for you. he came to me and had given me everything instantly after sacrificing and ritual to full power. Hail my Lord. Lilith

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    2. How do you trust in yourself, believe what you want will come to you despite what things look like on the outside. What if you put all energy, faith into something and you don’t receive it. Am just saying this because there are a few things in life that I wanted and never received it, ironically and bizarrely other people received the exact what I wanted. Love your articles by the way, am a novice to all this .


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