Why “prove first” approach is flawed

I received a mail with a valid and also a very common questions:

“So i am so ready to take a side, but i just can’t see any difference between your beliefs and Christians or Muslims . I mean they say “Love your lord unconditionally and under any circumstances” and you say the exact same damn thing!
I am not a child, not a desperate human being but i just need ONE PROOF OF EXISTENCES OF SOMETHING! I don’t want to just “worship”, religious people say that you’ll be able to sense god only after doing whatever they tell you to do .
I mean if i try to summon a demon and i success you’ll say “i told you so, it’s real” and if i fail you’ll say “not enough psych power! not enough chakra! your candle’s color was wrong!! ” another form of the “Lord works in mysterious ways” sentence .
Thanks in advance “

LOL, I get your frustration but the reality works that in a different way then you think. You first must believe then you experience it, especially when it comes to mystical things. With physical stuff it’s a bit different but when you forget about basic things like gravity and objects bumping and look on complex systems like social relationships, then you may notice the same rules applies as in religion. Different people believe in different things about life and they GET DIFFERENT THINGS as well. From afar you may think that because they already have it they believe that way but that’s not the way it works.

Look at Donad Trump books or any successful businessman. They’re not talking about religion, yet they talk about what you SHOULD THINK OR FELL about certain things. Think big, you deserve this or that, expect results, be smart, etc. Those words don’t say: look at reality first and then believe. Those words say: think and make reality and then look at it (and believe it).

You are the creator and in order to create, you must establish what you want, how to get it and then act to get it. This is how it always worked. People who expected reality to be the way they want to be become only frustrated.
There is an incredible power in this paradigm shift. From your perspective those people may be completely wrong but they GET RESULTS and change reality around them (reality that is only for them to feel and experience – we all live in subjective conviction bubbles). If not, they’re doing this wrong way either. Religion can be a powerful boost but also a reason you can’t move on. It depends on the fact if you are used by religion or are you using religion? The same applies for government, economy, social environment, etc.

Again, decide what you want, believe in it, do it.

Of course, ignoring reality isn’t the way either. You will fail. The trick is to see at reality but also see what you want to see in it either and find ways to make it real. Usually those who call themselves realists are far from being real – they just use reality as an excuse to be helpless. The fact is A or B and because of that I can do nothing. If you are not one of those persons you surely know some… They only complain and have very good and real reasons to…

Back to religion area. There is a whole spiritual world out there but you simply don’t see it and you will never see it if you insist on “proof first” rule. The science paradigm doesn’t apply to mysticism. Religion is not and will never be a science but it can be incredibly useful and powerful. It works because reality is more complex and scientific paradigm cannot encompass it. That is why religion or any mysticism will still be there – our minds are more then simple neurons and electric potential waves. Reductionism was debunked in 80ies by many philosophers, because a) relationships on various levels are many to many and b) you cannot deduce features of a higher level compilation from features of its compilation. “Prove first” attitude is an obsolete child of reductionism approach. It cannot hold nowadays and even on universities people learn that scientific paradigm is very limited when it comes to researching complexity of the reality.

Oh, I strayed from the religion topic again . Once again: once you let yourself believe that there may be something more and your curiosity takes over, with time you will find secondary proofs (in lifes of others), more and more. At some point (usually after years) those others become close friends or family members so the weight of that “proof” will be stronger. At some point you will start to experience things yourself. At first slowly and incidentally but after a decade or two you will be full of experiences that you cannot prove to anyone yet they are true to your life and you know you can relay on them. That is how it works and that is the way I went through. I was just curious and believed and it took me roughly years of study to realize how much my views have changed and how it transformed from belief to something real.

However I’m not one of those thoughtless religion thick-heads. I do question my beliefs every day. I change my convictions, they grow with me and that is what spirituality should be. Not a set of rigid beliefs (religion for herds) but a dynamic and ever evolving way of knowing reality better, beyond science, beyond common beliefs. I’m the final explorer so I don’t need to wait for proof or for others to prove it. I explore the reality by creating it and belief, faith or whatever you will name it, is a vital part of it.


  1. This is my personal opinion. My psychic senses are horrible. I have been trying to connect with a certain demon until last month. And honestly I didn’t get any sign that will tell me whether I am succeeding or not; except I used to wake up every night from 2AM for no good reason with my eyes drooping with drowsiness, until I stopped trying. But during those times I neither felt nor sensed anything. I know that He is listening. Maybe I have a long way to go.

    Now I have stopped. No, I am not frustrated. I feel that my psychic senses are blocked (I have realised this from other experiences), and I need to work on them before I start it again. I have read about the experiences of others on LHP and I am of this opinion that I should go this way.

    Every individual is different. Some can be more capable of sensing the subtle things and may establish a connection more easily. I may be wrong but these are my two cents.


    1. I agree. People often want quick and easy results but learning curve may and often takes YEARS. In that time we don’t exercise summoning all the time but work on different aspects of our spirituality and then, unexpectedly, it happens, everything falls in place and it becomes easy and understandable like never before – you can’t foresee or speed it, you just have to strive for it patiently.

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    1. Empirical method is too passive in my opinion. It’s good but has lot of limitation while our potential is greater. Only proactive approach where one creates reality is capable of fulfilling it.


      1. The only truth is nature, thus if I am open to experience, sense and demontration, then I am open to all that nature offers. Spirituality is another word for connection, and I am more connected than most people in this world to nature.


  2. Eventually,

    The experiences of “Life” become as their own lessons. Those who have gained a sufficient level of real-life experience, can also gain plentiful experience from their mystical practices in how to change their realities. Something many beginning “mystic” may not understand at first: Life, and all things within and without, is a long series of experiments. – Each and every failure teaches what it was that went wrong, and why. Each, the basis of gaining more experience, and therefore – more wisdom.

    Living a “mystical life” does not mean living an unrealistic life. It just means being capable and willing to see ALL ANGLES of Life, and how each and every part work together, or should work together. Reality is a very complex pattern, intermixed with “laws” (IE: Universal Laws – as we may understand them), imagination, and much experimentation. The more we practice, the more we learn what it takes to finally see the positive results of what we have been trying.

    The strict “rationalist” has the habit of giving up too easily on anything he/she can not prove on pen and paper, because they “depend” on the results of others through the meticulous steps established by others.


    I must say this article did well to explore the extremes of the “opposing” sides on this issue. I submit that “rational” and “spiritual” should not, nor were ever intended to be “adversarial” to one another. They both have relevence when relating to whether only THIS reality, or ALL the realities.

    – Rev. Dragon’s Eye


    1. If you put this like that then I agree. Life is a mix of proactive creation and observation (trial and result) from which we gain wisdom to expand ourselves and our lives. Pure empiricism is not enough but on its own it is a good method. One cannot grow without making mistakes. We can overturn mistakes into success if we allow ourselves to have them, admit them and learn from them. Perfection lies in imperfection.


    1. People commit suicide without pact even more often if you want to talk numbers. Personally I don’t know anyone who would do that and that’s against satanic philosophy, but people are different and have various motives when entering satanism. Some try to cope with their problems and think they will find easy solution in satanism. You may find some help in spiritual practices but help is nothing if you can’t use it. Making a pact doesn’t shield people from suffering, doesn’t make their problems go away, doesn’t give them power, money or fame just like that. Just as marriage is not the end of the relationship only its beginning, a pact is only a statement and decision about relationship with Satan. How it goes further, it depends on every individual.

      As to news about satanic abuse, they are mostly fantasized and the sources are just tabloid press that looks for sensation, not a real deal.


  3. I find satanism very interesting, and i do belive that for exampe, demons, exist. However, i think that it’s both blind and foolish to worship satan, when we have no clue if he exist. “Only after you have accepted him and that, you can get your proofs”, now that is just straight up bullshit, i think. I can believe that a flying pineapple rules over all life for a few years while not getting any proof, but then after another year i finally see the pineapple, and all greatness it can do! That’s how the brain works, we CAN see things that we want to see, even the craziest things. This arguement; “we cannot see it before we accept this and that”, is not logical, not in our universe, and not anywhere else. It is an excuse to why we can’t see the one proof we want to see.


    1. You are both right and wrong. The issue is more complex then your example with pineapple. Everyone of us have some set notions that we choose for ourselves or inherited (often unaware) from closest people (parents). Those act like lenses and no matter how you try to be objective, you will still ignore things you are not wired to see and focus overly on certain aspects. To break that circle (at least when it comes to certain aspect) you need to change your scope of view. It rarely done immediately, it’s a process but once you made the effort, you will start to see different things that were none present in your life but present in reality since forever.

      It’s not about thinking some stupid things and and here they are the next day as with this pineapple. My point was that it is you who need to change first to see the change in the world around you. If you do that and realize that you can again change yourself and again see something different, you start to realize that reality is so much more complex and the notion of “the truth” became silly and heavily oversimplified. Some will get to that, others will never do.


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