Introduction To Satanic Magick

Magick is commonly practiced by many satanists. Is there a specific satanic magick? What would be the difference? The answer is not so straight forward.

Satanists use all types of magick, all possible techniques that suites them. In that they often act like chaos magicians. There is no borders and satanist use magick in various ways, not shunning from harmful black magick, blood magick, sex magic, working with Satan and demons.

Most of accessible literature on this topic is commonly written from flawed with christian way of thinking point of view, even if author wasn’t christian himself. Christian paradigm, values and fears are rooted so deeply in western cultures that even atheistic or non Christian magicians unawarely take them as their own. There are rules, names, precautions that one is advised to be aware of. Satanists however throw it all away, take the pure, useful information and modify it for their own needs. For example, instead protecting from and commanding demons (evocation), we invite them politely inside us and work respectfully with them (invocation).

We use thaumaturgy and also theurgy calling on Satan and demons, often mixing two approaches together. Involvement of Satan and dark gods, ignoring moral boundaries and all techniques that were build on them, makes satanic magic slightly different and characteristic to satanists. The basic methods can be the same as in witchcraft, chaos magick or magick of any other culture or type but practical application very often differs in the end. Eclecticism is mark of a free approach. We take what works for us or change it in order it suited our needs. This is something that cannot be easily taught. Everyone needs to study magick on their own and learn to apply it creatively for their own satanic approach. Although there are some sources predesignated especially for satanists, they cannot pretend to be complete and useful in any occasion, so invention and general magick knowledge is always needed component of our practice.

Just as theistic satanists differs from each other, different are also magical methods we use. Some focus more on ritual work, some prefer more direct energetic magick, others practice pure theurgy, and others (most common case) mix it in various proportions dependently on own talents and preferences.

More about Satanic Magic techniques,  practices and how to learn it is to be found in separate articles – use menu to navigate.


    1. Yeah ;). It always wonders me. I put so many articles for beginners on how to start, yet I still get tons of emails about that ;P. And I always say, start with what interest you the most :).


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