Meditation is one of the most basic skills one need to learn in order to learn magick, any magick, not just satanic magick. It can not only strengthen your mental discipline (better, longer focus, stronger visualizations) but also improve your ability to cope with  your emotions and thus with reality. From mental heath comes also physical health. Meditation also gives access to your subconsciousness and various spiritual experiences (like OBE).

It’s not my intention to provide full guide to learn meditation here, there is plenty information around, google it, buy books, etc. However I can provide you with some basic info and my experience about meditation which should be helpful for beginners.

You can find inconsistence about definition of meditation and how this process may look like so be aware that there are various meditation techniques. Below I want to sketch some basic distinctions:

1) Meditation as increased mental focus and awareness – here authors of books propose such exercises: look around you and notice all possible colors, which one dominates, what is their composition, be aware of color richness around you; similarly notice all sounds/ smells around you, even those insignificant ones that usually escapes you; when doing something like for example washing dishes, be aware of the warmth of the water, of the touch of the foam on your skin, movement of the air on your wet hands, etc. In other words, instead be oblivious to obvious factors in our surrounding, be strongly aware of them, appreciate them, enjoy them, exercising your perception and focus.

2) Meditation as altered state of mind (in comparison to daily awareness) – you reach slower and slower brain waves (beta, alpha, theta, delta) , changing your mental state but staying conscious (more or less). In deeper states, you may loose track of time, feeling of body, explore astral dimensions.

3) Meditation as not thinking about anything, so called void meditation – in the beginning we focus on breath or counting inhale (one), exhale (two), inhale (one), etc. to calm your mind and then letting go of any thoughts. Usually it is described as allowing to observe passing-by thoughts and not judging, not attaching to them, allowing them to flow and disappear. In praxis, your task here is to let go of deliberate thinking, turning on your observer mode (you are the silent, wise observer in the background, not the thoughts you are thinking). However on the beginning it’s a constant waving from customary thinking to detached observation, to semi-dreaming visions. This kind of meditation greatly releases tension, relaxes (instead taking an hour nap, 10 min. of such meditation could replace few hour sleep if properly done), energizes, raises mood and could be introduction to other meditation techniques or occult practices (like channeling).

4) Meditation as vivid deliberate visualizations in slightly altered mental state – as opposite to void meditation, you are actively creating a visualization for certain purpose (could be for magickal work). Since it is customary for us to be active then passive, this kind of meditation is way easier then the one above.

I don’t claim to be an expert on the matter, so I maid have omitted some other basic techniques or definitions. Just explore literature, sites and… your mind.

Satanists may add some things linked to their beliefs. So for example, instead inhale (one)/exhale (two), you can chant in your mind inhale (sa-)/exhale (-tan) or use Satan’s enn, for example: in (ta-), ex (-sa), in (re-), ex (-me), in (la-), ex (-ris), in (sa-), ex (-tan) or quicker: in (tasa), ex (reme), in (laris), ex (satan). It keeps you focused and prevents from falling into sleep, introducing you to trans state.

Don’t be surprised to experience visions, unusual sounds, physical sensations of various kinds or feeling of presence, etc.

You can use meditation to research and getting know chosen demons so be prepared for the flow of ideas, pictures, thoughts and many, many more.

Don’t be discouraged, at first you may be able to keep focus on your task (like: breaths, visualizations) for short amount of time (few minutes) but with time your ability to long time focus improves. However your results may differ depending on a day. If you are very tired, you ma fell asleep (to prevent that sit in lotus or half lotus or simply sit instead laying comfortably in bed…) or have troubles to calm yourself (intense emotions and thoughts, you keep analyzing something instead letting go). It’s all normal, only few extremely disciplined people maintain similar experiences all the time, others choose to explore meditative states in loosely and inconsistent way. So or so, meditation is a great tool to expand your mental abilities, discipline and sensibility to spiritual and magical energies. It’s a gateway to new experiences and improved life.


    1. No one said it’s going to be easy. Every valuable thing to achieve requires some effort. And meditation skill is very tricky. Even after years sometimes it happens that I am in such state that I fail meditating ;).


  1. Physical sensations and visions have happened to me. Recently, I’ve begun to meditate more, after I experienced something. I was meditating and sitting on the floor, and as I decided to try one of the examples you have above, saying a demon’s enn with inhale/exhale, and about the 5th time I had completed the enn, a shadow passed by my eyes. I had them closed, so I only saw the shape. I felt great energy from it! Also, sometimes I feel as if my body is spinning. Not the room, but my body. Meditation is truly powerful.
    Hail Satan!


  2. Hello!
    I had a session of meditation where I was asking for my spirit guide to come. I felt a bit of a coldness and a vibration and I was seeing an indigo. I immediately snapped myself out of it. Now I kind of regret it. Can you give me any advice or highlight on what was happening. That was my first time meditating and I was in a room full of people. I think I have a natural gift for meditation and concentration. I would truly value your opinion! 🙂



    1. The best way to proceed is to go forward, that is keep meditating. Human mind is vast so experiences are not likely to repeat so easily but still, you can make different ones.
      Answers come in any forms and shapes.


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