How to obtain the most from work with demons

326526-SepikDemons can help with virtually everything but my experience is that most wisely is to ask them for things that strengthen us (so we can for example get rid of complexes, learn how to appreciate own skills and abilities, had clear view about our path, had strong motivation and endurance, develop skills that we enjoy, etc.).

If you do so, you discover your own power and that allows you to achieve anything you want. So if you want for example money, ask for skills, knowledge, clarity for yourself and then you can find out for yourself how to get more money. That way satisfaction is greater and self esteem grows (you know you can do it so you can do it again, or do it better, or do it more). However people who ask for money, usually expect from demons to get them money and do nothing themselves or worse, do everything to not to have money. As some of you may expect, demons either will ignore them or give them quick fix, that will quickly go away and leave them with more issues then before.
Working with demons requires wisdom, wisdom to ask for knowledge and bettering yourself. Knowing yourself means ability to change yourself as you want and that means you can do and achieve what you want. So knowing yourself is power. But one can never finish learning about himself so it’s an endless process of constant development and improvement.


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