From Possession To Channeling – A Spiritual Take Over

Possessions is a hot topic for satanists. We deal with demons but for christians demons are mostly known from possessions. So what do we know about demons what christians don’t? And do satanists get possessed? There are lot of various concepts about it and because satanists have opposite view on demons we’re dealing here with two different however somewhat similar topics.

I. Christian alike (negative) possessions – against the will

Christian alike possessions in western culture are always against the will (a person consciously does not want it, although subconsciously… but let’s leave it for later) and occur only among people with strong religious dualistic approach to life or those who firmly belief in such possibility. Such negative possession like symptoms are recorded all over the world since always,  not only within christianity.

According to my understanding after years of study of that phenomenon (I red books, watched many report films of course from pro-christian point of view) this type of possession is a psychological phenomenon and is caused by subconscious auto-aggression, not any real demonic possession.  I am sure that such explanation isn’t as cool as you would like to hear. I also would love to think that demons sometimes do torment christians who were stupid enough to open themselves somehow, but lot of materials I went through seems to be consistent about it and point out to that direction, providing that one sees it aside christian point of view, which I do. So the same material is for christians a prove that demons exist and they do posses people  but looking on it from christian free perspective (and personal knowledge of demons) allows for quite different conclusion.

A “demon” during that process presents himself without any greater purpose (from demonic point of view, christians see greater purpose for it, their purpose of course…) or intelligence. It is nothing as we – satanists or demonolators know it (intelligent, powerful, wise). Demon during classical negative possession seems  mostly interested in torturing a victim and cursing. How smart… Such phenomenon does not promote Satanism or even evil. On the contrary. It strengthens faith of believers, so actually, possession works against interest of demons. Of course christians believe demons to be bounded by god so they have no much room to do and see them as primitive and aggressive. How convenient… Demons we deal with are nothing alike. They are complex spiritual entities with positive and negative energies (from our standpoint). You can have marvelous, enlightening conversations with them and their wisdom and knowledge is breath taking. But during possession demons are stupider then average moron and yield to christian dogmas and convictions, again how convenient for christians…

A real possessed person shows some extrasensory knowledge and abilities which allegedly is the difference between real possession and a fake one. However such abilities and phenomenons are nothing unusual and do not need a demon to occur. But wait, christians believe that only with demonic presence such things can happen. Again, very convenient adjustment of beliefs to a situation. They omit the fact that lot of religious (and yes, also christians) people have extrasensory and/or mediumistic abilities. Some of course explain that this is a gift from god… So like you see, everything could be neatly explained that way.

A negatively possessed person generally shows some typical character traits. Usually it is a religious fundamentalist with simplistic, dualistic approach, If it’s not the case, then such person is or was subjected to heavy fundamental religious environment which leaves strongly its mark in subconsciousness.
Furthermore these people had problems already before apparent possession. They had low self-esteem or someone close to them went away or died, or they faced a serious issue which they couldn’t handle.

When negative possession strikes a martyr complex shows up. “A victim” subconsciously summons or better to say – create a “demon” that torments him or her, but on the other hand attracts the attention of the environment. Being possessed shows that a person is a victimized, trapped, cannot handle things on his/her own and that things are beyond a control of any normal person, it’s not their fault. In other words complete denial of responsibility for own state, doings and problems. At the same time he/she feels noble, elected in a way, because apparently the demon must have a reason to choose them over so many others, and the demons in christian eyes do target special persons: pure ones, with a mission, bright future etc.

People attracting possession feel limited, devoid of power. An ego under too strong stress is capable of creating various, uncommon mental states (like multiple personalities) and in a special set of conditions ego can adapt beliefs to this specific solution. We all need things that elevates us somehow (we can’t exists for too long in completely negative state, we must react or… die – suicides happen and it was reported that some victims of negatived possessions had already attempted suicide before), even at cost of a pain (of everybody’s) . Usually people lash out on others but christian set of moral rules isn’t allowing to behave like that without guilt. And yet when it happens (christians see it as a pre-sign of a possession, such person isn’t him or herself and is often aggressive, abusive or depressive) possessed person start conveniently to believe that something else must be at fault in order to get rid of the building up guilt. In the end effect, tormented subconsciousness triggers auto-aggressive condition that creates alternative and hostile sub-personality. In many cases it is only a temporal state that allows for guilt free emotional lash outs. Only in small number of cases auto aggression is so advanced that it takes a toll on a body and can be ultimately cause of death.

All that psychological traits and mechanism portray a coherent picture of mental disturbance that on religious ground can give symptoms of a negative possession. Do I recognize that there could be other, mystical explanation of christian alike possessions? Well, psychological symptoms, common reason and knowledge of demons points against it. But I can’t deny that reality of that issue could be more complex then it seems. For example, instead of creating sub-personality a person may attract certain spiritual energies that act through them based on their expectations. Are those energies a demonic origin? Some demons do specialize at some situations that we perceive as negative so they really can be close, affecting the outcome but the mind talking through possessed persons isn’t behaving in the same way as demons approached in respectful way. Also consequences too strongly are pro-christian. Demons are not so stupid to shoot a suicide goal so it seems unlikely that a genuine demon is involved with his mind in such situation. But some demons may pray on emotions and situation or increase many of the negative symptoms, because that is what they are specializing in. Getting rid of emotional distress can also mean departure of an involved demon. However the source of a stress is within victim’s mind whose attracts everything that happens to him or her.

At this point for me psychological explanation seems to be more plausible and explains it well, while religious beliefs about it, seems to be too conveniently adjusted and not compatible with anything outside those beliefs. Besides, as you can see, I can create some mystical explanation based on my beliefs… It’s too easy and too unreliable and since typical possession doesn’t happen to satanists we have only an outside perspective for it. Now I must also add that there are other unusual phenomenons that can be mistaken for a possession and they can happen to various people, including satanists but that’s a different topic.

II. Channeling – positive (intentional) possession

In Satanism and Demonolatry we practice a conscious invocation and union with demons and Satan within our mind and body so in a way we try to induce a possession like state – a positive possession. There are different levels of this phenomenon (as well as for negative possession).

A deliberate, friendly communion with a spiritual entity of any kind is usually called channeling. A spirit mostly passes information, however it requires a bond of various strength (hence the various levels) with a chosen person and in some cases it can take form of a full positive possession.

1) The first is the level of an accidental communication. You may receive ideas, images, and impulses, often unconsciously so they are hard to recognize and to differentiate from our own thoughts. Many people experience this so they may be subtly guided by such entities. Requirement here is that firstly one must be ready to listen to those impulses so it’s always our free but unconscious will (an emotional state that we choose allows for listening or ignoring those signals).

2) The more you are skilled and aware of your demonic communication abilities, you can actively hold a conversation. In this case we deliberately and more easily communicate with demons. We receive more complex information in form of emotions, visions, telepathic bundles of thoughts, feelings of presence and energy that is around us or penetrates us. At this stage when working with demons we can invoke a state of certain unity with demon not just mentally but also physically. For example, when you wish to write, create, move or say something, you can allow demon to inspire you. When doing a sacrifice from food or drink you also need to unite with the demon, because only then you pass what you feel to them. It is an average level I call a semi-channeling. Everyone can learn it with a some amount of motivation. Note that uniting with demons that way often changes you somehow and you start to become similar to demons you hang out with.

This is exactly a level I can operate on and hopefully with time and experience I will be able to reach next stage.

3) Higher level of channeling, a typical channeling is characterized by stronger takeover of the body. Automatic writing, verbal dynamic communications and coherent spirit controlled movements belong to that category. Some use it to work with groups of people, some may even use it for sex. In this state a spiritual entity is able to control your body, but still you are fully aware of it and do not lose control. You can take over at any time but instead you just give in.

All so far discussed levels of channeling have certain limitations. Your brain picks up telepathic information from spiritual entities and interprets it based on present knowledge, understanding and beliefs of a person which receives it!
So if the demon wants to tell you detailed information about chemistry or physics and you don’t have the knowledge to understand it, your mind works around it and creates simplified substitutes, own projections, allegories. For this reason channeled messages that we were receiving from thousands of years are corrupted by beliefs, knowledge and cultural biases of receiving person. You can’t avoid it. Every channeled message on those levels is personalized and never fully objective or accurate and that is why everyone need to gain own interpretation and don’t have to believe in everything that was obtained by other person.  Let your heart guide you what feels right and what’s not. When others take such translated information (that’s the accurate description, messages are translated subjectively every time by a person that serves as a conduct) and believe in  it naively without consideration or own guidance, they have no context or full understanding. They interpret it the best to their abilities but despite that information gets corrupted furthermore. Sacred religious writings? Channeled information. Religious prophets? Channeled messages. The more distant in time and culture we are from such channeled information, the less accurate and more distorted it is. Don’t rely on old channeled messages, study present ones. They are more up to date with our understanding of the world.
4) There is however a higher level of channeling that bypasses previous limitations (although it still has some). Because our mind is incapable of understanding things beyond its knowledge (like you can’t understand language you never learned), the only solution to omit its borders is to turn off receiver consciousness and let the spiritual entity take over completely creating a classical form of possession, yet in intentional way.  Awareness of these people is simply removed and the body is controlled completely by a different mind. Host loses consciousness and memory of what is happening during such channeling.

A person without education in a certain field will be able suddenly to talk about topics beyond their experience or/and capability to understand; carry out specialized actions, that one never learned in in first place.
Edgar Cayce is a perfect example of this process. He was able to obtain knowledge beyond possibility of normal human… past, future, all sudden knowledge about the patient, etc.
There are known cases of persons whose bodies were  taken completely by some dead doctors. The average Joe gets a sudden medical knowledge and skills to carry out complex medical operations, sometimes even exceeding present knowledge. Also in shamanism practice such possession states are not unheard of although I suspect that only little cases are real fully fledged possessions, while most belong to lower categories.

Such a strong gift or phenomenon is however very rare (or rarely people are ready to aim at such ability) in western culture. In shamanic ones seems to be more frequent so a different, more loose, animalistic approach seems to promote and open mind for such experiences. A semi-channeling level on the other side is easy to learn and available for anyone interested. It allows you for comfortable work with demons, be inspired by them, converse with them, feel them inside you and be guided.

Hopefully this article shed some light on those controversial topics. When studying those, be open for various possibilities yet skeptical and never accept fully what other tells you, even me ;). I am aware that I use double standard being skeptical about negative possessions and seeking scientific explanation, yet accept fully mystical one when it comes to intentional possession/channeling. Maybe it is all a psychological phenomenon, nothing more. But its too practical for something that is only a creation of one’s mind. You can do  incredible things with channeling, like obtaining a real informations that check out in confrontation with facts or passing own intentions to spiritual beings and observing real physical results. If this is only a mind trick, then our mind has a great influence over reality, more then scientists or skeptics can admit.

If you are ready to learn channeling of demons, you need to trust yourself completely. The more you trust, the more open you are to the subtle spiritual guidance that is always there, easy to obtain, just waiting for you to take it. Improve your life with it!

For more practical informations about demon channeling read my articles Communication With Demons and Summoning Demons – Invocation.


    1. Depends on demon, depends on you, depends on state of possession you are in, depends on circumstances…

      So far I know, indefinite control is not possible. At some point you will regain your normal state. However demon may be still inside and take over from time to time. However, if you fight it, you lose control, if you are agreeable with the demon (more or less), he most likely will be influencing you on the long run then control you, so you won’t be so overtaken as in situation where you struggle.

      I believe that in right circumstances, you may befriend the demon and his energy and skills may be used toward your advantage, strengthen your personality and skills. However like with humans, we don’t always like certain persons. You may not like entirely what demon is doing.
      Remember, you have always more power and control in your body then any other spirit so in fact you are never in danger, unless your fear and weaknesses overcome you and you let them to control you. Demon may exploit them and that may end badly. But your emotions belong to you. Control over them is crucial.

      Many young satanists believe that being angry gives them power and is right thing to do. That’s just an illusion. They loose control because of that anger. Anger may give energy, strength to act, but it can be beneficial if you use this energy to transform your emotions into something that feels even better. But if you stay in state of anger, your judgment is corrupted and consequences of you action won’t be to your liking. It’s very hard to use anger properly. Society teaches you to deny the anger, to get rid of it, instead of using and transforming it.

      A demon may fuel your anger but if you decide, aware of not, to act upon the anger, consequences belong to you. You may blame the demon, but that would be denying your own choice in that matter, making a victim of yourself.

      Anger means that you are loosing control, that results are not to your liking. So is it so great to be all angry at the whole world? Anger is weakness. But every weakness has a seed of strength in it. The whole point is to make advantage of it.


  1. I doesn’t need a demon to make stupid, unstable persons do weird and insane stuff. Some don’t even need drugs for it anymore…

    Further being surrounded by militant Christians can sure as hell spawn some very real stress or anxiety, much like living in gang territory makes it much easier to see pacifism as a masochist way of suicide aka begging for rape and murder.

    One preacher against satanic sorcery and demons (but more against sorcerers, as if the job is still available):

    Sadly that outdated and flawed religion isn’t half as dedicated, when it comes to correcting the own mistakes, and neither when it comes to stopping abuse.


  2. Hiya, i have a bit of a situation that i dont really understand with my girlfriend and it seems like some kind of spiritual take over but its not consented and it seems to be attempting to hurt her, im trying to work out what on earth is going on and how to help her but this “other person” keeps getting involved. I can identify when its not her and even communicate with whoevers taking over her but they dont particularly like me… And everytime they take over she comes back in physical pain, amnesia and feeling like shes going to vomit. If you have any ideas what i should do or need more information to help or anything im more than happy to talk, but i honestly dont know what to do


    1. Sorry, I don’t get involved with personal guidance. I don’t have enough time (nor interest) to give fair responses to various personal topics.

      Besides, helping others through commentaries isn’t the best way to go. We can exchange some general information here but personal issues are just too complex and dynamic for that kind of medium and require an increadible amount of time involvement.

      There are certainly people in your life that are not involved in this issue and yet in a better position to help then I could do it over the Internet. If not, it’s good to check some professional help, at least to know if the problem is really spiritual. Sure, specialists oftentimes can’t help much, but many plain physical and mental issues are taken for spiritual issues and self-helping them is often not the good way of treating them, to say it lightly. So all things must be considered and taken into account.


  3. You use the word “demon” in the same sense that Socrates used daemon, to refer to elohim and spiritual entities or muses that guide humanity on a personal level. One’s own personal savior.


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