Ego And Satanism

There is a lot talk about ego and usually it is put in pejorative context, especially when considering spiritual topic. I wanted to present my perspective on that matter and hopefully correct many misconceptions about it.

From spiritual perspective ego is simply projection of divine into one, described form of an individual. Ego creates the person we think we are in this life. From psychological view, ego is simply an image of ourselves. Let’s elaborate on this.

The image is changing, adjusting, evolving according to our beliefs, convictions, and emotional patterns.  It reacts dynamically to other persons, our thoughts, thoughts of other people, our actions. For example, you may consider yourself as socially responsible person and someone will play that card subtly and because of the rule of consequence (we try to be consequent toward our image – ego) you may agree to do something. That reinforces that part of conviction that you are socially responsible, because you are also acting like that. So next time you encounter situation that would require action from socially responsible person, you may take positive decision quicker, acting according to what you think is consistent with new, reinforced view of you. The whole process takes part in subconsciousness, while on conscious level we find out some reasons to back our decisions. So once again, ego is simply an image of person you think you are.

Taking a pantheistic view, ego is a tool of divine source within us (a soul). Although for the most part we think we are our ego, deep down we have also connection with our wider, bigger nature and some of us could feel that we are more. Ego is a temporal product, the way your divine nature chose to appear in this body in this life. Ego focuses its energy creating very distinctive and unique individual with own, original perspective. You are really not your ego, you are the source within you. You are something more, something much greater, powerful, wiser. But for the sake of experience and development, part of you chose to create and is still creating the person you are right now. Ego also has another vital function. Because it is a projection of your source/soul it also transforms energy (its flow) from it. The more an ego is consistent with your true self (your source, your divine part, your super-consciousness, your soul, etc.) the better it conducts energy. The more it deviates from your true self, the more it tightens and energy flow is hindered, which results in negative emotion (or in such case it is already a pattern, because ego is not just a temporal though, it’s an established image, it is still changing but thoughts, emotions tend to reinforce themselves). Because lessened energy flow is unpleasant, our ego tries to find a ways to restore it. However here is the catch. Energy flow is dependable only on us, on our mental focus and patterns we create. If we try to change, control environment but insist on keeping the same limiting thought patterns, energy flow is still clenched. All actions taken from that position are compensatory actions. They create ease only for a moment but since the reason of lack of energy is still there, we feel forced to repeat those actions over and over to fulfill the void within but never achieving it really. Other way of dealing with hurt ego is to create another part of you with extensive energy flow, to compensate for a mind area when we are not letting go and keep our mind tightened. In such case we often say about overblown ego. Another mechanism is to burry parts in yourself deep in your psyche and avoid to activate them, creating new areas where we feel more ourselves. To sum it up, an ego could be the source of problems but in itself it is only a tool and is not bad as many tend to claim. In fact, ego is necessary. Without an ego, there is no personality, no individual to live the life…

Many lightweight, RHP religions speak about ego as if it was a limitation, a source of evil (in some way you can see it like that, because it is an ego which could be deformed, not our inner source) and the only way toward spiritual enlightenment is to let go of ego, to become more, to melt with a god, universal consciousness, etc. The problem that arises here is that people often project their ego beliefs as to what the universal consciousness suppose to be. In another words, they put bias on a divine so when they present the way toward it, they are projecting those beliefs into universal rules as to how we must act to achieve spiritual fulfillment. If your true self is close enough to social standards or those biases, there is not much tension so one may feel happy pursuing such beliefs. And most people are, it works for them. But the variety of forms on physical plane ensures that there always those, who are different enough to feel uncomfortable, unfulfilled when joining the mass beliefs, those who feel such beliefs unnatural, restricting, because they don’t reflect their inner true nature. And so is the opposite movement born.

Satanism in many ways is a religion of ego. But also it stress that we should live to our full potential, to reach our divine status but at the same time celebrating our egos. Opposite to RHP religions, LHP and especially Satanism focuses on being our own gods. However there is a well known trap, that if we indulge our ego to much, it could get smaller then our true self. But being unanimous with our true self is also essential part of Satanism. So actually what mature Satanism is really about, is to shape an ego in a way, it reflects the inner self to the best, so that there are as little differences as possible.

Our consciousness can move up and down, so we can let go of our egos and be more and that is what many meditation schools or eastern religious movements is about. They teach that we are not our egos but much more and that is true. But that higher perception is only a temporal state in a life. We were born here to explore our unique perspective and ego is a way our divine nature does it. And there is no reason to enjoy ego to the fullest when it is synchronized with our true nature. Of course many RHP practices could cause egos to fulfill that potential but it doesn’t work for all. Focus gives us unique perspective; unique perspective cases us to expand beyond what we were. And ego is a tool how we focus our nature into this world. So mature LHP process is not to give up on ego, also not to overly focus on ego, but to synchronize, expand ego to match our higher nature as much we can, so that it could realize our potential to the fullest, having at the same time strong root within life, because life, every aspect of it, is a spiritual journey and there is no reason not to enjoy every step of it!

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