I decided to shut down contact form on this page. You can still communicate with me through comments or my social profiles (answering time is still long) but I closed down the possibility of direct mailing through the form on this site.

I also created a Satanic F.A.Q. site because most of mails asks the same questions over and over. Please, be patient, this site will be developed in time.

This hard decision is based on the fact that I no longer have time to answer the flood of the emails that is coming at me, so you are left answered for many, many months and no one deserves this.

The whole point of being satanist is to have a good life and to do that one has to maintain balance between work, family and friends and free time. I just cannot spare more time for answering emails because being tied to email program for long hours and not having free time is not my idea of having a life.

Second reason is to force people more to post their questions on comments rather then private emails. This way the answer will benefit all and not just the one person who is asking. I know that comments are not always right place to post often very personal problems but I’m just a one man and I can’t spend more time for personal emailing – it’s just physically not possible.