Worship In Theistic Satanism

We often say we worship Satan and/or demons.  However in most cases term worship is misunderstood.

Living in western, christian based culture, being also surrounded by other abrahamic religions, people start to perceive worship through the prism of those religions and hearing us saying above seemingly simple phrases, they project their associations tided to that term, distorting the content of the statement.

To worship means to feel love, reverence toward the entity. It doesn’t involve groveling or diminishing of own worth. We are gods ourselves and communicating with other divine creatures we treat them as teachers, friends, loved ones. Self worship is also important part of satanism.

Even if we say that we serve Satan or demons, in reality we serve ourselves, because our deities don’t require us to do anything but to be true self. Some satanists may chose more typical religious approach but many theistic satanists aren’t particularly religious, meaning that we don’t see our gods as some needy creatures that crew for our attention. In contrary, they don’t need us and we can also be fine on our own. Yet by act of worship we focus on our own divine side and it is us who gain most profits from that act. I can choose to do devotional rite or not, it’s not obligation. It’s only a way that I can commune with my own divine part. Satan and demons are our inspiration and enable us to reach our higher self.

In other words, our perspective and approach is so completely different that  it is mistake to make direct comparison with worshiping christian mob. For us the same fact of having positive attitude to certain entity could be equal with the fact of worship, nothing more is needed. Prayers, celebration rites or any other devotional practices? It’s only someone’s free choice, no obligations here. Many satanists chose to contact with demonic divine because of personal reasons, not because we owe them something. We are our own masters.