Communication With Demons

Communication with demons is a vital part of demonolatry and frequent practice in theistic satanism. Communication isn’t usually considered a magickal act per se, but thanks to demons you can get new ideas that can improve life in certain areas – in the same way as it could happens when doing a ritual or while casting a spell, or visualizing, doing affirmations, etc. When we are able to sense demons and their responses, we can work magically in unison (for example: while directing energies). Gaining extrasensory insight (not through usual, physical means) could be seen as magick. In my opinion, being sensitive to spiritual energies also means to be sensitive to magical energies so you can use it, which brings tangible results in life. That is why communication with demons is in my opinion an important part of satanic magick, especially when using theurgy or mixed approach!

Summoning on the other hand is usually considered a magical act, but there is no communication without summoning first and there is no summoning if we have no intention to communicate in some way, that is why I consider these two topics as one. However in this article, I will discuss general communication with demons, but concrete methods of summoning will be placed in another article.

Now that we established that this kinds of ability or abilities is very important part of satanic magick, let’s have a closer look on some basic points.

There are few things you need to know or learn:

1) Everyone can learn how to communicate with or channel demons!

There are people called mediums, who are born with natural gift to see various kinds of non-physical energies. However everyone can increase own sensitivity in that direction. Of course it requires some work but it’s easier then most people think. It is not an extraordinary skill, it is something quite common when you finally get to know it and you will find then that many people already receive such signals but are merely ignoring them.

2) Have realistic expectations!

Nothing can block your experience like overgrown expectations build on Hollywood movies, gossips, fear, lack of knowledge (what you know becomes normal, safe and you can approach it calmly, without burden of extensive emotional reactions that can withhold or alter your control and effects).

Demons don’t show in puff, sulfur smoke, they are not physical (although some claim to obtain physical manifestation, it is rather very rare and unusual – read: doubtful effect) so they don’t have body with horns, tails – those are just our projections. Demons are energetic beings so they can assume any form or none form at all. They can express both male and female energies, although some demons prefers one over another. For example, Lucifer could be a dashing female beauty in someones eyes. Experiences vary from person to person so one may see a demon as a horned beast, other as a tall man with dark eyes, others will see colorful balls of energy and others would only sense merely presence or physical/mental sensation without any form.

Expectations are tied to convictions, that are often tied to your beliefs (even former beliefs) or social biases. If you are still afraid of demons and think of them only as malignant entities, you won’t be able to control your emotions and then your subconscious expectation of negative experience will manifest. So be sure to drop those kinds of convictions and clear out your biased convictions, otherwise your emotional reaction will produce an effect that is not to your liking or more commonly, your fear or heightened emotions will block the entire experience. So approaching and learning slowly how to summon and talk to demons will calm and familiarize you with the process. With time you will find that this is so easy and so normal, that you may be surprised how others overreact on such usual thing. Most experiences of that kind are very subtle so no flashes, no roars, sulfur or glowing portals from hell😉.

3) Learn to recognize demonic presence and communication!

As stated above most of the process is very subtle so you need to make yourself more sensitive to signals that are all around and frankly quite common. You may even discover that you are already communicating with demons but you were not aware of that… Lots of inner dialog can be based on spiritual communication.

Communication may happen in various ways:

a) visual – you may see something in the corner of your eye (a color, a shape), see visions (not as hallucinations but merely as pictures in your mind, not so different from your visualizations that we have all the time when thinking about something,although sometimes skilled medium can see through physical eyes so it can happen), dream (definitely more vivid then usual dreams);

b) vocal – various signals from clear sounds and voices in altered state of mind to mind to mind communication that is projected by our brain as voice (again like above: rarely as physical experience, mostly all happens within your mind);

c) sensual – both physical (senses) and mental experiences (impressions – often mistaken and/or mixed with feelings/emotions, because many impressions induce some emotional reaction, however impressions in their nature are neutral, only later we assign them emotional meaning) are common here (shiver, cold, heat, sting, touch, blow, etc. and as well as presence and other mental impressions)

d) emotional – hard to distinguishable from sensual one, usually those two melt together so you may experience a powerful form of a presence with emotional exhilaration, excitation (not just usual excitation but strengthened over normal amplitude – like on drugs but without negative effects and with full control and awareness) and yes – also love.

Of course experiences rarely are so distinct, all forms of communications are possible at ones or various mixes of them, often with one more clear then others. Telepathic communication can embrace also various forms from above examples because it can be n0n verbal, for example when you ask or wonder about something, images or whole ideas and knowledge could suddenly pop in your mind (R. Monroe calls this package of thoughts – thought rotas). Or it could be plain verbal, just as if you were imagining discussion or someone talking to you.

The big question is, how do I know it’s real, how do I know I am not imaging it? Unfortunately, there is no hard, scientific prove for that, you need to decide it for yourself. Experience it and see if it’s real for you. But there are some things that may help you verify your experience.

Quite common method of confirmation is asking for sign and then throughout the day or next few days, you may notice meaningful writings in papers, sentences in TV, someone’s talking, animals, or all kinds of “coincidences” that happen too frequently, too harmonized, too aligned in short period of time that it could be just random. It may be something more tangible as noises, electricity spikes, things moving, falling off by itself, etc. Simply, all occurrences that are significant to you and the particular demon.

Other thing that is important and points out that something more happens here, is when you ask something and then suddenly you know the answer. Or you ask yourself in mind and “imagine” someone answering and that answer is not like you expected but very helpful, wise, deep, almost as if someone other told you that… You may resist the message, yet it keeps coming stubbornly, not sensible to your personal liking..

Pragmatic approach is most helpful here: no matter if you are imaging it or not, what matters is the fact that those information, ideas are helpful, insightful and practical. Often those advises are so not like we would imagine it so it’s hard to follow, but demons are consequent. You ask, you receive. If and when to use it, that’s entirely up to you.

The more you trust in your inner feelings and experiences, the more clear answers you get. However, there is no 100% certainty that you got the info right, none of esoteric methods can give you that, because our natural way of receiving spiritual guidance is always through creative meanings, so you can’t really separate if from things you think you make up, often those fantasized things are surprisingly accurate. Occasionally or when having a natural talent in that directions, answers may be so strong, so “loud”, that you are 100% sure that someone none-physical said it, although you can’t answer why. You just know, because it’s so tangible, so real, so clear, that you can’t ignore it. However, it’s not always like that, so be prepared for both, more subtle ways and those strong ones.

Often when getting sudden ideas and writing or saying it, you get exhilaration, uplifting and the thought is building up, encouraging you to express it. You feel in those moments that you are spiritually inspired and there is something more in that process then meets the eye. Of course you are free to choose version that you are just extraordinarily creative and sensitive person. However often those inner thoughts are so complex, deep and surprising, that you may have troubles to express it fully by words.There is more to communication then language. That is why, instead listening, reading about channeled messages or others communicating with demons, learn it by yourself. You can do it!

4) Learn how to summon demons by invocation! – see separate article here.


  1. You should also put automatic writing in here. It is the best method for communication with invoked demons and it also develops your clairaudience and intuition for more advanced types of communication. I automatic writing, all you have to do is trust yourself, ask the question and write whatever comes to you, without thinking or analyzing. Often, you’ll be amazed at the response.


      1. Hello,
        I would like to make a deal with the Demon Astaroth for money.Can you please tell me the ritual because I don’t wanna do any mistakes?I can give you my email address in case you don’t want to post it here.Thank you for your time


          1. I am a former christian, and I am interested in this kind of stuff. Uhm I rarely feel that something/one is with me. Wanted a firm grip if i am just imagining stuff or Is it real. But I have this feeling that i cant explain


              1. I know this is late tho but email me please [MODERATION CUT]

                [MODERATION= Please do not post your mails in comments. That only attracts boots that scan sites for it to send SPAM and viruses. That’s also a private information that shouldn’t be out there if you are not a public person or using mail for commercial purposes.]


            1. There is no way to tell for sure. Just observe and make your own opinion of what is happening. Only you can know and verify if a personal, mental experience is real or not. There is no outside verification of such experiences.


    1. What’s automatic writing? I am new to communication but I know I’m being followed I’ve seen him n heard his name but I need to find out what he wants n why he’s here with me I’m not crazy and I’m not psychotic but I know what I’ve seen n heard I have a real picture of him holding my face some people are scared n some think its fake but it was enough to scare off my fiance of 9 yes


      1. Automatic writing is one of channeling methods where a person connects with another consciousness and lets it use own hands, so the writing is made aside conscious mind. It’s like your hands had their own mind.

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  2. Also, why don’t you put in a black mirror as well? When you invoke the demon fully in your body you look into the mirror and you’ll see yourself changing radically. It also opens your astral senses like crazy and you can take the communication to the next level. You’ll hear the demon clearly, as well as see it clearly.

    Or you can just call a demon in your presence and ask it to show himself in the mirror. For this, you would have to point the mirror at the ceiling or someplace other than yourself.


    1. You’re right, I should mention also other ways of communicating with demons, there is so many of them: through tarot, pendulum, dreams, glass/water surface, channeling, automatic writing, Ouija board, runes, stones, bones and all other possible divination methods.

      However person without mediumistic abilities may have troubles to obtain results so quickly.

      You write about black mirror and that is a valid method but for a non gifted and non skilled person results won’t be so easy as you described. If this works for you so easily, you are lucky and definitely have some gift in that area. Others need more training and experience.


      1. Then it doesn’t. Maybe you don’t have a neck for it, or maybe you will need to learn more, spend more time on it, or you are doing it wrong. Those methods are not sure, they are just merely guidelines and you have to figure out how to make it work in your case, which… can take years.


        1. The strangest thing just happened, “roll the dice” from my yahtzee game, and email from a site “ilikeyou” came up and said face__photo__blank rated you and someone texted me “we can listen together if you want, it’s just cold November rain” all at the same time like after another, while I was reading this. And I’ve been having really cold flashes non stop for 10 minutes since. And I just looked at a phrase in while signing up for Web profile and the first thing I seen out of the phrase was all demon okay. Like I don’t even remember what the phrase was, that just caught my eye from the letters in it right away


    2. Sort of same, when I looked in the mirror and after about 20 seconds my face, then the rest of my body faded away, leaving only a shadow of eyes. Is this normal? I’m still new to this because I was Christian yesterday 😂 But I’ve always had a knack for demons/unnatural forces/spirits
      It’s been quite the journey and I’m planning on making a new one!

      Also, I noticed there’s some random guy who keeps disliking your posts. It’s kinda weird lol

      Hael Satun♡


    1. Having access to our divine resources is something we have naturally. We can loose it through adapting to culture that don’t promote them. But we can also recover this ability.


  3. Hello Zalbarath. I am new to your site and find it absolutely fascinating. was wondering about an occurrence that happened recently and I would like to know if demons may have been involved. One of my friends named Nathan had claimed he saw strange, humanoid shadows in the forest near his house.He calls them Shadowalkers, and says he can talk to them through some kind of ritual. My friend Nick was skeptical at first, but after Nathan performed a ritual targeted at him, he was able to talk to one too. The strange thing is that both have been completely Christian since they were little kids. I was instructed to perform this ritual on myself tonight, but I am scared of what might happen. Could this be related to Satan and his kind? I am also wondering if demons look ,ike what we picture them to be in our own minds. As long as they are treated with respect, do these demons appear as whatever I imagine them to?


    1. I can’t tell what this “shadowalkers” are just from your description. But I firmly believe that there is no physical danger in such work and only possible problems might be with our own psyche and fears. So when you feel inside that you are safe – you are. No demon, spirit or any spiritual entity can force on you something you don’t feel. Unless you have fears, insecurities that destroy your own life and attract unwished presence and effects. But then you should start to work on your own. Christians usually blame external symptoms which never solves anything.
      However a bit of stress and excitement is not a problem. Above I was telling about strong, negative subconscious programs. Fear of unknown is healthy reaction and keeps you on guard. So go on, experiment with those shadowalkers🙂.

      Demons can take many forms and they aren’t always as we imagine or expect them to be. But it is possible they will take a form you would like to see them.


    2. Matthew, since this is taking place in a forest, the shadow being could be a number of entity types. They could be nature spirits, elves or fae aka fairies. If you are fearful of doing the ritual, try to understand why your are fearful and put the fears into perspective. Is your friend being harmed or not, are the entities helping or turning him away from socially acceptable habits? Ask yourself these questions and judge for yourself the potential risk of initiating contact with these shadow beings. If everything turns out fine, by all means initiate contact, because these entities have qualities and abilities beyond the human self. Demons are not always evil towards humans, so they might offer something useful to those who make contact. Since none of us are there with your friend Nathan, we can’t tell you to do the ritual or not. The smartest answer we can give is that you must judge the risk for yourself and decide if the risk is worth taking.


    1. There is as much answers as demonolators responding. For me the most important thing is that if you are truly on your path and working with demons suits you the best, there is no better connection with spiritual and possibilities, no better strength, that you could get. It goes also the other way around: if you are confused and ask for demon’s help but you’re not comfortable with it and that is not what you should be doing – more harm may come from it then good.
      Another aspect that is important while working with demons – they are amoral and they don’t judge, so you can ask them for pretty anything, even for cursing your enemies, although if that will go properly depends solely on you – demons don’t protect you from yourself.

      I’m sure that others would give their own answers what are the perks of working with demons. What do you think? What are advantages when working with demons in your opinion?


      1. With great power comes great responsibility. You were right, what depends happens misspelled “souly” on you….. demons don’t ask for anything because they don’t have any power. You dont get anything for free…

        enjoy it well it lasts.

        nothing is for free, anyone can connect with energy… they’re not comfortable with you, don’t get it confused my dude.


  4. Hi zalbalath firstly I would like to thank you for this beautiful work you are doing and fo r your time because for newbies we always have many questions and we don’t know were to run and find answers ,okay my concern is I’m new to satanism and I. Was xtian ,but turned satanist ,so my question is I’ve done the dedication ritual well I’ve felt some bit of changes in me but not much ,but I want to know ,how do I know that I’m satanist and is there any changes that are supposed to ocur or form to see,and what is the right time for me to invoke the demons since I’ve only been in satanism for only 3months ?is it possible that I can go to a satanism church to seek more help or also how do I get to know were the church is in my area ?please help you. Can also reply to me directly on my email I’m in south Africa


    1. Hi, I’m glad you find my site helpful.
      I believe I wrote in one of my articles that becoming a satanists is simple a DECISION. However to make it more official, stronger, one is required to do an initiation ritual or a pact. What form this ritual will take depends on you. In some cased there will be no need for it because the whole transformation was done automatically (e.g. you experienced something profoundly changing).

      People expect often that suddenly their life will change like in fairy tale but in reality any change requires certain conditions. Changing us innerly we change those conditions but only rarely change is so revolutionary. In most cases it’s a slow process that requires work and attention.

      Becoming fan of Satan while being a christian before qualifies certainly as a big change, however this is merely a first step. Nothing happens by itself. You changing your view also didn’t happen probably in one day. You were growing to this in months or even years. Becoming a satanists is only a beginning of journey. It’s not always easy, but if you do it right, it will be exciting and very rewarding.

      You became a satanists to achieve something, to better your life, to find freedom, power, means. What is it? What are your dreams, things that excites you? What can you do about it now? Research yourself and ask demons for guidance and understanding along the way and have fun discovering life and yourself!

      As to church, the only available to most is online church – a gathering of other satanists that can help you in your journey (by supporting you or… challenging you). Maybe some day we will have some official buildings but for now, there is no concrete church, only decentralized and differentiate community. Internet gives you access to so many tools, persons and informations so you can make researches on your own, socialize with other satanists, learn new things that can help you in your goals, etc.

      Satanism requires strong dedication because we don’t have unified and closed communities – we must learn to work alone or with a bit of online and… spiritual help, if you manage to learn to communicate with demons. You must be strong to make your own decisions, your own views, often despite what others (even satanists) will tell you. Have your own mind, be individualist, know what you want.


  5. Hi, I’m new to your site and have a few questions… I’ve been Christian for a few years but since I was little I’ve had this “skill” I guess you can call it, I can see things in my dreams, whether it is people’s intentions, events happening in the future, demons and many different things. it’s been a few months since I departed from church and started reading more and more about satanism and demons and I choose Dantalion and by what I read on your blog he did too now, I saw my demon guardian which I’m not sure of his name, I saw him once in a dream and I been trying to contact him but haven’t had luck, my question is, is it possible that my guardian is Dantalion or could it be a different demon? Also, like I read in your blog, is it really possible to talk to demons while being on drugs? And are “elfs” or “fairies” really real? Cause I read a lot and there’s always different opinions about this subject and since I have no one to talk about this then I’m curios. Thank you🙂


    1. Yes, it is possible that Dantalion is your guardian demon. On the other hand he may be a patron or mentor. Just ask him🙂 and see if something pops up.

      Elfs and fairies are fairy tale creatures and as such they don’t exist physically. However there are some beliefs that they are some “otherworldly” or spiritual beings. I guess it depends on you and your preferences. Our mind is able to perceive tons of informations, however left, logical brain is very limited and see only a small spectrum of the world and analyzes it in linear way. Right brain is capable to transform much wider spectrum, however it process informations in non-linear way. In results, logics and usual reasonable thinking has no use when you want to access part of reality that is outside of the visible spectrum of the left brain. The issue is, there is no way to tell if that what you see and perceive is true or is it invented. In fact, invented things may be just structures that we need to fill with those unsorted informations.

      In different words, you can’t tell the difference between fantasy and reality because it all is interconnected and fantasy is used to perceive reality in subjective way.

      At the end, if you want to believe in demons or in elfs or in fairies, it’s up to you. Just embrace beliefs that appeal to you. Your belief makes it possible to obtain complex and subtle spiritual informations. What is important is, that it can work and impact your life in a very real way.


  6. I summoned Azazel a few years back and right when I said his name instantly I felt his powerful energy just as if he was standing right behind me.I have tried to summon him here and there during the years but I have never felt the same energy like I felt the very first time I summoned him.I have also tried to summon other demons and I never felt any of them accept for him and only him but like I said it only happened once.I do feel a deep connection with him and I do believe I can hear him in my mind.I’m just curious as to why I only got to feel him that much only once.Can someone please help me I would be forever grateful.
    I also wanted to say that there is a deep feeling in me that he could be my guardian.Ever since I summoned him and felt him I feel there is a link between us as if he’s been with me through out my life.
    If anyone has any info that could help me understand better I would truly grateful.
    you can email me at
    Thank you


    1. Yes, there is an answer to that. It is actually quite common thing. First time is usually the strongest one, it’s like saying strongly I’M HERE. However they won’t scream all the time and expect of you to trust in that first experience. In other words, you got your confirmation and there is no repetition. The similar things are in other areas of the occult. If you read tarot, just ask and see the answer. Don’t answer many times the same thing. Cards might answer you second, maybe third time but if you keep asking the same, it’s as if you showed lack of trust and quickly cards will show gibberish.

      We are used to repetition before we believe but spiritual experiences require of us decisiveness, either you believe and trust or you still have doubts that will remove you from those matters on your own wish…

      There is also a matter of us being used to… anything. It’s how our nervous system works. We adapt and we need to feel the difference to feel it anew. If connection was made and you know it, it became so familiar, so normal that you forget to notice it. Only if you somehow lost it you would feel this strong void as a contrast to what you felt before.

      My first experience with Satan was just simply GRANDIOSE and I knew that since then we are linked all the time. I got used to it so I may not notice it all the time but I trust He is there and I have no doubts. Sure, it would be nice to have so strong feelings once again, but we can only move forward.

      So shortly said: trust that Azazel is there, enjoy it, you got your conformation and now you can move on to newer things – ask what you want and expect results😀.

      P.S. Many people fall into that trap. They ask for some confirmation, they get it and then want more instead moving forward. Spirituality is not a simple experiment one could repeat with same results.


    1. Magically in instant like in fairy tales, myths and fantasy movies? No – those are works of fiction. Well… there is one quick method… You die and get new body and new life..😉 but I bet you don’t want that, at least not yet.

      As to process of changing a body, it is somewhat possible but mostly by conventional means and long time work. Reshaping existing physical constructs without using any existing physical laws is rare occurrence and requires a lot of energy – from you. Most people are not ready or strong enough for such things and they are stuck with longer processes.


  7. Hello! What do you think about goetia? I have been reading a lot about it and they say it demands much experience. One article I read, said this can be very dangerous, because lots of people already went mad and some even died after a goetic ritual. Is that true? I really want to practice goetia, but don’t know where to start and I got kind of scared after reading those things.


    1. I’ll say that such rumors are great advertising😉 and empower goetia. However I never heard such things for real. Sure, there were some people who got burned, there is no rule, but overall experience of many demonolators is positive. I also cannot say anything bad so for me such gossips are simply myths.

      Goetia is a great source of inspiration but is not suitable at all for demonolators adn satanists, because it presents obsolete, christian ceremonial magick. Satanists take info and rewrite it for respectful invocations (not all) so you can’t use goetia directly.


      1. Thank you for replying to me. Could you make it clearer? Almost everything I read about it said about the importance of drawing circles, pentagrams, and a lot more things. It is necessary to protect yourself from the demon you are summoning. They say if you don’t do that, the demon may hurt you, scare you, drive you crazy, kill you etc. So it is all untrue? Are those proctetions unecessary and disrespectful? How to practice goetia in a respectful way then? Is there any way of doing it?


        1. Protecting from demons and threatening them is a way of christian ceremonial magick. Satanists use completely different methods. We like or even LOVE demons and Satan. We express it with invocation rituals. Invocations are just simple, polite invitations. Since we don’t believe that demons are bad or that we are in danger, we don’t need to protect ourselves. Circle is done in different way and it’s not for protection but to create a balanced, sacred, welcoming space.

          Just imagine you are inviting to your home a person you are fond of. What do you do? You want to make the best impression so you prepare yourself, clean your house, make a meal or drinks to offer. The same thing happens during invocation ritual.

          So before one attempts invocation one needs to drop old, christian notions about Satan, demons, evil and all that shitty stuff that restricts you. If demons are approached positively they just mirror it back. If they are feared, they give you reason to.

          Demons are neutral. Think of it as approaching to a wild animal. If you make it uncomfortable or make it feel threatened, it will attack you. If you built positive relationship with it, even the most dangerous animal may be your friend. Of course demons are way more intelligent so it’s not like they don’t understand you. They’re easier to approach then animals because they know your intentions and thoughts. So only true affection and positive attitude is welcomed. If you still have some abrahamic brainwashing left overs you might be burned.


  8. I have a question and would like a follow up from fellow satanists. Can Satan or his Demons bring physical healing? I’m also so glad I’m spiritual Satanist. I couldn’t feel much better in life than as Satanist. I tried praying to christian jehovah/jesus, Archangel Raphael and none of them worked. Now I’m going to pray to Satan for physical healing to cure diseases, but would like help on how to do it.


    1. In my experience it’s possible but there is more to the process of healing then simple prayer and waiting.

      My sister had a cancer (last stage) and it took us two years to heal her but we did it🙂. We used various techniques: some prayed, some meditated, some did magick (sending energy, working with crystals, rituals and others). Along with it we used herbs, changed diet drastically and encouraged her to regular physical activity. It was very complicated process but in all this we believed that we make it and my sister believed it too. Most people have no such strong faith and let their doubts rule their emotions. Even in the face of evidence (many examinations showed sickness progression) we didn’t loose our positive attitude, on the contrary, it motivated us to work harder. It payed off.

      My point is: some things, especially health, need to be approached actively. If you pray and do nothing (do the same stuff, think the same), you get nothing in return. But if you pray and look actively for solution, you open yourself for previously unexpected possibilities and forces that will work toward your advantage. Miracles do happen but mostly they are worked out. My sister should be long gone according to doctors and yet she is alive and well, while others who were in better situation got worse… We found others who did the same things as we and they are cured as well. There is no one simple recipe but a complex of consequent and serious changes that you must introduce to your life.

      Sicknesses show some serious things that are left alone and they grow and grow till they become a serious problem. Passive attitude doesn’t work. Going to doctor and taking pills is not an active method. It only numbs your symptoms but the problem remains and grows till it’s so big that it can crush you emotionally – there is no other way then: either you change your whole life or you die. It all depends on you, we all die eventually, normal circle of life, but to some extent we can consciously chose how and when. If your doctors tells you it’s time, don’t believe them, it’s time when you say it’s time!

      But let’s forget such serious issues, sometimes it’s just some problem to resolve and you can move on quickly. Spirituality and physicality are interconnected so when asking for spiritual help, you must be ready for physical manifestation of your request and often it is in form of action (even if sometimes it’s only a symbolic one – while in magickal ritual). Only then energies can align and bring results you seek.

      Prayers can be important part of that process because they send your requests to demons or Satan, during action you open yourself for unseen forces and let yourself be inspired by them. Feeling trustful and calm that your prayers are heard lessens your resistance for the thing you want to come.

      Know that for prayer to be effective some conditions must be met.

      1. Know exactly what you ask for (be specific, avoid generalities)
      2. Focus on what you want, feel it, imagine it, believe it is possible.
      3. Believe that your request will be heard and fulfilled – be calm, relaxed and trustful, don’t check out “is it there yet”, trust that it will come in its own time, be patient.
      4. Thank for it as if it was done – once again believe it.
      5. Be open for solutions, seek them actively and then you will find them. Don’t close your eyes for reality because in reality you will find solution. Praying and ignoring reality is a recipe for catastrophe (that is how many christians do prayers).

      So as you see, prayers are just a beginning and only part of the bigger process. Remember, Satan help those who can help themselves.

      Hail Satan, Hail Thyself

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  9. Hey Zalbarath I’m new to satanism and the occult I’m an ex Christian the whole thing that started all of this was 4 or five months back I was a Christian and I trusted in there so called god jesus christ I was raised a Christian for nearly 15 years ever since I was child tought the Holy Bible I was told that Demons and Satan were evil and Jesus was god etc and all that other BullShit well I’ve moved around my entire life this past year I’ve been suffering with so much depression…well maybe I should tell you how it started my depression well about 5 or 6 months ago I moved North Dakota were I’m currently living I met this girl the most amazing person I’ve ever met I fell in love and we dated we had so much in common we liked a lot of the same bands etc my favorite band of all time Nirvana but we dated fell in love I never felt a connection like that before same for her she was often depressed and suicidal I had never felt that way before she would often cut herself which made me sad and feel for her even more normally these kind of activities would make me feel uncomfortable with anybody else but with her it didn’t matter I loved her for her so I tried cutting myself lol yea more like lightly scratching myself for attention to sorta make her feel better but one thing led to another we broke arguably I understand why I wasn’t my self I didn’t know who I was…it’s been about three months since after we broke up I started to really self harm alot cutting deep and ever since I started smoking burning myself with cigarette buds and other implications of self harm I had been so depressed and searching for answers so I gave my religion 1 last chance to show me something and you know what happened???….Fucking nothing I had realized than that I had based my intire beliefs and look on life on a book…..and than I said I’m done with Christianty I became even more suicidal after that wondering what was left but lies to tell you the truth even today I dream of razor blades and self harm but the whole thhang was I didn’t know who I was or wanted to be I’m become more goth/emo I’ve always been entrested fairly tales and story’s of fairys and elves and such on British iles etc my favorite being Alice In Wonderland…sometimes I feel like the mad hatter just slowly losing my mind lol…but I just need somebody I’m sorta a lone wolf I sorta have trust issues now but my story’s very long and maybe I could tell you more later…but I was wondering if you could have or ask for like demons or a spirit u can see like an imaginary friend that’s with you all the time and walks and talks with u etc? I just need a friend that nobody else could see type thing..but anyways hope I didn’t bore you wirh the story but yea if you could talk with me and answer back I would be very very grateful…now I’m gonna go listen to Marilyn Manson and Dark Funeral etc and go to sleep…


  10. Wow im so amazed how people react to this and ZALBARATH you are replying monst of the comment im new here i will explore more to your site im soooo interested about satan and demon i want to know more. I feel better if im reading about satan and demons


  11. hello zalbarath,i m Alex.

    I just have one question:if I love SATAN a lot but I still have suicidal thoughts,harm myself(like cutting my chest ,my hands with anything sharp) does it means that in reality I don t really love him and I don t want to accept him?I HOPE NOT!i hope that my love is true even thou I can t prove it…I asked for help many times(like with school grades,strengh in battles with some delinquents and between gangs..etc) and I always got it.So ..why do I still have thouse thoughts,i tried to restrain myself but I just can t..and the worst thing is that I enjoy the I really want more and more of it ..just like a drug.What ca I do?I know that if I ll die I ll go straight to hell so I m totally happy with that but I don t want to die so fast..(I m 15).I respect myself ..I am de strongest in my school(I m a juvenile delinquent)..I am respected by most of the friends I made or maybe may be a better term to I think I do have a good life but I want to get rid of that bad habbit of cutting myself everyday…please tell me what can I do?THANK YOU!


    1. Human psyche is complicated so there are people who are healthy, strong individuals and yet they have mutilation fetish, pain fetish, sado-maso interests and alike. There are variety of such interests. Some of the raise because of certain problems and then they were transformed into positive self-reinforcements. However not always they are harmless and sometimes enjoyment may involve risk and self harm, coming from hidden or residual problems. Since you are still a teenager, it’s possible you are in moment of transforming your auto0agression problems into form of enjoyment and more positive, mature and stronger psyche. The older you are, the more stable you become emotionally, at least that it what it happens naturally of you play it right. Auto-destruct tendencies may become fetishes but without negative tendencies, however risk always plays a role in such interests.

      It’s hard to asses and since I don’t know you, I won’t jump into quick conclusions. Love toward Satan has nothing to do with it. In fact, this love may be the way you can transform your issues into something positive in your life. However it is your path so you must figure it out on yourself.

      Good luck finding out your own, unique path, even when pain, enjoyment and risks are involved. In fact, nothing exciting and worth fighting for is void of risks😉. The difference is, when we love something, we become experts in it so we can take bigger risks then everyone else and yet lower the risk beyond the standard level of any other person who would try the same, so actually you risk less then average person doing something new.


  12. Recently I communicated with a man who was passing though on a spiritual quest. He was praying, meditating and reading bible verses from a book while he sat in front of our store. He claimed to have the spirit of Yudas and I told him Judas was a good guy because he helped fulfill the prophesy. We Discussed many things such as how Yudas was murdered for killing Yoshua instead of committing suicide as so many believed. The man told me he was trying to get Yawee to save him, but the demons that possessed his mind want him to do really bad things. this is why he left his family and started a spiritual quest to fight them. I encouraged him to embrace these demons for ythey came to him for a reason an will make him stronger, but what scared me the most was when the guy laughed hid his face between his legs then looked up his voice changed and he said, “I see who you really are. A fiery blue eyed woman stares back at me. You may hide her from the world but I can see who you really are.” This threw me off. I’m a guy but I was diagnosed with a gender identity disorder as a kid, but I convinced myself that being born a guy was for a reason and staying this was is for the best even though I still believe that my spirit is of a woman. What made this conversation more interesting is at one point he went into a catatonic state and stared into my eyes. We were like this for about five minutes and I could see many faces within his face as though a haze of fog slowly changing. For a moment he was an empty shell as the demons swirled with his mind. This point I apologized as I realized the spirits that fought within him were real. This may make little since to you, but many of the Christian websites are so caught up in the lies they tell themselves that they can not understand.


    1. The line between crazy and visionary is thin, often it intertwines with each other. In shamanic cultures people with various conditions (that were outside the norm) are often seen as gifted, special and designed to be a shamans/healers. With a help of experienced shamans they can become that, but without it, they are just troubled people with wasted potential.

      Of course, some just have inner issues and possessions/spirits are just a way to deal with it and there is nothing mystical about it. However fantasy, creativity is a way how we tap to the spiritual world so even making things up or believing in them, opens a gate in us that could be used.

      Normal people have stable state and must actively seek the state of creativity (let go of the control and flow with the feeling but still there is a sense of control and borders that we created), while “crazy ones” often can’t help it but act through it, because they are caught up in river so strong they cannot control the flow and the flow goes in a way that socialized person wouldn’t allow.

      Demonolatry has many traces of shamanic religions so it’s a live practice that requires of us of active tapping into various sides of the mental universe, while christianity is rigid, formalized, dead and disconnected from the spiritual dimension. However there are individuals who have gift and can connect to the other side. If they have christian beliefs, those beliefs create a frame through which their experience is translated.


    1. Never had any situation when demon wanted to be inside me, so I can’t tell. I’m not a medium so my feelings during channeling are subtle. Mainly: I just know what to write/say, it flows automatically through me and it feels like someone else was inspiring you to do it. In that moment you feel urge to say/write, confidence and ease, it just happens. It’s hard to describe but there is a difference between writing yourself and writing during channeling. However I cannot force it out, so sometimes it happens but I have no control when. However I never loose control over myself, so I could stop if I wanted, but in that moment I want to go with it, because it feels right. I red that some people have different feelings, they feel like hands were controlled by someone else, or they loose consciousness, or something else. So there is no universal way how it happens.


  13. Zalbarath,
    I’m a newbie at this communication steps I read your blog and I’m a little uneasy of what is gonna be expected I’ve been wanting to talk to a demon named Ipos I don’t think he/she is gonna get a liking to me for all I know he knows past and future so help me out.


    1. Demons don’t have quite the same emotions as we. People personalize demons too much. It doesn’t matter what he likes or not, or at least it doesn’t matter to you. What matters is what you feel about him. If you feel drawn to him, excited – good, you should try contacting him. If you are scared, uneasy – reevaluate your approach, goals. Maybe you need to work on changing your attitude, beliefs, expectations or simply look for a different demon to contact with – one that feels exciting.


  14. Zalbarath, your blog is so powerful.
    i want to ask if you direct me on how to invoke Lucifer to make a Pact on return, giving me what i demand for.
    i will appreciate ! Thanks


    1. It’s rather impossible request. I had to connect to you personally and spend lot of time, which I don’t have it. I get lot of similar requests and even if I did help few, rest wouldn’t have a chance to get to me – it’s impossible to fulfill so many requests. There are enough materials and info on the Internet to get started on your own. Sure, it would be more comfortable to have personal guidance but that’s very rare thing to happen.


  15. Hi Zalbraath, I’d like to say I’m new to this whole thing. But the more I read and research, the more I’m starting to realize I may not be as new as I think. Over the last year and half I’ve been researching and thinking about Lucifer and demons quite a lot. Now to the point were I can draw nothing but symbols and think about it almost every other thought I have. But me being unsure on what I am and what I wanna be is clouding my judgement. I’ve done rituals and ask for signs and it’s Givin them to me. I’ve got answers. But the only thing I’m scared about is when this lifetime is over. What’s going to be on the other side? And do I really wanna be there. I’ve had this entity or entity’s follow me since I was little. I’ve opened up my doors a lot lately and been getting a lot of feed back. Too the point were every song and Show I listen too. It feels like it’s talking to me. Telling me it’s my destiny and not to be scared of my fate. I wanna put my fears behind me but after what happened a week ago. I’m more terrified then ever. I blacked out and went into a nightmare. Woke up on the floor drenched and soaked in sweat. I feel as if it’s getting angry at me. Cause I won’t make my decision. I want to ask for guidance. From them and insurance that im where im suppose to be but I’m just not sure what to do. I believe I’m suppose to be where I’m going. Is there anything I can do if I did end up making them mad. I’m to the point where I have family and friends saying I’m going down the wrong path but yet it’s the only place I feel comfortable. What do I do from here? Do I continue making my steps or turn around..


    1. That’s complicated topic. If you are true to yourself then you should listen to yourself and ignore others but if you are self deceiving yourself, well… The right path is usually the one you have no doubts about. Once you take first steps (you won’t know it if you won’t take action) and it makes you excited and want more so you go further and further. Other opinion is irrelevant but if you are truly happy with your choice, others either learn to accept it (seeing that it influences you positively) or disappear from your life. If you take others opoinions into account more then your feelings, then your inner compass is out of order and you need to calibrate it first. Others opinion are valuable if you really seek them and if you already know what you want (without a doubt) and you trust your gut – then those opinions can help you in further decisions, but in other case they will only disturb you.
      In fact, don’t take your spiritual friends opinion into account too… It’s your life and if they respect you, they MUST respect your decisions. If not, ignore them, teach them that you know yourself, that you know what to do, that you are independent and even willing to make wrong decisions but you OWN them and learn from them. That’s what being mature person is about.

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      1. Thank you Zalbarath, truly meant a lot. I believe In myself. And my guts telling me to go down the path I’m on. I want to thank you for your guidance and for helping so many people. You help me understand myself better and lots of others. I believe I’m heading towards my destiny. And im hoping soon that my spritual friend will reach out to me and help guide me towards my destiny. He his one of the only people that has never left me. And im proud to be what I am. But I thank you one more time. Youve help me come to terms with this better then anyone or anything ive tried. I no longer fear my spritual friends and now welcome them. I know the only one that can hurt me, is me. I’ve lost almost everyone. Yet I’m happier then I’ve ever been. I am strong. And i want to take this further and further. Is there anything I can do to show that im here for the long run? Anything I can do to make me more sensitive to my spritual friends so I can talk and communicate with them further? I want them to trust me as I do with them.


        1. Relationships starts and ends, that’s a natural thing. Even spiritual ones may change over time so no worries, there are always new relationships ahead and each of them is different, unique.


  16. as a charismatic or say saved magic practioner 22 yrs i had power to put hands on people and they fall down supposed by the power of holy spirit.
    later i fought off those powers and i have never had so much demonic manifestations which i now hope are over.

    my point is those who transact with spirits no matter their kind will find themselves on the reverse side of sanity.
    beware. demons and all spirits are generally evil.

    keep away.


    1. Every has own beliefs and own experiences and mine show completely different world… Sure, there are people who are unstable and in risk of getting worse when working with spirits of any kind (even with angels – I know a person who went off the board and it stared with angels…), but those sane, mature and stable ones have no issues and benefit a lot from working with spirits (also demons).


  17. i have so many questions in my head but no one can help me, in year 2000 when i was 5 and lived in germany so many strange things happened to me, i could hear some voices in my head talking about me and saying my name and i saw creatures In my room at night, and every night when i went to bed 2creatures or what ever i have no idea took me off of my bed and that was the last thing i could remember wen i woke up the next morning in my room, all i know is that my dad hast to do something with it he was in contact with satan like he worked for him for receiving money and drugs and all he wanted, i don’t know, and the more weirs thing is that in that time i felt like a grown up women like i was 22,23 years old and i had sexual desires, and i did weird things for example i took off all my clothes in a public place, and i even mastrubate when i was 5!!! I just want to know what happened to me, and what is going on, can you please please help me to find answers? I’m beginning you.!


    1. It’s hard to read your post because all those mistakes so I can only guess at some points what you meant.

      There are people who have a gift that makes them see things more in their mind (spiritual word and your inner word are combined) then in physical reality. If properly trained, you can become medium but if faced with life difficulties like you have, it can create problems and mental instability. In shamanic cultures you would be treated as a healer in training, in wester culture may be called abnormal.

      Sexual desires are normal part of human experience and even infants can have orgasms so a small child masturbating is nothing weird. However doing it in public shows some suppressed urges and emotions and also problems with social behavior.

      Since I never experienced similar things and my life was complete opposite of it (loving family, stable parent relationship, very grounded personality, no mediumistic abilities), I can’t help you. However there are people who have skills and interest in grounding people like you. They can make you function better in society so you could be more successful and in control of your life. They will also teach you how to treat and use your gifts so they wouldn’t control you. This is a lifetime study so there is no quick fix.I only heard of those people so I can’t direct you to them.

      There is also another alternative. You can go to psychiatrist and get medical treatment that will stabilize your visions but that’s more like suppressing of a problem then really solving it. It can work for some time but I doubt it would make you feel better on the long run, but you can try it out, I may be mistaken.

      I don’t know what will be best for you. Some people in your situation find answers and can help themselves when studying psychology, shamanism (a real shamanic teacher maybe?) and other occult techniques. Others became even more lost and crazy. I know personally a friend who just lost it after studying occultism. It’s not good for everyone. You need to decide what is best for you.


    1. Often people do feel different but also often they don’t… There is no rule here. Too many people expects Satan knows what and when it doesn’t happen, they’re disappointed.
      Dedication ritual is not so much different from marriage… It’s just a pact and how it will work out depends on you. Sometimes it’s a big leap and extreme experience, for others it’s just formal ritual but nothing extraordinary happens because they lived together for a long time, others… don’t feel it because there is no chemistry.
      No matter what you feel, act as if ritual was valid – the same as with marriage. You don’t need confirmation, because nothing magickal happens, only you made formal decision and went through formal rite and since then you consider yourself married. That’s changed. How you perceive yourself changed. The same is with your dedication. Your a dedicated satanist so you need to act like one.


  18. When I was young I use to go through forms of which I felt power rage go through me I can feel spirits around me at times they help me with my job and while I’m driving I’m Satanist since I was a boy I had visions of the past of Roma days as if I lived there at one point i use to go to a world where everything I wanted was there every morning befor school. I’ve always want to talk to my father yet he has no reply since I was a boy how do I contact him again help me with my question please


    1. As children we are more in tune with our inner selfs. In order to learn how to communicate with divine beings like Satan we must learn it anew, but this time on a conscious level. Unfortunately this is a personal journey and there are no many universal and easy tips. Know thyself is the key phrase here. Look for yourself first and then you will find Satan.


  19. hi, im new to this whole communication thing with demons and i find it very fascinating and exciting. Ive been on other sites and seen ways to conjure and ways to attempt to come in contact with a demon. Ive bounced from different religions all due to the fact that i have no proof from any of them in any form. I want to see something physical or feel it, i just want to know that something is real and it is not all bullshit. is there a way to know it is real, ive tried with pendulums and sigils but i cant seem to believe it for some reason, i think im just swinging the pendulum and it has nothing to do with an entity. i find this subject very interesting and i hop to get the most that i can out o it, any help would be really great. I just need some insight to this whole thing.


  20. I have found this site to be the most helpfull ever ive been reading for almost 2 days straight as a former Catholic and a US solider my belief where challenged and a lot of stuff just didn’t make any logical sense in Christianity as far as demons and Satan is concerned and i have come to the belief that if respected they mean us no harm and have decided to start the path of becoming a Satanist I have already renounced Christianity now im starting to learn how to do the initiation rite into Satanism and am reaserching how to summon my first demon so as to find my guarding and hopefully get some questions awsered and make a friend : ) but I will try and try again until I get results “the army never quits” whooah lol anyways do I need to do anything in particular besides the initiation to get rid of my babtisim or anything else that may be unpleasant id hate to invite a new friend over and not have a clean house lol


  21. I’m a pretty open-minded man, but I grew up as a baptized Christian, though I’ve never truly believed in the faith. I’d like to contact a demon, but I can’t bring myself to do it, because to be honest I’m still kind of afraid to do it.

    I have been taught my while life that these entities are evil and should be combated, but I’ve never felt that way toward them; however, I still hold a slight fear of them. I just want to know if it would be safe for me to attempt to contact one if I do hold some fear, or if I should hold off on doing so until I hold no fear of demons.

    I really don’t want to put out the wrong energy and upset it. I’m more or less just a curious person and want to get to know the other side better. So is my fear justifiable in this situation? Would the demon understand my fear, and not be threatened or put off by it?

    In all honesty, I don’t think I can overcome this fear until I’ve had my first encounter with a demon.


    1. I think that you should simply study satanism or demonolatry more so you get accustomed to it so your fear would be elevated with time naturally. You will see that nothing bad happens and you can research and enjoy things you read and then at some point excitation and curiosity will be stronger then any tension and you may try things out. However people imagine usually too much from a demon encounter. Often people have to work toward success because first attempts don’t bring any results or at least nothing they would know of, so it’s not that easy. It mainly depends on your mental sensibility and stability (two opposite working features… that you need to manage somehow, that means: you need sensibility to feel subtle energies but also stability to be sane person, insane persons feel things easier but have no control over them and that’s a bummer.. on the other side grounded, stable persons are not sensible enough to feel more then a physical word around them, so they must learn slowly how to feel more and it’s not a quick process). For me it happened in my early 20s after years of occult study (I’m not a medium).

      Remember this: no spiritual entity can harm you in any way. The only harm comes from… you, that is, if you fear of something, you may attract it (it’s like open invitation). That is why excitation and curiosity should out weight the fear. Besides, spiritual entities, also demons are not far aware from us, we just don’t reach out to them.


  22. I’m curious, I was told that there are specific tiers of demons that are forbidden to be contacted. For example, Malphas is a tier one. He is forbidden to be invoked. For it’ll mean instant death afterwards. Can you comment on that? I’d like your opinion.


    1. First time I hear about it. As I understand reality, you are your highest god in your life so no one, no even a demon can hurt you if you won’t allow it (like through fear, tension, not dealing well with stress, etc.). From the same reason demons can’t do wonders in our lifes if we won’t allow them to… In another words, demons help those who help themselves.


  23. I come across this site today and it seems i have reach where i have long been dreaming of because i need some help right now. life is turning up and down, my question is simple… can you help me with the site where i can communicate more of satanic members for future direction without mistake…. My mind is made up


  24. I was wondering if goetic demons could take interest in humans and try to contact them or give them subtle signs?
    I’ve been kinda dabbling in all occult religions but never found a home really. Chaos magick with no belief system is out of the question because I like following a theistic religion, and I’ve always had an interest in demons.
    Thing is, once I started turning towards satanism I only have 3 names on my mind: Astaroth, Marbas and Asmodeus. I think about their names without me even wanting to, even during my meditation and I thought that maybe one of them is trying to communicate with me.
    I ask you kindly to tell me if what’s happening now is real or just my mind making it up, as you clearly have more experience than me in the demonology field.


  25. For some reasons and sometimes I felt that some powerful energy which is not harmful but huge constantly try to summon me or call out to me. Later, on a closer notice they seemed like signs which they really were. It took me a huge time to decide which goetia demon I want to summon as the first one. Also, I let myself wait and wait because I wanted more signs, this could sound adamant or dumb but I wanted to summon my familiar spirit, the problem was I had no ideas who it was. I so desperately wanted to know who it was. I got strange dreams in the night and would scream till my sister and dad would come running to my room to shake n wake me up, but I just couldn’t remember what happened. This happened back to back for 3 to 4 days, I was kind of freaked out but then I mentally prepared myself to have a word with Lucifer and to my surprise as well as my delight he did come. He was sitting doing something with his back facing me, for some reason I knew it was him, I went closer slowly an he said “hello” without turning around. I sat with him and asked my heart out and he was there answering everything, he had calmness in his eyes. Before he left I asked him to tell me if I have a familiar demon, he said yes I do and he shall send him to me, after I figure out who.
    Months passed, but I noticed myself unknowingly being attracted to birds, the sky sometimes I felt the huge tree in front of my house talk to me, I came back to the goetia demons going through each of them (I had done that a lot of times by now) and this time I knew it was Purson. Soon I could feel a strange presence during the day time, now I read and researched more about Purson (I prefer calling him Horus), soon everything was clear to me, I was sure that he had been trying to grab my attention all these years. Everything started falling into place and now I knew he was the one. It was like I had a guide and would talk to me and just sense. In the beginning I was hesitant I thought demons can trick us (which they can), but soon I knew he won’t and I accepted him as a friend.
    I was to prepare for the ritual as per my understanding but Horus himself guided me into how he would rather like it. Now, I can’t really be discussing how was it going down but right while I called him out and continued the summoning ritual the door of the place I in opened like someone kicked it from outside, the violent pressure of the wind blew it the only candle I was using, Horus asked me to go shut the door and constantly asked him if I was scared to which I told him that I am not scared and won’t be because I know he means no harm. He answered all my questions truthfully, with patience and great wisdom.
    It is very necessary for everyone to understand the concept of ‘one’. Everything being a single unit, good bad, god evil, it’s just one. Also, when dealing with a demon its very necessary for you to be clear with your thoughts because they can anyways read it, so you act wise not smart, demons do want energies to feed on maybe more depending on what you desire and your other individualistic traits.
    The only cases you can let these entities harm you is when you’re summoning them & don’t know what to ask (purpose is necessary, if not then at least question that you want answers for)by letting them feel you are way inferior and that you show by being scared, in this case they will feed on your negative fear energies, leading you to some problems that in turn would create more of such feelings of fear and frustration that they feed on. If your demon doesn’t directly tell you what he wants and confirms it over time, then it’s your call. In case that doesn’t happen, they can be fed by being given more power by reading, researching, talking about them, meditating thinking about them, using and seeing their sigil, dancing/singing/writing or any other form of art can even make them joyful.


  26. hello, i have read your blog and found it very interesting. i have a christian all my life and went to a catholic seminary for four years, i even wanted to become a priest but lost interest after loosing my family members. first my mum died then my father and my sister followed. all with different deaths. after these events i rarely went to church again, but six months ago, my friend told me that there is a pentecostal church i should go to and the holy spirit will help me, but since i started going there i feel totally detached, its like a cult, preachings are out of place totally, so i started reading about goetia demons and really wanted to invoke Orobas but i cant, all i feel when i call or think of his name is a chill going through my body. is this him or what exactly. i want to make a pact with him so that he stays with me and helps me. how do i do that? please assist.


    1. Different people react differently but I would say that you did contacted him, but weren’t able to establish comprehensive communication so all you get is the feeling and you have to go with that.Learning to understand own gut feelings is a part of learning how to communicate with demons, because communication is not always verbal.


  27. Hey everyone,🙂

    So uhm, you all seem to know what to do and how to do it, and probably have intentionally summoned a good amount of Demons through procedures.😛 well, I will bravely stand out and say I am like John Snow in those matters.

    But i am afraid I accidentally did something.
    I wish I could speak with OP in private on this matter and not in public comments.:/
    Would that be possible?😛



  28. Hello,

    Im new to the whole magick ideal, but when summoning a demon do you need to know his/her name , since there are thousands of them that have never have been recorded and that around in our world, how do we invoke them or at least get in contact to get information about them to invoke them and speak with them. Although there are many know to contact but its intresting to meet new ones ?


    1. You don’t need a name. You can specify what kind of qualities and specialization demon should have and the most proper one will come and then you can ask about a name🙂.


  29. How do you know this isn’t all in your damn heads? This is what is so annoying to me. Some of you sound just as delusional as Christians saying they have actually verbally heard God speak. I’m not religious and I don’t know if there is a God or if there are Gods or whatever. I just have a very difficult time not just thinking it’s just all in your heads because you so desperately want to believe in something bigger than yourselves. I even got to the point where I attempted a ritual to make a pact with Satan. As in the whole candles, the words, and bled for it. At first I thought I had noticed a difference. Then I began to think that it’s probably all in my head and whoosh. Nothing is different in my life. Here and there I have begged Satan to give me some bit of proof of his existence. From what I can tell nothing. I may just accept that we as humans are either alone in this world, or a true creator doesn’t care enough to have personal connections with us.


    1. There is no direct and easy prof but the point of such experiences is inner change, then the world around you changes with you too. If you didn’t make that change within, no amount of spiritual experiences, gods, demons, angels, whatever will make impact on your life. Those who changed and believed, have proves all the time.

      Atheists or agnostics because of skeptical nature (which is good in many ways) are rather immune to simple rituals, because after novelty is gone, they come back to previous way of thinking. Believers, although naive in many ways, have advantage here. I wasn’t neither atheist/agnostic or believer, rather someone in between so it was hard for me to make that transition but I had YEARS of practice for that, over 20 till I had my first profound spiritual experienced (although since many years I started to feel and experienced some other things as well, so it was a gradual change), so you can imagine that for you one ritual is not gonna cut it.

      Rituals are just for you to make impact on psychological dimension. You can light candle as usual thing and light a candle for ritual – the only thing that changed was your mind set – and that is what influences on world around. Because there is no simple ways to force those mind sets, ritualistic magick was born as a way to impact the mind with the physical tools and actions. However people have different minds and mindsets so they react differently to rituals.

      Once, when all you knew was your culture and its beliefs, it was easier to be susceptible to rituals. Now when you have Internet, TV, books, you learn about various cultures, religions, their beliefs, rituals – you learn to distance from it and strengthen your own usual perception, so when you come in and try rituals that were never part of your belief system, they have small impact.

      I hope it cleared something for you.


  30. Is it possible for a demon to reach out and latch on in early childhood? Kind of like an imaginary friend that never went away? For as long as I can remember, she’s always been there. Not physically, and I don’t talk to her but I feel her. Like she grounds me. Her opinions and the way she handles things are completely different from mine. She’s very volatile and dangerous but she makes me feel protected. I’ve loved her for as long as I can remember and I honestly don’t know if Im capable of loving anyone else the way I do her.

    I’ve always known her name. She was my first friend but even when I was very young, I always knew instinctively not to talk about her.

    Ive been through so many theories on what she could be and this is the only one I can find that sounds possible. I don’t think I’m crazy. No one that knows me would label me as such so is it possible? And if so, what can I do to make this connection I have with her more concrete? Any advice?


    1. From what I know it’s possible but I never had such experience so I can’t relate. If your relationship with her is good, then stick with it🙂.
      Sometimes there is no need to brake your head about the theory who she is (thou from description sounds like a demon or demon alike entity), she is what you need and enjoy so just accept it, benefit from it, that’s all that matters.


  31. Hello, I am new at all of this so Im struggling… What does it mean when no matter what I do Im not coming into contact w/ any demons? I dont sense their presence or see them.


    1. This is a skill and also people can have talent for this or not so some will learn it in weeks, others in years. It took me many years so I’m not a natural talent ;P. The thing is, demons do answer but we rarely know how to listen and how to listen is a personal journey – that can’t be taught quickly or easily just using words.

      If you are really interested and willing to spend years on that, you will finally succeed, but if you will be discouraged by having no results and give up, it will mean that you have no talent for it (like most people, no biggie) and no real interest, so just move on to more productive things in your life🙂.


  32. Hi.
    Thank you for this information. The first time I met my boyfrined I felt strong energy coming from him. It was very strong and I could always be in fear all the time especially at night and horrible nightmares at night at the same time. I also felt something making my chest heavier than normal and at times when I chat with him on either phone or watsapp or anywhere, I feel as if something is suffocating me. I really don`t understand what is going on; whether he spread the demon in me or something. I also talked to him about it and he said that he has some spirit in his body which he controls and that if he summons it, he changes to another person and that is when he knows that he is himself again. H e says that it starts to control him and he becomes so fearless, extremely evil, heartless and his mind filled with evil spirits. He said that if he summons it, he goes to hell. I dont understand. If you know could you advice. And I am scared about it and the thing i feel changed in me. What do I do?


    1. Because I believe in demons, people think I will believe in all craziness (from my perspective) but I just can’t relate to that. If someone will become really familiar with hermetic teachings, pantheism and all, will see that those beliefs are very down to earth, very practical and getting well with science. However sometimes people see, experience or belief in such strange things, that I don’t know what to think really. I could quickly dismiss it as crazy talk, but now that it can be more then that. World is a big a complex place and that is why it’s so interesting. One person cannot know all.

      Liked by 1 person

  33. What you say about demons is so true .I have been dealing with this all my life ,Iwas born with this.i have called it having athrid eye,walking between the worlds..Haveing become onewith them. sometimes I heard them come from a distance.wish you had a coven or group here in Jacksonville fl .darkness and magic is very real.


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