A Soul

Someone on facebook asked me what is a soul and whether it exists. That gave me boost 😉 to express what how I believe about it and share it with you.

There is no physical confirmation about soul so all I can tell you is what I personally believe.

Yes, we have souls – the essence what we are in ideal way. In fact, soul is more then you are in this life. Soul exists and cannot be destroyed. You existed before you were born. Soul is a divine essence that projects itself into physical plane to expand, develop, research, have fun and create itself furthermore. Soul creates a basic personality that develops over the years into a person that we know as ourselves. Then it creates another one and another one… There is no limits so soul consists of multitude earthly personalities (incarnations) and they all are different but in very core they share similarities, because they are all one. That is why our higher self, our soul is rather a group mind then singular person. Also every higher spiritual being is a group consciousness so you may often hear “we” when they ask to you, although sometimes singular personalities can take a lead and then you can hear “I” too.

Soul is what you are in the very core. You can’t loose it and you can’t sell it in literal way of understanding. However you may loose it when you loose yourself – when you are down, depressed, scared, etc. In those states you are focusing upon everything that you are not, so you feel disconnection with yourself and that is what hurts you emotionally. When you connects with your higher self by focusing upon the same things that your soul does, you feel excitement, fun, power, freedom, love, all positive emotions. So feeling negative emotions for long time is like “loosing” yourself.

You can “sell” your soul only when you sell yourself, meaning: you love someone so deeply and so unconditionally, that you connect strongly with that person/spirit and he/she/it feels part of you and vice versa. You become one with the object of your love so being in state of love you synchronize with him. You are not a puppet, nor slave but something greater. It’s more like symbiosis where two components are more then alone. That is why “claiming” new souls expands, gives power, creates more powerful and more complex group consciousness (group of a groups).

So selling soul to Satan isn’t like giving away something. It’s rather giving in to Him so you become part of him. But again, you are not loosing anything. It’s a mutual gain. All different parts of Satan are doing different things, yet all those things work toward higher goal that is not possible to see from a perspective of singular personality, who we think we are.

Soul is your better, more wise, more full, ideal, more powerful version of yourself. You are this and much more. Connecting to Satan and other demons you join other high collectives gaining even more. More then you or I can comprehend presently.

And for the end – because creation is the core of a soul, it creates many personalities so you can talk with other versions of yourself (incarnations) or with different organization levels of yourself (higher parts of yourself) and they can answer. I experienced this kind of connection so for me it’s not just a believe but rather knowledge. But for others people it is only a belief and what you will believing in, depends only on you.

Everyone have constant connection with their soul. Only few know how to talk to it directly, but most feel soul through emotions. If you ever felt love, ave, excitement, power, fun – it is possible only because you connect in those moments with your higher self that feels this constantly.

After death we become that – our perfect version, a part of something greater then on earth. Resistance we may had during life disappears and all you feel is so fantastic that it’s hard to express in works. That is how dying looks like. You are returning to your endless, powerful, divine self.

What I wrote above is confirmed by many channeling session around the world since thousands of years and also by my personal experience. My advice is, research it and gain your own experience so you could know rather then just believe.


    1. Everything ;). People sell themselves all the time for things they love. It doesn’t have to a named god/demon but it can be an idea, goal, reason for their living. Embracing it will make people fulfilled and powerfully resonating with energies that support that. So you may be atheist but certain spiritual energies can still be supporting you if you express their ideals in your life.


  1. Zalbarath
    I have read most of your site and you are like that water drop that falls from the glass, the “EUREKA” moment.

    You have opened my mind, your words have broken the hypnosis that I was living. Im Not sure if I’ll turn myself into Satanism or not, but now I understand that demons can help you, if you ask for their help with respect.

    The way in which my vision was opened is that We must shake off the dual persepcion
    existence, being open to new information, so new and crazy or true, as could be that the earth is flat or actually we are a holographic simulation projected from the second dimension.

    theres a book that helped me a lot to understand your point of view is The 7 hermetic laws of Hermes. I believe
    that in them is the key to success in the
    domain and possession of our personality.

    Thank you for the dedication you show to develop your site, to explain and to give responses.


  2. I am glad I found this site. The info is good and help me to write better books and to do better magick! Thak you! I first read what you ‘know’ about soul and I agree, so the rest of your posts can only help. Bert LaVey, Author The Book of Satan.


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