A Soul

Someone on facebook asked me what is a soul and whether it exists. That gave me boost 😉 to express what how I believe about it and share it with you.

There is no physical confirmation about soul so all I can tell you is what I personally believe.

Yes, we have souls – the essence what we are in ideal way. In fact, soul is more then you are in this life. Soul exists and cannot be destroyed. You existed before you were born. Soul is a divine essence that projects itself into physical plane to expand, develop, research, have fun and create itself furthermore. Soul creates a basic personality that develops over the years into a person that we know as ourselves. Then it creates another one and another one… There is no limits so soul consists of multitude earthly personalities (incarnations) and they all are different but in very core they share similarities, because they are all one. That is why our higher self, our soul is rather a group mind then singular person. Also every higher spiritual being is a group consciousness so you may often hear “we” when they ask to you, although sometimes singular personalities can take a lead and then you can hear “I” too.

Soul is what you are in the very core. You can’t loose it and you can’t sell it in literal way of understanding. However you may loose it when you loose yourself – when you are down, depressed, scared, etc. In those states you are focusing upon everything that you are not, so you feel disconnection with yourself and that is what hurts you emotionally. When you connects with your higher self by focusing upon the same things that your soul does, you feel excitement, fun, power, freedom, love, all positive emotions. So feeling negative emotions for long time is like “loosing” yourself.

You can “sell” your soul only when you sell yourself, meaning: you love someone so deeply and so unconditionally, that you connect strongly with that person/spirit and he/she/it feels part of you and vice versa. You become one with the object of your love so being in state of love you synchronize with him. You are not a puppet, nor slave but something greater. It’s more like symbiosis where two components are more then alone. That is why “claiming” new souls expands, gives power, creates more powerful and more complex group consciousness (group of a groups).

So selling soul to Satan isn’t like giving away something. It’s rather giving in to Him so you become part of him. But again, you are not loosing anything. It’s a mutual gain. All different parts of Satan are doing different things, yet all those things work toward higher goal that is not possible to see from a perspective of singular personality, who we think we are.

Soul is your better, more wise, more full, ideal, more powerful version of yourself. You are this and much more. Connecting to Satan and other demons you join other high collectives gaining even more. More then you or I can comprehend presently.

And for the end – because creation is the core of a soul, it creates many personalities so you can talk with other versions of yourself (incarnations) or with different organization levels of yourself (higher parts of yourself) and they can answer. I experienced this kind of connection so for me it’s not just a believe but rather knowledge. But for others people it is only a belief and what you will believing in, depends only on you.

Everyone have constant connection with their soul. Only few know how to talk to it directly, but most feel soul through emotions. If you ever felt love, ave, excitement, power, fun – it is possible only because you connect in those moments with your higher self that feels this constantly.

After death we become that – our perfect version, a part of something greater then on earth. Resistance we may had during life disappears and all you feel is so fantastic that it’s hard to express in works. That is how dying looks like. You are returning to your endless, powerful, divine self.

What I wrote above is confirmed by many channeling session around the world since thousands of years and also by my personal experience. My advice is, research it and gain your own experience so you could know rather then just believe.


    1. Everything ;). People sell themselves all the time for things they love. It doesn’t have to a named god/demon but it can be an idea, goal, reason for their living. Embracing it will make people fulfilled and powerfully resonating with energies that support that. So you may be atheist but certain spiritual energies can still be supporting you if you express their ideals in your life.


  1. Zalbarath
    I have read most of your site and you are like that water drop that falls from the glass, the “EUREKA” moment.

    You have opened my mind, your words have broken the hypnosis that I was living. Im Not sure if I’ll turn myself into Satanism or not, but now I understand that demons can help you, if you ask for their help with respect.

    The way in which my vision was opened is that We must shake off the dual persepcion
    existence, being open to new information, so new and crazy or true, as could be that the earth is flat or actually we are a holographic simulation projected from the second dimension.

    theres a book that helped me a lot to understand your point of view is The 7 hermetic laws of Hermes. I believe
    that in them is the key to success in the
    domain and possession of our personality.

    Thank you for the dedication you show to develop your site, to explain and to give responses.


  2. I am glad I found this site. The info is good and help me to write better books and to do better magick! Thak you! I first read what you ‘know’ about soul and I agree, so the rest of your posts can only help. Bert LaVey, Author The Book of Satan.


  3. Hello Zalbarath!!
    I’ve been following your page quite a lot now and learnt a lot through it. But now I find the absolute need to contact you as my girlfriend is depressed and wants to end her life. She says that neither wants to be happy nor sad and that she does not want to live anymore. She has lost interest in doing many things. She keeps telling me that she wishes I weren’t holding her back. She tells me that I’m like a candle in the sea and a tsunami is coming to extinguish the flame. She does love me a lot. She has begun visiting the therapist a week back and even that is because she wants to get alright as soon as possible. But again she tells me that it is pointless but if she does get alright then that is great. It’s like as if she does not even care if she can get alright. She says the issue is within herself and not with anyone else. Could you please tell me what can I do to make her alright. Is there any daemon’s help who I could take. I’m ready to go to any lengths to make her feel that she needs to live and she wants to live. I sincerely hope that you can help me out.


    1. Unfortunately I don’t have enough experience with such deep depression so I’m not sure how could I help or which demon would be suitable. I guess you have to submit request and ask for most suited one and listen.
      She is right that the problem is within her so you shouldn’t feel guilty. This is complicated situation because you will be close to her if you will feel down as well, but this won’t help her only hurt both of you. If you feel better, it creates a barrier between you two and that doesn’t feel great for either of you. Still, you have a responsibility to yourself and also others you interact with (so your girlfriend is not the end of the world, you still have more various relationships in your life) so you must stay strong and try to feel good about yourself and life despite what she experiences. If you care, you can’t ignore it but you can have moments when you do all in your power to help and moments when you choose your life and live it. Learning to balance it is important.
      If your girlfriend will start to feel better, be there for her, strong and not down. There is a chance she will choose you as an inspiration to fight, but this is not very likely because of closeness. She will rather find all the wrong reasons, again, not your fault.

      As to demons, try to find demon which appeals to you – go with your gut.


      1. Thank you very much for your advice Zalbarath. But I feel that I cannot be the same without her. She is such a beautiful person and i would hate to lose such a person from this world. I really do not care what I can do, even if it means sacrificing her love for me if she could live honestly. I do not care if she would go to another man if she will be able to live. I honestly think I can do anything to make her live. I’ve been staying strong in front of her for quite sometime but the reality is that I go behind her back and just break down. You can call me weak but I really can’t imagine her dying. I know there are many other relationships that I have now and will have in the future, but I’m pretty sure that this relationship would be the most important one. I dont know how it’s gonna be if I lose her, I can’t think about what’s gonna happen if she dies. I’m gonna admit that I’m desperate. I’m losing it inside and I can’t come down crashing in front of her. I’m desperate to find help. It seems like the therapist cannot do much too. Could you please suggest me any other daemonolator who you know of who could help me out. Please I really need help. I’m sorry for being so dramatic. Thank you very much for listening to me and I’m sorry if I’m being a pain in the ass.


        1. Having some distance is necessary step of healthy relationship. If emotions are too strong, other person may feel like suffocating. We all need space. There is nothing wrong in deeply loving someone, but love also means that you will do what is best for someone and that sometimes means stepping down and letting loved ones to be on their own. That is what happens with kids and also may happen to romantic relationships – nothing is really forever. Strong co-dependence is toxic on the long run, even if it’s pleasurable at the beginning.

          You may be there for her but also it must be her work to get out of the whole she is in. If you or anyone will try to drag her out of there, she will never gain confidence to do the same if she needed to. That is why independence and personal space are crucial. Too much love can also destroy other people.

          Alas, some things are easier to say then done. If we care deeply, we cannot simply stop, even if love hurts us. However, all of those feelings are processes and nothing is written in stone. We are constantly evolving so there is always a room for change.

          I don’t know anyone who could help you with that specific issue. A good psychiatrist is the best bet for her at the moment. Of course you can still seek for spiritual help for her and for you, because if you love her, you are also involved in the issue.

          I know from experience that working on both levels (physical and spiritual ones) can bring answers and real help.

          My tip is: be hopeful and confident. If you are waving and fearing for her life, she will feel it and that’s not good. For other person to have support, close ones must believe in recovery and yet support her decisions, unless… she is self damaging herself. There are situations where we need to step in and force things. Those are increadibly complicated situations and they cannot be dumbed down to blog comments.


          1. Thank you very much for your advice. I understand what you are telling me. And I’ll try to incorporate it more. I guess I did fear a couple of times for her life in front of her. I must see to it that I don’t do this again and stop myself if the fear is trying to come out of me. And yes I’m making sure that I’m not suffocating her by being too worried or careful. I make sure we have casual discussion and make sure that I do not begin the topic of her feeling depressed and all that. I only reassure her whenever she brings it up and try making her feel better which most of the time just fails horribly because she just doesn’t believe anymore. Well I guess I should let her become more independent and see if she can get through this by herself and if she does then she will be stronger than ever as if she does not then I guess she might be gone and it might be really hard. But I really want to thank you very much. I guess this is the first time I’ve spoken to someone about my girlfriend being depressed and it feels good after letting it out and you giving me some advice. Thank you very much. This means a lot to me and I’ll remember it forever.


            1. The fact that is she is not believing you is a good thing… It means that she feels that you are trying to support her but you are not in the same place as she is and believe me, you shouldn’t be, because you both would be heading for a deadly crash.

              This is a strong issue when vibrations are not a match, she will not take your works as true when you won’t be synchronized and since you aren’t (your vibrations are higher), it feels fake to her. All advice also will be dismissed as untrue. Basically you can do nothing to make her believe you. It’s not you but her emotions (and thus vibrations) that do that. Only she can change that and you can’t force it. She has all the power now, although she won’t see it. Depressed people often blame others and try to force some actions from others instead giving something from themselves. This is sad state because each time you want to help and you listen to request and do what they ask you to: you only strengthen their bad behavior and depower them. If you refuse, you get accusations, anger and separation. So nothing you do will be ever good enough… This is because you are close to her and even if you try to help, she sees you like a part of the problem, not a solution. That is why outside help has a better chance.

              What you can do is to be patient, understanding but also give some rules and don’t be too lenient. Some things should be off limits and you should state your ground even is she won’t like it. It’s the same with children. They will cry, scream but on the long run they will learn power from you and will do the same later. This will boos their self confidence. So in a way, she needs to be treated as a child because depression dumbs her down to a small child behavior on many areas. You should be an adult here. Hopefully, she will start to learn by example and that gives her power and start helping. Unfortunately, you can do much more with childern then adults so be reasonable here, although she may be emotionally like child, she sometimes may do things that child would never do so be careful and that is why I’m advising also giving her space. Child may accept parent dominance and that’s a natural thing, in adult relationship some things won’t be possible.

              It’s also worth noted that when person is not depressed, it’s a completely character overhaul. What I’m trying to say, she is not her. This is why she feels so bad.


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