Theurgy, in opposition to thaumaturgy where a given person is the sole source of magickal change in the world, is a form of magick available only for theists, that is everyone who firmly believe in spiritual higher reality*, because theurgy magick is made with a help or solely by the force of higher spiritual entities like gods, demons (understood as independent spiritual, personal entities, not a part of psyche as it is assumed in CM), higher self or universe. In a way, theurgy could be also called a clerical/priest magic, because people with a deep, personal connection to their god(s) or divinity have the best results when using this type of magick.

Theurgy is from one side the simplest form of magick when it comes to usage, on the other hand it requires a specific state of mind: deep faith, trust and expectation, hence it’s unavailability for atheists, agnostics or confused, unsure theists.

In satanism theurgy is performed with the help of Satan and demons which is a crucial mark of satanic magick. We not only worship Satan (satanists) and demons (demonolators), but also benefit from it, work with them to better our life. There are people who say that they are only interested in worship and don’t give a damn about magick, yet they pray and often those prayers can be petitions to receive a specific result (one need to know how to pray effectively – see below) – that is a theurgy magick in practice.

What are typical techniques of a theurgy magick?

A simple prayer or mental request is enough, hence a big easiness, quickness and convenience of such methods.

A prayer works when you focus on the goal, trust that you are always heard (be precise in your requests)  and believe that it works without the doubt. If you complain or do prayers within state of despair (as christians often do), you won’t receive anything positive from it, only another kick from life. But when you you are expressing a gratitude for things you want as if it was already done (and it is!), when you visualize them, when you enjoy them, you may come up (or hear clearly from demons) with a great ideas or stumble upon “coincidences” that can support you in that matter. So thankful prayers are very efficient if done sincerely (if not, fake it till you make it, in this case till you believe you really mean it).

When it comes to a mental request, it is even simpler and quicker method, because you don’t need to pause, focus or think of any specific request form. During a day, it is enough to ask mentally (keep it simple and informal, like: I need X or Y, thank you!) a chosen demon for a result like a free parking lot (better to ask for it a bit earlier, not a minute before – things need time to manifest), proper working of a device, safety on the road, desired result of a meeting, finding a lost subject, finding a proper information or direction, etc. If it isn’t clear which demon is the best for the task, just ask “the one who is the best in that matter”. If you are already skilled with communication with demons, this may be even more useful for you, because you may receive answers about name of a summoned demon or  informations that will help you in you affair (like: “do this first in order to make it work”; you may receive such tips BEFORE knowing that this action is even needed! or “do this in that way”). If you have no clear established communication with demons or Satan, you just need to trust and expect that your wish was heard and result is expecting you undoubtedly. This is extremely practical and quickly working method, however with a more serious things, with matters that we struggle since long time, it’s hard to uphold proper state of mind, so doubts sparkle in, often ruining the result. What to do then?

In such case satanists/demonolators use rituals, often during proper ceremonial rites performed for a given demon or a group of demons (or simply a ritual for Satan himself, however I prefer to ask specialized demon and Satan along with it). Requests could take a form of said aloud or written spells (burn or buried later) often with a proper sacrifice. When dealing with a tougher problem, longer preparation, more serious sacrifice, more complex ritual is needed to invoke result within you and thus in the outside world. If ceremony was prepared and performed well, you will feel ease and joy afterwards. It is crucial to thank Satan and demons and invoke that feeling of gratitude and already solved matter every time a doubt strike you down. Remember that ritual is/was real, so  IT IS ALREADY DONE, RESULT WILL COME SURELY. Be calm, forget any troubles you may see. Feel lightness and conviction that you don’t have to worry about it anymore, only to aim your goal with endurance and passion. If result isn’t immediate, it doesn’t matter, the journey may take awhile, but you need to enjoy the process, trust that what you asked is already waiting for you, so you won’t give up, won’t allow situation or others to distract you or seed any doubts within you. TRUST IN SATAN AND YOUR GUT, IT IS DONE, PERIOD. In such state of easiness and enjoyment you are more creative, sure of yourself, open for signs from intuition, which play an important role in fulfilling your desires.

Theurgy has no limitations when it comes for requests, they can be small and big, so don’t get fulled by its simplicity, it is very powerful technique! However, as said before, a state of certainty is needed. In this case, like it or not, belief comes first so if you are new to this, better try other methods first, while adding theurgy “just in case”. I am not advising you to believe in something blindly. You need to find confirmation for yourself, so your belief become state of knowing. Of course, one may choose belief first and then follow the path to see if it works, but most find it difficult, especially satanists aren’t so eager to believe without some prove. However the first act of trust and belief is needed at the beginning. It doesn’t have to be deep or unshaken belief, just a though that it is possible is enough. In the same way you believe for example that you can do something, or that a certain drug or physician may be helpful for you, so you feel motivated to try it out. If it checks out, your belief in the method will be strengthened, if not, it will fade away. The same is with theistic practice. You need to have some belief at the beginning, but never settle for this, try it out! And when it starts to work for you, your belief will grow till the point of certainty. Then your efficiency at theurgy magick will be the strongest!

* – Although theism according to definition is a belief in a god(s), the question who or what god actually is, is not clearly or definitely stated or described and since spiritual way of life in all cases accept some higher reality and a divine force of various kind, it is in fact a form of theism (also when one see him or herself as divine in spiritual sense), even when one disregards common meaning of a god.


  1. I have a quest. When I contact a demon and receive something, even by theurgy do I NEED to give something to him/her in exchange? How it works about “give something in exchange” for a demon? Is it always needed?

    Congrats for your site. It’s one of the best and most sincere in the theme i found. (:


    1. It depends on the relationship and deal you want to make. It’s similar like with relationships with humans. You go to some people to get some things and you don’t want to befriend them, you just pay the fee and go. But you can get involved in relationship and then everything is changed, more complicated, deeper and things you can do to each other are not based on simple exchange but on emotional bond. So when a friend comes by and as you to do something and you can, you are glad to do it. When unknown person comes in and ask for the same, you would ask: why would I do it?
      Also it depends on what do you ask. Your friends or family won’t do EVERYTHING without questions.

      Actually, with demons it’s easier then with humans because they are often more prone to do things for free just like that, because they have no material, time and space confinements but still, you get the point: it’s a matter of relationship. Relationship building takes time and you don’t always click with the person or demon, so sometimes strictly business relation is good. Figure out what might be of interest to such demon and you can supply and just do it.


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