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Money, wealth, business – literature section updated – 3.08.2012

Satanism among other things is about personal power and personal freedom. Having enough money for fulfilling our dreams is often a way to go, so knowing how to get wealthy is an important issue in satanic practice. That is why I extended Literature section on Money, wealth, business, success where you can find books on those topics that I red and liked a lot. However for better understanding I recommend to familiarize with the law of attraction first, then you will see the connection between proposed solution in business and your own thoughts.

Satanic Astral Temple – 25.07.2012

Creating a satanic astral temple if one of the very characteristic features of satanic magick. Now this powerful and versatile direct magick technique can be used by you! Read my new article Satanic Astral Temple.

Contact section updated – 17.05.2012

I added contact form so you can send me an email now. Go to contact.

Update 12.05.2012

I updated my latest article about curses so when you already red it, you may want to check it out again. Also I expanded info about me.

New article in Satanic magic section about curses! – 11.05.2012

While I am working on huge articles about satanic practice/life, I wanted to write another piece about Satanic magic. This time infamous, mysterious and so wanted curses! It’s a topic for more experienced satanists, but keeping newbies away is never successful so few informations about how curses works, their limitation and above all, how to curse safely! But don’t expect ready recipes or examples, this would come with a book.