New article and poll on my blog – Satanists and social media

Like I promised, I not only moved my blog to wordpress but also added a new content. This time my post is strongly within interest of satanists so I encourage you to check it out. To go there, click this link: Satanists and social media. Enjoy! 🙂

My Blogger blog moved to wordpress + refreshed formula

ObrazekBlogger isn’t doing it for me so I decided to move to wordpress, which suits me fine. Decision was triggered by impulse to continue my blog, which was neglected too long.

I also want to refresh blog’s formula. Instead solely social matters, now Zalbarath’s Blog will contain all kind of entries – from spirituality to music, films, social matters, business, fun, whatever feel right at the moment. I as a person have various interests and my life is complex enough to cover different areas. Rigid topical compartmentalization just don’t work for me and besides, blogs should be personal and free. Satanic life? It isn’t so much different from any other person’s life. But I must admit, although I have my fair share of challenges (that people usually call problems, but this is skewed view, challenges are for us to grow, learn, manage them, they add to life) I am happy :D. Happiness is not something random, it’s worked out! Hopefully this will shine through my posts as well :).

Will the new formula and life events motivate me to more recent blog updates? Time will tell. I am definitely not a blogger type so I won’t overwhelm you with posts but I am trying to be more socially active since social skills are essential in business and that is my most recent focus. That and a healthy lifestyle, my new cat (maine coon), family matters and… Ugh, you get the picture. But that makes life interesting 🙂

Hail Satan! Hail to Thyself!