Summoning Demons – Invocation

I assume you already red Communication with demons article so you know what to expect, now we can move on to some details.

Invocation is the main technique of summoning demons used by satanists and demonolators. Before discussing details, let’s see what invocation is and how does it differs from evocation.

An invocation (from the Latin verb invocare “to call on, invoke, to give”) is a magickal act in which we invite (politely) a spiritual entity to come. Invocation can take also a form of a prayer. During that process we open ourselves to spiritual energy of an entity, allowing for natural, unrestricted communication, exchange of energies, sometimes merging of consciousnesses. If a circle is created during ritual (not always), it is used for balancing of energies, creating a suitable environment for magician and summoned entity. Both are within circle.

An invocation suggests: free, unrestricted exchange, politeness, respect, closeness, made on positive emotions.

An evocation (from Latin word evocatio was the “calling forth” or “summoning away”) – is a magical act of commanding, forcing, threatening (with names and symbols – usually of Christianity) spiritual entity. Circle is created here every time to protect magician from summoned entity/energy and to bound, restrict entity within it. Magician is in that case outside the circle, demon inside.

An evocation suggests: fear, restriction, forceful domination based on negative emotions.

Remember, old grimoires are written from christian point of view so all rituals there are evocations. Satanists don’t use them but there is no problem with using such references, information and others to transform them into your invocation ritual.

An invocation is most natural method of summoning demons (or any entity) and in opposition to evocation, it doesn’t create unnecessary tension and boundaries, which restrict flow of an energy. An evocation on the other hand requires a lot of energy and results are weak in comparison to opposite method. An invocation instead is or could be very simple and powerful. Because of that evocation isn’t only used by satanists to summon demons, but is also used by Christians or christian occultists to summon angels. There is simply no better technique that yields such results. Satanists don’t have to protect themselves from demons so they can summon demons as easily as christian occultists angels.

The catch by the method of invocation in case of demons is, you need to let go completely of christian dualistic beliefs and notion of demons, otherwise your subconscious convictions cause unpleasant results. So you need to have complete satanic beliefs, positive attitude toward Satan and demons, then you will be able to work safely and receive satisfactory results.

There are several ways of performing invocation:

1) An invocation ritual

This is most complicated method but it is recommended for newbies who begin their journey through theistic satanism and/or demonoltry. It is also used by more advanced practitioners during celebration rites or by more special occasions, or if believed that this is the most proper way to do it. Below I place an exemplary, relatively simplistic ritual (for beginners) proposed by the TG (Traditional Demonolators) from

Every proper ritual has 3 phases: a beginning, a body ritual, an end.

a) Beginning – Chose a proper place, clean it so you would feel that this is not an ordinary occasion. Prepare all needed ritual utensils. Place four candles north, east, south, west (could be of any color, although I prefer black ones, but you can have one of each corresponding color) on each quarters of the circle. Altar is in the middle (more or less) of the circle, directed north or any direction you find suitable for that occasion.

When you are ready, begin north invoking earth energy by calling on earth elemental demon of your choosing, for example Belial.  Take deep breaths, relax mentally and physically. Take dagger/athame/stick/finger, point it upwards (at the sky) and draw in front of you ZD sigil as shown above on the picture, visualizing energy lines creating the symbol, reciting at the same time enn: Lirach Tasa Vefa Wehlic, Belial. You can repeat the enn three times. Imagine earth, its energy, feeling, entering the circle, creating it. Then you turn east and invoke air energy by calling upon Lucifer (or any air elemental demon of your choosing). Repeat previous step using Lucifer’s enn: Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar, Lucifer. Then visualize air energy, its feeling, entering the circle and creating it. Correspondingly  you do the same south for fire (FlereousGanic Tasa fubin, Flereous.) and west for water (Leviathan – Jedan Tasa hoet naca, Leviathan.). In the center invoke Satan (Tasa reme laris Satan) as fifth element, the spirit, combining and balancing all elements together. Then you invoke chosen demon in the middle using his/her enn in similar way as by elements.

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b) Body ritual – That’s up to you, depends on what you want to achieve. You can write down your wishes, burn them, channel demon, draw picture/sigil or burn one, dance, sing, meditate, work with energy, visualize, have sex, make sacrifice, etc.

c) End – Thank demon and all other elemental demons for being present and hearing you out, say goodbye, extinguish candles with fingers or candle extinguished (don’t blow off!).

For demonic enns see this article.

It’s good to write your all impressions, feelings and thoughts down. They may vary strongly, no ritual is the same. Depending on your focus and sensibility, you can achieve full, clear contact or slight, unclear impressions, in such case don’t worry. You will succeed with patience and motivation. Don’t try too hard. A ritual should be serious but also fun! Be creative. Your attitude must be light, only then you will be able to hear, sense demons. Ask them that you want to have clear answers and for the confirmation if you have doubts, it may come in few days or quicker.

Many advanced magick users do rituals and create circle differently. Instead 4 points circle (based on square)  you can base it on pentagram or triangle. Some practitioners report that the energy of shapes does matter here so a square offers very stable energy, a circle a balanced one, a triangle very intense one (don’t recommended for beginners). You can have shapes within shapes so for example four point circle encompassing triangle based altar (points of a figure are made by candles). With experience and confidence you can create your own rituals which work the best.

Of course it’s good to follow general rules of ritual magick here. So for example: be rested. If you are exhausted, schedule ritual for different time (although there are some rituals that require to be fatigued mentally, probably because mind easier detaches itself from physical then, however control and focus drops down). Don’t eat too much and shortly before ritual (small fast could be a good idea if you are not distracted by hunger, otherwise light meal is the best way to go; sometimes food sacrifice is a part of a ritual – every rule has some exceptions), heavy stomach distracts, also digestion holds our energy more in physical range, so spiritual experiences may be harder to obtain if you are new to this. It’s good to darken the ritual space and let be lighted mostly by candles, but rituals can be also done with full light, loud music. Whatever takes you in proper mood.

2) A prayer – could be enough to initiate a contact – yes! it is sometimes so simple! Prayer could be also a part of body ritual. The form and words of a prayer are up to you.

3) A simple mental invitation – With time, experience or talent you may receive connection with chosen demon at any moment easily just by asking him/her in thoughts or even just by thinking about him/her! Or you may have easiness to connect in such way with certain demons while with others you must take more work. Some demons are easier, some harder to get in touch with, depends on person, there is no rule here. For example, when starting a tarot session I ask Vassago to come and I ask for clarity and accuracy of reading. I receive message that he is there, then I begin, as simple as that! Sometimes I am asked about certain demon and immediately I hear this demon answering me, I receive additional information mentally. It’s not always like that but it happens. Understand that with time communication with demons will be coming easily and naturally, if it isn’t already.

4) If the above mentioned methods of summoning demons aren’t doing anything for you, you may try a different one (as I said, there are many ways of obtaining the same result). Read my article about Satanic Astral Temple for more info!

Remember, demons can hear you mentally unrestricted so you can’t hide anything. But they don’t have ego like we do so they don’t judge, don’t react exactly like people. They may seemingly sound and react humanly at first glance, but they don’t get angry, resentful, scared, jealous. If they do, then you are not talking with demon only with lesser energy (residue after living person) or there is a chance you’re making it up… However, demons may give you kick in some way. It is known for some to experience small electric discharges if you violate the agreement (like: you oblige to drop smoking yet you had moment of weakness) to make you remember. They are not fairies 😉 so they can be blunt.

When speaking to demons, there is no reason to worry about wording, demons read our intentions and understand our thoughts and emotions better then we do. And they do have sense of humor. So relax, let go of fear and allow demons to merge with your energy. In time and frequent contacts with demons you may notice you have changed and behave more like them.

How to choose a proper demon? There are few methods:

– Study the literature, take all demons that sound helpful with your matter and analyze your feelings about his/her name, enn, sigil. Choose one that appeals to you the most. If you still have no clue, try to contact with each of them. The most proper one creates immediate, strong, clear connection, creating feeling of excitement.

– Trust your feelings. If you are fascinated in certain demon, there is a high chance he/she represents things in which you are strong and… weak (great chance to learn). Or you may just know which one is best for the occasion.

– Demon chooses you. You feel very strong attraction or something calls you, you feel personal energy calling for your attention. You find clues, events, “coincidences” that raise your interest in a demon.

– Ask mentally, which demon would be most suitable in given situation and wait for response. When it comes, ask for name. In that way often you meet demons that are not mentioned in literature. Don’t worry. There are thousands of thousands of thousands demons and more. In literature we meet only fraction of them so it’s not surprising if a “new” demon answers.


  1. Sorry to bother, but I am curious.

    When summoning a specific elemental force, is it necessary to summon all others? For example, if I wanted to summon a solar deity, for example, would I have to summon also all other elemental forces, including the aquatic forces like Leviathan?

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    1. You need to understand that what I wrote here is an exemplary system – TG (traditional generational demonlators), one of many possible. In my opinion it’s a good one and simple as well so it’s great for newbies but with time and experience you can move to less formal stuff. Within this system you need to create a balanced environment suitable for you and a demon. It is advised to do that because demons’ energy may be so strong that it could imbalance yours (you can counteract it later if you feel unbalanced). Also such balanced, consecrated space is considered a sign of respect, demon should feel comfortable there. That’s the theory and that is what TG teaches. In your case if you want to use this system, you can summon all elemental energies to create proper environment and then one on the top you really want. Instead thinking that you are summoning 4 or 5 elemental demons plus one, you are just using elemental demons link out of respect to summon certain element type (not necessarily the demon, but one may come sometimes in order to focus your attention on something if it’s needed) and to create the circle and then to summon the chosen demon.

      My experience shows that in fact you don’t need anything of it if you know what you are doing. However such ritual can calm you down, relax (in a way it balance you if you weren’t balanced before) and focus properly so you are ready for the process of receiving demonic energy. So don’t over-think the symbolics, it’s not hard science. You may start with TG and see how it works for you. Maybe some demons will come quicker and easier without it? Or maybe you will find out that you like all elements of the ritual and even add to it to create your own way of relationship with demons. Or maybe you will find that structure of this rite isn’t working for you at all and you must rewrite it for your needs? But in order to do that you need to develop proper sensibility and here practicing such rite can help you move further no matter if it will work for you or not. Just exercise and follow your gut.

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      1. I need help. I believe i contacted semiazas mentally. I made a deal with him in my head. I felt like i was really talking to a being when i did it. But he is always silent i was told to do him a favor today and i attempted and failed. But often when i talk to him i say something and my body shiver’s and i get this stimulating feeling through out my body. I think this might be what you mean when you say i violated the agreement. But idk can you offer some help?


        1. This can be energy and communication misalignment. I guess you need to practice and learn till you get around this somehow. Maybe your body/energy will adjust to it somehow? There is also a chance you are right,but such things won’t last forever so don’t worry.


      2. plz help me , i want a sexy, hot , juicy succubabe 2 numbers one on either side of me plzzzzz give me some 2 line tips how to get it enough if i keep my lips like a spout and sleep tonight? Answer me soon i cannot wait


    2. well i m new person for coming this team i want to becoming Rich and become star music But i want to get the money before star the music i m poor man i m From poor familys i need help so i decided to joying this But i don’t to be killer But i want to know what i will paid back after getting the money or what is for me to do after when you people makes me becoming Rich

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      1. Being satanists has nothing to do with being violent criminal. It doesn’t make you rich just like that. Life is not a fairy tale and although miracles happen, nothing comes from nothing, meaning: if you want something really, you need to put an effort (energy) to it. So working with Satan and demons can be financially beneficial, it’s mostly up to you how it will play out. And because it’s a process, it also takes time.

        So no one will make you rich but you. If you relay on others to get things, you are beggar without own power. But if you relay on others that they will teach you things and then you use that knowledge to get things for yourself – then you are using their gift of knowledge with respect, proving that you were worth. It’s empowering yourself and others.

        It’s not easy but when you make it, it’s worth it!


      2. Ive got just one question

        To start with magic , do i have to read the golden down first or are there any other better book for starters

        Moreover Ive already choosen the left hand path ,not just because of my desire because i know that is the right path of wisdom and the path which my logical mind tells me to take based on all the information out there


    3. Hi. I grew up in a christian home and in a naz chruch and to be frank my life has sucked, most people has treated my like shit and I have suffered, I was adopted, but my real parents are satanist or however the rite way of saying it and when I was born they dedicated me to a demon I do not know which one, when I turned 10 years old appeared to me when I was laying under my sisters bed hiding from my mom she was mad at me and I didn’t know what I had done wrong so I ran and hid and it showed up rite next me and I got scared as any 10 year old would and I ran to my mom just to get wipped a million times it was dressed beautiful the purest wite put fit I have ever seen and it’s skin color was red/green and it was bald with a single ponytail off the top of its head and deep red eyes and sheepishly enough I say all it did was smile at me I now am like why the heck did I run scared to my mom. I have always felt a presents around me like I’m being watched but I have never seen it since and I would like to and talk to it, And I think what I feel may be him but I don’t know I know that even when I have to speak to Jesus or ask him for help with my crazy mom and dad I never once even felt anything, not to mention I have always been interested in demons and have had a desire to learn more about life and make something of my self and develop a safe healthy relationship with them, but I know very little about what to do or where to start I understand that with my Nazareen background cam make things tens I DO NOT WANT a negative relationship or a tens meeting, I want to have a positive one, but I have questions about where and how I start, and what to do seeing how most my family are Christians and will they put tension between me and any demons I talk to or wish to?

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      1. If you live still with abusive christian parents it’s good to approach it slowly. Don’t jump into working with demons quickly, you have time for it when you get more independent. In meantime try to read what interests you the most and experiment a little. Contacting with demons won’t lift you problems all of the sudden so there is no hurry.

        I don’t offer personal guidance, I just don’t have time for it, but if you read my site carefully, follow the links and literature section, do some google research, you will gain enough knowledge to develop your skills.

        Abusive parents do great deal of damage on your psyche and dealing with that shit is most important but it’s hard to do when being dependent of them. That is why I encourage you to find some way out, get a job, some apartment and then you have enough space from them to gain emotional distance – this is a place you can start working on your emotions. It’s important because if you don’t pull yourself together, those things will hunt you all the time. Learning how to gain self esteem is crucial thing to you and gaining self esteem also means to put emotionally your past behind you and focus on (better) now.

        Your parents do not dictate you what you feel so why worrying about relationship with demons? Parents may require things from you, you may do what they say but inside you can feel what you want and that is what’s important. None can force emotions. Demons know your attitude and approach so you can’t fool them but you can fool… humans. So there is no need to worry about that. Many teenagers play stupid by parents and doing their own things… It can be dangerous and sometimes parents are right but often teenagers also feel better what is right for them so it’s hard to generalize here.

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        1. Hi I am new to your site, just wanted to say how impressed I am with the information and your responses. I have been cynically trying to find something sucky on here but nothing yet. I will let you know.


    4. Hi, I’m new here and when looking different kinds of demons I don’t know if what I’ve found are real or just someone making up demons or if I just found the general public’s idea of demons. Can someone help me by giving me a list of demons to look up? Please.


      1. That’s for you to decide. I can give my opinion about it but it won’t be any more valid then anyone else’s opinion.
        The list of demons is to be found on See my section of Recommended Sites.


    5. hi guys guess i have this strange feeling about what is happening sometimes … i get like a message in my head before it happen sometimes it is as simple as it get like a name or a word .. for example if i get a name this same person will have an accident or die maybe and it is happening all the time … i try to shut these voices but the thing is it is getting stronger and now i can sometimes feel and hear what other people are thinking when i am with them ..


  2. Good idea would be to not attempt that, you might encounter them once you’re time is right,at that time you’ll know what you’re dealing with and how to react. Ill say it boldly there’s no need to summon them cause they’re already with you..first thing is to learn to love yourself , than start loving others ,humans including these that may at first be undeserving once you do that and learn to love only than attempt summoning one…also use God’s powers unless you want them to do evil things …. In my opinion its more like connecting to a server by invoking Satan were invoking evil hence the demons will be evil and cruell,,,cause we sent an request for them to punish us and therefore they analise our soul and accordingly to our request .. turn our lifes into hell….but if we invoke God than actually were calling them to play and they react differently , often in a more friendlier manner …SO ALWAYS INVOKE GOD LORD OF THE LIGHT NOT SATAN !!!! Besides GOD AND SATAN ARE ONE AND THE SAME TWO SIDES OF THE SAME GOD. IF YOU REALLY COULD TALK TO THEM THAN YOU WOULD KNOW THAT GOD OF LIGHT AND GOD OF DARKNESS IS THE SAME , THE SPIRITUAL WAR IS A TOOL ….Angels are the beeings that help us develope our goodness ,while demons help us accept our darker aspects. If you want Demons to perform evil than you invoke SATAN but understand that you will be consumed as well by the demons.If you want to play with the demons and have control over them than INVOKE .. Jesus Christ and God also Lilith one of the queens of the Hell , had an romantic and succesfull relationship with Jesus Christ despite him beeing the Light . So God and angels aren’t enemies of demons and the Evil dosen’t seduce the Good and lead it to ruin . Satanism itself is just another lie and the Demons themselfs consider it offensive, theire proud beeings of the Dark , that can heal us if by taking away our darkness… and the only thing they want is the darkness from us so offer them that and let them free us from it . Of course its true that given the chance they will let us to succumb into our darkness cause its theire spoil, the more its grown the taster it is for them. they gather this energy for God and negativity we create along with the positivety is than handed to God who creates new things out of our fears or love , these thing return to us as these demons and we need to fight off our own fears in order to win !


    1. I don’t think you understood the beliefs of satanists/demonolators and how we see Satan and demons. They aren’t evil or good, cos those are just human, subjective notions. Many satanists aren’t so dualistic. If looking from pantheistic point of view, one could agree that all gods are just facets of everything, just as we are. Also, many satanists don’t believe in christian myths, like you seem to do, so our perspective is very, very different, thus the methods you proposed aren’t suitable for us.

      My site is designed for satanists and demonolators and you seemed to be none of the above, so it’s naturally that you wouldn’t agree with the ways of satanic practice.


    2. I think that person trying to tell us not to invoke Satan but God is a little insane! Either you’re on the right or the left hand path.How do you combine both to win what fear? If Satanism is a lie as he claims so what sense does it makes to even contact demons? Don’t take WISE people as idiots and it’s better to keep your information for yourself.


  3. my friend is not sure wether he believes in demons or not, and i’m looking for a simple interaction, that wud give him some faith in the existence of demons, i know they’re there but how do i show him , when his presence alone ruins the contact. is there anyway that this plan will work? i plan to sit alone and ask lilith or balial, who have both been very active around his apartment lately. if they cud fullfill my small request, in exchange i will full a small request for them. i let the mirror in the bathroom fog up using hot shower, then turn out the lights ask either one to answer me with a simple yes or no written on the mirror. if he’s present when the light is flicked back on this shud help him believe i think. sooo do u guyz think they will work?


    1. Faith is a tricky and very powerful thing. Even if you succeed to produce results, your friend may refuse to even see/hear them. This happens all the time. People experience incredible things or such things happen very closely but they.. are blind to them. They simply don’t exist in their current paradigm they’re living in.

      First believing in something can invite those new things in your life. While those who refuse to believe, would claim, one is becoming self delusional. There is no good prove to it, because most spiritual experiences are personal, meaning, they happened and matter to one particular person and often influence inner feelings that others can’t access. Physical things do happen as well, but they are irregular so you can’t force them out. Things we can prove must happen in the same way for many persons. Spiritual experienced doesn’t work that way.

      The same is with magick. I experienced it many, many times and I know it exists, but there is no way to prove it to others. They must believe it first (even slightly in possibility of it), then try it with hope for results few times and then see if it worked. However most people want to disbelief in something and still hope to see the prove. But magick and spiritual experiences are too complex and aren’t working like gravity. Maybe some day, some person would figure it out how to ‘prove’ it, but so far, this is always a matter of personal choice in what to believe.

      Do demons could produce tangible results for your friend? Sure they can, but will he be convinced? That’s not given and is up to your friend alone.

      And mind that, people usually insist on convincing others, because they want to reinforce their own conviction. That is why doom sects, after not happened end of the world often go out and try to convince others with a new energy, just to convince themselves that ‘because others believed in it, there must be something more’.


  4. btw i have communicated with them before with this method and they almost always answer me quickly. and now i have a banana in my freezer that i’m foribiden to eat by lilith and i must bury it after it freezes, any idea why she wud ask for this?


    1. Does such a request must be rational ;)? When doing ritualistic magick, you aren’t influencing physicality directly, only in symbolical way. And symbolism doesn’t have to be rational. It has to invoke certain specific mind reaction and that is very individual dependent. First time you do something, things you see, smell, taste, feel, can imprint in your mind powerfully and later you or demons can use it to activate your brain in specific way. There is no common logic to that, only personal, unique experience.


    1. Sorry to disappoint you but there is no universal ritual for this. Sure, I could give you some example ritual, but the most useful one is designed by you. This also ensures, that you have proper knowledge, skills, motivation and persistence to learn what you need and follow the ritual. That is why, it is not wise to give away such knowledge to anyone who just asks.

      Some things should be earned, not given. Things that come too easy matter little. And a pact with Satan is not a small deal. The answer is there, in the reach of your hands, but you must figure it out how to find it, how to use it.

      You must learn to drive a car first before getting driving license. And now you are asking me for the license for free. Sorry, that is not the way this is handled.


    2. An easy Soul Pact Contract is selling yourself short. You only.get one shot and your soul has to be one that Satan would be willing to pay a high price for. Years ago I tried to make a pact but It didn’t work because my soul wasn’t one filled with Gods Grace. Later that evening I got stabbed and thrown into a river left to die. A bright light lifted me to the surface and I regained concious. Since then I became one with God and I would never want to ever sell my soul or even think about it. Well unfortunately since I’ve become spiritually more pure, recently demons have been paying me visits a lot more often. They are very evil and knowing I’m stronger than them, it pisses them off, and become more and more vicous with each encounter. Be careful because I used to be a skeptic but have become a strong believer within the past few years. God will grant your wishes more so than the devil and you’ll live a happier life instead of a miserable one.


      1. Thank you for your contribution but there is more to the world then primitive, dualistic good vs. evil battle. For us this “light” is Satan, for you it’s someone else. Each to his own.

        And by the way, please see the doctor, because your visions look like a schizophrenia with paranoia and narcissism (they are to get me, because I am so special). It doesn’t look like a happy life, so something is wrong with what you are trying to sell here.


  5. What is the best thing to sacrifice when summoning a demon? and how to sacrifice (sacrifice ritual?).. I’m not sure will climax energy be enough and will i be able to direct it to the demon, that’s a energy sacrifice, so if i can’t do an energy sacrifice what can i do? How can i sacrifice food? and i would like to make a animal blood sacrifice at least once, because i kill animals to eat (pigeons and sometimes frogs..) and i would feel better if i kill them during a ritual, don’t know why i just have a feeling that i should do it.. so how to do that?…. Hail satan


    1. There is no one best thing. It depends on what you are asking or intend to achieve, which demon you are working with, what is precious to you, what you feel is right sacrifice in given situation. Also, there is no one proper ritual to achieve anything, including sacrifice.

      You can start with standard four-point circle as a beginning of ritual, but later body of ritual could be strongly customized. If you are doing more complex operations that cannot be closed within circle in one approach, don’t worry. Prepare things for food sacrifice first off the ritual timeline. It works well in case of simple foods like sandwich, honey, etc. Then you can use them without trouble in a ritual.
      Animal sacrifice however is a bit different and you need your kitchen as part of ritual too ;). In such case, you can pre-sacrifice animal in your kitchen doing part of ritual there and then offering ready food within main body ritual. That is a practical option, since food offerings are eaten during ritual, after inviting energy of a demon inside you. If you however insist on killing as a meaningful act of transferring energy, you just do complex ritual that is not enclosed within one ritual space. You use main space for finishing, while other elements of the ritual are happening in different places and times (some rituals could be held for months that way till you make everything that is required). In such case you can do simplified or altered ritual elements (opening, body and closing) when and where you need them. Remember, whatever you do is noticed. Your mind is shared space so if you notice anything, if something is meaningful to you, this will be taken into account when communicating with demon. So don’t worry that something will be left out. If you notice it, then it is enough.

      Now to more practical things. You may start ritual in the morning, intending to do sacred preparations. If everything is ready you can do ritual killing within a ritual space like circle, then close that part of the ritual and then prepare food in the kitchen, however you will be adding certain ritual parts while preparing there as well, making clear that this is a part of offering for a chosen demon. Then you do another ritual part: you open standard ritual space, bless the food, invite demon into you and feast upon sacrificial animal. Do other ritual elements you need and close the whole ritual.

      I am consciously not giving you any details as to what to do or say exactly, because you should be able to construct such ritual for yourself. It’s better that way, because you must study, prepare and know what element does what. Ready recipes are too easy to follow and may lose personal touch that can enhance power of ritual. Demonolatry is not ceremonial magick when everything was already described and you just had to follow it through. Ability to create own rituals is something that is required of demonolatry adept. You won’t be able to count on more experienced co-followers all the time, but when you can do all what you need on your own, you are your own priest then.


  6. Thank you, and i understand why i need to do it myself.. And i really didn’t expect you to reply this fast, you are really willing to help people! but i actually forgot to ask you something, on JoS they say it’s dangerous to summon demons without having done the dedication ritual.. what do you say?


    1. I see no problems with it. In fact, me and some other satanists I know advise not to rush into dedication/pact rituals. Solid, mature, conscious and lasting pact is more worth, then quick, not well thought decision. Of course in some cases people are sure what they feel and don’t need to explore it too long so they start quick.

      In my experience any cultish rules make things complicated, hard, rigid, strip you from freedom and JoS seems to work that way too. However independent mature satanists prefer their freedom over stiff affiliation. Life is not rigid. Complex, definitive, yes, but never rigid. I would be careful if someone would claim to know things for sure and throw you rules that you “have to” obey according to them. Somehow others aren’t paying attention to these rules and it’s ok. And spiritual or magick rules aren’t so direct as physical, newtonian laws. In fact they have more in common with psyche, so psychology rules would apply more.

      Only thing that could be dangerous here is christian programming. Some people experiment with demons without getting used to new paradigm, without losing notion about ‘evil demons’ that are about to get you. It’s risky because subconscious is producing results based on your deep programing, not conscious beliefs. So in a way, person who makes dedication pact should be acquainted with demonology, black magick, Satan, etc. so he/she isn’t feeling guilty or scared . In result such person is more safe. But that’s too stretched explanation. You don’t need to do pact to have proper mind frame and be safe.

      Magick and spirituality is often hidden path so we need to experiment, make mistakes and learn from them. That is how you are building your own wisdom. Also that is why I wouldn’t be too scared about what might go wrong IF (big IF) you are sane and reasonable person. But if you are mentally or emotionally unstable then such practices are very risky anyway, no matter pact or not. What works for one person may not work for other. No way to know for sure then to try ;P. That’s life :).


  7. i want to summon marquis lerajie. can u pls help. is it always mandatory to do a ritual? can i not pray and communicate thorugh her very intensely and receive answers? i have done the same with duke agares and i know i can communicate with him.


    1. Rituals are not mandatory. They are only one of many ways to achieve the goal. If you cannot connect with demons in any way, rituals present simple method how to learn it. But if you communicate with demons more directly, rituals aren’t needed.

      For example, I do celebration rituals from time to time but most of my communication with demons is spontaneous and direct. I don’t need to do much, just to ask and they answer.

      If you were successful with one demons that way, you can try it with other too. However sometimes it doesn’t work for all demons and ritual can help you with that.

      Just try whatever way seems to work for you. Good luck 🙂


    2. I have a question. So I want to summon a demon or satan himself, me and my boyfriend have been trying to have a kid for the past few months and its not exactly working like we planned also my boyfriend wants to pursue a rap career and become rich, I am willing to sell my soul for both of those things. Do you think that the demons will do it. Also is there a specific demon I need to summon for that?


      1. That’s a tricky question. People think that selling soul is a 100% working ritual and will give them instant gratification. However summoning demons, communicating with them, learning how to make packs is a skill that needs lot of time to learn and if someone is more focused on outside actions (which is good), won’t have much time to learn it. The question begs for answers that can be hold in tomes, that is why I always advice to learn magick and spiritual techniques on your own – there are good sources on that. If someone is really interested, then he/she will find a way to get it but I just can’t give short answer in a commentary that would just work. It’s not that simple unfortunately.


  8. Hi Zalbarath! 🙂
    I’m beginner in satanism, and you know how it goes i’m still unsure and full of doubts, and by the way I’m even a teenager trying to find his way in life, and then also i love a girl that friendzoned me, my mother is scizophrenic and my life is, how could i describe it, it’s just it’s crappy and a big mess, and I’m trying to become a musician, at least thats going well I’m getting more and more fans, but you know, its still hard….. Anyway, sorry for the long intro, now i wanna get to the point, I haven’t done the dedication ritual, but i want to summon Orobas, I’ve read that he’s a nice demon who’s willing to help people, and I’ve read that he can also help you to gain success in life (i think he could help me out with my music career, and he could probably get me to the top 🙂 ) is that true? i think it is.. i want to summon him with the invocation you described above or the one from Jos which seem much easier but they’re a little bit confusing and they seem to be more interested in just getting people in their OWN form of satanism, and i don’t like that.. But anyway if i do invocation how can i protect myself to make a safe pact with Orobas, since I’m an beginner and i have doubts and you know it’s complicated but i trust the gods.. And i haven’t done the dedication ritual yet, what’s up with that, do i have to do it to be safe?? and another thing i want to do 3 sacrifices during the ritual, i want to blood sacrifice two snakes and to mastubate (thats energy sacrifice).. please answer the questions as soon as possible, and by the way, i want to do some basic satainc rituals in the jos format, i neevr thought that work with Lucifer could be dangerous, but I’ll ask you anyway, is it dangerous?? because i’m not dedicated.. and for the end, I’m so sorry for asking so much, but since i know the truth about jos I’m full of doubts and now I ask as much as i can.. HAIL SATAN :))))


    1. Dedication ritual is to deeper your bond with Satan and demons. That’s a strong decision that your life will be focused around them. However, a pact should be done with full awareness of the decision and certainty of the path you are taking. That is why there is no need to rush it. You can still work with demons and Satan safely.

      You don’t have to protect yourself from demons. In fact, you are always in full control. The only danger is christian mindset and fear of demons. World is so constructed that you cannot be hurt by any spiritual entity unless you let it… And you do that if you have fears, ego weaknesses, emotional and mental instability. So like you see, it’s more your lack of control, danger from inside then from outside entity. If you are sane person, reading and taking steps into practice will get you adapted. Learn how to meditate.

      Depending how strongly christian programming is embedded within your subconsciousness, you may have lot or a bit work to do. Usually way to go is to do some blasphemy rites to brake the fear and to get your mind to use to new type of behavior and that it is safe. If you weren’t put out to strong christian upbringing you will manage it easier just by practicing and slowly and naturally adapting to new paradigm. Probably in your case you will have the easier option available. Also choosing a friendly demon for a start is a very good decision. Take small steps so you could feel safe on the way, unless you prefer to jump into deep water and then figure out what to do ;). Different people, different approaches to the problem.

      As to your career, yes, demons can help you but it’s a process, not an instant change like in fairy-tales or Hollywood fantasy movies :P. So you still must go through the usual steps of a ladder of musical business. Orobas like many other demons can help you along the way, if you will learn how to stay positive and be sensitive to their signals (your intuition may increase). They won’t stop problems, but can strengthen you and help to deal with them and learn from them. This is very important. Every issue is a challenge that can develop you, so it has to be present in your life one way or another. Satan and demons can provide you with opportunities, increase chances of success but you will never have 100% certainty, this is life not a fantasy movie. You still have to give something from yourself to succeed. Thanks to that your experience and self esteem can grow. If everything was handled to you on a silver plate you would not feel this great “I made it”, “I can do it”, “I can manage it”. That is why gods of any kind aren’t responding if a person isn’t willing to work toward their own goals. In other words “deities help those who can help themselves”. How much you achieve depends strongly on you. You have the power, Satan and demons help you to discover it and channel it properly. After all, you are god of your life, the one who creates it. You can either take responsibility for it and gain power or blame everything else on your failures and stay powerless (many people does that as you can easily observe around).

      About JoS, you are right. They want you to do it all THEIR way as if it was the only right one. “One wayism” isn’t in spirit of satanism in my opinion. Freedom, power, independence – this isn’t JoS, they’re too rigid and restricting. They have the right to have their own beliefs but you have right not to agree with them either. Satanism gives you that freedom. Nobody can force or limit you what to believe in.

      You can use any ritual that feels right for you. There is many ways to achieve the same goal. If JoS ritual works for you, fine. If the one I gave, fine too. If you figure out your own, great! If you are mentally stable, you can experiment. And again, the only real danger comes from within. You can check other links on my site where you have more details about the ritual (like Adrianna’s aka S. Connoly YouTube channel) and how to perform it.


      1. Hello Zalbarath,am Vika from Nigeria i have read a lot about signing a blood contract with Lucifer for wealth,Love etc…I don’t know how sincerely is this but as our people use to say,there won’t be smoke without fire.Can you contact me inbox with the terms & conditions on how to pact with Satan for sell of soul to get my heart desire?better still can you get me a good satanist who can do this very effectively on my behalf and things will start working immediately?pls help.


  9. I am not sure you can help with some insight to a situation a close friend of mine is having but I guess it is worth a shot. About a year ago my friend moved into this house and since he has been tormented by demons. He speaks to them on a regular basis. sometimes vocally and other times not. He says they like to play some word game and if he doesnt play than the torment gets worse. He got into an accident last week because he said they surged his body with some type of electrical surge but before the surge he said they made him rage with anger. Today he brought me his gun because he tried to commit suicide but his gun misfired seven times ewhen he had it in his mouth . and six fires when it wasnt. anyway it all sounds crazy I know but I do believe him. Any insight on what to do would be greatly appriciated.


    1. No spiritual being can really harm you if you don’t let it some way (fear, insecurity is enough to do that) – that is the base. People who have troubles with spiritual entities usually have serious emotional issues on their own and it’s not the fault of demons or whomever – they are just a symptom of inner troubles.

      Satanists and demonolators have completely different attitude toward demons so they don’t harm us, in fact they are very helpful entities. However people with christian mindset usually experience only demon troubles, so something completely different than we do.

      My advise would be – get help for your friend. He needs badly emotional support, especially someone who won’t be dragged by his emotional journeys into negative states and that is hard to do when having close relationship to him. In other words, he needs someone strong who will be incredibly stable, positive but also empathic and gentle. It’s not easy to be positive yet relate to negative attuned and troubled person. Your friend also must be first self willing to change his life and his attitude, because no one can really help if he doesn’t want to work on himself.

      Of course you can reach to some esoteric methods, banishing and whatnot. It could work if your friend is willing to believe in it. However the root of the problem aren’t any demons, but him alone. He needs complete reprogramming of subconsciousness and major values. Usually people are willing to go only one or two steps forward, not completely out of the reach of the problems. But it’s better then nothing. Unfortunately many people think they accept help and want it, but emotionally they reject it so in best case they make some small improvements and then go step back.

      There is no quick, easy solution here. Try various methods, whatever makes your friend feel better but be aware that only he is responsible for his life and you can help only so far.

      So once again: emotional support, some additional things like professional psychotherapy, banishing, maybe even meds (although I would be careful with them, they are only temporary solution). Or maybe it’s enough to move out and that will set him straight?
      Good luck.


      1. Also where would be a good start to learn more about what you guys do. I have always been interested in it and just didn’t know where to start really. I do not have a christian mind set and have known for a long time that we are all in fact our own gods. I think this would be something of great value. And advice is appriciated


        1. If you want to know more about those things, start reading my site and follow links and literature references. It’s enough to occupy you for at least months, if not years ;p.

          So for starter: learn how to meditate (however it’s not a good advice for people with mental issues, it often triggers more acute symptoms, however in some cases it might be the cure as well.. so be careful). Being able to calm yourself, have focused mind, maintain higher vibrations, be better at visualizations – it all could improve your life in strong ways under the condition you are doing it right and consistently (it becomes something natural, easy, without effort and you can use it during stressful conditions as well – then you know you have learned it very well).


  10. Thank you so much for your response and I am pretty much the only person he has to talk to he has gone to therapy and pretty much they have told him they have never seen a case like this before and refuse to work with him. So he comes to me regularly and I tell him that I don’t see how they are hurting him rather they seem to be guiding him and that he should listen to what they tell him and decide for himself what lesson they are tring to teach him. Such as the other day they tried to tell him that he was timothy in the bible and he started believing it. Once he finally took a step back and said this is ridiculous they said “its about time you figured it out ” and then on to another game it went. So he is obviously weak emotionally and medications do not help they have no effect on him. He says they wont let him feel the effects of them. I told him he has the choice to end it if he wants but he needs to work on himself because he tries to be what society says should make us happy and he is not happy and part of that feeds it along with a wife that is not to his fitting so him denying himself is a good fuel source for them to stick around and play there games with. They tell him that he is famous and one of the most tormented people ever. So that goes to show how weak and emotionally distraught he is. I will be honest and say he probably has a better shot at working with them then he does fighting them I do not think he would win. Would it be disastrous for him to not to fight them and to cope and learn how to use the knowledge that they are sharing with him. even if it is in a twisted game?


    1. Yes, he can try to do that, but not blindly. Demons or whatever he thinks he is hearing, should not be used as an excuse “he/she/it made me do it”. It’s probably a risky course of action because such voices/entities are manifestation of inner problems (that doesn’t make the spirits less real) but denying or fighting them may be also not a wise thing to do. It is possible to find peaceful solution out this but there is no manuals here so you need to be careful and experiment slowly and cautiously.

      There are many books on topic: self love, positive thinking, assertiveness. Some are good, some are crap, you just need to look it up and find out for yourself. They really can work wonders if one takes advices into heart and start changing himself. Yes, it requires work, lot of work and effort, but it’s worth it. The more you do, the easier it gets later and finally it will become a new nature. I know it, because I walked that path once (without esoteric problems thou) and managed to get out and it changed my life.

      Clearing out from toxic relationships (not always means to brake bonds, sometimes it means literally dealing in a positive way with them) is hard thing to start but a person with high esteem would never stick in relationship that doesn’t make him/her happy. Marriage or not, you have responsibility to yourself and… other person as well. Being in such bad relationship isn’t doing any good to both people involved.

      Learning how to be yourself no matter what or despite others is one of the most important thing we need to maintain healthy ego. In a way these spirits are causing troubles to force your friend to make changes. The same works if you have issues with pets like dogs and cats. They are not the source of issue, you are. If you fix yourself, they start to mirror that change and behave differently. And actually it works with people too… ;). They will act differently toward you once you gain feeling of self worth that is unshakable (so temporary one isn’t enough to bring out the change). So what we tend to take for reality is in reality our own personal filter. If you change it, different aspects of reality will start to come up in your life and reality and thus your life, appears as miraculously transformed.


    1. It depends on the subject. Ronwe is good with languages. One of demons I work with (he’s not known) named Cerbin is good with physics of movement. However for general help you probably need a demon, which enhances focus and mental discipline. Usually demons of magick (like Delepitoré, but there are others, seek one that seems to resonate with you the most – usually you feel drawn to him/her) can be helpful in that. You must remember, that things rarely happen by themselves so if you ask for something, it’s good to be proactive toward your goal. Inspiration/answer may come whether you do something or not, but activity increases your chances greatly. The answers may come in different ways too (mental realization, emotional support, idea that came from someone else or from some source, etc.).


  11. Hello, Zalbarath
    To be completely honest, I’ve only gotten into this summoning of Demons fairly recently and completely out of boredom too. Now it seems I’m hooked to reading storied about summoning demons etc. After doing hours of research I was able to find your post which I also red with great intrest. I am not a satanist either sorry to dissapoint but I just have a couple of questions that I would be extremely happy if you answered.
    1) After only hours of research like I said I found out that %90 of the people said it is dangerous to summon a demon and it will ruin your life mentally etc. Is this true, is summoning a demon guaranteed or does have a high chance of harming you?
    2) If you fail to close off the conversation or in other words fail to send the demon away, does it stay with you and haunt you? (Also based on research)
    3) Also what could go terribly wrong for me as a beginner if I summon one of the easier demons to communicate with.

    I would really love to get an answer from you and sorry for my newbieness,
    Kind Regards,


    1. 1) Summoning demons isn’t dangerous if you doesn’t make it so. If you are convinced that demons are malicious entities that are about to get you (as christians believe), you need to protect yourself and there is lot of tension and fear involved in it. Subconscious programing (negative views on the topic) usually kicks in and bites you in the ass. No spiritual entity can harm you really, unless you want it (by being unsure, insecure, fearful, etc. – it is not a conscious choice but still a choice you have general influence upon, if you are ready to change your values and mental and emotional programming).
      2) The same rules as above applies here. If you farewell a guest but still think of him/her and you are still emotionally involved, in a way, this person is with you, although he/she might be physically absent. Spiritual entities follow our energies, so if you somehow think about them, they will come or will keep close to you. As you may suspect, a person who exaggerates work with demons and is full of christian crappy programming, won’t let it go so easily, emotions will rule, there will be no control and spiritual energies may be attracted toward that energy, stay and do lot of unwanted stuff. However, if you have no fear and treat demons normally and respectfully, you farewell them and don’t think too much about it, the energies will go away. Emotional control is the key here, because unwanted negative emotions could force you to dangerous mental focus.
      3) Most satanists and demonolatros I met encourage newbies to contact first more friendly demons, so you are approaching this quite reasonable.

      Usually people ‘demonize’ 😉 this whole experience and expect smoke, screams and whatnot. In reality it may take time till you establish your first strong connection with a demon, so first attempts may be disappointing (like: nothing happened or at least nothing that you can tell). However different, strange or scary things always could happen, there is no guarantee they won’t show up, but if you are sane, mature individual without christian subconscious programming and without mental problems (like schizophrenia and others), it shouldn’t go bad. Mistakes may and do occur, nothing irreversible here can happen so don’t worry so much. Mistakes are part of the learning curve.
      Hope this cleared things out.



  12. Hey, Zalbarath! I want to ask you something.

    Lately, I’ve been having experiences with Bael. But he didn’t come to me first, he came to one of my close friends while he was smoking marijuana with other friends in a park. I wasn’t there. He became conscious of it and started to freak out and Bael started having fun hihi.

    The next day my friend begged me to get him rid of the demon (we didn’t know who he was at that time) and I told him that he shouldn’t fear it, that demons are on our side. That’s when I started to feel a tingling in my spine and knew that he was entering inside me. Then I started to feel a very strong burning sensation in my solar plexus chakra and my heart chakra and I couldn’t help myself but laugh at everything, about how stupid and puny everything was compared to me. I know those were Bael’s thoughts. Then another friend came and Bael possessed him as well, we were both laughing at the same time, speaking the same things at the same time, etc.

    A few days later I had a dream in which a black cat entered my room and I heard a word resonating in my whole body, very loud but also very deep and “dark”. No exact way to describe it. The word was BEL. I woke up, scared, but the fear quickly passed. I searched the internet for the word Bel and found that it’s a Sumerian word for Lord. Then I met with my other friend who was possessed (the first one got rid of him) and he told me that he did a meditation on the demon and the demon told him he was Baal. Baal is Hebrew for Lord. So he must be the same. And both words form the name Bael. Could that be him really?

    It feels extremely big sometimes and it stands above me. People on the street stare at me for no reason during those times. One day I entered a tram and all the people inside it (it was full of them) turned and looked at me at the same time. Creepy, but funny from my point of view. But if he really is Bael, why would he possess my friend first and then let him go and stay with me? My second friend also got rid of him, but he says that a light entered him and made him cough a lot and he felt that with every cough he spit a “part” of the demon. Why would Bael come to me at all? I didn’t call him, nor did I do any ritual. Although, come to think of it, I did ask for a very powerful demon to be my familiar. I really wanted that, but I didn’t think it would happen. Especially not this way.

    Oh and is it normal that sometimes I feel him very large above me, his energy burning in my chakras, and sometimes I just feel the burning? Is it always him, or in the second scenario it’s just residual energy left from him? I don’t feel his presence anywhere in space, but I feel like he is with me even so.

    So if you can answer my questions, please, I would be grateful.


    1. Demons come not only when we summon them. In fact they are often around us but most people is unaware of it. Rituals and exercises are often ways to be more conscious of their energies. They (rituals, exercises) learn us how to synchronize with them to establish communication. And when there is communication, there can be a relationship and results that influence our life.

      I cannot know for sure why Bael came first to your friend, that can know only Bael. However, if you compare results – it worked well, didn’t it? You and other people became convinced a demon is something more then just in someone’s mind. Also, the fact that your friend was smoking and his awareness was changed and relaxed, made for Bael easier to communicate with him. After this experience you were more watchful and were able to notice and recognize him. In other words, if demon’s knocking at the door remains unanswered, he may try to knock your window, thrown stones, give notices to the friends who entere your house, etc.

      As to names, it’s just words describing certain energies, so one energy/entity may have many similar names. Bael, Baal, Belial, etc. Some may recognize many baal demons (in this way baal would be a title). If you feel right to call him Bael, then you should follow it.

      Why Bael would come to you specifically? I don’t know, ask Bael yourself :).



      1. Thanks for your info. Btw Bael (Bel) is gone now… And I think it’s because I didn’t give him any attention lately. I invoked Gremory hihi. Anyway, how do you get a demon to do something for you? Are there any offerings? I invoked Bune a while ago and asked him for something, and in return I made a campfire for him as a form of “thank you”. Next day… Well whaddya know? Here it comes (the thing I asked for). And it keeps coming (and you certainly know what I’m talking about by now…).

        So is there any way to have Gremory do something for me? Like get me a girl? A girl that’s fairly difficult to get as demons can’t really “touch” her. It seems like she’s very powerful or something… and if someone does something bad to her, that person “gets it” by other means and she doesn’t have to move a finger for it… And it’s strange that people who do that KNOW it came from her. Even if they aren’t in touch with the astral realm. It’s like she’s karma impersonated lol.

        I had a small demon once who was very loyal to me (my very first demon) and I felt him very agitated or restless when I was around that girl. With the Goetic ones this isn’t the case, but I couldn’t get Bel inside her by “hidden” means. I told her to invite him inside and that night she had a very enlightening dream about a person (won’t go into much detail). So how can I get a demon to “touch” her. It’s like she’s unreachable by astral means, like there’s a very strong energetic wall around her that doesn’t let anything she doesn’t want inside. Also, she “complains” that everything she wants – it happens. So how do I do that? I guess every magical procedure I might do to get her could come back and slap me in the face. So it’s not very convenient. I told Bel one night to make someone turn against her (so he would “get it”) and I felt like Bel was saying “Now you’re talking!”. Two nights after my request, I started feeling attacked energetically. And it was like a demon was messing with my head and I knew it was because of her. Is it possible she has a demon? It wasn’t a strong presence, like Bel is, but still…

        And there’s more to it… A few days later it was I who turned against her, started arguing with her… So what can I do to get such an “unreachable” person?

        Btw sorry for the long stories, but I really want some help here… :D. So if you could give me some advice, please, I would love it 😛


        1. How to make demons do something for you? You have to remember that a demon is not a mindless servant (in opposition to servitors) but a being with own character and will, so you can’t just command him to do something. However if you build a relationship with him, just as you do with humans, you will be able to ASK him about something and he (a demon) will be willing to help you if your relationship with him (or her) is positive. Again, the same is with humans – you do someone a favor, because you like him/her and because it pleases yourself.

          In practice you can: tell aloud and decisively what you wish for, write it down on a piece of paper, tell it mentally, focus on it and visualize the outcome, etc. It’s a part of ritual or just part of your mental process. You must decide clearly what you want and be able to express it in some way and ask demons for fulfilling your wish or helping you out in the process of getting it. However you must remember, you don’t know how, when and where your wish will come true so you must stay positively focused, relaxed and awaiting for the wished result. In some cases that what you want may come in matters of hours and sometimes even after many years… Depends on what you wish for.

          For example: I wanted to know something and next day I suddenly received clear answer mentally. Or: I wanted to achieve more of the video material of certain kind and in few hours someone called me and showed me when I can get it (I never asked this person for it! She just spontaneously came across it and wanted to share…). But if the wish was much bigger and required lot of things to change in my life, after few years I realized that I got what I wanted but manifestation was showing slowly and in a complicated way so I never realized clearly at which point it turned out I got it.

          Often, to get something, you must successfully achieve certain stages. So for example, if you want to get a girl but are shy or somehow awkward around girls, you must realize what you suck at to improve it and then get a girl.

          In your case, you must just try. You are learning in the fly. Yes, someone can have a strong spiritual protection and it can mess with you if you are not careful and yes, wishes may be fulfilled in not so desirable way 😉 – again, if you’re not careful. However any emotional relationship with her (even when you are arguing) seems to be pleasing you to some degree. But I guess you want something more positive ;). I wouldn’t try any love spells in your situation, she seems to be too strong willed person. Hmmmm… Let me think. To get in relationship you must see in her something you like and vice versa. She must see a quality in you that she admires (even if she doesn’t realize it). The bigger this is, the more it resonate with her, the more chances it will turn into something more then just acquaintance or friendship. So you must somehow manifest that what she seeks for, but do you have it? You won’t be able to tell for sure but a demon may help improve yourself to increase your chances. For example, if you are self confident, it may be attractive for her. However it’s not easy to built self confidence and it requires discipline, motivation, will and work. Even if that wouldn’t work on her, it may change you so you would find a girl that you would be happy with. Like I said, you must just try and learn. There are no easy recipes here.


          1. You see, I already had TWO relationships with her, each lasted three months. And yes, you got that right – I like arguing with her, it’s like it’s feeding me. As for the similarity thing I can ask Dantalion for help, right? But there’s another guy who stands in my way, it’s a bit more complicated than that. He’s got a demon friend as well. If you’re willing to help with some advice, is there a way we can talk more privately? Or, if not, I can do a summary (not very detailed though) here. Just let me know.

            And btw, I invoked Seere a week ago and asked him to bond with me. Yesterday, I’ve been in the forest and burned a few strands of my hair and told him to take the energy. That day I felt soooo good and much more self-confident than ever. And it wasn’t exactly coming from me. I felt the bond strengthen throughout the day and I felt I was changing drastically. But it was a good change nonetheless. Last night I heard Seere in my mind saying “You have to be self-confident”. I heard that a lot in the past, but the way he says it sounds special. Like there’s much more to self-confidence than people think.

            Now I want to invoke Asmoday or Astaroth as well and bond with them (using blood this time). Do you think it’s a good idea? I don’t want to end up having multiple personalities. Lol


            1. Having relationship with many demons is normal, so don’t worry. Just like with people, you can have many friends, although with some of them you bond stronger then with others. And there are acquaintances or persons who you make deals with but don’t have any special bond. Similar is with demons. There is no specified maximal number of demons you can work with. And as you already noticed, demons who you don’t pay much attention to go away. You can focus intensely only on so much demons, so don’t worry about having too many bond attempts ;).

              You can write to me using e-mail form from my site (link below) so I could answer directly and more privately.



      2. Also, can you tell me some good grimoires with real demons? Demons you worked with, for that matter? And powerful, multitasking ones? Like, is there a very big and powerful demon who can do anything you want? Grimoirium Imperium sounds interesting, but I don’t know if those ancient demons described there are real… I know for sure the goetic ones are and I don’t want to jump into new things I know nothing about. Might be dangerous… The goetic demons act like spirit guides and help a lot with self development. So can you tell me of similar demons, only powerful ones? Also, if you’ve worked with demons from Grimoirium Imperium and you know they are real, are they aggressive, like the book says? I’m looking for something that can do anything, and with which I can have some sort of “relationship” with. Like a friend.

        And if not, can you tell me how to attract a familiar?


        1. Goetia is a good source, however you it only as an inspiration, not a ritual guide. Goetic demons are for the most part friendly if approached with respect but they require more strong willed and confident persons, otherwise they can tease you sometimes or kick in a butt ;p. Even more approachable demons (not all of them but lot of them) you can find in dukante’s pantheon (see site). Demons from Grimoirium Imperium are real, but don’t believe in all what the book says about them. Old grimoires are written from christian perspective so there is lot of rubbish in them. But finding some demon traits, likes, strong sites, symbolism may help you to decide if that demon is suitable for you. But don’t treat grimoire words too seriously.

          There is no one “very powerful demon”. It all depends what you want to achieve and with witch demon you resonate most. For example, Leviathan is seen as powerful by many but when you don’t connect well with him, results won’t be strong.

          The best way to approach it is: the demon which you have good/easy contact with, the demon that attracts you, the demon that makes you most exciting – is a demon to work with (in that moment – it may change dependently on stage of your life).

          As to familiars see my response on other comment (alduin4589 asked about familiars) in this page.


  13. Hi i started following the blog today and personally i would be considered a student of demonolatry i guess… i was wondering if the same summoning process with a demon is the same with a succubus or familiar? anyone can answer id be very grateful 🙂


    1. The process would be similar, although some differences may occur.
      Succubi are considered to be demons so in this case, why would it be much different? Just incorporate 😉 some sex magick elements into the summoning ritual.
      As to familiars it all depends what you mean by that. For some familiars may be usual pets that are used to focus or they are an element of ritual. Others may see them as a spiritual animal-like energy/being. In latter case one can believe, a familiar is created, other that a familiar may be attracted/summoned or is already there and we must only recognize them (similar to shamanism). So as you see, some differences, depending on what familiar to someone may be and how to summon it, will occur.

      When you learn about some basic ritual works, you should be able (with time and experience) to modify and create your own ritual or non ritual techniques to achieve what you want. So in fact summoning every demon may differ slightly or differ with time, occasion, your experience and easiness to connect with demonic consciousness, etc. But of course you can use standard summoning ritual as proposed by TG (and as showed on my page) as a starting point, rest is up to your invention.


  14. Hi. I just got into this demon summoning thing and read your article. I actually wanted to summon a demon to do something for me. I want to ask, does the invocation ritual really work? I mean like what if you tried it and fail? Because i really want to summon one. And how to communicate with demons? Is there any beginner tips in an invocation ritual like timing and everything and tips about talking with a demon? Because you said communicating with a demon has something to do with energies and I’m really terrible at those kind of things… So please give some tips and advise, I would really appreciate it.


    1. Summoning ritual may work or may not work… It’s not like a simple physics law where things will always fall down because of gravity.
      If you fail, nothing happens, just like that :). Often one need to do many attempts to have any serious result. On the other hand there are some who have effects right away. No rule here so don’t be discouraged too easily. Summoning is calling out certain spiritual entities but manifestation is not physical (in opposition to movies, stories, myths) so most people may not notice it. That is why art of summoning is actually strongly linked to the ability of recognizing, sensing, hearing demons/energies. In other words, you need ability to notice, communicate and bond with them. If you cannot do one of those things, your results may be none existent to very weak ones. Hence the stress on meditation, mental exercises, preparation for ritual and symbolism (psychological effect) and learning.
      Even if you had to dig a whole in the ground with a shovel and have never done it before, knowing how to do it doesn’t man you can easily dig it just he one like you need. And because you made it once, doesn’t mean the next one will be exactly like that too. The same applies to summoning, although this process is more complex so more things may happen and more factors plays role here.

      Because this whole phenomena is psychological (mental effects) and personal (you can feel it or know that something is happening but you can’t pass it on others, they have to experience it for themselves) lot of subjective and individual factors come in play here so there is no one 100% working recipe. That is why the usual way is to take some basic stuff, learn as much as you can to understand it and try, try and try. Even when you have results and even when you consider yourself to be experienced demonolator, you still can have zero results from time to time. Psychological state is fluent and it’s hard to control it or set within rigid parameters. We change with time so our psyche isn’t the same today as it was month ago, so the same thing may result in different mental response for the same person. Imagine how variable it is between different people who have different abilities, experiences, were raised in different cultures, etc.

      The best I can advice you is to:
      – read my site carefully (also comments under the articles)
      – read articles on
      – learn how to meditate
      – gather some information on demons (names, character, affiliation, symbols, preferences, enns, sigils, abilities, myths, etc.) that interest you
      – learn how to do basic ritual and how to construct magickal rituals
      – practice (trials and errors)

      If you are newbie, don’t expect quick results, most people came to this after years of studies, however “expect unexpected”, because everything is possible.


        1. Sorry, but such hurrying requests won’t meet with positive reaction. Nobody owns you anything. It’s not my task to answer quickly but as quickly as possible and that could means even weeks of waiting, which, I believe, I stressed on my contact page.

          Another thing is: neither I or demons are charity organization who just wait to give you money or our time. Quick and easy financial success is just a Hollywood myth, not reality. Sure, Satan or demons can help you with that but it’s not for free.
          What does it cost you? A soul? Well, you can see it that way but a soul in such case isn’t a thing to give. Soul is YOU, your dreams, hopes, your character, your experiences, all that is you. In order to “give” a soul one must “sacrifice” his mind and heart to demonic forces without a doubt. It’s not a physical transaction. You give Satan and demons UNCONDITIONAL love, your time and energy. You build relationship with them, get to known them, learn from them and only then you can implement what you learned in your life. It requires not only your full devotion but also your work because manifestation of your life appears mostly through you and your actions.

          Forget about quick ritual and instant money on your doorsteps the next morning. This is reality, not a movie. You need to take time to study demonology, learn how to sense and communicate with demons, learn about yourself, learn mental and emotional discipline, set clear goals and discover your path toward them. It can takes years but it’s very rewarding journey. However rarely things happen over night, even with satanic help.

          Another aspect of this problem is, that there is no universal or easy solutions. We all can connect differently with different demons, have different life and psychological conditions, different talents and affinities that describe our life choices. If you summon demon for financial help it can take various forms although usually it is some opportunity, idea and motivation. If you ignore or won’t recognize any of this, no demon can help you… This is why “KNOW THYSELF” or “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER” are common, seemingly simple, although ironically hard to achieve goals. Demon help you with that but it is always a process, development, not a solid thing to achieve. That self knowledge can and do changes your life, including financial situation.


          1. I hear you,how would one be initiated as beginner and how does one tell that they have been initiated,what signs are there?what are the do’s and donts and how does one pray as a satanist?
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            1. Not sure if I have good answer to that.

              Initiation could be seen at least on two ways. 1 – as dedication ritual to chosen path (could be self initiation) or 2 – initiation to a group with a described structure. I have an impression that you talk about initiation as it would be some magically changing ritual, giving some powers or insight. This doesn’t happen to my knowledge, at least in the real world (in opposition to movies, books).

              To be initiated in a group/order/coven you need to fulfill certain requirements and do ritual that this group created for this purpose. If a group has a site or published books, such things may be found there or after meeting with one of the members.
              To initiate yourself into a path you can create your own ritual that is meaningful and important to you. There is no universal rite here, although you may find some examples on the net, as far I know. Spirits of any kind can see you easily and know what is in your heart so what you do is only secondary to what you feel. Create a symbolic act that seems right (you must fell yourself that this acted was important and set you to a new path) to you and that is enough.


                1. Positive attitude toward demons, trust, focus, discipline, motivation. You can also stress those feelings with certain sacrifices (blood, other body fluids, energy, hair, food, drink, scent, etc.). However for the first encounter it’s better to have simple goals: to get contact with a chosen demon, have first experience, get to know him or her, ask him for name or sign of his/her arrival. Of course you can also go straight to the point and ask to help in chosen problem and ask what is required from you to solve it. But it’s harder to uphold feeling of trust when one is not sure of contact, so basic experiences are for building relationship before going to the point. However sometimes need is so strong that it could be also a good starting point to attract demon. Just proceed as your intuition tells you. There are no clear rights and wrong in that matter, you must learn from your experience and mistakes are also important part of learning, so don’t be afraid of experimenting, providing you are emotionally stable and mature person. If not, some difficulties may occur but you just must deal with it, like it or not. Just like in life ;).


    1. Read carefully what I wrote in articles: “Communication with demons” and “Summoning Demons – Invocation”. Also, it would good to learn basics of creating rituals, learn how to meditate.
      If you are familiar with all that, try basic summoning ritual as described in the latter of the above mentioned articles. Use proper sigils (either from Goetia of from Dukante) and enn:

      Adey vocar avage BeelzebuthAdey vocar avage Beelzebuth

      Success of any ritual is not guaranteed and for beginners who don’t have any special mediumistic abilities it can take more time to have results. Or in different words, it takes time to learn to recognize results ;).
      After awhile you may notice that you always had this “voice” back in your head but you took it for your own, however it’s much wiser, smarter then “outer” you and it can be more independent then you realize providing you with surprising answers. Once you learn how to communicate actively with this voice, you can recognize different energies (different voices) and so on. It’s not a real voice, rather form of thought that goes parallel to your own thoughts. Of course it can take different forms like: feelings, intuition, sudden knowledge, surprising meaningful coincidences, etc.

      Sometimes even will to connect with certain demon is enough to link with them so ritual may not be needed. In simplest form: relax, clear your mind, invite Belzebub in your mind and focus on your mind and body without thinking anything (let casual thoughts to pass by and discover inner and silent watcher).


    1. It is possible to communicate with animals without summoning demons ;). But I bet there are demons that may learn you how to do that. Which one, I don’t know.

      I had some success on that field few times so I never needed help in that area. Basically you need feel right (self confidence), know what you want, be calmed, relaxed but also firm so that animal would feel your will as dominating. Then you can visualize what you want if that is a cat. If you look for talking to a dog, learn their body language first and how they receive your tone and body setting. You need it because first you need to get animal’s attention. However like I said, I only tried few times so I am no expert in this, you need to experiment and gather your own experience and knowledge (also as to which demon can help you with that).


  15. Hi i saw your post about where to get the sigil of the demon you want to talk to and i think you should try a book by S.Connolly thats seperate from the main book thats only the sigils of the demons


  16. ;Demons and Satan’s are not good and those who respect them are too bad guys.Also this whole thing is funny…..Beleive in Allah who created you…..Thats the solution of all your problems.


    1. LOL, you shoot yourself in the foot with alllah comment ;).
      Is it so hard to comprehend that different people have different needs so different things make them happy? That’s one on one human nature. Is your religion against nature? That what is right for one person might be terrible mistake for another. Besides, why would I care about a god that I don’t believe in? I was the one who created myself 🙂 and that’s what I believe.


  17. I am looking to summon the Demon Bune/Bim I have one ritual i’m following but i haven’t had any success yet. Can u help me out? u can email me at [EDIT: mail address removed! – please don’t place your mails in comments,thanks, Zal] thank u so much! look forward to hearing from u.


  18. hi ther i want to invite demon jst tonight i dnt hv canddles. Bt i cn sacrifice with my own blood..jst tll me which demo to call and what to du cos i am in music,dancng also beatboxing n i wanna be rich n famous thanx


    1. Sorry, but your message is hard to understand.
      Demon summoning isn’t something you can do in a sloppy way. You need to study so you know what you are doing, you need to prepare yourself mentally and physically and you need to learn how to be sensible to subtle spiritual energies because they rarely manifest in physical way. It would be pointless to summon a demon and not be able to sense and hear him/her. Requests also aren’t working like gene wishes most of the time. It’s reality, not a movie so a wish to be reach could take many years to fulfill and during that time it’s wise to work with demons to stay on track. This a process, not an instant moment.


  19. I have been interested in demons and all that since I was 12. Im 20 now and I have always tried to summon them seeking company and I have never been successful. . Can you please tell me what to do to summon a demon… and actually know that they are there. How do I know.


    1. Doing a summoning ritual is not giving anyone a guaranteed success. In fact, ritual could have been successful and demon had been there but you weren’t able to recognize it. That is why at the beginning of this article I mentioned you must read “Communication with demons” first.

      So basically you need to train yourself in recognizing subtle spiritual or magical energies. In order to do that one needs years of experience in magick or other occult practices. Knowledge alone is not enough.

      There are persons who are either mediums or reflexive and religious and they often have results quicker. Those who are skeptics and more science based as myself need many years of experience that caused strong shift in paradigm that allowed me to experience more and more things around me that are spiritual in nature. If you are such person, you can’t rush it, you will succeed at proper time if you will stay work on your spiritual development. Ritual alone is not enough. It is meant for proper focus but those of us who are deaf for energies needs more then just a set of symbolical actions.

      You are still very young. I was having my first steps in occult when I was six, because of my family interest. I experienced my first spiritual “meeting” when I was about 27, although I was practicing magick since many, many years then.

      So like you see you can’t skip certain things and summoning is possible but in practice not as easy as it sounds.


  20. Hello. My name is damien.. my friend meloney gave me her info on this site so I could log in under her name and ask you something. ..I come from a theistic satanic family and I myself am a theistic satanist. I am 14 and since I could remember my family and I have been having summoning rituals and such for personal reasons that I will not mention…about a week ago I was teaching my 5 year old nephew how to perform a summoning ritual and something went terribly wrong. Ever since then he will not speak.. he will not sleep and he will not eat. He just stares off into the distance like in some sort of trance. this has never happened to us before. Can you tell me what possibly could have happened.. and what I can do.. his father (my brother) is very upset with me :/


    1. You are quite literate with 14 years old. Theistic satanic families are rather rare thing. I know however some young theistic satanic parents. Their progeny will be able to say that they come from theistic satanic family in about 10 years or more, but such statements are still rather taken with a pinch of salt to say it lightly. Too many people bragged about it and in writing everything is possible. However I can’t rule out that this is true. Also story that you were teaching 5 year old demon summoning seems a bit overstretched, although children do play imitating adults. But given your ability to write like an adult… well.. it seems suspicious. I wasn’t nearly as good in writing as you are at that age. But… it’s still possible you are a genius. Let’s assume, you’re writing the truth.

      I never heard that such things ever happened to anyone who practice demon summonings, although the story looks a bit like a horror fantasy that christians like to come up with to scare others. And likelihood of demons doing this to a child is very small. If however this did happen, I would say that this is most probably a coincidence and the child needs to be seen by a psychiatrist and/or neurologist first before jumping into quick conclusions. I’m not too found of attaching too many things to supernatural activity. I do believe that our lives are influenced and mastered on spiritual level (synchronization of energies and law of attraction) but still, I would look for casual and logical reasons first before coming up with a theory that it’s magick or demons related.


    1. Great for him :). For some it’s easy but for others (majority) it takes more time, even years to have some results. By the way, I received your previous message and send you email but the address was wrong and it came back. So I let myself to post it here:

      Please read my article:

      In order to have a success in summoning you need to learn how to sense
      and recognize demon’s presence and communication.

      For some it’s easy thing to do, for others it may take few years at
      least to learn it… Basically it all depends on knowing yourself, on
      heightened self awareness that is why older practitioners have better
      results then younger ones… Life experience gives you more and more
      insight into yourself. So far you are young and at this age people are
      usually focused more outside as it should be.

      We all receive lot signals from environment but we are learned to ignore
      those we find irrelevant or were taught (by example) that are irrelevant.

      Basically what you need to achieve is:

      – deepen awareness of your mental processes, even those subtle ones
      – knowledge what they mean
      – knowledge what drives you
      – understanding of own emotions and motives, even those very subtle ones
      – understanding of dependencies between different parts of your mind
      – deepen self analysis

      When you achieve this, you may notice subtle physical, mental and
      emotional signs. Then when you notice them, you learn slowly what do
      they mean…

      That all above isn’t needed for people who are mediums or are believer types. I myself am more of a skeptic so I received this gift at age of 27, although I practiced magick for many years before.

      There are no universal ways how to do all of that. We all came to this
      with time, experience with trial and error method. Ability to meditate –
      holding a sharpened focus for prolonged time and control yourself (your
      emotions) – is the first thing to start.

      It is very possible that your present interests involve you into some
      activities that give you some insight and skills that will be needed in
      future while your interest in demons will fade away with time (it’s
      possible that you won’t have strong results and without them, motivation
      drops) till you return to it later, richer with experience and knowledge.

      Spiritual experiences have subjective and mental nature, meaning that it
      is only your mind perceiving them.

      Your emotions, senses, thoughts are affected but none of this is
      physical. You can’t show it, you can’t prove it. And other person in the
      room will most likely not hear the same what you (unless it’s a person
      that is sensitive enough and even then there are differences, because
      everyone is different and see reality in his own subjective way).

      When a demon “speaks” to you, you “hear” only thoughts in the same
      manner as your thoughts. In fact, in most cases people can’t
      differentiate between their own thoughts and those from different
      entities. They hear it so they assume they’re theirs… Mental world of
      each person is extremely complex and what you see outside is only a
      friction what you experience inside. Spiritual things are felt inside
      you. Of course at times they may be so intense that you can feel them
      physically (warm, chill, pressure, dizziness and more) but there is no
      physical influence that would justify it.

      Thoughts could be verbal (in words, sentences, with grammar) or non
      verbal (sudden knowing, images, feelings). But they are not so easily
      recognizable at start because they feel and look like not so different
      from your own…

      There is whole world inside you that you need to explore before
      recognizing what is happening really. Most people perceives this inner
      world very shallowly. They do receive energetic, spiritual messages and
      others, yet they just ignore it like a background noise which they got
      used to.

      Like you see, this whole summoning thing is more complicated then you
      probably thought. Doing ritual brings you nothing if you won’t be able
      to sense and hear demons. They are there and summoning is very easy. You
      can mentally invite them and they are in the same second with you.
      Having meaningful communication with them is another matter. Rituals are
      designed to create specific mental state but they cannot overcome so
      easily years of not hearing signals that are always there.

      Bottom line is: I can’t help you in a way you would have a 100% success.
      This is up to you and I don’t control factors that influence the
      process. All I can do is to explain, point out, give general advices but
      you need to learn it by yourself by trial and error.


      1. Thank u for replying. I am really wanting to understand and learn more about these things. I haven’t had any luck during an actual ritual, but i do have dreams often that are very specific and telling. Twice I’ve had Satan come to me in my dreams. ever since i was young i’ve had dreams that i have to me things or that have meant something specific. One time specifically I had a dream my mom had passed away n sure enough the next morning i got the phone called that she had passed and at the the time i was living in a different country then where my mom was at. This kinda of thing has happened to me on many different occasions. Is there any advice you can give me or any insight you have about these kind of happenings?


        1. Every person has specific ways of communication with spiritual beings that are better developed then others. So not for all it will be feeling of presence, not for all it will be telepathic, verbal communication, etc. Dreams are one of the many ways that our subconsciousness speaks to us. Subconsciousness perceives reality in much fuller way then our usual daily mind. So for many dreams are way how we filter and translate what we receive from spiritual energies.
          Precognition dreams or dreams where relatives that passed away talk to us are actually quite common (there are various kind of dreams, most of them is a symbolical expression and processing of your thoughts and in some degree you can find there future manifestations, but there are moments where there is better glimpse into the future).
          There is no need to do here anything specific. Just be happy of this communication, trust in it and be open for more.


  21. Hey, I’m sorry to be a bother, but I have a few questions. I was a Christian, but I changed my beliefs to Athiest. I’ve been thinking about becoming satanist, because it seems like the best choice. I would like some directions on how I could become Satanist.I’m sorry to bother you it’s just I live in a rural city, and their isn’t any places, or people who can help me out.


    1. Learn more about satanism or actually satanisms, because there are many forms of satanism. Read my article:

      if you want to become a theistic satanist. But that’s not a path for everyone so you shouldn’t hurry. You must also set goals why you want to become satanist and what you want to achieve. Some people are strictly religious satanists and are only doing ceremonial/worship rituals. They are not interested in occult or magick much, they just want to practice satanism as religion and that is all. However a majority is interested in occult and magick. If that is the case for you, check out:

      Also read other articles on my site, because they’re completing each other. Also follow recommended links and study those sites. There are many advises and tips for newbies there.


  22. hey zalbrath..
    actually i wanted to summon MASTEMA and SESHAT. plz help me. as you know that i have tried ti summon semons earlier but have never been sucessful. can this be a reason that i am in INDIA and there are no christian here so demons don’t come here when we summon them? coz everytime i read about an encounter with demons its amlways in america or europe. plz help me.


    1. Your geographical location is irrelevant. If people in US can summon Kali, you can summon any other demon that is more commonly worked with in Europe or elsewhere.

      I would advise you to forget about thinking that ritual=result. You should approach it more slowly and don’t have any expectations, just curious observation.

      Learn to meditate (it’s useful to know different kinds of meditations). During some sessions, focus on demon you want to get to know more. Let your mind flow easily, be a silent observer in the background. Notice what comes to your mind, what feelings, sensations, thoughts, pictures, etc. The trick is to sharpen your perception toward those subtle things that are happening in your mind. It takes time to learn if you are no a medium. It can even take years… So just be patient and learn other things along the way.

      The most weird thing is when one discovers, that thoughts he thought were his, are coming from someone else… They feel so normal as if they were yours so you are not noticing them much. Those thoughts are just passing through your head. You may discover that demons were talking to you where you were thinking about various things…

      They often use “we” instead “I”, because they are group consciousnesses and have many faces so to speak. They can appear in many ways in many shapes, so for some it’s just an energy or a presence, you may hear thoughts, pictures or sudden knowing, chills, hot, cold, touch, pressure, all possible things. There is no way to tell in which way you will experience a demonic presence.

      My experience tell me, that their energies are often around, very close and they “whisper” to us and we more or less accidentally hear them, taking them for our own thoughts. But once you realize they are not and openly ask them something, they can give you surprising responses.

      Contacting demons is very natural process and it feels that way. Forget movies or tales. Reality is more subtle. Pay attention to your emotions because it’s often the language they speak to you. If you have a feeling or if you are excited about some thought, idea, it may be well given to you by a demon, you just don’t know it yet ;P.

      Sometimes it just take to ask something concrete and… notice what comes to your mind. You can’t be sure if it’s you inventing it or a demon at first but with time, you will find some differences and discover that those advises check out in reality. There are sometimes situations where you are sure 100% that someone just told you something, you just know it and there is no doubt. But for the most part you don’t feel it any different then your own thoughts. So it’s very… unspectacular… But like I said, with time you will learn to recognize them better.

      You can also do such exercise: meditate for a few minutes (void meditation), then focus on a sigil, enn or name of a demon for few minutes, then imagine him/her/it. Imagine his look, but also his qualities, how he would be like. Then ask him something and… wait, observe what he will do. Sometimes we need to create mental vessel, a structure to make communication possible.

      When you use your creative side of your brain, you access spiritual energies and you use informations you noticed subconsciously in your creation. This isn’t objective method but the fact is, there is no objective one. We always add up something from ourselves, from our perspective. But your perspective, your beliefs create a frame in which energy can show, take a form and communicate with you in a way you can understand.

      I suspect that most people expects too much and freeze in waiting, not allowing their creative mind to work. In such state most likely nothing happens. Intuition, sixth sense, they all use creative mind functions, so you must be relaxed and things should flow through your mind easily. Tension is a buzz killer ;).

      Ritual parts are for you to focus mentally and emotionally on a demon. Strength of focus matters, as well as your emotional state. Being too nervous distracts you and don’t allow you to be relaxed. That is why it’s good to do celebration rituals just for sake of worship. You summon energies, thank them, appreciate them, sometimes make some requests but you don’t expect anything special to happen, the ritual is for you to express your feelings, nothing more. It may prepare you and make you more calm. With luck, you may notice something more. If not, don’t worry. It should be fun for you! You must feel special, ceremonial, excited and enjoyed. If not, incorporate things in a ritual that uplift you (music, dance, poetry, whatever you love), let yourself be creative.

      I hope this clear certain things.


        1. One more thing. I wrote that they OFTEN use “we” and that is correct but often doesn’t mean always. Sometimes (or maybe it’s more frequent for people who are summoning concrete energies) one consciousness of a group answers, so he/she/it speaks in singular person and can give you some modified or different name then for a group consciousness. But they usually try to avoid confusion and if you met them under one name, they all speak under that name.

          Hail Satan


  23. Hi Zalbarath, Could you please give me the “correct” or A “correct” Black Magick(lhp) consecration ritual for my ritual tools(athame, chalice etc.), and my personal talismans? I looked into a couple, one from JOS(seemed simple enough) and one by Michael Ford who requires abamelin oil(which I have).Some say to picture a blue light and use magnets , others say to use incense, or fire or magnets. Obviously there’s a bit of confusion on my part as to which method is the “authentic” one. Any help on this would be much appreciated!!! Love this site by the way.Glad I found It!!


    1. There is no one correct version of such ritual. Magick is based more on rules of psychology then newtonian laws. Meaning: It’s not just about physical settings and actions of the ritual but about how it influences your psyche. Just as you can do the same physical object using various methods, the same mental state could be obtained in different ways. However there is a difference between creating an object and doing magick. Physical reality is set, rigid and for the most time usual newtonian laws apply, so the same recipe for creating/producing an object is valid all the time for different people. Psychological reality is also within certain borders but it’s more fluent and every person differs from another.

      In the past, where we lived in very coherent culture and we had no easy access to variety of informations from around the world, despite individualistic differences, we could apply more or less the same schema for magick ritual. However nowadays with different beliefs, approaches, different cultural bases, different upbringing, we may not be successful using those old recipes, because they might not apply in our case. This complicate things and requires of an adept an ability to create rituals for themselves.

      On the other hand, we tend to believe and relay on social data, so those old ways are still used, often with success by many.

      The point is that magick is much more complex then doing a ritual from a recipe. Of course you can do that in old fashioned way and that is also good and that can lead to good results. On the other hand, magicians nowadays know that methods could be personalized and they do that – they create their own rituals. They are not more or less correct if they work for them. What will work for you, I can’t tell. You just have to find out for yourself by practicing.

      In my opinion it would be good, if you had created a bit eerie (needed for mental state of “suspended disbelief”) but exciting (positive focus and increase of energy) ritual setting that would correspond symbolically to your beliefs – so you could feel closeness of Satan or demons. Connect with their energies and ask them to bless ritual tools, imbue them with your energy (proper visualization and feeling of an energy) and add some symbolical action to it (like anointing it with oil) or making symbolical references to the task of each tool (tools are often associated with different elements). You may also pray upon each tool. It all sounds easy and can be done easily if you are strong believer type. But if you expect certain results that are tangible and you have no mediumistic skills beforehand, doing that simple thing may require years of practice. But if you spend those years, it’s not just about doing certain things, you literally can focus energy, you can feel it, shape it, so you are doing rituals in more conscious way, using your sharpened, disciplined and experienced mind instead just believing in it deeply.

      I personally don’t bother with ready rituals and follow my gut, besides I usually use direct magick.

      However if you want to use a recipe that has certain history and tradition, use the one that feels most appropriate for you. A good ritual changes your perception of reality (strongly at the moment of doing ritual but that passes with time, more subtly but persistent on the long run).
      When you think about something, you automatically put certain energy into it so the fact of perceiving an item as blessed imbues it with proper energy. It is as simple as that… Even with usual daily action you do that unconsciously. When you prepare food, you influence its energetic state. So if you are preparing something that excites you and you can’t wait to eat it, you change to some degree the energy of the food you are preparing.

      Look around: people who hate computers or their cars, have lot of problems with them, more then usual people have, as if those objects hated them back… But if you love machines you are using, they are working much better for you. Have you noticed situation when a tool was working flawlessly in one hands while braking over and over when someone else took it in their hands?
      What you think does matter. That is why, blessing could be extremely simple act: do symbolical action as see the object as blessed and you already change something in this object. But remember, blessing should never be mechanical action, it must be act of faith, focus on certain aspect of the item. You must perceive it as special, blessed and it will be.

      Hope this helps you lift your doubts and choose the right method FOR YOU.

      Hail Satan



  24. “An evocation (from Latin word evocatio was the “calling forth” or “summoning away”) – is a magical act of commanding, forcing, threatening (with names and symbols – usually of Christianity) spiritual entity. Circle is created here every time to protect magician from summoned entity/energy and to bound, restrict entity within it. Magician is in that case outside the circle, demon inside.”

    You are seriously misguided, my friend. The circle does not protect the magician. And it most certainly does not hold the entity within it. The circle is used for the MAGICIAN to sit in it. The circle is established as the center of the Universe, as a sacred space. The demon materializes in the triangle. It is not constrained there, but directed there.

    And evocation does not mean commanding, forcing or threatening the demon with shitty Abrahamic or Solomonic symbols. Demons WANT to be evoked. I’ve had demons ASKING me to evoke them. And I usually do evocations either through my own spiritual power or by opening the sigils of the four quadrant demonic Gatekeepers or, in special situations, the four demonic Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Sometimes, in the most special situations, I evoke a demon by the power of the real name of Lucifer, a name that Lucifer himself gave to me IN AN EVOCATION. Every time I say that name the shackles break and power starts flowing through me.

    “An evocation suggests: fear, restriction, forceful domination based on negative emotions.”

    Wrong. An evocation suggests godhood, power, partnership with demons, taking communication to the next level, making pacts, learning and much, much more.

    Do not take this the wrong way, rather take it as a motivator: you still have much to learn. If you think you’re experienced, you haven’t seen anything yet.


    1. LOL, for so “experienced” person you jump into quick conclusions.

      First, my article is not a complete article on the subject, there is much more to write about it. I am not a ceremonial magician so I may be mistaken as to CM methods, although usually ceremonial magicians, to my present knowledge, do create circle to “trap” a demon inside for their protection. Also known CM rituals do threaten demons with abrahamic names. Maybe there are other methods they use, like I said I am not CM expert, but old grimoires utilize this one.

      Second, you missed the point that evocation and invocation are somewhat arbitrary terms. CM evoke (force, command), while invocation is shown in opposition as polite invitation. However there are other ways to define evocation or invocation as you clearly did. There are also various ways to understand that process.

      Third, I applied various qualities to those two methods of summoning to strongly differentiate them but you can easily say for example: difference is by the way of summoning (commanding vs. inviting) and circle thing is not an issue here, or: evocation is always outside circle and invocation from inside but commanding/inviting doesn’t matter… I decided to clump those two things in one, because traditional CM does just that, but there are always more ways of doing the same thing then two so definitions are never complete.

      Fourth, invocation and evocation is as far I am concerned an English thing. There is no good translation to them in other languages and even if you found any, connotations of those words don’t exactly match to English ones. As you may noticed, I am not native English speaker, so distinction between invocation vs. evocation was for me an artificial one and it is possible I don’t understand all meanings of those words correctly. I just wrote what I thought about the difference of those methods. For practical purposes of satanic practice, either you treat demons as equals, that deserve respect (invocation) or you are more forceful (from whatever reason: fear, blowing up of ego, etc.). Some satanists do use evocation. They don’t use abrahamic names but want to feel own power by doing it this way. Each to his own, but a standard and advised way of summoning demons is still invocation as described above. If you however understand this therm differently, then you may do invocation by one definition and call it evocation… This is occultism and there are no clear and strictly defined lines. Definitions should mean something but if you go into details on them, you will see their imperfection and how easily can be discarded if you just use different line of reasoning as you are doing. Yes, demons like to be summoned and you don’t need to be apologetic (you may understand invitation this way). Invitation in fact should be strong and decisive. And demons do want to hear what we want of them, very clearly!

      However there is a difference between being a commanding jerk (as evocation is usually portrayed) or strong willed and decisive person that summons persons for something. Gain is always in a background no matter what we do. We want something, demons want something too, although often what they want is different what we might think they want.

      I could easily elaborate on this topic, but that’s not the place for it. Articles on the site are meant to be as a starting point for own practice, not a source of all knowledge. Real knowledge should obtained by self experience and no article would ever cover even a fraction of it.

      Please do not mistaken my articles for what I know or experienced. I may be mistaken sometimes (we all do mistakes) but don’t patronize me. This is neither wise, nor well received by anyone. It also makes only you look bad, no matter if I am right or wrong as to the matter of the subject. Such experienced person as yourself, should know better and be able to behave more maturely.

      P.S. We are all guilty of patronizing someone at some point, but the trick is to know where it won’t be taken as faux pa.


  25. So by showing you where you’ve gone wrong and by pointing you in the right direction I’m immature? Way to go, keep up the good stuff.

    Evocation is calling an entity forth, to speak to it face to face.

    Invocation is calling an entity inside your body.

    I do both. Evocation is very good for communicating with spirits clearly, for making agreements, for learning stuff and much more. Invocation is best for receiving the gnosis of the spirit without it even wanting to and to use it’s power. Also, it’s good for changing yourself.

    And what do you think demons want us to do? Don’t they want us to become gods? If you think evocation is forceful, is based on frustration or whatnot, you’re completely mistaken. Of course, you are NOT mistaken that it’s based on all those things for the frustrated and insecure Abrahamic or Solomonic magicians. But for a satanist an evocation is not based on insecurity. It’s based on his own godhood. Again, what do demons want us to become?

    I spoke with Azazel and Lucifer a great deal and they taught me some insane stuff. Trust me, demons WANT us to be stronger than them, to be the most powerful gods in existence.


    1. No, immature was something entirely different. Imagine reversed situation: you are discussing something and then someone says: no, I disagree, your wrong because xxx (place reasonable explanation here) – discussion and arguments can be further exchanged, everyone is on equal foot in this discussion. Then imagine this: you are discussing something and then, the other person makes remark that you are wrong and that he/she is much better at something and you are not match to them – this is judgmental, superficial, offensive, insensitive, disrespectful and not reasonable (no argument just offensive talk). In this moment discussion is ended, no productive further thought exchange can take place, no one learns anything. Granted, that you gave your reasons before, but the remark on the end canceled the effect of it. It was completely superfluous.

      As to invocation/evocation, like I said before, those terms are typical for English language and I may not understand all nuances (for example: “call forth” seems a bit unclear and I can’t feel emotional meaning of it so I just repeated after other native English speakers, that evocation USUALLY in CM is rude, but on the other hand, maybe it’s not the evocation itself but the way of doing it). Invocation=inside body, evocation=outside body – I have no quarrel with such understanding of that term and maybe it’s better to see it that way – less complications, more clear meaning. It’s fully correct in my mind.

      I just didn’t get why you were so intense about me being wrong. It’s not matter of being right or wrong, but a matter of clearing things out. If you think you understand something better, fine, explain, I am open to discussion. But never insist so persistently and so obviously that someone is wrong, mistaken or… worse in any way because of that. That’s the one of most basic rule of teaching. Any teacher that looks down on others, depreciate others is not a teacher but an asshole with complexes. Such person is not suitable for teaching and should be fired. Alas, such “teachers” often work in schools…


      1. Ok, let me make this matter clear. My intentions were not to insult or offend you by showing off. My intention was to provoke you to do something better than what you did before. My intentions are to help and improve. Sorry you misunderstood.


        1. OK, noticed. When I find time, I’ll consult with some others on that (need confirmation from more sources) and will correct the article, although it may take some time. I’m starting new business and I must put on hold my public, satanic activity. So I may be non or little responsive for few months even.


    2. I have a question for you…I am newbie satanist. As a newbie I been giving myself the time to read and do research on conducting invocation and evocation rituals. My question for you is this…as a newbie would it be better for me to start with an invocation or evocation ritual? My main goal is to make an agreement (pact) with Mesphito. But I do wish to further more get to know him on a more personal level. What do you think?


      1. I always recommend invocation as respectful method of approaching demons. There are some ways to do respectful evocation but I see no point of that. There is no strict boundaries between energies so when demon comes, there is always some kind of energy and telepathic exchange, hence inviting demon into yourself shows that you have no fear and accept union with invoked energy/being. Usually invocation doesn’t result in possession, although that is an option for those who want it but it’s not so easily obtained as one may think (so it’s a thing for more experienced practitioners or those who are skilled as mediums).


  26. And I’ll stress this again: I have never ever heard about a CM or GT practitioner to constrain a spirit in a circle. I don’t know where you got that from. The spirit is constrained in the triangle. The circle is for the magician.


  27. Was just wondering. I know that each individual has their own pace with working with energies and contacting demons but on average (if there is one), how long does it take to begin to talk to or even make contact with a demon?

    I currently have restrictions on use of candles or incense and so I was wondering if there was a way to still bring out a manifestation of the demon I am trying to contact. I know he is there and I know he is real but, I’d like to take things a little bit further now.


    1. I have no idea :(. Differences are too big to say anything certain. Persons gifted with mediumistic skills can have results at first time, while some may need many, many years… There is no studies about it so there is no statistics about it, and there is no info on average time of the learning curve.


  28. Recently I’ve been getting into all these sorts of things. Broadening my perspectives and educating myself on all types of religions. Ever since I was young, most likely around four- I had a fascination with the concept of demons and so forth. However, years and years later- (As I am a young lady still.) I recently got myself a Ouija Board, I’ always 50/50 I guess you could say. I believe they work and a part of me is still not fully there and there is NO reason for me to be! I don’t understand this- if ANYONE can shed some light on why this might be taking effect. I could see and witness things other couldn’t since I was too young to even understand death or ghosts or all those ghoulish things. Recently it’s been quiet for quite sometimes, I’m not being woken to little pokes in a locked room, and I’m not waking up to someone standing by my door and sadly, I kind of miss it. *Laughs sadly as she mopes.*

    So as I said, I recently got a Ouija board, and I tested it out- nothing, notta. I felt sleepy after but when I felt it move I didn’t know if it was me or them and it of course messed up my session like it blocked a passage of the communication that was flowing.

    I’m trying to contact a demon, male if you could due to I never got along with females in my life before. (Perhaps it’s my lack of social skills I can blame that one on.) If anyone here knows a demon that deals with other dimensions, knowledge etc- that would be fantastic!

    Also, perhaps some encouraging words and thoughts regarding why I’m being blocked almost by communicating? (At the time I was younger so perhaps that had something to do with it? They say children are more capable to those things, right?)

    It’s only my first night in actually attempting these things physically, so I’m guessing the lack of communication is normal for a first timer and it will get stronger with each session? 🙂

    Thanks for your time!
    – Lena


    1. Those skills are mental in nature so they don’t work like muscles. Doing something repeatedly may increase your skills and mental discipline but your mental state waves so to speak. So one day you can be successful and yet the next one, nothing works.

      Also, not every method work for every person. I personally never tried Quija so I have no insight tips about it :(.


  29. I have follow all instractions ,and I read all comment from different people I’m so interested I’m ready to have a contact with demons now I need to ask this will I have contact direct with demons on my own or I will be assisted buy someone I mean an expert!


    1. You are on your own with this. We all were at such point. Most people have no time to guide others step by step when it comes to such personal matters. Besides, it’s not such a big deal that you would need assistance with. If you screw up, nothing will happen. If you succeed – congratulations. The only dangerous thing about the whole process is your own fear or mental illnesses you may have. You should control fear or better – get rid of it, then you’re safe. People with mental illnesses or weak grip on reality are always in danger to lose it. Other then that: experiment and enjoy :).

      P.S. People who approach it too seriously or with too big (or false) expectations usually are disappointed that nothing dramatic happened and then look what did they do wrong or look for others to give them answers. The truth is, sometimes it takes YEARS to achieve success. I was learning esoteric stuff since I was 4-6 years old and yet, my first contact with spiritual entity (Satan, then my guardian, then other demons) happened when I was 27. So it took me awhile although I wasn’t newbie in the topic. But somehow people who are completely new to this, want to have stunning and strong results (like on movies) just after first time…


    1. I can’t help personally every person that writes to me. But that is why I published my site, so you can read, study and experiment yourself, till you manage that ability. For some it may take days, for most especially newbies who aren’t mediums) it can take even years. So patience, motivation and endurance are traits you need to have to succeed on that road.


  30. Sir Zalbarath, I have tried many methods of summoning, but no results yet. The biggest problem I have is no space for rituals… no area I can put white cord/chalk etc. on the floor… and for some reason the meditation doesn’t seem to work for me ( I think it’s all my medical problems getting in the way, but it’s hard to focus past pain, etc.) So I was wondering is there another way to do this. Some way that will help bypass certain physical problems and allow true communication. I’d love to find a demon lover, female, both, ts. but more than that I want a friend. some one I can talk with , learn from etc. even better would be one that was strong enough to get past my blocks to help/talk with me! I’ve also seen online where some are willing to summon the demon/succubus for you for money. that not only sounds wrong but sounds too pluralistic. the demon wouldn’t be coming to you for you but for some one else…. Any help would be appreciated.


  31. greetings, i was always a skeptic in many things, but i also have respect for the supernatural, since i had some few “odd” experiences.

    but some times when i needed strength and courage to overcome extreme fear, it felt like something inside me changed and i’d become extremely strong (mentally).

    it all started when i was younger and i was experiencing extreme night terrors, all those monsters and fiends that would eat me, kill me, torture me. Until something changed, like another part of me had awakened, i started to attack all my fears, and i had become a lot stronger then my nightmares, but it’s hard to explain because it was and it wasn’t me at the same time, and one by one, every monster of my mind was destroyed. Sometimes even in real life when i’m in tough situations, i have these thoughts that give me courage and power, yet even though they seem mine, it also feels like they were somewhat implanted.

    I was wondering if it could have some connection, or if you had any idea if this could be related to your knowledge

    i’m not necessarily a satanist, nor a christian, even though i was baptized as catholic. But i don’t have the narrow mind of a common christian believer, my faith revolves around my own mental state, the more faith i have in myself the stronger my mind becomes.

    Don’t exactly now if it’s a part of my subconscious or something different, so i was hoping you could enlighten me with your experience

    Also i found fascinating that automating writing, because it happened to me once, while i was writing lyrics for a song, i wasn’t thinking in anything particular while writing, yet i wrote a very powerful and emotional lyric

    any questions just ask


    1. I understand you completely because as a child I had the same situation. At some point I was so desperate (monsters cornered me) that I overcame my fears and threw myself in desperation suicidal attack ;P. Although those monsters ate me… it resulted in falling down and awaking. When I was older, such dreams became rarer and I grew enough to overcome fear earlier and fight back, eventually I just stopped fearing and once I waited for the monster calmly and ask it to stop and… that was the last dream of that type. “The monster” simply and peacefully agreed… Then I realized I always had that power and that all that was negative were my fears, not monsters, because monsters weren’t monsters at all, only manifestation of my own fears that exist only in my head so I can get rid of them at any time.

      I guess it’s a part of normal mental development because such nightmares are quite usual for kids. Or maybe some spiritual guardians are putting us under some sort of dreamy combat situation to exercise us, strengthen us. I’m not sure if everyone learns that lesson but they definitely helped me and it seems they helped you as well.

      Of course that doesn’t make us invulnerable for fear. Fear still exists but we have different response to it on the long run (at least much better then we had without this “fear training”). Not sure how it works for you, but when I have repeated stressful situation I just get tired of this and let go of that stress, I became calm and distanced, sort of zen like ;), I’m ready for all what is coming and I don’t fear it anymore, I’m prepared and I don’t care about potential bad results but still hope for the best.
      Anyway, I process this emotion quite well so most of time fear is not in the picture, because I am permanently positive adjusted or don’t care about possible fall out. If the latter option comes, I will deal with it somehow, I just don’t occupy myself with that anymore only focus on task at hand. That’s much better usage of my energy then worrying.


  32. Hello, I have always been interested in satanism. I have always wanted to work for him, and I respect him and his demons completely. Since I was very young I have always wanted to be a vampire, do you think a demon could make me into one? Of course I am willing to pay a price, and work toward it. Which demon do you suggest? I am new here, but I believe 100%. Thanks!!!


    1. Not sure if I can help. There are some vampire groups and gatherings, but they have not much in common with vampires in books and movies. There are people who believe they need some symbolical amount of blood, or that they need to suck out energy of people, etc. but you won’t get immortal or vulnerable to sun. You don’t get super powers as super strength, speed, compulsion, etc, at least not like in fiction stories. Just research vampire groups in google, there are plenty of sites on that topic, however I didn’t pursued this info so I can’t give you much details. Being vampire sounds cool and I wouldn’t mind, but reality isn’t so cool, that is why I didn’t bother with it. But I do like vampire in books or movies ;).


    1. I don’t think so. If you don’t have problem with it, demons shouldn’t have issues with it too. However if you believe it hinders you somehow, you should get rid of this conviction, because your mind is the most important factor here.


  33. I summoned this demon not to long ago i started frecking out the sun light look red everything was evil feeling i cut it off and felt a very sharp pain in my head but now i have the urge to summon it again the demon was Abaddon should i?


    1. Everyone’s experience with demons is different so it’s hard to define how one should go about it. I await that a person should be aware of what is doing and accepts possible consequences. So I’m not the one to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. You are free to decide.

      It’s even harder to tell anything, because even bad experiences may be good at the long run. May be… That makes life exciting. Life is not safe but also full of possibilities and we take choices every time and if we’re achieving something, it means we’re doing something right :).


  34. Hello! Sorry to bother you but I have a few questions.

    I had a dream a few days ago about (I, myself) making a pact with a Fallen God/Demon and it got me interested! In the dream he had ashen skin and dark eyes if that additional information may mean anything. He also said something along the lines of himself providing Enlightenment and power in exchange for something of his choice. That’s all I can recall. I’d also been a bit involved with the dark arts before the dream, such as reading up on it but the dream is what got me inspired!

    I’m a bit antsy about the whole summoning a demon situation. I’ve done tons of research and concluded a good amount of information. I would like to know what the friendliest demons are in your opinion. You see, I am but a teenage girl full of several limitations and have a bit of a superiority complex (ha), but not towards demons. The worst part is I am also conscious about my complex and well, outward greed. Would that be offensive to a demon? I’m only really looking to make a peaceful encounter because life is oh so boring and this would seem to be the thing to do to spark up a little excitement! If I do have a good experience then I would gladly contribute to the Satanic community. Not to mention a few meek encounters with what I can conclude were/was (a) demon(s) as a child. Such as the flickering of channels on a television to objects moving in my room and the occasional appearance of tall ashen figures. They never harmed me so I never payed them much attention. Do my early encounters mean anything? Any other advice at all on summoning demons would also be very much appreciated! Also, I (sadly) live in a Christian/Catholic household but I have made sure to rid my room of any innuendo of it. Would that be harmful to the demon or make my chances of contacting a demon any less conceivable? I would like to make the space as comfortable for thus demon as possible! If you have any advice for doing so that would also be appreciated. 🙂

    Finally, I’d also like to know how close relationships are built with a demon. I have read that a lot of relationships held are er- sex wise but all I’m really looking for is Enlightenment. Could establishing a relationship with a demon be non consensual?

    Sorry for all the questions. Also, thank you for the information provided. uwu

    Best regards,


    1. You sure have a lot of questions :). It’s hard to answer quickly on that but I do my best.

      1) Dreams are very personal thing so only you could really know what it means. Others may only guess. Besides, most people merely describes the dream but says nothing about the feelings and emotions, although those are the most important part of it. How could anyone know what a certain thing means when he/she doesn’t know what you feel about it? Dreams are made of your subconscious, your programs so the same thing may mean different things for different people depending on their subconscious schemes.
      2) Although I won’t say exactly what the dream means, but it seems that you are ready with your next step or at least you find it exciting. The demon from yor dream may be (or represent) Lucifer (I consider him a different entity then Satan) – He is a demon of knowledge, enlightenment among others. But it also could have been Satan himself (also promoting knowledge).
      3) You can try summoning but remember, it’s a skill so it may take some time till you succeed. It’s not just simple recipe (ritual). Even when baking pies some people can mess everything when following recipe ;P. So basically it’s a combination of a talent and skill (which is based on experience). There is no rule here. Some people can have quick and strong results, others may need years. However your attempts are never in vain. Even if you won’t feel anything it doesn’t mean that a demon didn’t come. Just assume that he/she did, even if you were not able to sense him/her. Although from what you say, it’s possible that you have some mediumistic skills and that will make easier for you to learn how to contact with demons.
      4) Your personal qualities are not a matter of judgment for demons so no, they won’t be offended. In fact, they don’t get so easily offended.
      5) Your attitude matters and that is what demon senses. Even if you made mistakes, a demon knows your intention so you don’t have to make everything perfect. You are allowed to make mistakes.
      6) If you prepared your room (ritual space) with respect to demons, they will know it and accept it, so don’t worry of being in catholic household. It seems that your room is already a good place for them.
      7) Your early encounter show that you have some mediumistic and other skills and that will make some things easier for you to learn or sense. Your senses are stronger and capable of receiving more then just physical.
      8) Relationship can be as close as you wish. It depends on you, how you build your relationships. With some demons you will have just good relationship, with others exceptional. Just like with various people.
      9) Relationship is always consensual at some level. Even if you are not aware of a demon, you can subconsciously let him in: because you want it or… because you are afraid of it… So many christians are open to demonic forces just because they are scared and thing of them. Of course results for them are bad, because demons give them what they “want” (believe). But if you are sure of yourself, feel safe and like demons, you can surely make positive relations with them.

      Hope it cleared some things for you. Have fun experimenting :).


  35. Dude. Doing this just charges me with so much energy and happiness it’s absurd at some points. I have a very strong connection with belial for some reason. I even feel that i carry certain traits of this demon.(Able to decieve, and good with speech patterns, almost have ”serpents tounge” and good with business and manipulation.)
    I do my occasional lesser invoking ritual of the pentagram everyday, for i am interested into thelema. But whenever i tried this method of communication with Belial, i am charged sooooooooo much i can do whatever in my day. What do you think? I’m excited.
    Now i’m studying the mega grimoire and solomons practices on goetia so i might start ”evocations” but i’m afraid that i don’t truly feel like evoking belial. If he makes me feel this good…and since i’ve been invoking him the effects have been getting stronger..then why should i evoke him and curse him and force him into giving me things?

    What do you think? I hope my paragraph wasn’t too obscure. Thanks a lot.


    1. Since you have already a good connection with Belial, why to force something out? Of course you can use ritual and rewrite it to respectful invocation.
      Try to ask him some questions or put requests by him, let’s see what is going to happen. Sometimes answers don’t come immediately or straight forward, but eventually you get them, if you keep having faith.


      1. I see, but i was curious. What’s your opinion on the actual practices of the goetia and the grimoires? (Legemeton, Grand Grimoire, Grimorium Verum.) The evocation fascinate me a lot. But yet there’s still a big debate whether demons are actually harmful or not. In ALL grimoires out there it is perfectly stated that they are malignant deceitful beings that can instantly kill you if you exit the circle without a proper banishing. I understand your ideas and views but i would like to hear more on your personal experiences, if you honestly don’t mind? Just a true aspiring magician, and i seek to learn more.


        1. I think that we OWN our life, meaning we create our reality. This means that we are safe if what we create is safe. It’s a complicated topic, but consider this: if you lack of deliberate focus and react only on what is, you may focus on situations that induce strong emotions in you, even those negative ones and then you experience negative manifestation, not exactly in literal form but nonetheless there is, and you think – I DIDN’T WANT THIS! If so, why did you focused on it, feed your emotions, prolonged it? Universe doesn’t know if this is positive or negative emotion for you, it gives you what you think of and put energy to it.

          That’s being said, every fear that is left on its own, relived, repeated, stir up is printed in your subconscious so when you do something that you think is dangerous, it very well maid be.

          I think that spiritual entities are HARMLESS for us, unless we create situations that will attract something bad. I know that many won’t agree with me, but I never feared of spiritual beings of any kind and never experienced anything negative. Feeling safe is so strong that any demon feels safe for me. It may not be for you but you get the point. So IMO it doesn’t matter what kind of demon you are dealing with, just treat it with respect and positive emotions, don’t fear it and everything will be ok.


    1. The best way to find appropriate demon is to research and check out your gut feeling. Basically what you need to do is to go through demon’s directory of some sort and look out for demon that suits your need. Goethia (Lesser Salomon Key), other grimoires or various online lists may help you with that. If you don’t find any demon that specialize in what you want, look closely to ones that are “around”. Study their history, drawings, sigils, correspondences and other informations. Usually one can tell to which demon is drawn to. It’s just an unexplainable feeling of excitation when you look, study, think at things connected to given demon. If you find several demons that do things you want, also cross fire with your gut, which one seems most exciting to you? Go with that feeling and start meditating, praying, making requests, celebrating or summoning the demon

      However if you don’t find any demon suitable, just say in your mind clearly “I invite any demon that is the best to help me with X” and then wait calmly for response. It may not be immediate. You can ask for name, notice what pops up in your head. In this way you can meet new, unknown demons.They are not worse or weaker then those popular in grimoires. There are tens of thousands of demons, so be open for any new one.


  36. Hello. This is Zack… I tried to contact Raum using the above ritual with one candle and I repeated his name over and over adking for his presence and aid in between for about a half an hour after opening the circle. I don’t know the force of the interactions I could be having but after what I thought to have been a failed ritual I felt stabbing pain, although not uncomphortable, in my elbows. Now I am feeling pressurize on my ears an Ihave started crying although I am not sad or happy. I had asked Raum to give me signs of his presence in the next few days if he was there but I couldn’t hear him.This was my first try at the ritual and I did not expect it to work. Idk if it matters but i am 16 . Do you understand if this was an encounter?


    1. Yes, it’s very possible. Many people experience things like you: at first nothing, then some physical and emotional sensations.

      Understand that being able to hear and talk with demons is a skill or ability. Those with mediumistic talent have easy, others must learn it. Ritual doesn’t make demon appear – demons are all around if you know it or not. Ritual makes you focused on a certain demon, makes you sending him/her/it sign that you wish his attention and provide for certain mental state that allow for extended perception. However most people is deaf for subtle signal signs and no ritual can help them, at least not right away. One needs to LEARN this and it takes time. So for a first attempt, it looks quite promising. Maybe in few or more years you will be able to hear demons so you could have conversation with them… Even experienced demonolators don’t have automatic success with every ritual and every demon. Years of experience and practice however increases your chances and ability to have more clear communication. Demons can hear you fine, it’s we – who we need to learn how to hear them.

      However you don’t need to hear them to make requests and have results. Just assume that ritual was successful, even if you felt nothing, and expect results. It seems that you already were given enough signs. Now, speak up what you wish.

      Good luck!


    1. ZD sigil has 9 points recalling 9 demonic presences. You start with Z and first point is Unsere, then Lucifer, Flareous, Verrine, Belilal, Amducious, Leviathan, Satan and ends with Eurynomous. First points corresponds to creation, Lucifer is enlightenment, next is destruction and this cycle repeats 3 times.
      You can find explanation and picture of the points in The Complete Book of Demonolatry by S. Connoly.


  37. Is there any demons that are more “newbie friendly” than others?

    I’m getting almost all info from the JoS website. Is that site truthful for the most part? As for the demon Astaroth, is there any evidence she used to be Isis as JoS claims?


    1. I don’t follow carefully JoS sites and teachings. All I know that most of the info from their site is copied from other sources so in many cases it’s legit. I heard about Isis/Astaroth theory and it feels right, but I can’t vote for scientific accuracy – I am not expert on the matter. I prefer to focus on here and now, not ancient beliefs, connections, history, etc.

      Dukante demons are quite friendly and advised for newbies. Some believe the same about goetic demons, while others claim them to be more harsh. I guess it depends from person. I don’t see any demon dangerous, at least not to a mature, emotionally stable and healthy person. Those with issues create their own inner demons and real demons just reflect them, strengthening problems. You are always in charge of your life.


      1. Thank you for the quick reply. The reason why I asked about Isis is because I want to know the exact entity I am working with. It’s almost like a resume. I know there can’t be scientific evidence but I’m curious about why people starting thinking Astaroth and Isis was related.

        And if something does go wrong, is there any way to unsummon a demon? I’ve heard stories of people who tried to contact a specific entity but a different thing, like an evil spirit appeared and pretended to be the entity the person tried to contact. Can that happen?


        1. You can unsummon the demon by clearly saying farewell and having the intention to end the meeting.

          It can happen that demon won’t go entirely and be close by, which is ok in most situations. However people with issues, like I said before, may have some negative outcomes. Usually when you are certain of yourself and not afraid of spiritual beings, nothing will bad will happen. Reality is, you have power over your mind, body and life and others can enter there only when you somehow let them. Besides, those stories you mentioned about are fake, to work people from messing with those things. In reality lot of people are doing it and nothing bad happens. Of course there will be some victims that do screw things and have problems then they go whining. Those who have no problems are quiet, so you don’t hear them as much.

          Just feel safe and secure and you will be. Sounds easy but it’s not so easy to control emotions. That is why most techniques try to teach you how to control over your own mind and emotions.


          1. That makes me feel a little bit safer. So, having depression would be considered a mental issue right? It doesn’t cloud my judgement, it just makes me feel sad and lazy sometimes, but if I do it I’ll do it on one of my good days.

            I know it’s not really related to an actual satanic summoning, but what’s a grimoire for? How would a person even acquire one?


            1. Actually being depressed totally changes your perception, clouds your judgments. I saw many times like people who had depression moments were disconnected from reality and created all imaginary reasons for their own state. In short, when you’re depressed, your head is full of shit and you cannot perceive reality correctly. Luckily when you are back to normal, that mental cloud is lifted.

              Actually in any strong emotional state you are compromised. Then you say “I didn’t want this” or “I don’t really think that way” but in those moments you DID. But those moments are gone and you are changed… So most prevailing state is what you are. That is why you need to aim for the most awesome state and make it default :D.

              Grimoires are just magick books about summoning demons. Be aware that most old grimoires are written from christian perspective so they present forceful evocation methods of summoning demons by using christian symbolism. Those are not suitable for satanists, however we draw some inspiration from them (pictures, sigils, references, etc.) and create our own invocation rituals.


  38. Dear Zalbarath,

    I’ve written the post below on several forums, but I never received an answer, because Satanists actually despise… Satanism. Always trying to scatter the history of Satanism into false myths, always denying the existence of “Diabolism” (which both Crowley and Edward Waite mention, long before the foundation of the Church of Satan).

    So, the matter of Diabolism (Biblical Satanism) is the most obscure one. I find thousands of thousands mistakes made by Neo-Satanists just because they haven’t read the Bible while they are using names derived purely from there. I’ve come across several Satanic organizations calling themselves “Traditional Orthodox Satanists” while believing in useless and literarily ridiculous books, like the Al-Jilwah, instead of believing in the Bible, studying the Gnostic texts, the Apocrypha and the Masterpiece of Literature which is called “The Book of Revelation”.

    Here is my standard post, which is never answered by any Satanist whatsoever (only a non-satanist occultist once told me that I am right and that Diabolism is not a myth, as the neo-satanists try to present it):

    “This time let’s take a look at Diabolism from a Theological, Philosophical and Magickal point of view. You’ll have to contribute to the last one though.

    I’m what Arthur Edward Waite and Aleister Crowley call “Diabolist”, for several years, and, as a result, I’ve read many Satanic texts and have performed many rituals, sometimes experiencing a shocking success, other times not experiencing anything at all. I’ve used several medications to help me with this, mostly alcohol. I suppose it works for me because of its effects on the brain’s dopamine and its power of making you more emotional, and, as a result, making you capable to use your emotions more properly. But I never managed to find a real magical pattern for what I am doing, although I do know it is out there, somewhere.

    Philosophical views:

    Despite my inspiration drawn from Platonism, as well as from several Gnostic Christian texts, my actual Satanic philosophical view was mostly influenced by Deathspell Omega lyrics.

    Let them praise your Great and Terrible Name, for it is Holy.

    The “First Prayer” by DeathSpell Omega gives me chills, no matter how many times I’ll listen to it. It’s a real Diabolistic Prayer.

    Theological views:

    I was grown up in a slightly heavy Christian environment, not oppressive at all however. At the beginning, I believed Judeo-Christianity is the spiritual enemy, but as I got older, I found out that the Bible contains way too much Theological knowledge for a Satanist.

    I was taught the traditional Christian principles, that the God of the New Testament is literally the “slaughtered lamb” – “For that’s how much God loved the world, that he sent his only Son to save it,” while Satan is his Almighty Adversary of evil. This view, sometimes corresponds to the Christian and Judeo-Christian writings, while sometimes it doesn’t.

    After reading the Apocalyptic and Theological lyrics of DeathSpell Omega and I said, “This is the Theology I want to adhere to. Worship Satan the way Christians worship their God,” I studied the Book of Revelation, and I am obsessed with it. I’m sure everybody has to admit that it is, at least literarily, a masterpiece. At the same time, I was really impressed by the Gospel of John as well, and came to admire the “Life of John the Theologian”. Both as an inspiration and as a strong enemy of Satan to recognize.

    “At the beginning, there was the Word. And the Word was towards God, and God was the Word.”

    Analyzing both the Gospel of John, and The Book of Revelation, I am almost convinced that they were written by a different author however, even though it is mentioned in the Life of John the Theologian that he was indeed exiled to Patmos. The Gospel of John was written after the Book of Revelation, yet contained no eschatology at all, and their literary character is extremely different.

    In the Book of Revelation, I find both Satan and God, sometimes even exchanging places, and as a result Satan speaking as God. That may be just an assumption, if we forget that the Christ who speaks to John of Patmos, identifies Himself as “LUCIFER” (the “Morning Star”), even after Satan is “defeated” – Rev. 22:16

    So, I came to the conclusion that demons and Satan Himself were deceiving the Jews, making Themselves appear as Gods, and, due to the strong Yahwehism of the Jews, they subsequently named every metaphysical entity they saw as “God”, and Jesus came to change this illusion, but it would continue to exist in the Book of Revelation, because not every Jew who had visions of a God really understood Jesus’ teachings, and, as a result, adhered to their strong monotheism which was causing them to be deceived. This can be confirmed by the fact that the Book of Revelation accuses the Jews who didn’t accept Jesus as, “The synagogue of Satan”. Jesus also accuses the Jews who don’t accept him as “Children of the Devil”, even in the Gospel of John.

    For me, Satan is something far greater than a certain “Good” or “Evil” or both, as well as God is. He is also the “God of War” giving strength to His Servants (in the Book of Revelation, His Name is always associated with war, even concluding with two showdowns, where Satan “Gathers them in war”. This means “World War” because Satan causes several other wars as well throughout the Book).

    Important explanation:

    There was recently another crime committed in the Name of Satan, so I do feel that I should distinguish myself from such acts. It’s true that Crowley did claim that sacrificing a child is the act producing the highest energy for the magician. Crowley himself can also be accused of several human sacrificies, and he did admire Jack the Ripper, believing he was an occultist as well. As a result, I may not condemn these kind of acts (since they do produce energy), but I’m not concerned of committing them, especially the way some stupid kids do without reason at all, and especially because I can find other ways of producing energy, like Sex Magick, slaughtering a chicken or whatever keeps you out of trouble. It’s better that you’ll produce less energy, than producing way too much and then getting caught. There is always a way of honouring His Almighty Majesty and being absolutely legal at the same time.

    About Magick:

    There is a dead-end for me here. As a magician, I do admire Aleister Crowley (and the works of John Dee and Edward Kelley), but don’t agree with his amorality and his ways of using every single religion and every single deity, including Satan and entities that are clearly opposed to Him. I do believe that this was also the reason he died the way he died: He refused to choose a certain path, and the many entities that he opposed by using entities opposed to them as well, actually attacked him.

    I believe Crowley would make a great Diabolist, if he could accept concepts of Christian religion, but he couldn’t. His actual Will was to oppose Christianity as much as possible because of the extreme Christian environment he was grown up in, so he was refusing his right spiritual path.

    “I command thee, O Spirit Rumoar, even by Lucifer, thy Mighty Sovereign.” (“The Book of Ceremonial Magic and Pacts p. 93” – Arthur Edward Waite)

    But I’ve never managed to find what I’m really after: Invoking infernal spirits in the Name of the Seven Headed Dragon of the Book of Revelation, the God I worship and praise. That’s because most of the Satanic organizations are either both Demonolatric and Diabololatric, or not Diabololatric at all. The Satanic Rituals of LaVey are highly Demonolatric.

    At the same time, I can’t admire LaVey, both as a personality and as a magician, as much I admire Crowley who wasn’t a Satanist. Firstly, because LaVey wasn’t the kind of person speaking fluently and showing strong self control and self confidence (even though he was on LSD, which is a stimulant) while the heroin (highly sedative, I always hated it) abuser Crowley, was. And secondly, because there can be traced no evidence at all that he was a successful magician. Plus, LaVey made many mistakes because of lack of knowledge, and these mistakes are repeated even by today’s Theistic Satanists. For instance, the Book of Enoch states that Satan will be torturing the Watchers that abandoned their place (they weren’t fallen, they cannot be identified with Satan and His Angels), and their leader Samyaza (and, as a result, Azazel as well) in His Kingdom of punishment, forever and ever. “For they were subdued by Satan…” (… without worshipping Him. So they should be treated as normal sinners, not allies of Satan) So, Azazel and the Nephelim shouldn’t be worshipped by Satanists, but, instead, commanded in Satan’s Almighty Name.

    So, as a conclusion, I declare that I have found success in Magick only by changing several rituals, like the Invocation of the Bornless One, according to my believes. I haven’t found a true Diabololatric magick pattern commanding and invoking spirits in the name of the Great Dragon of Fire (I do believe that it’s a misconception of the original text the title “Great Red Dragon”) with the Seven Heads and Seven Crowns (the number seven symbolizes perfection), Whom I worship and kneel before. I don’t wish to worship Him as a friend or a symbol, I worship Him the exact same way the most religious Christians worship their God. For, He is a God as well, and you have to recognize you are inferior than an Almighty God Who can cause a world war just by His Holy Word (the Logos).”

    I remember a girl on a “Satanic” forum who wrote an article about this, and the admin claiming to be a Satanist immediately deleted her post and she left the forum disgusted. I was too young back then to contact her for advise because I was hoping she would stay, and I would have plenty of time to do that. But, instead, she left the forum and, afterwards, the admin admitted he was a Rosicrucian, not even a Satanist.

    However, among all the alleged “Satanists” on that forum, only one, who was also interrested in Diabolism and looking for the right path for it, complained.

    Gotta admit: There is some kind of witch-hunt against Diabolism spread out by the alleged modern Satanists, both Theistic and Atheistic, as if they are enemies of Satan as well, and wish to scatter every existence of real Devil Worshipping into false myths.

    Even the Ritual of the Beast 666 by Aleister Crowley, mixes Satanism with the Egyptian religion and with the anti-satanic entity of Horus. Not, at least, Typhon, not Apophis, not Ahriman, not Lotan, if you do have to mix it with another religion, even though that’s extremely unlikely, because the Christian Bible does offer a complete view of Satan by itself. Why mix it with anything else in the first place? Christianity offers Prayer as a means of meditation and the Bible rejects Occultism of any (other) kind. Although Prayer is a form of Occultism as well (as Crowley also stated), the Bible rejects any other form of it. Satan represents Occultism and Magick, and yet, there are no Magick spells direct to His Name.

    Even the so called “Book of Lucifer” has nothing more to offer. It’s just a mixture of several verses of the Bible which you can find by yourself reading it.

    So, my first question is this: Have you ever come across a Satanic sect worshipping the Devil of the New Testament? (I’m not talking about some Devil Worshippers who believe in Satan as a humanist and interpent the Bible the way they want, I’m talking about real Diabolists recognizing the savage nature of the Lord and the Spiritual War, and maybe physical as well when the time comes, that has to take place in his Name) Also, do you know any Ritual invoking the Great Dragon of Revelation?

    My second question is this: Throughout this post, Zalbarath, I found a connection between what has happened to me and what you wrote about a demon “calling” you: Even though I have performed some kinds of “miracles” by invoking Choronzon in the name of Satan, the demon I always wished to invoke is Paimon, yet the Lesser Key of Solomon, even though it states that Paimon is really obedient to Lucifer, doesn’t provide an invocation of Paimon in the name of Satan. The “coincidence” here is that, while searching about Paimon, I watched a movie titled “The Last Exorcism”, even though I didn’t know who would be the demon of the possessed victim. And, strangely enough, the demon was Abalam. One of the demons coming along with Paimon after invoking him. So, have you ever come across a Satanic invocation of Paimon?


    1. Yes, many satanists I came across do belie in biblical myths and Satan as it is believed in christianity, although clearly there were some differences in their world view comparing to christians. I noticed that with time, they tend to change slightly their beliefs going further away from strict biblical views, but they stay with fantasy reality of the bible nonetheless. I figured it has to do with mental abilities that describes how we are able perceive and understand the world. People are variously equipped so some just naturally choose to believe in religious stories, because in some level it makes sense to them. I was strongly against such views once, but with time I came to accept it and understand that we all can only believe in what our mind tells us by the way it is constructed. So the most reasonable things, at least most reasonable things to me, can’t be accepted by others because they don’t see that connection, they don’t understand things in the same way I do, so it would be stupid from their side to take it just for word. Everything that one experiences must make sense and have confirmation in his mind. This is subjective thing and no matter how people get on on objectivity, we can’t get pass it. Everyone lives in own subjective perception bubble made by inborne mental abilities, upbringing, experiences and choices.

      I don’t recall specific invocation for Paimon, but he is incredibly popular demon and lot of people work with him. I also feel sympathy toward him, can’t explain why. Maybe because of cool figures ;)? There is something in them. It’s possible you will find eventually something concrete if you keep looking but I just don’t care much about “official” ways of doing things. You can achieve the same results in countless ways. I used to relay on my intuition. My gut tells me, Paimon isn’t a complicated demon to summon so you can construct something of your own and try it out. If I was about to contact with Paimon. I would do some research about him, found some symbols, main features and then meditate on him, then note what comes to my mind. I would then call him directly in my mind and see if there is some result. So no elaborate rituals. I do some rituals but rarely, I’m not a ritualistic person and I discovered simpler and quicker ways of getting what I want.


        1. Revenge it’s never a good idea. It will make you prisoner in a circle of hate and it will hunt you forever. From i’a standing, every victory it’s a defeat. Just let it go! Free your self, try another look at people and at your self. It’s hard, but not imposible.There it no light without the darkness and no darkness without the light, but life it’s never only darkness. Or only ligth. Remember that darkness it’s not only hate. I can be wisdom and love.


          1. Uhm, but that’s nothing new. We’re exploring this topic further then those truisms. Revenge as everything can be destructive for the person who wish it but in some cases it can be also a tool to rise above it because there is no greater revenge as to transform from victim to strong person who controls own life and is successful.
            There is no good or bad emotions per se, there are only emotions that feels good or bad at the moment and sometimes revenge feels good, empowering – for a brief moment. Useful techniques take the energy from that feeling and channel it for something constructive. That’s where true control is gained.

            P.S. When I see and replay on commentary, I don’t see the context or article that it’s being commented, so it’s not always clear to me to which text people are referring.


      1. Hi Zalbarath666, I’m replying on your “summoning demons invocation” I have been a Satanist for about a year now. I live in poverty and lack the ability to do this ritual, however I spent many nights doing this ritual at my Astral Temple and I have still yet to get any luck. I have not heard from Satan yet, or at all. But I do believe, I believe it’s only a matter of time until I’m able to feel him. But I was wondering how long does it usually take people to communicate with Satan and his demons. Thank you in advance – Jay


        1. It’s different for different people. Usually when you have a notion what to expect it’s harder to get it, because you may miss different signs. Also, it’s not like everyone is with deep spiritual contact with Satan or demons. Sure, that’s ideal situation but for some it may take years to develop this kind of bond, while others are not discouraged and simply assume they’ve been heard and are doing their own thing. That’s also a good advice for you. Instead of looking for something special, just consider what you want to say or obtain from this relationship and simply speak out (in form of prayer, music, ritual, in thoughts, whatever floats your boat).
          If you want to get rich, first you have to handle normal earnings, then move on to higher ones. That’s a process. It’s unlikely to go from poverty to being rich. Just as normal people must climb the mountain and is not teleported right to the top, the same goes here.
          Basically what is the problem? Not having a job or not having a right job? Those two are connected. Only right job is the only one you can succeed in and it’s the only one that can bring you money. Usually the right job is so exciting, that you are not there for the money. If money is the only incentive, it’s usually not enough to really get it. So find what you are good at, what you love doing and what you would do even if money would be no issue and focus on that.

          In some situations, you can find answer within the situation your are in so it’s not always needed to change job. Sometimes it’s a matter of changing perspective, your attitude and the way the job is done. And sometimes more profound changes must be done, not always right away. It’s possible that you’re not qualified for your dream job. Then get those qualifications, while doing other one. As long you will be pursuing your goal, you will find that the imperfect job is manageable, because it’s not the only solution you are stuck with forever.

          If you don’t have a job, then check a book of Richard Nelson Bolles “The Job Hunters Survival-Job”. Divine beings like Satan and demons can also speak through others, giving you clues and inspiration.


  39. Can you name some of such Satanists or any books related to this?

    I invoked Paimon by the way, and he was pretty hostile, maybe because I didn’t offer a sacrifice, although he did what I asked. So, understanding he is still here, the other day I exorcised him in the name of Satan and compelled him to go and kill somebody I had in mind if he wanted a sacrifice.

    At the beginning he was trying to scare me with frightening faces and screamed, “Fuck you!” It was a pretty unreasonable conversation however, because after I started exorcising him in the name of Satan and Beelzebub and Belial, he started changing shapes, and when I asked who he was I saw the image of a peacock, so I immediately understood it was Azazel / Melek Taus, and I started threatening him with the tortures of hell, so he finally asked me, “What do you want?” I replied, “I told you what I want,” and kept cursing him and repeating Satan’s names, until I passed out and saw what I wanted becoming true in a dream.

    How would you evaluate that?


    1. As something strange and unusual. Never heard about such hostility toward satanists but I guess everyone has different experiences with demons so I can’t generalize.

      I don’t have any concrete resources, I just said it based on what many satanists/demonolators I came across said.

      Anyway, this is beyond what I experienced so it’s hard to say anything helpful. However sacrifice doesn’t mean to kill somebody but to SACRIFICE – give something valuable that belongs to you. This way you show respect. Killing random human is not a sacrifice by any means. If it was just about killing, demons would roam the earth murdering people but they don’t. They may have occasionally torture some stupid christians, but they’re asking for it ;).


  40. I’m sure there is something subjective in this whole thing, and not objective, merely depending on experiences. Azazel / Prometheus / Melek Taus is one of the most inferior daemons, for he was just a sinner, and is treated as a sinner by the LORD our God, Satan, so it is normal that he is hostile towards the worshippers of his Almighty Punisher. He is not a daemon who followed the LORD, he was an angel who abandoned his celestial place for “they were subdued by Satan” (quote from the Book of Enoch), so he wasn’t a Satanist in the first place. So, why not show hostility against Satanists? He wasn’t a fallen angel, he was just an angel who sinned. Anyway, he’ll either comply, or I’ll send him back to the fiery wheels of the LORD for his very spirit to be torn apart piece by piece. Although he seems to be obedient from the moment he asked me what I want.


    1. It’s possible since you see it that way. For me such myths are irrelevant and they don’t play any role in my experiences but I probably have other projections that are true only for me.
      Anyway, follow your own gut and only then you get the best possible results.


    1. No, you can create a triangle, pentacle of any other shape ;). Some report that shape may differentiate energy so triangles are more focused, more raw, circles are balanced, calm. Of course you may forget the whole ritual and don’t do anything like that, demons may come anyway. Ritual is mainly to focus your energy, create proper energetic (mental) environment but if you can do this just by meditating, prayer or simply by thinking: great! You don’t need anything then just your will.

      There are those who report that energy of demons is so strong that it can throw you out of balance so when someone is not creating a balancing circle, he/she must do some balancing rites after that.
      I personally never felt anything of the sort so I can’t testify for that, but then again, my personality is grounded and balanced so although I may not need it, others will. You just have to figure it out for yourself. No need to be afraid that something goes wrong because you can always correct it later. Mistakes are natural part of the learning process.


  41. Well, i’m back after a while, and i continued my invocations and practices with belial, and i must say that the last time i did one. I had VERY intense emotions flowing through me, which included a LOT of rage,anger, and my heart chakra was going berserk with many emotions that literally made me crawl into my bed like a baby.
    I wasn’t afraid of it, the feeling left me for now, so it could have been a message or the energy was working through me to clear some blocks in my life….Plus, i have been meditating quite a lot lately so i expect myself to be more sensitive to telepathic messages.
    But what i wanted to ask is how often do YOU do these certain invocations Zalbarath? I’m quite sure you use much more advanced and complex rituals, but do you do this circle ritual/invocation daily for balancing and invoking energy in general to perform better than your common human?
    Is it ok to be used like the LBRP,LIRP AND LRH rituals of the golden dawn per se?
    I’m thinking of working with MANY and various types of demons, (1 to 3 invocations per demon) to start really getting the hang of this whole ”chanelling” and ”communication” thing.



    1. It’s actually other way around. With time, experience and skills, rituals get more simplistic to the point there are rarely needed. With demons I created a relationship all I need is to ask them something in my mind. That’s it – so simple and quick. For many new demons I would still need a starting ritual or a bit of preparation.

      Since I am specializing in direct magick, I don’t do often rituals so more complex methods seems a waste of time for me. If I need something that is out of my immediate reach, I take my time to approach it slowly, one thing at a time and if needed, creating some intermediate rituals or doing some magickal adjusting.

      The thing with magick is, that it is a mental discipline so if one has lack in life in certain area, it will require more magickal work to achieve positive effect, while things that come easy to you in life are easy to get magically. So ironically magick isn’t that much of a shortcut as people tend to think. It’s simply a different road then usual one but still it’s a road that lasts if you suck at something. Rituals, especially those complex ones are great for achieving those high, complex life goals (there are rituals that take months to complete), while common every day stuff should be quick and simple as possible.

      Since everyone approaches to magick in a different way, you need to study, experiment and decide which methods works for you the best, so you may try some golden dawn ones but that’s not my cup of coffee ;). As you may noticed, ceremonial magick and demonolatry have differences and demonolatry is not so sophisticated but more focused on spiritual/religious methods that are usually very simple (a prayer, simplistic yet powerful rituals because of the faith and connection one have with spiritual plane). Those of more analytical mind usually need more elaborate stuff because thinking too much hinders… Magick is about intuition, will, focus, faith, not about rationalism, logic. That is why simple, religious folk may have surprisingly good results even when being dumb… ;). I saw many people who have no idea about magick or occult yet they saw some simple ritual/method in paper and did it without over thinking it and got incredible results but asked about magick or creating a new ritual, they would be clueless.

      Ceremonial magicians would like to think that magick is exclusive and reserved to special individuals but reality is – it’s extremely common and people are using it without even knowing – they act on instinct. The difference between a practicing magician/witch/mage and common folk is a conscious use of those methods so with a bigger experience much greater results can be achieved.


  42. Hello ZALBARATH,

    My question for you or should I say questions are as followed:

    1. When making an elemental circle, what do I use to construct the circle?

    2. On average how long should a ritual last?

    3. Do I need virgin parchment or could I use regular parchment paper?

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    1. 1. You can use athame, knife, dagger, stick or… a finger. Clean, consecrate a tool and energize it. If using finger, focus on putting energy to it and create energetic structures.
      2. Ritual can take from 10 min. to many hours. I’m not sure if you can extrapolate average time but for a ceremonial ritual it usually takes an hour or so but it all depends on you. Usually it takes time to focus properly but with experience you can do everything quicker with better results.
      3. What is a virgin parchment?


      1. Virgin parchment paper. I read in Grimorium verum that that’s what I would need to write the pact on. Or what kind of paper do you recommend? Another question I have is when you say to draw the ZD sigil do you draw it in the air or inside the elemental circle??


        1. I don’t get the idea. Parchment made of virgin’s skin or what? Ridiculous. On the other side the whole grimoirum verum is ridiculous. You don’t take it seriously? All you need is for is the inspiration. Look on what you need and use it in your own way. Reading through it all is waste of time, unless you do this for schoolarship purposes of studying demonology.

          So for example if you want to make someone sick, the book suggest you to summon Guland. Make yourself familiar with that demon because every demon has more sides then just those presented in christian grimoires. He may well be not just bringer of sickness but someone who know them well so maybe he can help you cure one? Contact him and see what you got.

          This is how it works. Details doesn’t matter, in fact such grimoires are full of ridiculous, funny shit as to how to summon demons.

          As to ZD sigil, I believe I already answered it in previous replay.


    1. In the air on the edge of the circle by four elemental points and inside when invoking Satan or a chosen demon. Basically you semi-invoke elemental demons for energetic balanced space, then summon Satan as a central energy that blesses the circle and then clearly invoke wished demon. In other words, you ask elemental demons and Satan for blessing of 5 points (4 elements and spirit – all) and then invoke chosen demon.


      1. So what you are saying is that I draw the ZD sigil 5 times. One by each elemental point and the 5th in the middle when invoking the 5th element point which is Satan? Or do I draw it only once?


        1. 4-6 times, dependably how you construct the ritual. You may do it for each of 4 elemental points, 5th in the middle for Satan and 6th for chosen demon. Of course you can use it once or not at all… There are many ways of achieving the same.

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  43. Hi, I don’t know if you are going to see this but I was wondering something. I have always felt this presence around me, ever sense I can remember. I’ve also always had this feeling that it is a demon in some form or another. So I was wondering if there was anyway I could find out it name or anything about it

    Also from what I have seen most people summon demons to make pacts or deals with them(But that could just be media). But could you summon a Demon for the sole purpose of having a conversation and nothing more. (Which is all I would want to have with this presence I feel).


    1. Sure, you can summon demon just to talk but if you are not experienced in communicating with demons, it is preferred to have some ready questions. Experienced demonolator may just feel the presence (or not) and ask what comes to mind, hear some answer, then asks again (or answers back) so the conversation unravels naturally. But when someone is not used to noticing such answers it’s good to ask the prepared question in the mind and wait patiently with calm mind like in meditative state, noticing what comes through your mind. Just observe thoughts, emotions, pictures, everything that happens in your mind. When demon answers, it doesn’t feel much different from your own thoughts but most people just not notice it because they think to loud ;). Of course you can feel it strongly that something others is talking to you too – it all depends on your sensitivity.

      In the same way you can find out the name. Just ask in your mind and notice what comes to you. Often the answer is quick and unexpected.


  44. Hey Zalbarath I been looking and looking for Clauneck’s demonic enn, but I just can’t seem to find anywhere. I wanted to know if you knew his enn or if you could refer me to someone or somewhere I can find it.


    1. Unfortunately I don’t have enn for him and I doubt you will find it. There are only few dozen enns but few dozen hundreds of known demons (and there are even more). You can find out the enn during ascension state (for mediums) or just use any respectful welcoming sentence with proper elemental blessing, like “I invite You Clauneck, master of treasures and riches, may the soil be fruitful.” Enns are just that only in demonic language, but demons will understand yours as well.

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        1. I have no personal experience with him so I can’t say. However I always encourage people not to be afraid and make the contact. I don’t believe that demon can hurt you. Only you can hurt yourself (and demons may exploit it) but if you are sane, mature individual, you should be fine.

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    1. I think that we personalize gods and demons so they appear more understandable to us. We do it automatically but in a way they are the same but also different. They have feelings but they don’t experience the same contrast as we, they have different perspective so they are not reacting in the same way as we would react. On the other side, there are many similarities. We all come from the same stem but we are on different levels so it’s like comparing an ant to a human – in this case we are ants… ;). This analogy isn’t perfect because we usually don’t care about ants, but gods do care about us but in a different way then humans do. It’s a complicated topic but there is no need to understand it – we just built relationships in way we can understand hence personification of those beings happens on subconscious level. It’s a way we translate it.

      Interesting is, that this translation goes both ways, so not only from us to more complex beings, but also to lower ones. In a way you can talk to plants, objects or even parts of your body and… they can respond as personal beings but it doesn’t mean they are – it’s just part of how we can understand them. Animism is a natural and powerful approach to the world that is successfully used by many cultures.


    1. Not sure if I understand question. Is there any scale of power I don’t know of? In the same way you could ask: how wise is He. It’s just doesn’t make sense, I can only answer “very” but how much does it tells you?


  45. Hi um,,, I hope you can answer a few questions. To start with do demons choose people? And can they be possessive or jealous? Also what do they do with you if you accept them? This is new ground for me.


    1. Yes, sometimes demons do chose people but often people choose demons. I think that there is mutual attraction so sometimes it’s hard to tell who chooses who first.
      Demons don’t get jealous and such emotions are not known to them but they do might be sometimes pushy, persistent so they might show up a lot, trying to catch your attention, but I never heard about demon being possessive.

      What demons do? They help you with what you asked them providing you are also trying to achieve your goals actively. Thy often stick around or show up influencing you or the events around you. They might offer comfortable presence of feelings (even if you don’t know it) if you are in good relationship with them. They might give you ideas or pass on informations you asked for. They might try to catch your attention wanting to teach you something if they think you are ready for it.

      Of course for some people, usually not satanists, it isn’t always so nice, because demons sometimes exploit weaknesses so they show up things that scare or anger people so they could finally solve that problem out. Those who blame others and don’t take responsibility for their own life have serious issue to move on and work out such emotions so they usually stay in the same place and the problem is only escalating. Because of that demons may be very destructive, but that person always have a choice to change it so it’s not like it is forced upon him or her. People chooses to destroy their own lifes.

      Basically if you get used to the idea of working with demons and reject nonsense claims about dangers of such contacts, you are fine. If you however still are scared a lot, better stay away and work on it. A bit of excitement and stress is a normal at first. Demons are only dangerous to those who subconsciously believe they are dangerous (uncontrolled fear).

      To check out what sits in your subconscious ask yourself, if a project of summoning a demon is more exciting or more scary? If the latter, you will be emotionally reluctant to do that and that is a sign you shouldn’t, no matter what others tell you. But if you are exited, go for it, you will manage your fear easily once you saddle that horse ;).
      Besides, those who are not trained and have no mediumistic abilities need often years to have strong contact, so you have plenty of time to realize that nothing bad happens, because on the beginning little happens at all (to many people’s disappointment…). However because you don’t sense and feel demon, it doesn’t mean he/she isn’t there and is not helping you. Best way to have quicker effects then ability of communicating with demons is just to believe and assume they are showing and actively fulfilling your requests. This way you will find out that what you asked for shows in your life eventually.

      Good luck

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  46. Hey zalbarath. It’s me again. Do i REALLY need candles? I moved, in a complete different country to study. And money is short. But i was feeling like i had a few blockages in life and need something to progress, so im thinking of opening yet another demonic chanel. So…do i really need candles? Don’t think so either.


    1. All you really need is your mind. However candles may help to focus, invoke needed atmosphere and create certain specific mind setting. If you will be exercising enough (together with meditation), you should be able to achieve success without them.


    1. Candles, knife, bowl, chalice, symbols of entities you are invoking and other standard stuff. You can add other things you want: flowers, Cristal, your art, figures, whatever symbolic items that you find useful. Make your altar personal and unique. Follow your excitement.


  47. Greetings, I am head of a division of an organization that is little known. As you might have guessed, I’m head of a division dedicated to the research of the paranormal, so dubbed the Paranormal Research Division. I have had no luck with any of the grimores of years past, nor with the ritual described above. Mein Fuhrer has placed this Division in the greatest of importance, and expects results. I’m attempting to establish contact with an entity to which I might trade souls for an object of sorts. Kindly yours,
    Head of SS Paranormal Research Division


    1. Well, people are different so there is no one technique that would work for all. There is no simple recipe to do this so you need to discover it on your own by trying, experimenting. With experience and tenacity you will get it finally. Unfortunately there is no specific time that you could make it. It may take weeks or years.

      I also don’t know what you expect of me. There was no specific question. I also don’t have time to guide people through that process. It’s something the best to learn on your own.


  48. So I have tried calling for Rosier, to help me make a man love me ,because magick couldn t really help me so I thought I need a little bit of help. I didn’t make contact with him…I ve tried that for like 4,5 times. Do you think maybe I should try another daemon? What is your suggestion?


    1. I’m not sure. I’m not an expert of heart matters because I don’t feel a need to be with someone like most people do. I like to have company from time to time but I certainly don’t need it but I definitely need alone time once in a while. So I never tried to do what you intend to.

      However from my experience I know that successful help is more then just make other person fall in love magically. Usually such enforced feeling isn’t lasting, nor it produces desirable effects.

      A demon helps the best if he/she guides you in subtle ways to make you connect with other person, giving you shoot to make him love you. What happens in that process depends on you two. You both may be in love but you two may end in temporal relationship finding out that it isn’t working. Nevertheless, you tried, you know how it tastes so you don’t have any regrets. You can move on. Of course you my find out he isn’t interested from some reason so you may ask yourself, are you gonna pursue this feeling towards him even if he won’t return it? What that says about you, what you can do about it? So as you see, real help doesn’t have to end in “and they lived happy forever after”. Sometimes demon’s help is merely about giving you courage to act.

      I also know, that despite what people think, we do have choice as to who we fall in love with. I had few relationships who went well, too well in fact, so we split up… If something is ok, calm and uneventful, you loose interest… Every good and lasting relationship has its twirls, ups and downs, there is some tension but you can work it out.
      I once feel in love with someone, I said it to that person about my feelings, but there was no reciprocation. When I tried to connect, I realized that this person isn’t really what I thought to be so instead being crushed, I realized that the emotion was good but misplaced so there is no need to feel bad about it, I tried, I knew it wouldn’t work so I was happy from what I learned. I knew better what I wanted so I was pleased with the lesson. No drama, no cry. I never had any problems with splitting, because it never hurt me to do so and that is why, I’m not a patient listener to love dramas ;). I just can’t understand why people make so much fuzz about it. Anyway, back to the topic.

      Demon may provide you with opportunities, ideas, but it’s up to you to use them. If you won’t, it feels as if nothing happened. Unfortunately it’s our negative convictions are who hold us back.

      If you are desperate enough you may eventually succeed in enforcing the feeling with a demon help but better help is when you just allow demon to guide you to do things on your own. Only then you will know that “YOU CAN” and only then you can feel your own power.


      1. thanks for sharing. Looking back on the events and after reading what you just told me , I feel like the demons has actually given me an opportunity to get closer to him but I refused it because it wasn t what I wanted….Yes! Definetly. I will continue to summon Rosier and see what other options He will give me!


    1. There are various divination techniques you could use. Mirror/water scrying, tarot cards, ouija board, runes and many others. But you could simply ask in your mind and see what comes to your mind first. I found the last technique easiest, although for some it may not be the best one.


  49. Hi, I have an answer. Why are some of your enns for invocating different from these in your enns list? Example: Lucifer and Flauros are exactly same. But in case of Belial in this page I can read: “Lirach Tasa Vefa Wehlic Belial” but in your list of enns is “Tasa Vefa Wehl, Balial” in case of Leviathan on this page “Jedan Tasa Hoet Naca, Leviathan” on page with enns “Jaden…” So, please tell me whats right. Thanks


    1. Well, I just put those enns from other sources. It’s hard to check out every one of them since only few are used on regular basis. Anyway, demonic enns are written in unknown language so it’s hard to tell its grammar. However enns are not some complicated and esoteric formulas but simple blessings. It goes like this: Belial protect this soil. In different words you are summoning Belials energy for positive purpose and that allows you to connect with him safely and respectfully. Check out Connoly’s book for more details about that.
      I can imagine that changing few words or their placement may not change much in the meaning.

      Other thing is: enns are obtained by channeling and this is always a subjective method so different people may have some varied results. It’s nto exact science.
      My advise is: don’t bother yourself with correctness and details. just embrace the feeling, instinct and emotions. Magick is always about your mind and feelings, not about grammar or linguistic rules. You can use words in your own language instead enn from my site to have the same effect. Just go with your gut.


  50. I’m sorry for the ignorance, but I’m not getting the part where you tell me to draw the ZD in the middle for Satan and in the center for the desired demon. Do I stand in the center of the circle and draw it for Satan and right after for the demon?
    One more thing, how do I know witch demons could represent the elements other than the ones you pointed?


    1. In first step you prepare the elemental, balancing circle (invoking the energies of elemental demons and a Satan). Then you invoke the specific demon you want to communicate with or ask for requests. So yes, after finishing circle in the middle you start again in the middle for a desired demon.

      As to other elemental demons, there is a demonology literature available with references to elements.


    1. First time you invoke just the element that is represented by Satan. Second time you invoke the Satan or a demon himself. You can add or change slightly the proper invitation to make it more distinctive. So the first part is a standard ritual, second is a personal invitation. But yeah, it looks like invoking Him twice.


  51. hello again Zalbarath. I did an invocation the other day ,calling upon duke Sallos to help me make a guy love me. I mentioned during the prayer that I am willing to give my body to Him in exchange for His help. That very night , while I was getting ready to sleep, instead of falling asleep I fell into trance and then felt clearly the presence of the Demon, touching me sending bioelectrical impulses all over my skin, feeling aroused and liking it very much. A feelling I cannot explain well in words. It wasn t intercourse because I told him : I like it but I am not alone in the bed ( I was with my roommate) , he told me open your mouth and felt him kissing me , then he left. Did this ever happen to you? I feel very positive about this, I am looking forward to him coming to me again and also, I expect to have the love of the boy soon. 🙂


    1. No, I didn’t experience this, but I red about some others who did. There are so many possibilities of how we could communicate or interact with demons that most people will experience only friction of all possibilities. Congrats :).


  52. i would like to get in touch with demons and aproach them because i honestly dream of myself as becoming part of them but without dying, you know. But i’m not quite sure what demon i should talk to first..any ideas of which one of the demons are suitable for me and could help me become one of them? also i don’t know what spell i should use


    1. From my experience, an intensive work with demons and close relationships with them can adjust your mind so you become more like them, but that’s a gradual, slow process. You can never reach demonic perspective in full, because you still have body, or at least not for long. I don’t know any spell to become a demon per se, nor I know which demon could help with that. Maybe you can look for demons who specialize in mysticism, visions, spiritual knowledge and insights and ask them for the gift of extended consciousness (enlightenment). Those are only moments because we cannot uphold the higher states of consciousnesses too long but few of those moments and your perspective will change strongly – you will be more attuned to demons, more like them. It will change your life.


  53. hello .
    well i read some of your articles and i was interested in
    honestly u did a great job with researching
    and i appreciate your knowledge
    i believe in father SATAN long long time ago , but am new with summoning demons and some stuff
    i have 2 questions if u can answer them please :
    1 – when i make the circle i have to be inside or outside it ?
    2 – i want to be a magician which can do whatever he wants or get what he needs beside impressing the people around Like : CRISS ANGEL , YIF , DAVID BLAINE….etc
    so the question here is : is there any specific demon who help you with this stuff ?
    of course with all respect for the demons
    at the end : Thanks for your hard-working and HAIL SATAN


    1. 1. In demonolatry invocation style – you need to be inside the circle.
      2. I am not a stage magician so I have no idea which demon would be best to help with that, but some certainly will be. Just study various demonic hierarchies and you may come across a demon who will be looking as one who may help with that (you will feel pull toward that demon). Or you may reach to some other pantheons, Loki seems to be an interesting choice.


  54. I’m someone who was raised christian but has always been asking the big questions in life ever since I can remember. Since I actually like to think about what I believe in rather than blindly follow I’m obviously not longer a christian. When I was in high school I use to be agnostic until several spiritual experiences and “soul searching”. Basically I began opening my mind to other cultures and literature, trying my best to make sense of this reality and the absurdity of it all. however the most notable spiritual experience was with DMT. (If that isn’t a spiritual experience i don’t know what is.)

    It’s really interesting for me to read this page because many of these tenants you speak of with satanism are things I’ve come to discover on my own. For example the fallacy of a dualistic universe. The idea that there is some fundamental good vs evil in the world, it just doesn’t make any sense. Or the idea that demons are really just energy, not good or bad. I personally believe we are all one. Sort of Pantheism/Zen Buddhist if you catch my drift. (I’m a huge fan of Alan Watt) Anyway I’m writing this response because i’m curious as to the reason why you self-identify with the idea of Satan, or demons. I mean I get that you don’t believe any inherent evil, only human morals/perceptions that define such lines. But why do you always refer to the spirits as demons? Isn’t this only adding strength to the idea of a dualistic reality? To me its like saying you don’t believe in heaven but accepting hell. (Because to accept one part of a dualistic theory forces you to accept the other) Again I understand you have a pantheistic perspective but why identify with the symbols at all? Whats the point? Especially when in our society it is associated with such negative ideas? Also I’m not sure if you have any experience with DMT the psychoactive drug, but if you do what are you thoughts on this in terms of spiritual experience, or communicating with them?

    Also one last question. Years ago I had what one might refer to as a “dark night of the soul” without getting into too much details, Is it possible for someone else to use you in a ritual without your awareness? For example being under the influence of a drug and unwittingly standing in a circle? If that is the case, is it possible to be scared/forced into making a deal with a demon/spirit for your soul under false pretense (such as being told if you don’t sell your soul a family member will die)? The only reason i ask is because I had a very vivid yet uncertain experience (sorry for the oxymoron). Basically I smoked a pipe that I thought was weed and was actually something else. After standing in front of a mirror I had a spirit materialize behind me. Followed by an astral experience outside of my body, basically my spirit interacting with demons while my body ran on auto pilot, like being in two places at the same time. I’m not sure if it was a dream or if it was real. It caused me a lot of mental anguish for a number of months until I was able to put the experience past me. Due to my christian upbringing and ignorance I was still thinking in dualistic terms at the time. Hence the idea of the demon being evil and seriously being afraid I had condemned myself to hell unwittingly. Regardless of my perspective at this present moment i still think the question is a valid one. I’m not really sure what selling your soul or spirit could really mean anymore since at this point in my life I’ve done away with the notion of an ego that lives on, instead I perceive everything in this universe and divine and one.

    Anyway I appreciate any input you may have in regards to these questions and thank you for taking the time to read and formulate a response.

    Best regards,
    -Fellow truth seeker.


    1. I realize that my association with Satan, demons may seem dualistic, but I simply don’t care. I can’t help it, I was always drawn to the dark things – I simply love being the underdog, finding the truth and power in things that people are scared off. I love to oppose things – how could I not love Satan?
      Although we are all one, we play roles here and some roles are opposite to each other. There is some value in duality as well – it allows you to focus yourself, see clearer path. However it can also blind you, so sort of balance and reason is needed here. I just follow my gut.
      Satan and demons are more intense and more appealing focus points and inspirations to me then some all loving, meddle, soft, wonderful and… boring. I like the edge, I like the struggle, it makes things exciting, it makes things worth living for. Catching a prey is for predators is not just a necessity, it’s part of the fun. Things that are too easy, effortless, are not interesting, because they don’t require anything from us. However certain amount of struggle gives us impulses to be better version of ourselves, to expand, grow, become more! That’s the beauty in life.

      As to DMT, I am not familiar with it. I’m not interested in general in drugs, although I would like to try sometimes Salvia divinorum and some other natural drugs used in shamanic practices – maybe not just simply try but use it with purpose, in conscious way.

      I’m not sure what “using me” means, but I can assume you can use me as some sort focal point for the ideas, energies. It is possible and my higher self may aid that.

      Pacts of any kind are valid as long as you consider them to be valid. The only cage there is, is cage of your mind. Do you think Satan would keep the deal if it was no longer advantageous to Him? He would brake it or make His way out of it without hesitation. He is an extreme role model when it comes to personal freedom ;). In the same way I don’t recognize marriage as ever lasting union – the only true promise I can give is to be with someone, as long we both enjoy it or have benefit out of it. If situation changes, we are free to go separate ways, thanking each other for the moment in life that the other person was needed. There are no eternal bonds, beside the one with yourself ;).

      I think that the deal with the demon was still positive at a time, because you made a decision and put yourself in a place where you can’t back out, only resolve it within, which means personal growth. It broke you out of the safe shell or actually you made yourself to break out of it, demon was just an excuse ;). Satan and demons may use us to their purposes, but we use them in the same way to gain something as well. Well, some use them as negative excuse to destroy their life… However, here and now only we are in charge, we are the only and the highest god creating this life.


  55. i’m very new in “demonolatry” system, i invoke orobas, sabnock in “full ritual”. i feel their presence like peace sensation, fly, but i didn’t hear anything, demon truly hear my request, or my pray? i invoke belial, and baal, but the sensation is truly different, very heavy, power is so strong, and i feel, the energy want to control me, but i still did not hear anything. and yesterday i try to invoke glasyalabolas, and i hear something fly in my room, like a bird, or elf maybe :D, surround me, and i asked question, but God Glasyalabolas answered me in my dream, but, i didn’t see him, how to truly hear and see their presence physically?


    1. You don’t. It’s like you wished to hear the radio without radio. You need the device that translates the waves into understandable form. In case of contacting spiritual entities your translation device is your mind, not your physical sense of hearing. In some rare cases your brain can induce vocal hallucination but that’s not typical or often, at least not in daily state of mind.

      Basically trying to hear something blocks you for the real communication. Stop listening with your ears, start listening with your mind, meaning, quiet your mind and just observe what comes through it. Some cannot do it before learning mediation, because their mind is too active, too loud.

      If you feel presence and can distinguish different energies, you already have a good start but you need to listen within. Thoughts of demons are not so different from yours. You don’t hear your thoughts, yet you notice them in your mind. In the same way you notice demon’s thoughts in your mind. The trick is to learn how to recognize your thoughts from theirs – that comes from experience.


  56. thank you for reply before, i want to ask you something.
    1. if i want to sacrifice energy like sex and masturbate, when i must do it, in body ritual?, and if i want to masturbate, i imagine who? daemon or human? :D.

    2. i want to ask you, do you ever invoke Great Daemon Leviathan or personally have relationship with him? there is someone said that no one ever meet him.

    3. i invoke some daemon but, almost all daemon i never invoke with full ritual like invocation of four element, is it okay?


    1. 1. Yes, in a body ritual. Preferably imagine demon (or a demon in human form if feel like it).
      2. No, I don’t have a relationship with Leviathan and I doubt I ever will. Water element demons don’t suit me, I’m no longer emotional person.
      3. If you get results, it’s ok. You may perform balancing ritual afterwards if you feel unbalanced (agitated, weird, etc.) but if everything is ok, it’s not needed. Elemental circle is to make a suitable, inviting environment for demons (as well as to balance you) but sometimes if you are balanced yourself in daily basis and you radiate that energy on your surroundings, proper space is already there.


  57. Tq before Mr. :D. i want to ask you.
    1. you know marquiss Andras? do you have relationship with him, according to the grimoire and all people, He is most dangerous demon, he can kill all people and make the discord. is that true? is he truly dangerous? and better be avoided?
    2. about asmodai, is that true that he must be invoke bareheaded or without cap hoo etc? and if i need his assistance i must take off my hat hood etc, basicaly i don’t like really2 Full Ritual, i like free ritual. for example i ever invoke duke berith, i don’t make the circle, i just invoke four element, and i just use one canddles and it’s works, and some demon, i just call him only with pray and mental invitation. i really love duke berith, i feel his pressence with very peacefull and amazing feel, 😀 even in all my day after the invocation. but if i want to invoke King Asmoday, i must make full ritual bla bla, with my cap/hood off my head etc? He get angry if i don’t?
    3. Do you have direct realtionship with Lord Leviathan? all people say that noone ever meet him
    Tq so much Mr


    1. 1. No, I haven’t worked with him yet.
      2. No, it’s not necessary. Design the ritual that you feel is right. If you have a good connection with a certain demon rituals are not needed as you self noticed. But sometimes on the beginning it’s good to do few and see what happens. If there is affinity between you and summoned demon, you get results, if not, you either must work harder or try a different demon.
      3. No, Leviathan is one of the demons I don’t have any link with. I’m not an emotional person right now. I was once but that’s changed. Leviathan as a water element is more suited for more emotional personalities.


  58. Yes i recently read this post and i wished to invoke a demon and i chose Stolas. unfortunately i have not found any information about him and i wanted to know if you did.


  59. Hey Zalbarath,

    I am a dedicated Satanist. I got some questions. 🙂

    1: How we can inspire a specific Demon to come to us during a ritual? I understand offerings might inspire them to visit us but what to offer? What is there that we can offer to Demons? I know Every Demon has a specific plant and a specific animal. Can we offer that plant or animal to them during the ritual? and how do we know if it got accepted? Can we offer our own blood? and if yes, then how?

    2: JOS says that Demons are very busy and so they might not answer. But, every Demon governs a certain legion of spirits. For example, CAMIO governs 30 legions of spirits. And according to, a legion consists of 3000 to 6000 men/spirits. So that means that CAMIO governs 90,000 to 180,000 spirits. So, cannot He send any of these spirits to guide us? How many alive dedicated Satanists would be there on this planet? Just few thousands? And out of them, how many ask help from a specific Demon? There’re thousands of Demons and they governs millions (or maybe billions) of spirits.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


    1. 1. Study the demon you want to get in touch with and think what might be a proper offering for him/her. There are so many offering types that you have plenty to choose from. Scents, oils, food, drinks, herbs, blood, energy, commitment, etc. Each of those types can be linked with certain attributes and elements. Scents, food and drinks are popular choice but blood also is often chosen. You just need one drop of blood (via diabetic pen) on parchment (to burn or bury), ground, water. It’s a wide topic.
      2. I don’t believe in christian mythology so the crap from christian grimoires is not relevant for me so I don’t bother about those “rule over, is part of”, etc. However it’s true that there are endless numbers of various demons and they may be put in some hierarchies (that are only our flawed and simplified ways to comprehend complexity that is out there). However we don’t need all of this to benefit from a demon just as you don’t need to know plant’s taxonomy, what it needs to grow, what its life cycle to enjoy its beauty or healing benefits.
      As to satanits, you can never really know, there is no statistics out there.


  60. Hey man i have to ask something that i never bothered to.
    I always draw the ZD symbol on each corner for fire,earth,water and air. I also draw a ZD ABOVE me when invoking Satan.(SPIRIT)
    Is it like that? Or do you only draw it from where you are starting from?
    Also do i need to draw another one for the demon i want to contact? So in total 6 ZD symbols.


    1. Yes, you are thinking well. 6 ZD symbols it is, although you can do only one as well. It all depends on your own style and personal choices. However some action is needed (or rather recommended) to focus the energy while invoking so ZD symbol may be as well used for this. If you are skilled and can feel and invoke energy just by focusing upon it, ZD symbol may not be needed, but our mind is linked to body and body actions can code certain mental state and energy flow, so ZD could be used for that – and then simple gesture will trigger mental and energetic response.


  61. I am an 18 year old transgender and I really despise that about me, and so does my family. What I hate more than anything is not being able to carry a baby in the womb. I was raised to believe both God and the Devil, well what I’m trying to say is, what I’m asking for is really big (a new body, or atleast the ability to carry a child in the womb) is that too far-fetched, or would that even be possible? Please reply. Thanks!


    1. The reality is what it is and hating it won’t change it, it only hurts you. Acceptance is a powerful too but you need to realize that it’s not the same as giving up, on the contrary. Acceptance of reality is the first step of agreeing on what is and a necessary thing to be at peace with oneself. If you accept reality and yourself, your mind and emotions will be free to go forward and look for viable solutions. Nothing can be successful if you deny or hate the reality.
      It’s seems like a small step but in reality it can be a huge leap that will transform your life completely. If you finally do this, you will find what you are looking. Solution is out there once you allow yourself to be at peace with what is.


  62. Hey Zalbarath
    I want to invoke satan
    To becoming rich and i want fame
    Can u please tell me how to invoke satan for help in return of my soul??
    I’m intrested in demons and can u please tell me that he will give me the things i wanted or not
    Please reply asap


    1. Please, read my Contact page. You will learn there that I don’t offer personal guidance, I don’t give rituals and I don’t respond to general questions like this, because you can find answers on my site, you just need to take your time…


    1. No, it’s quite common that beginners are overwhelmed by the energy and feel tired or get headache. Just meditate and do some balancing exercised if you experience those symptoms.


  63. So your saying i can contact a demon mentally? How can i do that? And are their demons that satisfy every want a person have or just some? Im new to this so i just saw the leave a reply box and started typing lol


    1. Experienced person needs just to call a demon in mind. If you are beginner, please try out a basic summoning ritual first (it’s on my site).
      Demons are not to satisfy out every whim but they do can help you if you can help yourself. Not all get help and not all get help as they wanted. It comes in many forms and often help is subtle and require some action from your part – if you do nothing, nothing will happen. It takes time and experience to be aware of those signs. Mostly demons create possibilities for you to take. They won’t change your life magically from one second into another.


  64. Can a demon make you become some type of powerful person not to powerful but like witch type (black magic ) or are they like whatever you need just call them? But i do want to have a good relationship with one because i have no friends and i just like non physical beings 😁


    1. Demon’s don’t give you power just like that. They can teach you how to get it, they can create circumstances that help you to get it but the rest is your work so it doesn’t happen immediately. It also depends on how you define power but the downside of a magick is, that you are good at certain areas that you are already good in life but if you suck at something, your will suck at magick there too… You can learn how to change it but the change must be combined with your mental and emotional change.

      In some cases demons can do things for you but still, you need to have something in you first. So if you want love and you can’t do it on your own, demons either won’t help or their help will be tricky and not what you expected. In short, a change in your life require change in you, demons can’t do that, so you need to do the first step and then demons can work their magick.

      There is some shortcut to this: a deep and unshaken faith. Then you can cross your own boundaries and get what you believe in, but such amount of faith is not easy and common thing to get.


  65. I have considered myself a Satanist for several years now and I was very young when I began, I still am. I have always had a fascination with demons since I was a young child. around 5th and 6th grade I started practicing Satanism. I don’t believe I fully understood what I was doing so I have been doing as much research and studying as possible. Now that I’m in high school and about to be 16 I believe I am ready to start doing rituals again because I have reached a really hard place in my life and I need assistance. The past few years I have been struggling with money; so much that I have went with out meals on several occasions. I have put up with abuse from my mom and the random guys she’s been bringing around for years, living around drug abusers and alcoholics who would touch me (the guys my mom hooked up with), being sent to a mental hospital, getting my ass kicked in school, my grandmother is dying (which she’s the only family member I have that understands me), and many other things. I have always been respectful when praying to Satan or performing rituals, but things aren’t seeming to get much better. I know that I must contribute in the process and try to make things better on my own. I was wondering if there are any certain demons you would recommend me contacting such as protection demons that would be helpful with my situation? ~Thank you


    1. From my experience, Satan and demons won’t turn around your life just like that. You experienced lot of bad stuff and that influenced you and you’re seeing results of that. You are not in a good place right now. Luckily that can change, although it may not be quick or easy.

      First, you are in your teenage years and that’s a bummer… It’s usually emotional and unstable years which add to the problem but on the other hand, it’s time where you become more and more emotionally independent on your family (hence the need to rebel). That’s of course simplification but you need to take into account that factor. Anyway, it looks from your message, that you are not lost cause and you have strength. Your writing is calm, comprehensive, not too emotional. You analyze without whining and blaming others – just stating facts. It shows that you are smart and still in control of yourself. That’s very good. You will need that control to stay emotionally strong till you get 18 to take proper actions. Finish school DESPITE bullies, DESPITE your mother and other problems. Be stronger then them and make plans how to get independent as soon as you can. Taking control of your life and changing environment will do you lot of good. Sure, some problems will follow you because they will be in you, but knowing that you can manage on your own despite circumstances will give you strength. It’s true that what does not brake you will make you stronger. Your mother showed you only weakness but your grandmother seems like a person you can look up to, even after she is no longer there. You can only accept that fact and use that strength that comes from her and find even more in yourself.

      As to demons and Satan’s help – pray to them for strength so you could find peace in contact with them. If life will offer you stress, stop and meditate or pray – calm yourself, step aside and find solution. If you will be able to calm down during prayers and uphold that emotional state – you will experience various tips and changes around. That will guide you toward solution. It’s not enough just to pray and do rituals for the sake of prayers and rituals. You need to listen to demons and you can’t do that when being angry, scared or depressed. Divine beings like Satan and demons never feel like that. They are full of power so let yourself feel that power – visualize it and see how it enters you, even for a moment and the again and again.

      Many people mistake anger for strength because it feels better and empowering in comparison of feeling helpless and powerless (that’s fine for a moment) but the real strength is in being calm and focused on yours goal. This way you will ignore all distractions (your mother, bullies, lack of money, even hunger), start believing in yourself and find a way how you could resolve your situation. Strength is in achieving your goals so set those, make a plan of what you can do and act. Doing what something toward your goals is empowering.

      Which demons are best for that? There is no simple answer. Just browse demons and see which ones resonate with you. Take their features and make them your own. Learn their strength, their focus, their ability to get things done. Don’t waste time on what others think, what others did to you. It doesn’t matter. What matters most is what you feel about yourself. Change it so you could be proud of yourself, despite conditions you were raised in. Show them that YOU CAN!
      Hail Satan


  66. Hello-
    I have the most success communicating with spiritual entities using prayer or meditation, but sometimes I can still feel the entity around me a few hours after I’m done. Is there a polite way to tell them that I have nothing else to say and I’d like to go to bed?
    Thank you!


    1. Yes. Just tell him/her/it exactly what you wrote – it’s direct but polite. Then create a wall or a barrier between you and the entity. It shouldn’t be considered impolite. Since you have a right for privacy and personal space, so you can and should enforce it.


  67. So .. if i want to sell my soul for 5,000 euro’s daily , satan can’t promise me that? i have to do something to obtain them ? i m asking you this because i’ve saw on every site “your soul it s important to satan like gold but don’t be too stupid when you ask for something “


    1. Yes. It’s life and things are not that easy. Because you are god in your life, no one, literally NO ONE, can make for you anything if you screw things yourself. Your power comes always first in your life. That is why you need to first learn how to let yourself be helped.

      Other thing is, if you ask for foolish things, demons like to play tricks on you…


  68. hey
    I’m new comer in this secession. But I’m really interested about this. So I practice this much time but unfortunately I don’t find or fell anything. I’m trying my best to find the result. I’m confuse about ‘altar’ in middle section. would you like to tell me more about ‘altar’ and also please tell how I find the energy in easily?


    1. Well, some (or rather many) people are so grounded and anchored in physical side of life that feeling subtle energies is hard. Learning how to meditate and practicing mediation may help you to sharp your inner senses but I can’t promise you will get results quickly. For some it’s easy, for others it takes years. I’m the case of latter – I learned how to sense energy rather late (in my 20ties, although I was studying occult things since early childhood, I was simply persistent in my passion).

      As to altar, just google about satanic altar and you will find some nice settings (photos or sites) that you may use. Basically all you need is a symbol, some candle(s) and few additional things that you may use during your ceremony. Decorations are not necessary but often present, because they represent our devotion – we simply want to have it beautiful, climatic and exciting, so anything you can come up with is allowed. Flowers, artwork, whatever :).


  69. Ok I know I may sound lustfull here but you said you can use sex as part of it but how would you approach the demon with this proposal? Like how would you initiate this or actually do it because I don’t think it’s as easy as summoning and just saying “okay let’s have sex” so please explain how you do this part of it of you want to have sex


    1. It’s not that simple. Sigil is just a part of the ritual. Even doing everything is not enough to have success, because there is no guaranties and it depends mainly on your mind. Ritual is just to tune you in, but since everyone is different, not every ritual will work well for every person.

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        1. They tend to stick if you find a good contact with them. It means they’re not far away and it’s easier to reach out. Also, they may observe how are you doing and sometimes actively help if you allow them.


    1. No, not in one book anyway. I thought about compiling it to book form (+ extended info) but at the moment I am too busy with other important things. Maybe some day. However there are books of other authors who discuss basics of demon summoning, black magick, ect. Just check out my recommended literature section. There is of course much more books out there. Just do your research and you will find them.


    1. I don’t believe in christian cosmology and anti-christ is an idea that comes from that area. For me it’s meaningless, because I doubt that christ was even real (many scholar researches shows that there is little reliable and real info on this character, also myths are too similar to other religions). Anyway, if anti-christ ever came, I would say to him “hi and good luck” :).


  70. Hey

    I’ve got a question , I’d be glad if you answered on it

    As a beginner, Should i start reading the 2 following books “The Golden Dawn ” ,” The lasser key of solomon ” , or are there any better books to start with ?


    1. Magick is a very wide topic. Those books present a bit obsolete approach. Lesser Key of Solomon is a christian ceremonial magick and satanist only use it for references, not for summoning. Golden Dawn broke rigid ceremonial magick approach but nowadays there are more sources to choose from then it was known then. On the other hand those books are classics and should be red anyway. Choose your literature on what you feel is right for you but for a newbie some more modern books will be probably more digestible.


    1. You are entitled to your opinion. However criticizing is easy and everybody can do that. Please, give us at least some links where to look for “a real” deal in your opinion so the readers could choose an alternative approach. Satanism can be practiced in different ways and mine is certainly not “the only one” or “the only right one”.

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      1. Hi!!! This will be the 3rd time I try to get a hold of you!!! Maybe you’ll have answers for me this time??? My roommate and myself about a month ago tried to summon Bune!!! I don’t feel mine was as successful as his!!! He gets visited either walking home from the store or in his bed by a well dressed man pale skinned with platinum blonde hair and shades!!! I on the other hand have had sexual dreams of an Egyptian Goddess she then turns into another woman I do know!!! The Egyptian Goddess I assume is Bune because that’s who I saw in my minds eye when I did the ritual!!! I asked for several things but have received nothing nor signs!!! My roommate gets all communication with this other spirit I’m guessing is Mammon because of descriptions of him on other websites!!! Why is Bune no longer communicating with me??? I haven’t had a dream of her in over a week now!!!


        1. Communication with demons is personal so it’s hard to tell from afar what is going on there. Often problem is not with demons not responding but people not hearing or understanding their signals. There is no straight forward instructions how to understand demons. They can speak to you directly via works, but also through dreams, signs, “coincidences”. Everyone has to resolve this on their own. If you have only dreams which you have hardship to decipher, try scrying or quija board. There are also other ways you could check.

          Another common misunderstanding is that we need to hear, talk with demons to have successful request. People have problems understanding demons but demons understand people well. Often all it takes is to do a ritual, place a request and wait for results. It doesn’t work all the time for all, because there are some conditions you must fulfill (proper mental and emotional focus) – that will come with the age and experience.

          The whole process of getting results is also tricky and hard to understand for newbies. It can last shortly or.. years, depending on what do you want.

          Impatience is also a very big problem. Those things cannot be rushed and impatience works counter your goals. Instead waiting for demons, think what you can do toward realizing your dreams. Once you start acting, demons join you. If you will relay only on them, they will wait PATIENTLY (even your whole life) FOR YOU. You must take first active step. Bune already reached out to you in your dreams and now is your turn. Trust that you will be heard and understood. Trust in Bune and yourself and make a move. Bune can guide you but only if you will be actively working toward your goals.


  71. Just wondering if what I have here is normal or not.

    A few months ago, I was in my room trying to communicate with/summon a demon. I followed instructions from one of the hellfire websites and the words I was shown to read out were a little dodgy. Basically, I was following this thing, asking the demon or whatever I was managing to communicate with to manifest before me or give me a sign that it was there. Nothing happened so I followed the instructions again to close off the ritual.

    Ever since that first time, I’ve been experiencing pretty weird stuff, for example, I feel that in an opposing corner in my room has a dark, blackened figure watching me or something. I thought it was just me so I ignored it.

    The following month, I was up late at night, watching some ghost hunters ect on the television and the bed light next to me flickered a little. It was a brand new light and bulb yet I found it to be playing up. Not only that, but after a few minutes of it happening, I heard a bang next to me, only to find that a few CD’s had somehow fallen off of the shelf, yet, they were pushed so far back.

    From this moment, I realised that this was not normal at all. I hopped on to my phone and recorded evps throughout the night and set it on to an auto record setting where if picked up, it would automatically capture the evp. I woke up the next morning, to find a few evps that had been recorded.

    I plugged earphones in and listened to them carefully. I could make out a rather deep and croaky voice and it sounded like it was either trying to potentially scare the crap out of me or warn me. The thing had said a few pretty nasty things as well.

    Ever since then, it seems to have escalated to a point where I feel as if I’m being told things through my own mind. To where I am now uncomfortable in my own, private space and stalked pretty much where ever I go.

    I don’t know if this entity is potentially trying to scare me or harm me because it isn’t clear to me yet what their intentions are. I admit that I have been presuming that it’s a demon since it had only begun after my first summoning attempt. I haven’t tried any rituals ect since then because I was afriad that i would mess up yet again. However, my friend has also experienced some awkward things that she feels are unexplainable. But here’s the thing: the entity seems to only interact with females and leaves the males in the vicinity alone.

    Any help or advice?


    1. Yes, such things sometimes happen to some. In theory, demon should depart after ritual since it’s important part of the ritual (I assume you did it, did you?). However becoming close to demons and their energy means that their energy somehow makes mark in spaces you summon them. That is why you may feel demonic energies in places you live but feel strange void in new places. However it is you who can control those spaces and the nature of the relationship. So far it seems you just got what you asked for. Do another ritual, thank for the presence and manifestation and ask it to leave for now – politely but firmly. You may also do cleansing ritual afterwards if you feel like (there are various techniques to do that).

      You should not be afraid, spiritual entities cannot harm you if you are not scared but self assured.


  72. Hey, I’m a beginner to all of this, so I have a question. -when asking for a deal, can it be something OTHER than my eternal soul? Id like to keep that. Also, can I become friends with him/her? I don’t have alot of friends, and id like to have a guardian demon. Thanks!


    1. Sure you can. There are lot of things you can sacrifice: food, drink, energy, scent, art, blood and more. Sacrifices are good for really big requests while for daily things they’re not needed, unless you want it.


  73. I was raised Christian. And I am Christian. I know that you don’t believe in it obviously, but let’s agree to meet in this destiny altering conversation. I have longed to have a conversation with an actual demon of some sort. Or really anything, that isn’t human. Also is it possible to have a conversation with your pet or animals. Being that I’m “saved”, can I actually invoke or evoke a demon? I don’t care how powerful they are. I just want access to at least one demon. As quickly and easily as possible. Is it telepathic or audible? I live with strict Christian parents. But in the night, I can lay in my bed and sit up. They are in the next room. Can angels of God, or believe in angels of God sway their appearance or anything? Even if telepathically. I want to communicate. Would I need to visualize a sigil, or have one predrawn out and hold it in my hand in the dark? How would I go about this? Regardless of anything. I want to talk to a demon in this very house. As long as we aren’t harmed. And if the demon makes it obvious or wakes ppl up or is loud, my mom will cast it out most likely. Please help me.


    1. I will consciously and audibly in whisper keep angels away from them and allow communication between me and a demon, and won’t ever cast a demon out or away. Just go with my beliefs so in my mind and thought ?I can access a demon. Thank You!


    2. That’s a lot questions.

      If you are not a demonolator, it’s rather unlikely you will have normal conversation (this is hard to achieve even for those who do believe and worship) with a demon. But since you are christian, it may be easier for you to try to talk with angel.
      Spiritual beings don’t influence look, they can however help you or others to change perception.
      Yes, it’s helpful to have a sigil but not necessary.
      I can’t give you full instructions here. Read my site, read literature I recommended and check out sites I recommended and eventually you will know how to go about it.


  74. Hello! Sorry if this question seems stupid, or silly, I was just curious. Is it possible to befriend a demon you have summoned? Say you didn’t summon it to ask for anything such as power, money, love, or anything like that, but just friendship, or being able to be in its presence? Is it possible? Or, even outside of whatever you summoned it for, could it stick around and not be harmful or malevolent, just kinda there?


    1. Never heard of such to happen so to my experience I would say it’s safe for others but it’s not always safe for the person trying it (if still holding on to christian beliefs somehow).


  75. Greetings Zalbarath! First of all i would like to thank you for your site, excellent job and is very very helpful for us who we r new to Satanism! im 38 yo and a month ago i made my decication to Satan. i ask a confirmation and the next day i receive it!! not mentally!! My question is how can i know who is my Guardian Demon? i read on JoS that i can use a pendulum…i try it and its works..i spoke with something that it claims that it was my GD.2 months later i discover that i was talked with a trapped soul and not a demon. And as i discover via question it lies to me all this time. My question is how can i be sure if i summon a demon, the enterie that will come will be a demon? and can you plz tell me the method with the glass of water? Thank you again! Fin


  76. Greetings Zalbarath! First of all i would like to thank you for your site, excellent job and is very very helpful for us who we r new to Satanism! im 38 yo and a month ago i made my decication to Satan. i ask a confirmation and the next day i receive it!! not mentally!! My question is how can i know who is my Guardian Demon? i read on JoS that i can use a pendulum…i try it and its works..i spoke with something that it claims that it was my GD.2 months later i discover that i was talked with a trapped soul and not a demon. And as i discover via question it lies to me all this time. My question is how can i be sure if i summon a demon, the enterie that will come will be a demon? and can you plz tell me the method with the glass of water? Thank you again!


    1. You think too much. Just follow your gut, your heart, it will know what is real. If you read bullshit sites and they pull crap to your head, you start looking for it and… you are finding it… ;P


  77. Hello 🙂 I have a lot of questions that will probably annoy you since I’m fairly newish. Alright, my first question is what do the demons get in return for supporting you? I know that they most likely won’t do it for nothing. I know about sacrifices, but I know you don’t always do them. And even if you did, how does not eating, for example, benefit the demon? You also mentioned the possibility of building a friendship with a demon. How might I do this? To be honest, it’s one of my main goals since I’m kind of a lonely person, but I don’t want to waste their time. When I summon a demon, should there always be an objective, like, should I always have a purpose or ask for something; or can I summon a demon to build friendship and not ask for anything (or much)? My last question has to do with ghosts. You said that if the entity displays more human-like properties (ego, weakness, fear, etc.,) then it is not a demon, but residue of a spirit, or ghost. What are the chances/risks of getting a ghost instead of a demon? Has it ever happened to you? If this happens, how do I tell and what should I do? Another thing, what’s your opinion on Ouija boards? Are they useful in any way? Have you used them? Tips? I am terribly sorry that I have sooo many questions. I feel bad now because I think I’ve asked more than anyone. I would greatly appreciate all of your answers and do hope I haven’t troubled you too much. Once again I’m very sorry, but I’m dying to know. Thank you lots.


    1. It’s hard to tell what demons do out of it but most probably the same what you get from: handing out with people you like, learning others, doing something useful, playing. Of course they may get also our energy, attention, etc.
      Building a friendship? I know how I do this, how you do this? Use your method for that, not mine.
      Chances of getting ghost instead of demon are higher if you are a) looking for ghost or b) not synchronized with divine energies (so you don’t feel and think like a god). How to do the latter? That’s a topic for many books. In fact, there are some already published… In short, you should be exited, believe in yourself, focused on your goals, know yourself, enjoy yourself and life, trust yourself, be sure of yourself, be active in pursuit of your goals and achieving them. With such energy, you will have similar energy to demons/angels or other divine energies and then you get only them, because your focus and desire will be pure and not distracted by doubts.
      I don’t have experience with Ouija boards, but many demonolaters I talked with, say that it’s a useful tool.


    1. Circle is not always the same. It’s not about the same alone, but the intention and they way of creation so the balancing circle in demonolatry is completely different thing then circle in ceremonial magick that means to contain demon. Besides, you are INSIDE circle and inviting demon within, while in ceremonial magick you are outside circle and summon demon to circle while being separated from it.


  78. I know nothing about Theistic Satanism and I’d like to ask you who or what is Satan to you. What are the different aspects or characteristics of Satan between Theistic Satanism and other Satanist Ideology?

    Also, I’d like to know the aspects of Satan and demons in your idea?

    I’m just curious, plus, I request to have contact with you by email, I’m quite interested and curious.


    1. So tiny lines but bare so complex questions ;).

      Sorry, times where I wrote lengthy responses are gone. I just don’t have time for it now but only such response would do justice to such questions. Besides, I do believe I answered some of those questions on my site or pointed toward other sites so that could be researched.


  79. Hey Zalbarath, thank you for this well written and informative post. I have a problem, I was planning an invocation of a demon but was a born Catholic whom altar served for 7 years. I have stopped practicing however I still pray rarely like once a month or not even. I want to know if I can safely invoke Duke Gremory and when I looked at his sigil I think I felt Gomory’s presence before and it was teasing, pleasurable and playful.

    I don’t plan on becoming a Satanist I would like to remain a neutral, Earth-magick based sorcerer.

    I do want to continue to invoke angels and demons though.

    Must I offer my entire allegiance to Satan?

    I am just seeking a contract deal with everything I invoke, I’ll give them a material good or small self-sacrifice in exchange for the material good I seek. Are there any methods I could use to safely invoke a demon if I have no intention of worshiping them? I do not want to evoke anything to do my bidding.


    1. Yeap, you can do that. You don’t have to be satanist to work with all those spirits. Just be yourself and create relationships with spirits of any kind and some of them may become useful.


  80. Hey,

    Ive been studying satanism for a while now and new to the magik part of it. i enjoy it so much so finding more and more but as i read forums or books i dont know if it trustworthy other then some information that overlap each other but i want to start taking to demons but if i did talk to them would i be able to find out more about them? Or would be a dead end ?


    1. Yes or no ;P. Direct connection is always the best way to know them but if, how and when it happens depends on person. Also in some cases people struggle to connect with a demon and come across some random souls instead. So if you connect with a demon, then yes, you can know him/her/it better.


  81. Wassup Zalbarath ,

    My question is I’ve summoned mammon and I did feel his energy and felt great afterwards and even have seen few results,I wanted to make pact using his sigil but I want to make sure it’s his a lot of resources say he is just a word meaning greed avarice ,I don’t wAnt to draw a sigil to the wrong demon and be regretful ,if I can’t get mammon my second choice was clauneck can you verify his Sigil and name is actually him so many different resources say so many different things of mammon
    Thanx! Hail Satan


    1. It would more desired to have more focused goal but sometimes a chat, getting to know is enough. The thing is, whatever you do more deliberately and precisely, the better results you get. If the reason is just general and not focused enough, only a fraction of demon’s energy might show up.


  82. Hi, I used to invoke a demon with whom I have a very deep connection and some others that were very friendly to me. Then some time passed and I didn’t call them or anything, in that time I was very depressed, until I felt some of them offering their help and all was fine again. The strange thing is now I can’t feel them anymore. I know they answer to my call but I just can’t *hear* them or feel their presence. I don’t know what is going on 😦


    1. Unfortunately I can’t know exactly what is going on with you right now but it’s probable that either depression separated you from spiritual. Depression always does it and as it goes away, separation should be gone too, however there is possibility that depression or however mood is not fully over (you got used to it). My advice is to regain the connection with the higher self by positive affirmation, deliberate focus on positive things and letting go of tension and negative thoughts. In a way, depression puts you in a hole and you must climb that mountain again (which is hard work) to reach the peak where positivity and self empowerment is no longer fake or hard to accomplish but a natural state. From there spiritual sensitivity is in hands reach again.

      Or simply, this whole situation, depression and now spiritual cut off, it’s just a signal to re-evaluate life and find yourself anew. Eventually you will reestablish connection again.


  83. Hello hi Zalbarath I have family problems my family however aren’t Christian, I come from a Muslim family I’m from Saudi Arabia but Allah never answered my prayers. I got interested in satanism and I’d some research for I never believed in their teachings. My parents are divorced my father abuses me he once hit me when I told him I want to live with my mom. I love my mom she is a good person but frowns upon magic and satanism and would be upset if she found me doing a ritual. So I created an astral temple I prayed to Satan today and I imagined him in my temple he looked just like a baphomet statue except he was of flesh and blood not stone he said he knew of my struggles. He said what I would give in return though I told him I would give him my soul he made me recite a prayer and renounce all past alliegences, he said he is my true father and he will make my pretender father pay for what he did then he brought a paper with the prayer I recited written in blood then he took my hand and cut it with his claw then wrote my name on the bottom then I opened my eyes then I heard his voice in my head once more he said this is just between you and me my son. Was Satan really there did I really meet with him or was that just my imagination. Sorry for the long post just wanted you to get all the details.


    1. Yes, He was there, but like with all relationships, it’s all about the process and upholding this relationship. If you enjoy it and if He inspires you, good. Put that energy for good use in your life. However be careful and smart. In your country you can pay with your life for that so you have to be even stronger the most people, because you won’t be able to share your experiences and passion with others. However you have certainly passion to do other things in live, to achieve something. Let Satan inspire you and allow Him to fuel your life passions that you can safely do and share with others.

      Maybe there will be opportunity to move to another country where obstacles that exist in your country don’t exist. Unfortunately it’s not so easy to escape family problems. I bet you would like to move away with your mom, but since you can’t, you need to transform yourself in a way you could do more in what you have, meaning: you have to find a way to cope with your father (I get you are angry with him, but it won’t bring you any further – it’s easy to resent him, but realize, that he is abusive because HE IS WEAK, strong people don’t force anything on others). I’m sure there is a way to soften and… manipulate him. Women manipulate men all over the world, no matter what culture. Some become victims, other learn how to have their way despite what men would think. Probably you have some friends who can “charm” their fathers so they would do anything for them. Of course it’s much harder to do with abusive one but he is just a man so he is vulnerable to women and general methods of influence. If you didn’t learn that from your mother, look for other sources of inspiration. Look for strong women in your culture, women who can maneuver well even in such restrictive (from our point of view) society.

      You also have Internet with great sources of inspiration so find what you find exciting and follow it.

      When you free yourself in the environment you have, you will be truly free everywhere. That’s a goal worth pursuing.


      1. Well the problem is I’m not a girl, I’m a boy and I’m only 13 years old, since I was brought up a Muslim, I have been taught to hate magic in all its forms and fooled into thinking Satan and demons are monsters from hell that deceive and harm people. At first I felt a bit uneasy becoming a satanist or contacting a demon in anyway, how can I learn not to fear Satan or demons. In truth I still feel a little uneasy about this or that maybe God will become angry and punish me for worshipping someone other than him.


        1. Ach, lol, sorry. No clue why I took you for a girl, maybe because I had one similar question with similar problems from saudi arabia from a girl.

          Ok, so you are still very young (and well skilled with writing skills for such age I might add) and developing. You will change your mind, opinions, worldview many times from now one as you will get matured. Be flexible and let your views mature with you. Also you must realize that in this age for few years your emotions will be heightened and volatile. You will feel strong urge to separate yourself from your family and try to adapt to people with similar age. I’m not sure if being satanist in this tricky and explosive age and especially in Saudi Arabia when such beliefs are criminalized is a good idea. However you can explore your view how you like, no one can force your thoughts.

          As to how to change the feeling of uneasiness – it comes with practice and time. You will notice that nothing bad is happening, everything is normal, you get used to it and then culture based fear will go away slowly.

          Just realize that reality is much more complex and not so black and white as religious extremist portray it. Demons aren’t bad, they are just part of nature so they have positive and negative sides as everything around. In fact, bad sides are not bad per se, only are bad in our perception. A storm or flood are not bad, they just are. Only for some people they might be bad so that’s all subjective.

          As to gods, don’t worry. People project their own issues on them, but luckily gods of any kinds are not people and don’t feel in the same way. They don’t have ego so they can’t be hurt so they don’t get angry. That’s just pure human invention to understand who are gods and why bad things happened to them.

          I have an idea. Why don’t you study some other beliefs (I don’t mean those have to be deep studies) so you would see the scope of people’s beliefs and gain perspective. That makes fear and stupid thoughts go away. You will see that faith is just a social phenomenon, while spirituality is a personal experience that cannot be boxed and taught.

          Since you are on the moment interested in Satanism, study also various forms of witchcraft, paganism (or neo-paganism) also the basics of other faiths. Just take your head outside your cultural area. But be careful what you talk and to whom you talk. In most case you will need secrecy and tact to stay on the safe side. If needed, even lie. Usually lie is a thing to avid but within dangerous and extremist cultures like yours that’s sometimes a necessary thing to protect yourself although that’s never a nice thing. Maybe you will master the art of meanings so you would say something that other will take as they want while the meaning may be for your completely different. For example, when you say God, who know which god you refer to ;)?


  84. Hi I am Chevell I am thinking about working with Lord Rosier the Demon of Love what I would like to know ‘ is can a Human being have a Friendship with a Dark Lord because I hear Lord Rosier is very friendly nice Demon and I am feeling Called to work with him I was just wondering about having a real Friendship with a Demon so powerful as a Dark Lord so anything you can tell me would be Great thanks


    1. Yes, you can have friendship with some demons, however you must take into account that demons are non-physical entities and that won’t ever be the same as friendship with living person (so lack of the strong level of feelings and enjoyment that comes with physical interaction). There are some persons that can dive into human-demon relationship strongly but that’s on the brick of the insanity, because they separate themselves from the reality around and start to live more in their heads which is not healthy thing imo. So all in all usual relationships with demons are a bit different then with humans although when you come across chatty demon, it may resemble more traditional relationship.


      1. Hi its Chevell thank you so much for answering my email yes I will take everything you have said in to account about having a’ friendship with Demon’s because I do think that if your open to having any kind of friendship with Demon’s you must keep it healthy for your self not just live in your head 24/ 7 I will keep this in mind when working with any kind of Demon are Dark Lord I am new to ‘ the Left head path . and I have never been more happy as I am right now I have been working with Demon’s now for two years I have much respect for them I think their Great to have in your life I have also been able to talk to Lord Satan he is Great he seem to friendly and down to earth .. I have heard so many bad things about him but when I was able to talk with him he didn’t show ‘ are do any of the things people have said he would do I hope you don’t think I am crazy but Lord Satan has a Fatherly energy to him that’s what I could feel coming from him when we talked he’s nothing like the Bible say’s he is I also think he has been blame for a lot of things that he may not have had anything to do with witch is Sad because he seem Great he talked to me like a father would talk to their Child I love it so I am so happy about talking with Lord Satan I wanted to share this with someone who would understand thanks again for answering my email Dark blessings to you


  85. Hello I am beginning in Satanism. I have done the dedication ritual from JOS. I have no regret in that as I am dedicated to Satan from now on. I grew up Christian and my whole family is Christian. I’ve always been fascinated with demons even when I was Christian. However I just don’t seem to possess any skill in seeing, hearing, or even feeling energy, spirits, and basically anything spiritually. So yes after reading and studying a bit more about JOS it seems to be more strict on materials and just the actual ritual parts. I was reading on here how a square creates more stable energy with a circle being balanced. I was wondering if I could take both of them to create a circle that’s inside of a square to meditate if I even do that correctly. However I’d be more inclined to use the inverted pentagram when doing actual rituals. I also have so.e sense of fearful excitement whenever doing anything of this. Even though I know there is nothing to be afraid of. So I worked through that fear (which I shouldn’t have) and made it this far. Oh and 1 other thing about me is I’ve only been a theistic satanist for about 1 year. I left Christianity behind for about 3-5 year now.


    1. The first thing you need to understand that feeling energies is usually a SKILL (in rare occasions it’s a talent but only few have it) so it just not enough to do one ritual. You often need years to master it and there is no simple guide how to do it… Most likely you will learn this if you: learn how to meditate, visualize, start practicing magick, know yourself more (your self awareness and knowledge will rise so you will be able to recognize more subtle signals that you receive). For me it took more then 10 years to feel energies and more then 15 years to realize how can I contact with spiritual entities. It may be possible to learn much faster thou, but it requires lot of practice and dedication.


      1. Zalbarath I haven’t been getting any messages from Satan recently. And I feel like the evil judeo-christian God has a hold on me, I feel like commiting suicide for no reason and am severely depressed. Has Satan abandoned me why do I feel this way.


        1. You feel suicidal because of depression, which also prevents you from Satan’s divine guidance. First you need to mange your condition before establishing your link anew. I don’t know details, but in some cases depression is a condition that can be treated. It’s very important to get rid of it because… depression kills. But you are the master of your emotions, and you can change them if you want it badly, however when you are in some persistent or chronic state, change requires lot of hard work and will to push it through. Most people have hardship to cure it because they lack of will to change it and simply give in to depression. Sometimes medications are needed to start the work, because without help depression sucks you out of time and will so you need any advantage, even chemical one to start the work against it.

          Also finding the reason to live, a thing that keeps you going is crucial in that battle, because that is something that you must hold on to, that is something that gives you strength.


    2. Most people are like this: have no talent for feeling spiritual side of life. I was also one of them and that is why it took me YEARS. I was interested in this since I was few years old but got around to it when I was nearly 30. Luckily most people will get results quicker if they put their heart to it but still, it’s a skill and most people begin with zero level.

      You also must understand that spiritual sites either flock people who already spend years on training or have talent for this so they feel, hear lot of crazy things ;), but most normal people won’t get any immediate or visible results just after doing a one or few rituals. This takes time. This can be weird because you see all those people believing in it, saying about their experiences and nothing tangible happens to you. This is being… normal ;).


      1. Thanks for replying again. I just went through a longer meditation and remembered this site and you of course. I am of course still not good but want to ask you. I see colors when i meditate for a while. Main colors being blue and green but move around to a greyish black. I was just wondering if this is like what they call aura or your energy? Maybe it’s actually nothing and srry if I seem to have wasted your time. Thanks again for the response.


        1. Meditation experiences are so personally differentiated that it’s impossible to tell for sure if and what do they mean. Only you can discover what is it about. Sorry I can’t be much of a help on that matter.


  86. Ive never summoned a demon, but i am extreamly interested. I cat get Azazel out of my head and hat may be being “drawn” to him, as you say, but he seems far to powerful for me to summon. Help! Also ive grown up a christian and am confirmed etc, but have always been interested in the story of the Fall of Lucifer and demons in general, should i start small or what?
    Thanks so much, your website is so cool


  87. Quick question, well maybe not so quick. My son is attached at a molecular level with a Spirit Eater (he knows its name), and wants to merge with it completely to they are one being. Is this possible and if so how can it be done safely?


  88. Zalbarath, you are an amazing person indeed. Your information is spot on and I can tell that you are genuine and absolutely the “real deal.” I am on the right hand path and a firm Christian, but I hope that you can answer my question. Just. Cause we may disagree on paths doesn’t mean that you are wrong or that I am wrong. Anyways, I began meditation to deal with PTSDand depression. I am a retired police officer of 30 years service. During my meditation advancement, I began astral projection, yes AP is real to those who aren’t familiar with Astral Traveling, during my final AP, I had a short shadow being rush me and cling onto my astral body. I shook it off and thought nothing of it. The next few weeks were absolutely hell though. Orbs flying through the air, faint music coming from walls, being gouged and poked during the night, covers pulled away from my body, loud foot steps pounding down the hallway, my name being yelled in my ear. It came to the point that I left home and went to my parents old unoccupied house. I was worried about my wife and young kids being somehow attacked. When I got to my moms, I thought I was safe. Not so, about three hours after I got there, I could hear a small dinner bell continuously ringing for about 30 minutes. It was as if the entity was letting me know that it found me. Then all of the above things started all over again at my parents home. It took about a week or so for things to get back to normal. What was this thing that followed me home? Thanks, Scott


    1. I’m not that experienced in astral traveling to answer on that question but before I finished reading your entry, I knew it will go away with time so when I reached the end, you confirmed my suspicion. Astral dimensions are huge and we know very little of them, so we can only speculate, so you can name it as you want. Good thing you are all right and that’s what matters. I hope it won’t discourage you from further experiments :).


  89. Hi, I’m new here. I was atheist all my life. About 5 months back I was watching a serial on TV, it was about Satan’s role in humans’ life. Surprisingly, I got very attached to him. So I started searching on the subject. I Made a Commitment to Satan. I always talk to him (one way), but I feel he listens. Anyway, I tried to Summon Demons, but failed because I’m always thinking of Satan & cannot concentrate with the Demon.
    My question, shall I focus on Satan only and ask for his help??
    Thank you for your time.

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  90. I wouldn’t say im too experienced in invoking demons, but I often “feel” myself mentally talking to them when I find myself in need of power or information. Ive never needed to preform any psyical ritual to in order to invoke demons, rather It requires I put in a lot of mental focus. When speaking with these demons I find it a bit hard to focus however, and afterwards I feel very hazy and drained. I also usually cant hold a conversation for longer than an hour and a half.

    While this may have to do with my A.D.D. I feel i must ask; Would you have any suggestions on how one could better channel their focus for communicating with demons?


    1. 1,5 hour? I never needed to talk that long or never heard anyone doing so long before. There is really no need to spend so much time. Focus on being precise and on the point, imagine things you want, imagine you having it already, thank for it. Rest of the time can be used for more plain meditation or rest. Too much time on meditation or communication can be tiring, that’s normal.


  91. Hello i like Magic i want to practice magic am in Cameroon and i also need money much money. What do i have to do or can Belial do that for me? and how?


    1. Unfortunately that’s a complicate topic around witch lot myths have been built. One of them is that demons or Satan can give instant gratification (success, love, money). In theory it is possible, in practice it’s extremely rare. To have financial success one must work toward it but not all work is equal and that’s where spiritual guidance may come in. You can be inspired or led to situations where you can benefit the most but it’s up to you to recognize those things and to take chance. Nothing will happen by itself. Work has to be done both mentally/emotionally and physically for full and strong results.
      There are many books on that topic so comments here are not suited for such discussions. Everyone struggles on some level with finances, even those who are considered rich by others…


    1. Unfortunately yes, you have to be spiritually open or sensible enough to receive signals, because they are rarely of physical nature. Learning this can take years for more grounded people. It took me over 15 years… because I don’t have natural mediumistic gift. It’s not enough to do ritual. Training and experience matter.


  92. i tried to summorn the lucifer to dedicate my life un to him simply to be rich and live long life but i felt that has not worked after doing it for a month.even, after signing a pact with him to sell my soul.So now i decided to summorn the Clauneck demon for wealth abundance.i am giving him some drinks and the foods i take.i havent experienced any night mares but of late i am living a life of peace though in most cases i am broke but i am feeling expectation is so high that i just live a life of abundance but in i on the right path?


    1. Hard to tell but often (still – not always) dreams are sort of premonition of what is coming. However, it’s never future carved in stone, rather in which direction you are heading if you keep up current state. Also remember, that richness rarely comes just like that. Strong foundation for it is action, meaning, you learn how to generate money and then you know you can get more. If for some chance you get money purely by luck, you will not have confirmation that “you can”. So dreams and actions must unite and only then your mind and effects will follow strongly into lasting effect. Also it’s good to remember that road is not always straight, there might be bumps ahead but if you keep the direction, you will reach your goal.


    1. In many cases act of summoning a demon is a ritual. Those skilled in communication with demons don’t need it and can just focus to get the connection. As to the pact, you just have to assume that it is and go on with it. The pact itself is a psychic action, so it means, you are the one who decided to it, so to validate it, you must treat it as valid. Demons won’t hold your hand and force you to it, they will give you freedom and it’s up to you to hold up your end of the deal. In some rare cases, demons may enforce things, especially if that was a part of the deal, but you are not enslaved by it.


  93. Hello!
    I am a solitary demonolator.I have been reading quite a lot of books on demonolatry and been applying varios meditation techniques in my daily routine for the past 1 and half year.I have tried meditating on many demons’ energy but yeah I still couldnt feel any connection to any of them.But I haven’t given up though.My question is what’s a rite for Lord Rosier and can I perform the binding and controlling working within the rite?Well you can figure out why I want to do the binding and control working within the rite.I am trying to get back with my girl but its turning out to be hard.Hope you can help me out 🙂


    1. Well, for me it took me over 15 years to have first aware communication with a demon, so I guess, I wasn’t too talented in that area ;). But the time of the success is never known, it can be anytime. Just focus on your spiritual and personal development, utilize techniques you learned and some day you may be rewarded.

      Rituals to demons can be done in many ways. I already put a simple template here that can be adjusted to other demons. You just research demons characteristics and correspondences and then integrate them into ritual. Also know, that sometimes the result of ritual might be different than expected, Rosier can show you that the idea of going back to your former girlfriend is not a good idea. You can insist on a result, but being blind and not listening to demons usually leads to unpleasant results. Actually, that’s the most common case why people won’t get as many results, they are focused on the goal, not listening to their (demon) inner wisdom. So my advice would be: expect unexpected ;).

      Of course, it’s possible that Rosier will show you a way to get her back. It will probably involve changing yourself first. It’s never about the external actions. You may send her flowers, sing songs but you will fail as the last time. The only way to change the pattern is to change one variable you have really influence upon: yourself.


      1. Your room is your space. You are there most of the time, so you have the biggest influence on it. However, realize that the most important factor there is you, not your room. Meaning: just open yourself to demons and strongly deny angels. Your decision matters most so no external influence can change it.

        Do this: relax and start to meditate. Focus and say strongly in your mind: “I welcome demonic guidance and wish no angelic energies around me.” Think it as if you said it loudly and with conviction. You must feel the resolve. Then imagine walls of your room being filled with energy, your energy, that set the boundaries with your rules. That way, your place will be welcoming for demons in your presence and for you. Your moms rituals may affect her, but not you if you won’t let it affect you emotionally. Distance yourself to them.

        That said, many demonolators are pantheists, so they don’t care for christian-judeo divisions and assume, all divine energies are divine energies, part of the divine whole so they all can be utilized. So it happens that some demonolators may work with angelic beings on occasions. However, it’s a decision of every person alone so you can limit your welcome to the demonic energies.

        I have friends who work with angels and they were summoning them in my presence, I felt it, it was weird, but I just strongly stated: I am not interested and indifferent to them. So they sort of “sniffed me” and left me alone. Hard to describe it but it felt sort of like that (light, evaluating energy pressure and then letting go).

        It’s very common for a new person to strongly divide the world, but with time, you may accept different views of others and not be bothered with it, because they can’t really hurt you. Only you decide on your spirituality, no one else.


      2. Thank you very much for this piece of information 🙂
        Well yeah I got what you mean to say.I do respect the Daemons so yeah I believe that Lord Rosier will show me the path himself.Never losing your trust on the Daemon lords is the way and u should not love them just because they’ll help but you must just for love’s sake.I will follow your advice on this surely.
        Dark blessings 🙂


    2. In this case “know thyself” is the key. If you can be aware of what is happening in your consciousness and feel the slightest changes in your emotions and feelings, then you can recognize a connection and follow it through.
      About rite to Rosier it’s best to ask on demonolatry forums. I don’t deal much with a love myself so I’m not the best person to ask. My relationships were always good and I was the one ending them (it was time for a change). The thing is, if a relationship is too easy, it never lasts ;). Good relationships have some amount of friction where you must work intensely on yourself, although there is a fine line between intense and tiring relationship, which is destined to fail.

      My best advice would be, stop pushing, find your happy self and then she/he might come back and if not, you will find someone new. Restoring old relationship is often not a good idea and the other person may be doing you a favor by staying firm in their decision. Ability to move on is a very important part of happiness (focusing on what’s now).


  94. Hi I’m not a newbie of sorts with this particular line of work or a master more inbetween the experience and knowledge needed for what I want/ need answers to. I have communicated and all but I do live in a house that’s primarily Christian so rituals are hard to do nonetheless mother became a ordain minister of whatever and now does house clearings. She smudges and invokes holy spirits into our household, Raphael for example. She’s being taught and guided and is getting good at clearing to say the least. Ive tried to communicate to figure out how to combat it and got no answers and now strongly believe that the sage and other mixed herbs she burns in the abalone shell may be blocking me out from connecting. My question is simply how does one combat the sage and herbs smudging to keep his/her personal space clear of those powers so i may be able to lift the viel once more? Maybe a smoke concoction of my own?


  95. Having been raised by a protestant christian mother I was always taught that one should have a ¨personal relationship with god¨ and that for your prayers to get answered, you need to have ¨a lot of faith¨. That always gave me the impression that if you doubted for even a second and unless you are this perfect model Christian, that would cause your prayer to go unanswered. I never felt that connection or ¨closeness to god¨ that many Christians claim. To be honest, I have always felt uneasy whenever I went into a protestant church. Like I just wanted to get it over with and get the fuck out. Whenever I went into Catholic churches I felt more like ¨meh¨ whatever.

    Having been so disappointed and having felt so…distant from the chrstian god I started to look for other answers and was always drawn to Theistic Satanism (not knowing it is actually called that) but christianity kinda always pulled me back, even though I never felt like I truly belonged.

    Anyway, I have decided to embrace my darker side you might say and have really begun to investigate and learn all I can about Theistic Satanism and the occult. Needless to say I feel much more ¨at home¨ you might say. Webpages like yours have really helped me out and I thank you for that.

    I just have a couple of quick questions if you don´t mind answering them. 1. Why do you think I always felt a disconnection with the christian church (and their god)? 2. Does Satanic prayers / rituals require that same lever of ¨fanatical blind faith¨ that the christian god demands? Logic says that of course you must have faith or trust, but I does it have to be as perfect as the Nazarene demands?

    Thanks for your time and dark blessings.


    1. Different then christians, we try to understand things. We are so built that blind faith is not working well for us. My knowledge says, that faith is not something required by god or any divine being but it’s a part of how our psyche works and how energy works with it. If you are certain of something, your mind and emotion focus strongly and clearly and energy follows it. However, the same effect is, when you feel you KNOW something. The difference is, people of faith just believe for the faith sake, but you can believe because you choose so or because you know or… think you know ;). Doubts just weaken our resolve. On the other hand, doubts can force us to seek for more, while steady faith can close us for new things, so there is no best way how to approach it. Both faith and doubts are needed tools and when used correctly, they can help you grow and achieve things.

      Faith is a part of your psyche as is not only tied to religion. When you want to get something, you must first believe you CAN achieve it. That is a base of self-confidence. If you don’t believe, you will lack motivation and find excused not to start doing something that could close you to your goal. So in a way, the right amount of doubts and faith in the right moment is needed for the healthy psyche and spiritual and personal growth.

      The problem with religions is, that they were helpful at some time, but when we know more, people should also be able to revise them. Sadly, many behave like children and just stay at the level of society before hundreds of thousand years. Also, things that religion teach, were distorted so wisdom vanished from them.

      Anyway, back to working with Satan or demons. You need to believe in them first, but you are allowed to waver in your faith too. During a ritual, you must invoke the feeling of faith and then believe it was successful afterwards, but you can revise your thoughts, beliefs later. It is even better when your views grow and change with time. The human mind is very complex and you can believe in one moment to have successful ritual and then analyse some things you had doubts before at the later time. My point is, don’t overthink it, don’t feel forced to anything. You are free to believe and doubt. But once you decide on something, your faith must prevail, so you could live all the failures along the way and keep coming at your goal. Sure, you may have temporal break downs, but you should be able to raise and keep working toward your goal. This applies to all parts of life, also in business or work life.


  96. I believe that words should be chosen very carefully when trying to communicate with a higher force. What is explained in this article about this type of communication has a base on the respect and sincere relation with a spiritual entity, so firstly, the person who decides to get help in this way should know what they want.


  97. Hi
    I have read that you basically said that a person would know which demon is the one they need to summon because they feel drawn to him/her.
    I’m just a little confused because I’m drawn to these two demons, well I don’t think one would be considered a demon but I have no clue as to why I’m drawn to them.
    I fr as though I have a connection to Azazel and Satan and I don’t know if that’s good or bad but I’m just drawn to them. I don’t know why this is, can you help me?


    1. It’s not like that. Reality is different then fantasy world presented in movies or books is just not real. Don’t expect a physical manifestation. Some claim to have it but in reality, it’s all subtle and subjective, meaning you may feel something, you may experience something, but that will be only your personal experience. Usually it means, if you’re not sensitive enough, you must learn how to be, because demon may come and most likely you will not hear anything… So it’s not a matter of ritual but your skills that you must develop and that can take years.

      As to sacrifice, there is a whole lot of misconceptions. Please understand that to sacrifice something, means to sacrifice something that you value! Otherwise it won’t be a sacrifice. How taking any animal would count for it nowadays? If you had a farm and your live stock was the only or main source of your food like it was in the past, then yes, animal could be a sacrifice. Nowadays? That doesn’t matter, because meat is bought everywhere and is cheap so there is no gravity to that. You would just hurt animal for nothing.

      So again, you must have skills to feel and hear demons and if you need a sacrifice (not always needed), you must sacrifice you really value (a cellphone ;P?) and even then, if you have success, you may not see it, because you will not be able to feel anything. That is why learning and experimenting for years with casual methods (rituals, meditation, mental exercises, etc.) is just the best way nowadays.


    1. Each demon may be summoned in so many ways that there is no one way of doing it. Unfortunately, it’s all more complicated. Usually it takes years to understand how it works and have successful summons for most people. Only gifted people can get it quicker. “Recipe” doesn’t give you any guaranties so you can try many rituals and get no result while some will invent own ritual and will get it right away.


    1. I already have in one of my articles. Besides, this comment looks like a follow up but I can’t see to what. Comments on wordpress doesn’t let me see threads, I see only singular comments so I see them ALWAYS WITHOUT CONTEXT, so please, be more specific when asking for questions..

      This system sucks because it’s no way to make any conversation because I might answered something but I don’t know what so discussing about anything here is impossible.


      1. You could probably try and change the comment section layout of your WordPress site. I find it really difficult to see which comments are replies and followups to what.


        1. Not sure how to do that. Over the years changed drastically and I’ve been using it sporadically so I have no idea how it all works. It became confusing with its multiple layouts that show things differently but point to the same content.
          Also, since I get comments over the mail, I would have to have clear structure of who responds to who and what text in emails and I don’t get that. I only get some meaningless exception from a post and the proper comment. I’m not sure if there is a way to change drastically the whole email formatting.
          I suspect that comment section is not meant for lengthy and multilayered discussions and for those I would need a forum, but that’s a whole different medium that I don’t want to implement here.


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