Summoning Demons – Invocation

I assume you already red Communication with demons article so you know what to expect, now we can move on to some details.

Invocation is the main technique of summoning demons used by satanists and demonolators. Before discussing details, let’s see what invocation is and how does it differs from evocation.

An invocation (from the Latin verb invocare “to call on, invoke, to give”) is a magickal act in which we invite (politely) a spiritual entity to come. Invocation can take also a form of a prayer. During that process we open ourselves to spiritual energy of an entity, allowing for natural, unrestricted communication, exchange of energies, sometimes merging of consciousnesses. If a circle is created during ritual (not always), it is used for balancing of energies, creating a suitable environment for magician and summoned entity. Both are within circle.

An invocation suggests: free, unrestricted exchange, politeness, respect, closeness, made on positive emotions.

An evocation (from Latin word evocatio was the “calling forth” or “summoning away”) – is a magical act of commanding, forcing, threatening (with names and symbols – usually of Christianity) spiritual entity. Circle is created here every time to protect magician from summoned entity/energy and to bound, restrict entity within it. Magician is in that case outside the circle, demon inside.

An evocation suggests: fear, restriction, forceful domination based on negative emotions.

Remember, old grimoires are written from christian point of view so all rituals there are evocations. Satanists don’t use them but there is no problem with using such references, information and others to transform them into your invocation ritual.

An invocation is most natural method of summoning demons (or any entity) and in opposition to evocation, it doesn’t create unnecessary tension and boundaries, which restrict flow of an energy. An evocation on the other hand requires a lot of energy and results are weak in comparison to opposite method. An invocation instead is or could be very simple and powerful. Because of that evocation isn’t only used by satanists to summon demons, but is also used by Christians or christian occultists to summon angels. There is simply no better technique that yields such results. Satanists don’t have to protect themselves from demons so they can summon demons as easily as christian occultists angels.

The catch by the method of invocation in case of demons is, you need to let go completely of christian dualistic beliefs and notion of demons, otherwise your subconscious convictions cause unpleasant results. So you need to have complete satanic beliefs, positive attitude toward Satan and demons, then you will be able to work safely and receive satisfactory results.

There are several ways of performing invocation:

1) An invocation ritual

This is most complicated method but it is recommended for newbies who begin their journey through theistic satanism and/or demonoltry. It is also used by more advanced practitioners during celebration rites or by more special occasions, or if believed that this is the most proper way to do it. Below I place an exemplary, relatively simplistic ritual (for beginners) proposed by the TG (Traditional Demonolators) from

Every proper ritual has 3 phases: a beginning, a body ritual, an end.

a) Beginning – Chose a proper place, clean it so you would feel that this is not an ordinary occasion. Prepare all needed ritual utensils. Place four candles north, east, south, west (could be of any color, although I prefer black ones, but you can have one of each corresponding color) on each quarters of the circle. Altar is in the middle (more or less) of the circle, directed north or any direction you find suitable for that occasion.

When you are ready, begin north invoking earth energy by calling on earth elemental demon of your choosing, for example Belial.  Take deep breaths, relax mentally and physically. Take dagger/athame/stick/finger, point it upwards (at the sky) and draw in front of you ZD sigil as shown above on the picture, visualizing energy lines creating the symbol, reciting at the same time enn: Lirach Tasa Vefa Wehlic, Belial. You can repeat the enn three times. Imagine earth, its energy, feeling, entering the circle, creating it. Then you turn east and invoke air energy by calling upon Lucifer (or any air elemental demon of your choosing). Repeat previous step using Lucifer’s enn: Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar, Lucifer. Then visualize air energy, its feeling, entering the circle and creating it. Correspondingly  you do the same south for fire (FlereousGanic Tasa fubin, Flereous.) and west for water (Leviathan – Jedan Tasa hoet naca, Leviathan.). In the center invoke Satan (Tasa reme laris Satan) as fifth element, the spirit, combining and balancing all elements together. Then you invoke chosen demon in the middle using his/her enn in similar way as by elements.

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b) Body ritual – That’s up to you, depends on what you want to achieve. You can write down your wishes, burn them, channel demon, draw picture/sigil or burn one, dance, sing, meditate, work with energy, visualize, have sex, make sacrifice, etc.

c) End – Thank demon and all other elemental demons for being present and hearing you out, say goodbye, extinguish candles with fingers or candle extinguished (don’t blow off!).

For demonic enns see this article.

It’s good to write your all impressions, feelings and thoughts down. They may vary strongly, no ritual is the same. Depending on your focus and sensibility, you can achieve full, clear contact or slight, unclear impressions, in such case don’t worry. You will succeed with patience and motivation. Don’t try too hard. A ritual should be serious but also fun! Be creative. Your attitude must be light, only then you will be able to hear, sense demons. Ask them that you want to have clear answers and for the confirmation if you have doubts, it may come in few days or quicker.

Many advanced magick users do rituals and create circle differently. Instead 4 points circle (based on square)  you can base it on pentagram or triangle. Some practitioners report that the energy of shapes does matter here so a square offers very stable energy, a circle a balanced one, a triangle very intense one (don’t recommended for beginners). You can have shapes within shapes so for example four point circle encompassing triangle based altar (points of a figure are made by candles). With experience and confidence you can create your own rituals which work the best.

Of course it’s good to follow general rules of ritual magick here. So for example: be rested. If you are exhausted, schedule ritual for different time (although there are some rituals that require to be fatigued mentally, probably because mind easier detaches itself from physical then, however control and focus drops down). Don’t eat too much and shortly before ritual (small fast could be a good idea if you are not distracted by hunger, otherwise light meal is the best way to go; sometimes food sacrifice is a part of a ritual – every rule has some exceptions), heavy stomach distracts, also digestion holds our energy more in physical range, so spiritual experiences may be harder to obtain if you are new to this. It’s good to darken the ritual space and let be lighted mostly by candles, but rituals can be also done with full light, loud music. Whatever takes you in proper mood.

2) A prayer – could be enough to initiate a contact – yes! it is sometimes so simple! Prayer could be also a part of body ritual. The form and words of a prayer are up to you.

3) A simple mental invitation – With time, experience or talent you may receive connection with chosen demon at any moment easily just by asking him/her in thoughts or even just by thinking about him/her! Or you may have easiness to connect in such way with certain demons while with others you must take more work. Some demons are easier, some harder to get in touch with, depends on person, there is no rule here. For example, when starting a tarot session I ask Vassago to come and I ask for clarity and accuracy of reading. I receive message that he is there, then I begin, as simple as that! Sometimes I am asked about certain demon and immediately I hear this demon answering me, I receive additional information mentally. It’s not always like that but it happens. Understand that with time communication with demons will be coming easily and naturally, if it isn’t already.

4) If the above mentioned methods of summoning demons aren’t doing anything for you, you may try a different one (as I said, there are many ways of obtaining the same result). Read my article about Satanic Astral Temple for more info!

Remember, demons can hear you mentally unrestricted so you can’t hide anything. But they don’t have ego like we do so they don’t judge, don’t react exactly like people. They may seemingly sound and react humanly at first glance, but they don’t get angry, resentful, scared, jealous. If they do, then you are not talking with demon only with lesser energy (residue after living person) or there is a chance you’re making it up… However, demons may give you kick in some way. It is known for some to experience small electric discharges if you violate the agreement (like: you oblige to drop smoking yet you had moment of weakness) to make you remember. They are not fairies 😉 so they can be blunt.

When speaking to demons, there is no reason to worry about wording, demons read our intentions and understand our thoughts and emotions better then we do. And they do have sense of humor. So relax, let go of fear and allow demons to merge with your energy. In time and frequent contacts with demons you may notice you have changed and behave more like them.

How to choose a proper demon? There are few methods:

– Study the literature, take all demons that sound helpful with your matter and analyze your feelings about his/her name, enn, sigil. Choose one that appeals to you the most. If you still have no clue, try to contact with each of them. The most proper one creates immediate, strong, clear connection, creating feeling of excitement.

– Trust your feelings. If you are fascinated in certain demon, there is a high chance he/she represents things in which you are strong and… weak (great chance to learn). Or you may just know which one is best for the occasion.

– Demon chooses you. You feel very strong attraction or something calls you, you feel personal energy calling for your attention. You find clues, events, “coincidences” that raise your interest in a demon.

– Ask mentally, which demon would be most suitable in given situation and wait for response. When it comes, ask for name. In that way often you meet demons that are not mentioned in literature. Don’t worry. There are thousands of thousands of thousands demons and more. In literature we meet only fraction of them so it’s not surprising if a “new” demon answers.


  1. Sorry to bother, but I am curious.

    When summoning a specific elemental force, is it necessary to summon all others? For example, if I wanted to summon a solar deity, for example, would I have to summon also all other elemental forces, including the aquatic forces like Leviathan?

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    1. You need to understand that what I wrote here is an exemplary system – TG (traditional generational demonlators), one of many possible. In my opinion it’s a good one and simple as well so it’s great for newbies but with time and experience you can move to less formal stuff. Within this system you need to create a balanced environment suitable for you and a demon. It is advised to do that because demons’ energy may be so strong that it could imbalance yours (you can counteract it later if you feel unbalanced). Also such balanced, consecrated space is considered a sign of respect, demon should feel comfortable there. That’s the theory and that is what TG teaches. In your case if you want to use this system, you can summon all elemental energies to create proper environment and then one on the top you really want. Instead thinking that you are summoning 4 or 5 elemental demons plus one, you are just using elemental demons link out of respect to summon certain element type (not necessarily the demon, but one may come sometimes in order to focus your attention on something if it’s needed) and to create the circle and then to summon the chosen demon.

      My experience shows that in fact you don’t need anything of it if you know what you are doing. However such ritual can calm you down, relax (in a way it balance you if you weren’t balanced before) and focus properly so you are ready for the process of receiving demonic energy. So don’t over-think the symbolics, it’s not hard science. You may start with TG and see how it works for you. Maybe some demons will come quicker and easier without it? Or maybe you will find out that you like all elements of the ritual and even add to it to create your own way of relationship with demons. Or maybe you will find that structure of this rite isn’t working for you at all and you must rewrite it for your needs? But in order to do that you need to develop proper sensibility and here practicing such rite can help you move further no matter if it will work for you or not. Just exercise and follow your gut.

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      1. I need help. I believe i contacted semiazas mentally. I made a deal with him in my head. I felt like i was really talking to a being when i did it. But he is always silent i was told to do him a favor today and i attempted and failed. But often when i talk to him i say something and my body shiver’s and i get this stimulating feeling through out my body. I think this might be what you mean when you say i violated the agreement. But idk can you offer some help?


        1. This can be energy and communication misalignment. I guess you need to practice and learn till you get around this somehow. Maybe your body/energy will adjust to it somehow? There is also a chance you are right,but such things won’t last forever so don’t worry.


          1. hi, i’m jek from philippines ,i am 23 years old now.
            i would like to ask ,i have some weird things thats happens entire my life when i was 19 years old since i have something different from peoples around me,i can predict anything what i want to. i can spell people slightly ..i want some advise what person i am…?


      2. plz help me , i want a sexy, hot , juicy succubabe 2 numbers one on either side of me plzzzzz give me some 2 line tips how to get it enough if i keep my lips like a spout and sleep tonight? Answer me soon i cannot wait


    2. well i m new person for coming this team i want to becoming Rich and become star music But i want to get the money before star the music i m poor man i m From poor familys i need help so i decided to joying this But i don’t to be killer But i want to know what i will paid back after getting the money or what is for me to do after when you people makes me becoming Rich

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      1. Being satanists has nothing to do with being violent criminal. It doesn’t make you rich just like that. Life is not a fairy tale and although miracles happen, nothing comes from nothing, meaning: if you want something really, you need to put an effort (energy) to it. So working with Satan and demons can be financially beneficial, it’s mostly up to you how it will play out. And because it’s a process, it also takes time.

        So no one will make you rich but you. If you relay on others to get things, you are beggar without own power. But if you relay on others that they will teach you things and then you use that knowledge to get things for yourself – then you are using their gift of knowledge with respect, proving that you were worth. It’s empowering yourself and others.

        It’s not easy but when you make it, it’s worth it!


      2. Ive got just one question

        To start with magic , do i have to read the golden down first or are there any other better book for starters

        Moreover Ive already choosen the left hand path ,not just because of my desire because i know that is the right path of wisdom and the path which my logical mind tells me to take based on all the information out there


    3. Hi. I grew up in a christian home and in a naz chruch and to be frank my life has sucked, most people has treated my like shit and I have suffered, I was adopted, but my real parents are satanist or however the rite way of saying it and when I was born they dedicated me to a demon I do not know which one, when I turned 10 years old appeared to me when I was laying under my sisters bed hiding from my mom she was mad at me and I didn’t know what I had done wrong so I ran and hid and it showed up rite next me and I got scared as any 10 year old would and I ran to my mom just to get wipped a million times it was dressed beautiful the purest wite put fit I have ever seen and it’s skin color was red/green and it was bald with a single ponytail off the top of its head and deep red eyes and sheepishly enough I say all it did was smile at me I now am like why the heck did I run scared to my mom. I have always felt a presents around me like I’m being watched but I have never seen it since and I would like to and talk to it, And I think what I feel may be him but I don’t know I know that even when I have to speak to Jesus or ask him for help with my crazy mom and dad I never once even felt anything, not to mention I have always been interested in demons and have had a desire to learn more about life and make something of my self and develop a safe healthy relationship with them, but I know very little about what to do or where to start I understand that with my Nazareen background cam make things tens I DO NOT WANT a negative relationship or a tens meeting, I want to have a positive one, but I have questions about where and how I start, and what to do seeing how most my family are Christians and will they put tension between me and any demons I talk to or wish to?

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      1. If you live still with abusive christian parents it’s good to approach it slowly. Don’t jump into working with demons quickly, you have time for it when you get more independent. In meantime try to read what interests you the most and experiment a little. Contacting with demons won’t lift you problems all of the sudden so there is no hurry.

        I don’t offer personal guidance, I just don’t have time for it, but if you read my site carefully, follow the links and literature section, do some google research, you will gain enough knowledge to develop your skills.

        Abusive parents do great deal of damage on your psyche and dealing with that shit is most important but it’s hard to do when being dependent of them. That is why I encourage you to find some way out, get a job, some apartment and then you have enough space from them to gain emotional distance – this is a place you can start working on your emotions. It’s important because if you don’t pull yourself together, those things will hunt you all the time. Learning how to gain self esteem is crucial thing to you and gaining self esteem also means to put emotionally your past behind you and focus on (better) now.

        Your parents do not dictate you what you feel so why worrying about relationship with demons? Parents may require things from you, you may do what they say but inside you can feel what you want and that is what’s important. None can force emotions. Demons know your attitude and approach so you can’t fool them but you can fool… humans. So there is no need to worry about that. Many teenagers play stupid by parents and doing their own things… It can be dangerous and sometimes parents are right but often teenagers also feel better what is right for them so it’s hard to generalize here.

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        1. Hi I am new to your site, just wanted to say how impressed I am with the information and your responses. I have been cynically trying to find something sucky on here but nothing yet. I will let you know.


    4. Hi, I’m new here and when looking different kinds of demons I don’t know if what I’ve found are real or just someone making up demons or if I just found the general public’s idea of demons. Can someone help me by giving me a list of demons to look up? Please.


      1. That’s for you to decide. I can give my opinion about it but it won’t be any more valid then anyone else’s opinion.
        The list of demons is to be found on See my section of Recommended Sites.


    5. hi guys guess i have this strange feeling about what is happening sometimes … i get like a message in my head before it happen sometimes it is as simple as it get like a name or a word .. for example if i get a name this same person will have an accident or die maybe and it is happening all the time … i try to shut these voices but the thing is it is getting stronger and now i can sometimes feel and hear what other people are thinking when i am with them ..


  2. Good idea would be to not attempt that, you might encounter them once you’re time is right,at that time you’ll know what you’re dealing with and how to react. Ill say it boldly there’s no need to summon them cause they’re already with you..first thing is to learn to love yourself , than start loving others ,humans including these that may at first be undeserving once you do that and learn to love only than attempt summoning one…also use God’s powers unless you want them to do evil things …. In my opinion its more like connecting to a server by invoking Satan were invoking evil hence the demons will be evil and cruell,,,cause we sent an request for them to punish us and therefore they analise our soul and accordingly to our request .. turn our lifes into hell….but if we invoke God than actually were calling them to play and they react differently , often in a more friendlier manner …SO ALWAYS INVOKE GOD LORD OF THE LIGHT NOT SATAN !!!! Besides GOD AND SATAN ARE ONE AND THE SAME TWO SIDES OF THE SAME GOD. IF YOU REALLY COULD TALK TO THEM THAN YOU WOULD KNOW THAT GOD OF LIGHT AND GOD OF DARKNESS IS THE SAME , THE SPIRITUAL WAR IS A TOOL ….Angels are the beeings that help us develope our goodness ,while demons help us accept our darker aspects. If you want Demons to perform evil than you invoke SATAN but understand that you will be consumed as well by the demons.If you want to play with the demons and have control over them than INVOKE .. Jesus Christ and God also Lilith one of the queens of the Hell , had an romantic and succesfull relationship with Jesus Christ despite him beeing the Light . So God and angels aren’t enemies of demons and the Evil dosen’t seduce the Good and lead it to ruin . Satanism itself is just another lie and the Demons themselfs consider it offensive, theire proud beeings of the Dark , that can heal us if by taking away our darkness… and the only thing they want is the darkness from us so offer them that and let them free us from it . Of course its true that given the chance they will let us to succumb into our darkness cause its theire spoil, the more its grown the taster it is for them. they gather this energy for God and negativity we create along with the positivety is than handed to God who creates new things out of our fears or love , these thing return to us as these demons and we need to fight off our own fears in order to win !


    1. I don’t think you understood the beliefs of satanists/demonolators and how we see Satan and demons. They aren’t evil or good, cos those are just human, subjective notions. Many satanists aren’t so dualistic. If looking from pantheistic point of view, one could agree that all gods are just facets of everything, just as we are. Also, many satanists don’t believe in christian myths, like you seem to do, so our perspective is very, very different, thus the methods you proposed aren’t suitable for us.

      My site is designed for satanists and demonolators and you seemed to be none of the above, so it’s naturally that you wouldn’t agree with the ways of satanic practice.


    2. I think that person trying to tell us not to invoke Satan but God is a little insane! Either you’re on the right or the left hand path.How do you combine both to win what fear? If Satanism is a lie as he claims so what sense does it makes to even contact demons? Don’t take WISE people as idiots and it’s better to keep your information for yourself.


  3. my friend is not sure wether he believes in demons or not, and i’m looking for a simple interaction, that wud give him some faith in the existence of demons, i know they’re there but how do i show him , when his presence alone ruins the contact. is there anyway that this plan will work? i plan to sit alone and ask lilith or balial, who have both been very active around his apartment lately. if they cud fullfill my small request, in exchange i will full a small request for them. i let the mirror in the bathroom fog up using hot shower, then turn out the lights ask either one to answer me with a simple yes or no written on the mirror. if he’s present when the light is flicked back on this shud help him believe i think. sooo do u guyz think they will work?


    1. Faith is a tricky and very powerful thing. Even if you succeed to produce results, your friend may refuse to even see/hear them. This happens all the time. People experience incredible things or such things happen very closely but they.. are blind to them. They simply don’t exist in their current paradigm they’re living in.

      First believing in something can invite those new things in your life. While those who refuse to believe, would claim, one is becoming self delusional. There is no good prove to it, because most spiritual experiences are personal, meaning, they happened and matter to one particular person and often influence inner feelings that others can’t access. Physical things do happen as well, but they are irregular so you can’t force them out. Things we can prove must happen in the same way for many persons. Spiritual experienced doesn’t work that way.

      The same is with magick. I experienced it many, many times and I know it exists, but there is no way to prove it to others. They must believe it first (even slightly in possibility of it), then try it with hope for results few times and then see if it worked. However most people want to disbelief in something and still hope to see the prove. But magick and spiritual experiences are too complex and aren’t working like gravity. Maybe some day, some person would figure it out how to ‘prove’ it, but so far, this is always a matter of personal choice in what to believe.

      Do demons could produce tangible results for your friend? Sure they can, but will he be convinced? That’s not given and is up to your friend alone.

      And mind that, people usually insist on convincing others, because they want to reinforce their own conviction. That is why doom sects, after not happened end of the world often go out and try to convince others with a new energy, just to convince themselves that ‘because others believed in it, there must be something more’.


  4. btw i have communicated with them before with this method and they almost always answer me quickly. and now i have a banana in my freezer that i’m foribiden to eat by lilith and i must bury it after it freezes, any idea why she wud ask for this?


    1. Does such a request must be rational ;)? When doing ritualistic magick, you aren’t influencing physicality directly, only in symbolical way. And symbolism doesn’t have to be rational. It has to invoke certain specific mind reaction and that is very individual dependent. First time you do something, things you see, smell, taste, feel, can imprint in your mind powerfully and later you or demons can use it to activate your brain in specific way. There is no common logic to that, only personal, unique experience.


    1. Sorry to disappoint you but there is no universal ritual for this. Sure, I could give you some example ritual, but the most useful one is designed by you. This also ensures, that you have proper knowledge, skills, motivation and persistence to learn what you need and follow the ritual. That is why, it is not wise to give away such knowledge to anyone who just asks.

      Some things should be earned, not given. Things that come too easy matter little. And a pact with Satan is not a small deal. The answer is there, in the reach of your hands, but you must figure it out how to find it, how to use it.

      You must learn to drive a car first before getting driving license. And now you are asking me for the license for free. Sorry, that is not the way this is handled.


    2. An easy Soul Pact Contract is selling yourself short. You only.get one shot and your soul has to be one that Satan would be willing to pay a high price for. Years ago I tried to make a pact but It didn’t work because my soul wasn’t one filled with Gods Grace. Later that evening I got stabbed and thrown into a river left to die. A bright light lifted me to the surface and I regained concious. Since then I became one with God and I would never want to ever sell my soul or even think about it. Well unfortunately since I’ve become spiritually more pure, recently demons have been paying me visits a lot more often. They are very evil and knowing I’m stronger than them, it pisses them off, and become more and more vicous with each encounter. Be careful because I used to be a skeptic but have become a strong believer within the past few years. God will grant your wishes more so than the devil and you’ll live a happier life instead of a miserable one.


      1. Thank you for your contribution but there is more to the world then primitive, dualistic good vs. evil battle. For us this “light” is Satan, for you it’s someone else. Each to his own.

        And by the way, please see the doctor, because your visions look like a schizophrenia with paranoia and narcissism (they are to get me, because I am so special). It doesn’t look like a happy life, so something is wrong with what you are trying to sell here.


  5. What is the best thing to sacrifice when summoning a demon? and how to sacrifice (sacrifice ritual?).. I’m not sure will climax energy be enough and will i be able to direct it to the demon, that’s a energy sacrifice, so if i can’t do an energy sacrifice what can i do? How can i sacrifice food? and i would like to make a animal blood sacrifice at least once, because i kill animals to eat (pigeons and sometimes frogs..) and i would feel better if i kill them during a ritual, don’t know why i just have a feeling that i should do it.. so how to do that?…. Hail satan


    1. There is no one best thing. It depends on what you are asking or intend to achieve, which demon you are working with, what is precious to you, what you feel is right sacrifice in given situation. Also, there is no one proper ritual to achieve anything, including sacrifice.

      You can start with standard four-point circle as a beginning of ritual, but later body of ritual could be strongly customized. If you are doing more complex operations that cannot be closed within circle in one approach, don’t worry. Prepare things for food sacrifice first off the ritual timeline. It works well in case of simple foods like sandwich, honey, etc. Then you can use them without trouble in a ritual.
      Animal sacrifice however is a bit different and you need your kitchen as part of ritual too ;). In such case, you can pre-sacrifice animal in your kitchen doing part of ritual there and then offering ready food within main body ritual. That is a practical option, since food offerings are eaten during ritual, after inviting energy of a demon inside you. If you however insist on killing as a meaningful act of transferring energy, you just do complex ritual that is not enclosed within one ritual space. You use main space for finishing, while other elements of the ritual are happening in different places and times (some rituals could be held for months that way till you make everything that is required). In such case you can do simplified or altered ritual elements (opening, body and closing) when and where you need them. Remember, whatever you do is noticed. Your mind is shared space so if you notice anything, if something is meaningful to you, this will be taken into account when communicating with demon. So don’t worry that something will be left out. If you notice it, then it is enough.

      Now to more practical things. You may start ritual in the morning, intending to do sacred preparations. If everything is ready you can do ritual killing within a ritual space like circle, then close that part of the ritual and then prepare food in the kitchen, however you will be adding certain ritual parts while preparing there as well, making clear that this is a part of offering for a chosen demon. Then you do another ritual part: you open standard ritual space, bless the food, invite demon into you and feast upon sacrificial animal. Do other ritual elements you need and close the whole ritual.

      I am consciously not giving you any details as to what to do or say exactly, because you should be able to construct such ritual for yourself. It’s better that way, because you must study, prepare and know what element does what. Ready recipes are too easy to follow and may lose personal touch that can enhance power of ritual. Demonolatry is not ceremonial magick when everything was already described and you just had to follow it through. Ability to create own rituals is something that is required of demonolatry adept. You won’t be able to count on more experienced co-followers all the time, but when you can do all what you need on your own, you are your own priest then.


  6. Thank you, and i understand why i need to do it myself.. And i really didn’t expect you to reply this fast, you are really willing to help people! but i actually forgot to ask you something, on JoS they say it’s dangerous to summon demons without having done the dedication ritual.. what do you say?


    1. I see no problems with it. In fact, me and some other satanists I know advise not to rush into dedication/pact rituals. Solid, mature, conscious and lasting pact is more worth, then quick, not well thought decision. Of course in some cases people are sure what they feel and don’t need to explore it too long so they start quick.

      In my experience any cultish rules make things complicated, hard, rigid, strip you from freedom and JoS seems to work that way too. However independent mature satanists prefer their freedom over stiff affiliation. Life is not rigid. Complex, definitive, yes, but never rigid. I would be careful if someone would claim to know things for sure and throw you rules that you “have to” obey according to them. Somehow others aren’t paying attention to these rules and it’s ok. And spiritual or magick rules aren’t so direct as physical, newtonian laws. In fact they have more in common with psyche, so psychology rules would apply more.

      Only thing that could be dangerous here is christian programming. Some people experiment with demons without getting used to new paradigm, without losing notion about ‘evil demons’ that are about to get you. It’s risky because subconscious is producing results based on your deep programing, not conscious beliefs. So in a way, person who makes dedication pact should be acquainted with demonology, black magick, Satan, etc. so he/she isn’t feeling guilty or scared . In result such person is more safe. But that’s too stretched explanation. You don’t need to do pact to have proper mind frame and be safe.

      Magick and spirituality is often hidden path so we need to experiment, make mistakes and learn from them. That is how you are building your own wisdom. Also that is why I wouldn’t be too scared about what might go wrong IF (big IF) you are sane and reasonable person. But if you are mentally or emotionally unstable then such practices are very risky anyway, no matter pact or not. What works for one person may not work for other. No way to know for sure then to try ;P. That’s life :).


  7. i want to summon marquis lerajie. can u pls help. is it always mandatory to do a ritual? can i not pray and communicate thorugh her very intensely and receive answers? i have done the same with duke agares and i know i can communicate with him.


    1. Rituals are not mandatory. They are only one of many ways to achieve the goal. If you cannot connect with demons in any way, rituals present simple method how to learn it. But if you communicate with demons more directly, rituals aren’t needed.

      For example, I do celebration rituals from time to time but most of my communication with demons is spontaneous and direct. I don’t need to do much, just to ask and they answer.

      If you were successful with one demons that way, you can try it with other too. However sometimes it doesn’t work for all demons and ritual can help you with that.

      Just try whatever way seems to work for you. Good luck 🙂


    2. I have a question. So I want to summon a demon or satan himself, me and my boyfriend have been trying to have a kid for the past few months and its not exactly working like we planned also my boyfriend wants to pursue a rap career and become rich, I am willing to sell my soul for both of those things. Do you think that the demons will do it. Also is there a specific demon I need to summon for that?


      1. That’s a tricky question. People think that selling soul is a 100% working ritual and will give them instant gratification. However summoning demons, communicating with them, learning how to make packs is a skill that needs lot of time to learn and if someone is more focused on outside actions (which is good), won’t have much time to learn it. The question begs for answers that can be hold in tomes, that is why I always advice to learn magick and spiritual techniques on your own – there are good sources on that. If someone is really interested, then he/she will find a way to get it but I just can’t give short answer in a commentary that would just work. It’s not that simple unfortunately.


  8. Hi Zalbarath! 🙂
    I’m beginner in satanism, and you know how it goes i’m still unsure and full of doubts, and by the way I’m even a teenager trying to find his way in life, and then also i love a girl that friendzoned me, my mother is scizophrenic and my life is, how could i describe it, it’s just it’s crappy and a big mess, and I’m trying to become a musician, at least thats going well I’m getting more and more fans, but you know, its still hard….. Anyway, sorry for the long intro, now i wanna get to the point, I haven’t done the dedication ritual, but i want to summon Orobas, I’ve read that he’s a nice demon who’s willing to help people, and I’ve read that he can also help you to gain success in life (i think he could help me out with my music career, and he could probably get me to the top 🙂 ) is that true? i think it is.. i want to summon him with the invocation you described above or the one from Jos which seem much easier but they’re a little bit confusing and they seem to be more interested in just getting people in their OWN form of satanism, and i don’t like that.. But anyway if i do invocation how can i protect myself to make a safe pact with Orobas, since I’m an beginner and i have doubts and you know it’s complicated but i trust the gods.. And i haven’t done the dedication ritual yet, what’s up with that, do i have to do it to be safe?? and another thing i want to do 3 sacrifices during the ritual, i want to blood sacrifice two snakes and to mastubate (thats energy sacrifice).. please answer the questions as soon as possible, and by the way, i want to do some basic satainc rituals in the jos format, i neevr thought that work with Lucifer could be dangerous, but I’ll ask you anyway, is it dangerous?? because i’m not dedicated.. and for the end, I’m so sorry for asking so much, but since i know the truth about jos I’m full of doubts and now I ask as much as i can.. HAIL SATAN :))))


    1. Dedication ritual is to deeper your bond with Satan and demons. That’s a strong decision that your life will be focused around them. However, a pact should be done with full awareness of the decision and certainty of the path you are taking. That is why there is no need to rush it. You can still work with demons and Satan safely.

      You don’t have to protect yourself from demons. In fact, you are always in full control. The only danger is christian mindset and fear of demons. World is so constructed that you cannot be hurt by any spiritual entity unless you let it… And you do that if you have fears, ego weaknesses, emotional and mental instability. So like you see, it’s more your lack of control, danger from inside then from outside entity. If you are sane person, reading and taking steps into practice will get you adapted. Learn how to meditate.

      Depending how strongly christian programming is embedded within your subconsciousness, you may have lot or a bit work to do. Usually way to go is to do some blasphemy rites to brake the fear and to get your mind to use to new type of behavior and that it is safe. If you weren’t put out to strong christian upbringing you will manage it easier just by practicing and slowly and naturally adapting to new paradigm. Probably in your case you will have the easier option available. Also choosing a friendly demon for a start is a very good decision. Take small steps so you could feel safe on the way, unless you prefer to jump into deep water and then figure out what to do ;). Different people, different approaches to the problem.

      As to your career, yes, demons can help you but it’s a process, not an instant change like in fairy-tales or Hollywood fantasy movies :P. So you still must go through the usual steps of a ladder of musical business. Orobas like many other demons can help you along the way, if you will learn how to stay positive and be sensitive to their signals (your intuition may increase). They won’t stop problems, but can strengthen you and help to deal with them and learn from them. This is very important. Every issue is a challenge that can develop you, so it has to be present in your life one way or another. Satan and demons can provide you with opportunities, increase chances of success but you will never have 100% certainty, this is life not a fantasy movie. You still have to give something from yourself to succeed. Thanks to that your experience and self esteem can grow. If everything was handled to you on a silver plate you would not feel this great “I made it”, “I can do it”, “I can manage it”. That is why gods of any kind aren’t responding if a person isn’t willing to work toward their own goals. In other words “deities help those who can help themselves”. How much you achieve depends strongly on you. You have the power, Satan and demons help you to discover it and channel it properly. After all, you are god of your life, the one who creates it. You can either take responsibility for it and gain power or blame everything else on your failures and stay powerless (many people does that as you can easily observe around).

      About JoS, you are right. They want you to do it all THEIR way as if it was the only right one. “One wayism” isn’t in spirit of satanism in my opinion. Freedom, power, independence – this isn’t JoS, they’re too rigid and restricting. They have the right to have their own beliefs but you have right not to agree with them either. Satanism gives you that freedom. Nobody can force or limit you what to believe in.

      You can use any ritual that feels right for you. There is many ways to achieve the same goal. If JoS ritual works for you, fine. If the one I gave, fine too. If you figure out your own, great! If you are mentally stable, you can experiment. And again, the only real danger comes from within. You can check other links on my site where you have more details about the ritual (like Adrianna’s aka S. Connoly YouTube channel) and how to perform it.


      1. Hello Zalbarath,am Vika from Nigeria i have read a lot about signing a blood contract with Lucifer for wealth,Love etc…I don’t know how sincerely is this but as our people use to say,there won’t be smoke without fire.Can you contact me inbox with the terms & conditions on how to pact with Satan for sell of soul to get my heart desire?better still can you get me a good satanist who can do this very effectively on my behalf and things will start working immediately?pls help.


  9. I am not sure you can help with some insight to a situation a close friend of mine is having but I guess it is worth a shot. About a year ago my friend moved into this house and since he has been tormented by demons. He speaks to them on a regular basis. sometimes vocally and other times not. He says they like to play some word game and if he doesnt play than the torment gets worse. He got into an accident last week because he said they surged his body with some type of electrical surge but before the surge he said they made him rage with anger. Today he brought me his gun because he tried to commit suicide but his gun misfired seven times ewhen he had it in his mouth . and six fires when it wasnt. anyway it all sounds crazy I know but I do believe him. Any insight on what to do would be greatly appriciated.


    1. No spiritual being can really harm you if you don’t let it some way (fear, insecurity is enough to do that) – that is the base. People who have troubles with spiritual entities usually have serious emotional issues on their own and it’s not the fault of demons or whomever – they are just a symptom of inner troubles.

      Satanists and demonolators have completely different attitude toward demons so they don’t harm us, in fact they are very helpful entities. However people with christian mindset usually experience only demon troubles, so something completely different than we do.

      My advise would be – get help for your friend. He needs badly emotional support, especially someone who won’t be dragged by his emotional journeys into negative states and that is hard to do when having close relationship to him. In other words, he needs someone strong who will be incredibly stable, positive but also empathic and gentle. It’s not easy to be positive yet relate to negative attuned and troubled person. Your friend also must be first self willing to change his life and his attitude, because no one can really help if he doesn’t want to work on himself.

      Of course you can reach to some esoteric methods, banishing and whatnot. It could work if your friend is willing to believe in it. However the root of the problem aren’t any demons, but him alone. He needs complete reprogramming of subconsciousness and major values. Usually people are willing to go only one or two steps forward, not completely out of the reach of the problems. But it’s better then nothing. Unfortunately many people think they accept help and want it, but emotionally they reject it so in best case they make some small improvements and then go step back.

      There is no quick, easy solution here. Try various methods, whatever makes your friend feel better but be aware that only he is responsible for his life and you can help only so far.

      So once again: emotional support, some additional things like professional psychotherapy, banishing, maybe even meds (although I would be careful with them, they are only temporary solution). Or maybe it’s enough to move out and that will set him straight?
      Good luck.


      1. Also where would be a good start to learn more about what you guys do. I have always been interested in it and just didn’t know where to start really. I do not have a christian mind set and have known for a long time that we are all in fact our own gods. I think this would be something of great value. And advice is appriciated


        1. If you want to know more about those things, start reading my site and follow links and literature references. It’s enough to occupy you for at least months, if not years ;p.

          So for starter: learn how to meditate (however it’s not a good advice for people with mental issues, it often triggers more acute symptoms, however in some cases it might be the cure as well.. so be careful). Being able to calm yourself, have focused mind, maintain higher vibrations, be better at visualizations – it all could improve your life in strong ways under the condition you are doing it right and consistently (it becomes something natural, easy, without effort and you can use it during stressful conditions as well – then you know you have learned it very well).


  10. Thank you so much for your response and I am pretty much the only person he has to talk to he has gone to therapy and pretty much they have told him they have never seen a case like this before and refuse to work with him. So he comes to me regularly and I tell him that I don’t see how they are hurting him rather they seem to be guiding him and that he should listen to what they tell him and decide for himself what lesson they are tring to teach him. Such as the other day they tried to tell him that he was timothy in the bible and he started believing it. Once he finally took a step back and said this is ridiculous they said “its about time you figured it out ” and then on to another game it went. So he is obviously weak emotionally and medications do not help they have no effect on him. He says they wont let him feel the effects of them. I told him he has the choice to end it if he wants but he needs to work on himself because he tries to be what society says should make us happy and he is not happy and part of that feeds it along with a wife that is not to his fitting so him denying himself is a good fuel source for them to stick around and play there games with. They tell him that he is famous and one of the most tormented people ever. So that goes to show how weak and emotionally distraught he is. I will be honest and say he probably has a better shot at working with them then he does fighting them I do not think he would win. Would it be disastrous for him to not to fight them and to cope and learn how to use the knowledge that they are sharing with him. even if it is in a twisted game?


    1. Yes, he can try to do that, but not blindly. Demons or whatever he thinks he is hearing, should not be used as an excuse “he/she/it made me do it”. It’s probably a risky course of action because such voices/entities are manifestation of inner problems (that doesn’t make the spirits less real) but denying or fighting them may be also not a wise thing to do. It is possible to find peaceful solution out this but there is no manuals here so you need to be careful and experiment slowly and cautiously.

      There are many books on topic: self love, positive thinking, assertiveness. Some are good, some are crap, you just need to look it up and find out for yourself. They really can work wonders if one takes advices into heart and start changing himself. Yes, it requires work, lot of work and effort, but it’s worth it. The more you do, the easier it gets later and finally it will become a new nature. I know it, because I walked that path once (without esoteric problems thou) and managed to get out and it changed my life.

      Clearing out from toxic relationships (not always means to brake bonds, sometimes it means literally dealing in a positive way with them) is hard thing to start but a person with high esteem would never stick in relationship that doesn’t make him/her happy. Marriage or not, you have responsibility to yourself and… other person as well. Being in such bad relationship isn’t doing any good to both people involved.

      Learning how to be yourself no matter what or despite others is one of the most important thing we need to maintain healthy ego. In a way these spirits are causing troubles to force your friend to make changes. The same works if you have issues with pets like dogs and cats. They are not the source of issue, you are. If you fix yourself, they start to mirror that change and behave differently. And actually it works with people too… ;). They will act differently toward you once you gain feeling of self worth that is unshakable (so temporary one isn’t enough to bring out the change). So what we tend to take for reality is in reality our own personal filter. If you change it, different aspects of reality will start to come up in your life and reality and thus your life, appears as miraculously transformed.


    1. It depends on the subject. Ronwe is good with languages. One of demons I work with (he’s not known) named Cerbin is good with physics of movement. However for general help you probably need a demon, which enhances focus and mental discipline. Usually demons of magick (like Delepitoré, but there are others, seek one that seems to resonate with you the most – usually you feel drawn to him/her) can be helpful in that. You must remember, that things rarely happen by themselves so if you ask for something, it’s good to be proactive toward your goal. Inspiration/answer may come whether you do something or not, but activity increases your chances greatly. The answers may come in different ways too (mental realization, emotional support, idea that came from someone else or from some source, etc.).


  11. Hello, Zalbarath
    To be completely honest, I’ve only gotten into this summoning of Demons fairly recently and completely out of boredom too. Now it seems I’m hooked to reading storied about summoning demons etc. After doing hours of research I was able to find your post which I also red with great intrest. I am not a satanist either sorry to dissapoint but I just have a couple of questions that I would be extremely happy if you answered.
    1) After only hours of research like I said I found out that %90 of the people said it is dangerous to summon a demon and it will ruin your life mentally etc. Is this true, is summoning a demon guaranteed or does have a high chance of harming you?
    2) If you fail to close off the conversation or in other words fail to send the demon away, does it stay with you and haunt you? (Also based on research)
    3) Also what could go terribly wrong for me as a beginner if I summon one of the easier demons to communicate with.

    I would really love to get an answer from you and sorry for my newbieness,
    Kind Regards,


    1. 1) Summoning demons isn’t dangerous if you doesn’t make it so. If you are convinced that demons are malicious entities that are about to get you (as christians believe), you need to protect yourself and there is lot of tension and fear involved in it. Subconscious programing (negative views on the topic) usually kicks in and bites you in the ass. No spiritual entity can harm you really, unless you want it (by being unsure, insecure, fearful, etc. – it is not a conscious choice but still a choice you have general influence upon, if you are ready to change your values and mental and emotional programming).
      2) The same rules as above applies here. If you farewell a guest but still think of him/her and you are still emotionally involved, in a way, this person is with you, although he/she might be physically absent. Spiritual entities follow our energies, so if you somehow think about them, they will come or will keep close to you. As you may suspect, a person who exaggerates work with demons and is full of christian crappy programming, won’t let it go so easily, emotions will rule, there will be no control and spiritual energies may be attracted toward that energy, stay and do lot of unwanted stuff. However, if you have no fear and treat demons normally and respectfully, you farewell them and don’t think too much about it, the energies will go away. Emotional control is the key here, because unwanted negative emotions could force you to dangerous mental focus.
      3) Most satanists and demonolatros I met encourage newbies to contact first more friendly demons, so you are approaching this quite reasonable.

      Usually people ‘demonize’ 😉 this whole experience and expect smoke, screams and whatnot. In reality it may take time till you establish your first strong connection with a demon, so first attempts may be disappointing (like: nothing happened or at least nothing that you can tell). However different, strange or scary things always could happen, there is no guarantee they won’t show up, but if you are sane, mature individual without christian subconscious programming and without mental problems (like schizophrenia and others), it shouldn’t go bad. Mistakes may and do occur, nothing irreversible here can happen so don’t worry so much. Mistakes are part of the learning curve.
      Hope this cleared things out.



  12. Hey, Zalbarath! I want to ask you something.

    Lately, I’ve been having experiences with Bael. But he didn’t come to me first, he came to one of my close friends while he was smoking marijuana with other friends in a park. I wasn’t there. He became conscious of it and started to freak out and Bael started having fun hihi.

    The next day my friend begged me to get him rid of the demon (we didn’t know who he was at that time) and I told him that he shouldn’t fear it, that demons are on our side. That’s when I started to feel a tingling in my spine and knew that he was entering inside me. Then I started to feel a very strong burning sensation in my solar plexus chakra and my heart chakra and I couldn’t help myself but laugh at everything, about how stupid and puny everything was compared to me. I know those were Bael’s thoughts. Then another friend came and Bael possessed him as well, we were both laughing at the same time, speaking the same things at the same time, etc.

    A few days later I had a dream in which a black cat entered my room and I heard a word resonating in my whole body, very loud but also very deep and “dark”. No exact way to describe it. The word was BEL. I woke up, scared, but the fear quickly passed. I searched the internet for the word Bel and found that it’s a Sumerian word for Lord. Then I met with my other friend who was possessed (the first one got rid of him) and he told me that he did a meditation on the demon and the demon told him he was Baal. Baal is Hebrew for Lord. So he must be the same. And both words form the name Bael. Could that be him really?

    It feels extremely big sometimes and it stands above me. People on the street stare at me for no reason during those times. One day I entered a tram and all the people inside it (it was full of them) turned and looked at me at the same time. Creepy, but funny from my point of view. But if he really is Bael, why would he possess my friend first and then let him go and stay with me? My second friend also got rid of him, but he says that a light entered him and made him cough a lot and he felt that with every cough he spit a “part” of the demon. Why would Bael come to me at all? I didn’t call him, nor did I do any ritual. Although, come to think of it, I did ask for a very powerful demon to be my familiar. I really wanted that, but I didn’t think it would happen. Especially not this way.

    Oh and is it normal that sometimes I feel him very large above me, his energy burning in my chakras, and sometimes I just feel the burning? Is it always him, or in the second scenario it’s just residual energy left from him? I don’t feel his presence anywhere in space, but I feel like he is with me even so.

    So if you can answer my questions, please, I would be grateful.


    1. Demons come not only when we summon them. In fact they are often around us but most people is unaware of it. Rituals and exercises are often ways to be more conscious of their energies. They (rituals, exercises) learn us how to synchronize with them to establish communication. And when there is communication, there can be a relationship and results that influence our life.

      I cannot know for sure why Bael came first to your friend, that can know only Bael. However, if you compare results – it worked well, didn’t it? You and other people became convinced a demon is something more then just in someone’s mind. Also, the fact that your friend was smoking and his awareness was changed and relaxed, made for Bael easier to communicate with him. After this experience you were more watchful and were able to notice and recognize him. In other words, if demon’s knocking at the door remains unanswered, he may try to knock your window, thrown stones, give notices to the friends who entere your house, etc.

      As to names, it’s just words describing certain energies, so one energy/entity may have many similar names. Bael, Baal, Belial, etc. Some may recognize many baal demons (in this way baal would be a title). If you feel right to call him Bael, then you should follow it.

      Why Bael would come to you specifically? I don’t know, ask Bael yourself :).



      1. Thanks for your info. Btw Bael (Bel) is gone now… And I think it’s because I didn’t give him any attention lately. I invoked Gremory hihi. Anyway, how do you get a demon to do something for you? Are there any offerings? I invoked Bune a while ago and asked him for something, and in return I made a campfire for him as a form of “thank you”. Next day… Well whaddya know? Here it comes (the thing I asked for). And it keeps coming (and you certainly know what I’m talking about by now…).

        So is there any way to have Gremory do something for me? Like get me a girl? A girl that’s fairly difficult to get as demons can’t really “touch” her. It seems like she’s very powerful or something… and if someone does something bad to her, that person “gets it” by other means and she doesn’t have to move a finger for it… And it’s strange that people who do that KNOW it came from her. Even if they aren’t in touch with the astral realm. It’s like she’s karma impersonated lol.

        I had a small demon once who was very loyal to me (my very first demon) and I felt him very agitated or restless when I was around that girl. With the Goetic ones this isn’t the case, but I couldn’t get Bel inside her by “hidden” means. I told her to invite him inside and that night she had a very enlightening dream about a person (won’t go into much detail). So how can I get a demon to “touch” her. It’s like she’s unreachable by astral means, like there’s a very strong energetic wall around her that doesn’t let anything she doesn’t want inside. Also, she “complains” that everything she wants – it happens. So how do I do that? I guess every magical procedure I might do to get her could come back and slap me in the face. So it’s not very convenient. I told Bel one night to make someone turn against her (so he would “get it”) and I felt like Bel was saying “Now you’re talking!”. Two nights after my request, I started feeling attacked energetically. And it was like a demon was messing with my head and I knew it was because of her. Is it possible she has a demon? It wasn’t a strong presence, like Bel is, but still…

        And there’s more to it… A few days later it was I who turned against her, started arguing with her… So what can I do to get such an “unreachable” person?

        Btw sorry for the long stories, but I really want some help here… :D. So if you could give me some advice, please, I would love it 😛


        1. How to make demons do something for you? You have to remember that a demon is not a mindless servant (in opposition to servitors) but a being with own character and will, so you can’t just command him to do something. However if you build a relationship with him, just as you do with humans, you will be able to ASK him about something and he (a demon) will be willing to help you if your relationship with him (or her) is positive. Again, the same is with humans – you do someone a favor, because you like him/her and because it pleases yourself.

          In practice you can: tell aloud and decisively what you wish for, write it down on a piece of paper, tell it mentally, focus on it and visualize the outcome, etc. It’s a part of ritual or just part of your mental process. You must decide clearly what you want and be able to express it in some way and ask demons for fulfilling your wish or helping you out in the process of getting it. However you must remember, you don’t know how, when and where your wish will come true so you must stay positively focused, relaxed and awaiting for the wished result. In some cases that what you want may come in matters of hours and sometimes even after many years… Depends on what you wish for.

          For example: I wanted to know something and next day I suddenly received clear answer mentally. Or: I wanted to achieve more of the video material of certain kind and in few hours someone called me and showed me when I can get it (I never asked this person for it! She just spontaneously came across it and wanted to share…). But if the wish was much bigger and required lot of things to change in my life, after few years I realized that I got what I wanted but manifestation was showing slowly and in a complicated way so I never realized clearly at which point it turned out I got it.

          Often, to get something, you must successfully achieve certain stages. So for example, if you want to get a girl but are shy or somehow awkward around girls, you must realize what you suck at to improve it and then get a girl.

          In your case, you must just try. You are learning in the fly. Yes, someone can have a strong spiritual protection and it can mess with you if you are not careful and yes, wishes may be fulfilled in not so desirable way 😉 – again, if you’re not careful. However any emotional relationship with her (even when you are arguing) seems to be pleasing you to some degree. But I guess you want something more positive ;). I wouldn’t try any love spells in your situation, she seems to be too strong willed person. Hmmmm… Let me think. To get in relationship you must see in her something you like and vice versa. She must see a quality in you that she admires (even if she doesn’t realize it). The bigger this is, the more it resonate with her, the more chances it will turn into something more then just acquaintance or friendship. So you must somehow manifest that what she seeks for, but do you have it? You won’t be able to tell for sure but a demon may help improve yourself to increase your chances. For example, if you are self confident, it may be attractive for her. However it’s not easy to built self confidence and it requires discipline, motivation, will and work. Even if that wouldn’t work on her, it may change you so you would find a girl that you would be happy with. Like I said, you must just try and learn. There are no easy recipes here.


          1. You see, I already had TWO relationships with her, each lasted three months. And yes, you got that right – I like arguing with her, it’s like it’s feeding me. As for the similarity thing I can ask Dantalion for help, right? But there’s another guy who stands in my way, it’s a bit more complicated than that. He’s got a demon friend as well. If you’re willing to help with some advice, is there a way we can talk more privately? Or, if not, I can do a summary (not very detailed though) here. Just let me know.

            And btw, I invoked Seere a week ago and asked him to bond with me. Yesterday, I’ve been in the forest and burned a few strands of my hair and told him to take the energy. That day I felt soooo good and much more self-confident than ever. And it wasn’t exactly coming from me. I felt the bond strengthen throughout the day and I felt I was changing drastically. But it was a good change nonetheless. Last night I heard Seere in my mind saying “You have to be self-confident”. I heard that a lot in the past, but the way he says it sounds special. Like there’s much more to self-confidence than people think.

            Now I want to invoke Asmoday or Astaroth as well and bond with them (using blood this time). Do you think it’s a good idea? I don’t want to end up having multiple personalities. Lol


            1. Having relationship with many demons is normal, so don’t worry. Just like with people, you can have many friends, although with some of them you bond stronger then with others. And there are acquaintances or persons who you make deals with but don’t have any special bond. Similar is with demons. There is no specified maximal number of demons you can work with. And as you already noticed, demons who you don’t pay much attention to go away. You can focus intensely only on so much demons, so don’t worry about having too many bond attempts ;).

              You can write to me using e-mail form from my site (link below) so I could answer directly and more privately.



      2. Also, can you tell me some good grimoires with real demons? Demons you worked with, for that matter? And powerful, multitasking ones? Like, is there a very big and powerful demon who can do anything you want? Grimoirium Imperium sounds interesting, but I don’t know if those ancient demons described there are real… I know for sure the goetic ones are and I don’t want to jump into new things I know nothing about. Might be dangerous… The goetic demons act like spirit guides and help a lot with self development. So can you tell me of similar demons, only powerful ones? Also, if you’ve worked with demons from Grimoirium Imperium and you know they are real, are they aggressive, like the book says? I’m looking for something that can do anything, and with which I can have some sort of “relationship” with. Like a friend.

        And if not, can you tell me how to attract a familiar?


        1. Goetia is a good source, however you it only as an inspiration, not a ritual guide. Goetic demons are for the most part friendly if approached with respect but they require more strong willed and confident persons, otherwise they can tease you sometimes or kick in a butt ;p. Even more approachable demons (not all of them but lot of them) you can find in dukante’s pantheon (see site). Demons from Grimoirium Imperium are real, but don’t believe in all what the book says about them. Old grimoires are written from christian perspective so there is lot of rubbish in them. But finding some demon traits, likes, strong sites, symbolism may help you to decide if that demon is suitable for you. But don’t treat grimoire words too seriously.

          There is no one “very powerful demon”. It all depends what you want to achieve and with witch demon you resonate most. For example, Leviathan is seen as powerful by many but when you don’t connect well with him, results won’t be strong.

          The best way to approach it is: the demon which you have good/easy contact with, the demon that attracts you, the demon that makes you most exciting – is a demon to work with (in that moment – it may change dependently on stage of your life).

          As to familiars see my response on other comment (alduin4589 asked about familiars) in this page.


  13. Hi i started following the blog today and personally i would be considered a student of demonolatry i guess… i was wondering if the same summoning process with a demon is the same with a succubus or familiar? anyone can answer id be very grateful 🙂


    1. The process would be similar, although some differences may occur.
      Succubi are considered to be demons so in this case, why would it be much different? Just incorporate 😉 some sex magick elements into the summoning ritual.
      As to familiars it all depends what you mean by that. For some familiars may be usual pets that are used to focus or they are an element of ritual. Others may see them as a spiritual animal-like energy/being. In latter case one can believe, a familiar is created, other that a familiar may be attracted/summoned or is already there and we must only recognize them (similar to shamanism). So as you see, some differences, depending on what familiar to someone may be and how to summon it, will occur.

      When you learn about some basic ritual works, you should be able (with time and experience) to modify and create your own ritual or non ritual techniques to achieve what you want. So in fact summoning every demon may differ slightly or differ with time, occasion, your experience and easiness to connect with demonic consciousness, etc. But of course you can use standard summoning ritual as proposed by TG (and as showed on my page) as a starting point, rest is up to your invention.


  14. Hi. I just got into this demon summoning thing and read your article. I actually wanted to summon a demon to do something for me. I want to ask, does the invocation ritual really work? I mean like what if you tried it and fail? Because i really want to summon one. And how to communicate with demons? Is there any beginner tips in an invocation ritual like timing and everything and tips about talking with a demon? Because you said communicating with a demon has something to do with energies and I’m really terrible at those kind