Satanic F.A.Q.

I really need and look for help with becoming a theistic satanist.

This requests requires personal and long time support and I just don’t have that time. I get too many of such requests. I don’t offer personal guidance! I created Satan’s Den site and Satanic Blog for posting things that will benefit all rather then being stuck at monitor counseling countless of people for free and not being able to live my life… Please, read my article “Seeking mentors”.

I need ritual to sell my soul or ritual to do X.

Please read my article Selling Soul to Satan. I don’t give out rituals, spells or details about magick anymore just like that. I learned the hard way that I can’t give this knowledge freely to anyone. Although some methods seems simple, newbies (and those write to me the most!) can’t understand it and don’t use it properly. One must already know some things, have experience of some level to be able to use the advice. I was very open about everything and all I got was just wasted time and mediocre effect on others. Too many newbies doing little but expecting huge miracles. That is why I consciously started to avoid details of how it is done and talk merely about possibilities. Besides, everyone is different so a great technique may still be useless for some persons, even if they are ready and really try. If you want rituals and details, read my articles (they contain enough to start), read books, do exercises, spend TIME learning and you get what you asked for eventually. I may discuss details only with some experienced magick users. It took us years to gain that knowledge, so why do you think it’s so simple that in few sentences someone will be able to pass it to you? So wrap up in patience and learn it for yourself – I already posted some starters so don’t ask me where to start… All you have to do is to use your brain, look, read and exercise as long as you get better in this. There are people who have right away results, but many need years…

I want you to do magick/ritual for me.

I don’t offer magick services at the moment. I do magick for myself, my family and my friends. If I did offer magick services, I would need to require fee for it. Why so many people think it’s all for free? Nothing valuable is ever free. I prefer people to resolve their own issues – it’s healthier, more satisfying and effects are solid.

I want to join you, your organization or satanism.

I’m a solitary satanist at the moment, so there is nothing to join to. If you want to be a satanist, you need to: a) love Satan, b) decide firmly to be satanist, c) create an initiation pact for yourself (a study and some experience is required, so you need to take time before you do that) and perform it.

I want to be rich/famous, etc.

I don’t give out money and I won’t make you rich – it’s your task to do. If you ask for lot, be prepared to do lot to achieve it. Asking others to give things for free to you won’t get you anything valuable. Selling soul also won’t make you automatically and immediately rich. Just like marrying person you love won’t make you live happily ever after by default, selling your soul for money won’t make you rich just like that. You still need to make it happen. It’s a process. Sure, you may have Satan’s and demons’ help but their help won’t do much good if you won’t act properly. Your life demands your decisions and your actions. Demons can remove obstacles, create opportunities but you need to seize them yourself. Change won’t happen just by snapping your finger – this is reality, not a fairy tale or fantasy movie, real life magick won’t work like that. Big requests require time and effort to fulfill.