New article about astral traveling

astral-travelAstral traveling is not so strange subject as it was few decades ago and now we understand it better.  It’s not uncommon phenomenon either. Many people experience it in one way or another. OBE is most recognizable state but not many knows that… Oh well, see for yourself and read the full article 😉 HERE.

New article – Selling soul to Satan

devil-handshakeI get tons of emails with simple request “Help me to soul my soul for…” It seems quite popular topic, because other webmasters of popular satanic sites get them in abundance too.

I decided to write an article explaining what selling soul to Satan is and what is required to do so. Don’t expect short read. But if you are truly interested in it, read my newest article.

New article – How to increase chance for success in magick

MagickMany people want to make their rituals “failure prove” or increase rate of magick success. Others look for easy and quick fix, constantly asking for help, but giving not much effort themselves… My new article deals with those questions. I hope it will increase your understanding of magick and in result allow you to increase YOUR chances for success. It all depends on YOU!

How to increase chance for success in magick