Satanism and society

New article – Power play – how to find the real power

This isn’t easy topic and article is a bit lengthy but if you really want to improve your life and find a power, you will be interested in reading it!

In Power Play article I discuss where power comes from and how to get it. Don’t be fulled, it isn’t a quick, easy recipe! There is no shortcuts here! Enjoy!

New article and poll on my blog – Satanists and social media

Like I promised, I not only moved my blog to wordpress but also added a new content. This time my post is strongly within interest of satanists so I encourage you to check it out. To go there, click this link: Satanists and social media. Enjoy! 🙂

My new tarot site is there! And fresh article as well :D. Yay!

I am happy to introduce you my new site Zalbarath Tarot, where I offer free readings! Check it out :).

Additionally I posted a new article here  – Satanism and Ego.