1. Maybe because you’re impatient and ask wrong questions?

      I have very little time so I check emails once a month or two… so I can’t answer them all. Also I am not sure what do you want to join. I already explained on my site that I’m a solitary satanist at the moment. This means I’m independent and don’t belong to any organization. If you mean joining satanism, you don’t need me to do it. It’s your decision and when you will be ready you will know what to do. If you don’t, it means you still need to know more about satanism and magick. I posted lot of basic info on my site. If that’s not enough for you, I can’t help you more.

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  1. I had a dream involving a large Solomon star with a T-shaped sigil in the centre, six black robed (old) men were chanting what sounded like latin (i remember parts of it specifically as being “quia — nobis — ille satana ——“) and sounded similar in tone to the monks in Monty Python and the Holy grail. Soon after, a giant entity was summoned from a black pyramid, who had grey skin, black eyes and a large dent in his head, where he placed a golden ball into, which he had taken from a flaming pillar near the star. He punished one of the cultists for wasting his power, by ordering him to cut his own heart out, and i woke up after that.

    It wouldn’t have stood out, except that the latin chanting (at least what I could remember) actually translated into real Latin, I’ve been scouring the internet for some sign of the chant being written somewhere, can you help?


    1. Unfortunately, I’m not proficient in Latin and dreams are incredibly creative and contain various elements of reality so it’s hard to assess it. I know I saw art in dreams I would never been able to create and yet… Was it channeled/received or created by me? Dreams are hard to decipher since they are subjective and reflect our emotional states and there are no people who would feel alike. Maybe there are some rules like in psychology but since there is no real, professional studies on dreams (or at least I never heard of any), we can only speculate.


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