A new blog entry about depressed, suicidal people interested in satanism

101177I get sometimes emails from people are completely down and hate everything and everybody, including their life. They look upon satanism for help. There are some false misconceptions spread by christianity that satanism is all about hate.

Satanism is a path of power and individualism (among few other things ;P) and being miserable is completely opposite to what we strive for.

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To all who feel suicidal and turn to satanism for help


  1. Very thoughful post.

    Seems that if I had my thoughts correct:

    Catholicism and Christianity have far greater numbers of depressed folks than most of Satanism anyway. Just like freer societies seem to suffer far less the numbers of depression than most of your authoritarian systems. (Any wonder why so many of the old Soviet leadership had severe drinking problems??? – Case in point: Boris Yeltsin’s exposure of his drinking habit?)

    I see Satanism and many other of the “alternative” belief systems as being not really part of any “coping” strategy, but more of another avenue to explore possibilities and perhaps for those seeking a relief to the dogma-based systems that often are part of the causes of depression. – In other words, these other faiths offer more of a realistic and workable solution than most of the established “churches” do! – One of those means is, “Individual responsibility” for one’s OWN life, rather than parlaying it to another for the decision-making.

    Just my thoughts.

    – Rev. Dragon’s Eye


  2. Good point as a satanist I see things diferently know and have a better understanding of what I was missing befor. My only regret is that I didnt come to satan as he chose me when I was young , and I waited till adult hood to dedicate to Him. My life has certainly taken a change for the better and I have never felt kore satisfied with my position in life. that being said, its only going to get better. the best is yet to come HAIL SAtAN !!!!!!!!!!


    1. Consider learning many of mental techniques. Every magick is in reality about creating a proper mindset.
      Learn to meditate – that’s the base. There are various techniques of meditation, learn them.
      Visualization, affirmations (or mantras) can do the same as rituals or even more, because for successful rituals you should apply those methods too.

      The only difference is that physical actions (in ritual) strongly and easily affect our mind. Doing the same without them requires will and focus and a bit more time at first.

      So basically what you need is to learn how to relax, calm your mind (and emotions), keep prolonged focus and control over your mind at chosen target. Long time thoughts can change your mental patterns altering your subconsciousness so your emotion response to certain situation will be different. This is what you want accomplish. Solid change of reaction will change energy setting around you which will manifest in different situations in your life.

      It’s not so easy as it may sound at first because mind likes to wonder on old paths, that is why certain amount of work and stubbornest is needed but once you get over the tipping point, things become easier and easier.


  3. Hey it’s Ambrose I’m the one that said I had no way to preform a ritual. Well 2 weeks ago I discovered who my personal demon is…… His name is Malphas…. His name just came to my head…. Then I looked him up……. I had this huge pull to him. How do I know it’s real?


    1. You can’t unless you decide it is. Either you trust your feelings or don’t. From my experience it doesn’t matter if it’s real or not, if you follow your feelings, your intuition increases and results are more then great. It simply works but there is now way to prove it by scientific means. However if it works, it’s real enough :).

      Emotions come from your divine core so if you feel excited about something or feel a pool toward something, it means your higher self loves it too and it knows better ;).


  4. I most say it!! It was the best thing that I’ve decided it . I was so confuse about About my previous Path. It was make me feel so unhappy person. Because everything was a burden or a problem. As result I was feeling a bit of Hippocratic. I love everything about my path. It’s much easier when there’s no one to judge me!!!!-;)) Particular when my inner tell me that.


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